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Tony Fiorino Sports Page All information regarding The Tony Fiorino Show on ESPN Radio and The Hey Coach Tony Show on ESPN Radio will be updated here. Stay tuned! Tony Fiorino hosts two radio/TV programs: Hey Coach Tony is a radio/TV simulcast for parents and coaches of young athletes.

The show airs every Saturday at 9 am. The Tony Fiorino Show is a general sports talk lunch hour airing Monday through Friday at 1pm. Listeners are welcome to call in at 855-439-2622.


Can anyone recall a more exciting free agency/trade scramble in the NFL in recent memory?


Ok, stats monkeys, tell me if this ever happened...with that last touchdown, the Steelers have scored 8 times on a single game by 8 different players!


Craig Carton guilty on ALL charges! Faces up to 45 years!


how do you respond after your team puts up 4 huge runs? 2 walks and a home run. Dodgers bullpen should go to home depot, buy a bunch of rope and hang themselves!

Tonight at 7pm. Odell Beckham Jr's battle with ownership.  Also, Manny Machado...was it a dirty play?  We'll also discus...
Manny Machado warns Yankees and everyone: I don’t hustle

Tonight at 7pm. Odell Beckham Jr's battle with ownership. Also, Manny Machado...was it a dirty play? We'll also discuss this NY Post article outlining what a trooper he is for admitting he's a [email protected] DOG!!!

The Yankees can’t say they weren’t warned. Manny Machado admitted he is not a “Johnny Hustle” type of player, not the style who would go all-out down the first-base line, an…


Could someone please clean the pigeon s**t off Stanton please?


Any thoughts on Yankees / Red Sox that we can discuss before the game or is this a "wait-and-see" series?


OK, brain fart. MNF at 8:15 so we're going on in 10!


Earl Thomas of Seattle flipping the bird to his team on the way off the field after breaking his leg. Justified or not? Did he just make #leveonbell look like a genius? Plus, NFL conspiracy theorists everywhere are smiling ear to ear after NFL officials steal a Browns victory with not one but TWO insanely blown calls. This and more tonight at 8pm #heycoachtony


Wow, gotta admit...either one of them could be full of s**t but both of them are convincing. I don't know what to think just yet. Thoughts? Shoot, even though this has nothing to do with sports, this might be the live stream for tonight!

Here is the stiff arm from last nights game I discussed about halfway through todays stream.  I could watch it all day h...
Vance McDonald Buries Chris Conte With Devastating Stiff-Arm

Here is the stiff arm from last nights game I discussed about halfway through todays stream. I could watch it all day

The longest walk back to the sideline of Chris Conte’s life had to come after this 75-yard Vance McDonald touchdown catch-and-run. Bring in the Eternal Sunshine machine to wipe this moment out of Conte’s memory forever:


WOW! So sorry for the poor quality of the stream today. Power outage up here and that was also why we were late today. Won't happen again.


probably 15 minute delay today 1:45 start expected.


Has rouging the passer penalties ruined the game this season? Jameis Winston vs Ryan Fitzpatrick? And the beast stiff arm ever? Coming up at 1:30 today. #steelers #fitzmagic #roughingthepasser


Anyone still hanging onto their week one predictions about Sam Darnold? Baker Mayfield's coming out party and more this afternoon. Shooting for 1:30 #facebooklive


The king is dead, long live the king!


We're live at 4!


Today's stream will happen later in the afternoon. Stay tuned for details. #s**thappens


A look back on the career of David Wright. Plus, does Antonio Brown's tweet mean he wants to be traded or does the sports media just not understand how a star player's mind works? This and more at 12:30 #facebooklive


Happy Monday everyone! Clay Matthews hit on Kirk Cousins ... Vontae Davis retiring at halftime ... Sam Darnold taking a break from his hall of fame speech writing just long enough to lose to the Dolphins ... This and more coming up at 12:30! #facebooklive


12:30 isn't happening today. Depending on the day, might do something this evening.


Curious if there's anything buggin you that we should discuss today. Tennis judges considering a boycott against Serena Williams and the home stretch for the Yankees are on the docket. 12:30 facebook live.


today at 12:30 we will talk about how Jets fans are going nuts a too little early on Sam Darnold and we'll also discuss Le'Veon Belle and whether or not he hung his team out to dry. Any thoughts before we air, just comment here. Otherwise, we'll see you live at 12:30.


Out of respect for the day, no Facebook live today. Tomorrow might discuss whether or not Jets fans are jumping the gun on Darnold. Any thoughts?


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