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Arf Mastering Experienced and dedicated audio professionals with the finest gear to put your music in its best light.

Arf Productions provides the hi-fidelity audio production services with the finest gear. Alan Silverman is the man behind Arf Productions. He has mastered numerous Grammy Award CDs, including world music sensation Lagrimas Negras, nominated for Record of The Year, Album of The Year, and Best Engineered Record at the Latin Grammy Awards. Alan began his engineering career in the '80s, assisting at Electric Lady Studios, working with producer Mutt Lange, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Hall and Oates, and Foreigner. He then moved on to become a staff engineer at A&R Recording Studios, working with legendary producers Phil Ramone and Arif Mardin, and artists Billy Joel and Judy Collins. At A&R he also recorded and mixed music scores for directors David Mamet, Richard Attenborough, Francis Coppola, and Frank Oz, and for major film composers Elmer Bernstein and Ralph Burns.

Mixed by multi Grammy-winner Jay Newland and mastered by Yours T at Arf.  Honored to have had a part.
Charles Bradley’s “Lonely as You Are” is out now

Mixed by multi Grammy-winner Jay Newland and mastered by Yours T at Arf. Honored to have had a part.

In late 2016, Charles Bradley faced his greatest challenge in a lifetime filled with challenges. A stomach cancer diagnosis earlier that fall forced him off the road at the peak of his career. Weakened by months of chemotherapy, facing a potentially life threatening surgery and confronting his own m...

Cool, Cat!

Cool, Cat!

#1 at Jazz Radio for a 4th consecutive week! Thank you JazzWeek, Dot Time Records, Symphonic Distribution, GROOV Marketing and Consulting. Grateful to the musicians and production team for creative mojo~!!!

The 8-Bit Big Band

The 8-Bit Big Band

Yo this New York Times Shoutout!!😍
Thanks for the love about our upcoming video of Mario Kart 64 with a full orchestra in this article about our bandleader @CRosenMusic (link in his bio)! Let’s Play Live Episode 2!! Coming soon!!

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"Lucy Kalantari really does explore a world of sounds across All the Sounds – sounds of seasons, sounds of your family...
Listening Ears On!: A Review of "All the Sounds" by Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats -

"Lucy Kalantari really does explore a world of sounds across All the Sounds – sounds of seasons, sounds of your family and neighborhood, sounds of another language, dancing sounds, musical sounds, and the sounds inside ourselves, not to mention all the brassy, booming, tinkling, plucking sounds of classic jazz. The focus may be mainly on only one of our five senses, but it’s quite the big, brave, and joyful world that emerges by exploring all the sounds."

The Grammy Awards took place a few weeks ago. Now, I’m sure Kasey Musgrove and Childish Gambino are fine (kidding, I know they’re great), but here in Artsplorers world, there’s clearly only one category we really had our eyes on...

Great review, Kristen!!
DownBeat Reviews

Great review, Kristen!!

If the title Shamania puts you in mind of a quirky musical revue—sort of a tribal music twist on Beatlemania—then you and Danish percussionist Marilyn Mazur are pretty much on the same wavelength here. The music this 10-piece Scandinavian ensemble makes is built around the concept of urkraft, a ...

The 8-Bit Big Band


Dubstep Big Band Tetris Theme!
Link in Bio!
Hit the link in our bio to check out this Dub Step + Tchaikovsky + Folk Song + Chopin + Klezmer infused big band arrangement of the Tetris “Theme A”!! (Also known traditionally as "Korobeiniki"). This is one of my favorite arrangements to date. Not only did I include both Tuba and Accordion in this arrangement, I also inserted all sorts of arranging and composing easter eggs for the really attentive listeners out there including:
• Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony
• The Chopin Revolutionary Etude
• Russian Folk songs “Song of the Volga Boatmen” and “Kalinka”
• A Jewish Hora “Mayim Mayim”
and more!! See if you can hear them all! Thanks for listening and subscribing!!
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Warm Audio

Thank you, Elle and Joe!

Elle Sera records her latest single "Beautiful Girl" with the WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone. Vocal Chain = WA-251 >> WA73-EQ >> WA-2A








Recorded at Treasure Isle Recorders, Nashville TN
Produced & Mixed by Joe Carrell
Mastered by Alan Silverman
Assistant Recording Engineer - Brandon Epps
Mixing Assistant - Leah Schattschneider
Electric Guitars - Jeff King
Bass - Jacob Lowery
Acoustic Guitar - Joel Key
Synth & Keys - David Dorn
Drums - Scott Williamson

Filmed by Midtown Motion Productions

In The Mix with Joe Carrell

Written by Elle Sera
Copyright 2019 Elle Sera. All Rights Reserved

Nice!  WTG, Greg and Pat!

Nice! WTG, Greg and Pat!

The combination of flute and marimba makes for magical, winning results on this duo outing by New York-based Patricia and Greg Zuber. Of course one reason for the recording's appeal is that the instruments are fundamentally different in pitch and timbre, and consequently there's maximum separation b...

Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics

Alan Silverman of Aerial Sound, New York City, shares his thoughts on the Sonoma Headphone System;

"...I started out with the M1’s at home. The sound was intriguing, compelling, and a departure from anything I’d ever heard, reinforcing my first impressions at your demo suite (at AES NY 2018). At the studio, the effect on the other farm animals was immediate. After the first week, a trusted pair of high-end phones were pulled from service..."

Read the full testimonial at
#studios #impressed #improvingmywork

Great company to be in, and tough to follow Angelique Kidjo in a playlist!  Congrats  Patricia Wolf Zuber and Greg Zuber...
Pushing the Envelope: Music Decidedly Left of Center Sat Dec 29 with Joel Krutt on WHUS Storrs 91.7fm

Great company to be in, and tough to follow Angelique Kidjo in a playlist! Congrats Patricia Wolf Zuber and Greg Zuber for the release of Blackbird Redux for flute and marimba! Kudos to Eleni Maltas for the master! Out soon on Belarca Records.

Pushing the Envelope, in it's 29th year of bringing you the finest in the outer realms of contemporary music, from the worlds of classical, rock, jazz, ambient, electroacoustic, etc., etc., etc. With a healthy dollop of new and classic progressive rock and jazz-rock fusion thrown in for good measure...

Catherine Russell

We had a ball final mastering with Catherine Russell, Paul Kahn and mixer extraordinaire, Katherine Miller!

Teaser to share from our forthcoming album, "Alone Together," recorded by Katherine Miller at Sear Sound, to be released on Dot Time Records March 1, 2019. with Matt Munisteri, Tal Ronen, Mark Shane, Mark McLean, Jon-Erik Kellso, Evan Arntzen, John Allred. Video by Smart Biz Web Media. Enjoy!

Lucy Kalantari

What a sweet way to start the day. I'm so happy for you and Darius, Lucy! Cool vid! Kudos for the Grammy nom! Thank you, as always for working with us at Arf! Mastering, and props to mixer extraordonaire, Denise Barbarita!

Darius Kalantari plays cello for this little tune teaching listeners musical terms and the joy of making music. Share the's contagious!

From the GRAMMY Award Winning album “All the Sounds” available now:

For more info, visit:

Happy to have a part in your music, Maro! Always a pleasure. Thank you!

Happy to have a part in your music, Maro! Always a pleasure. Thank you!

“it’s OK” is OUT!
Couldn’t have done it without these incredibly special people ❤️:
Andrew Keller - Co.Producer, Recording & Mixing Engineer
Alan Silverman - Mastering Engineer
Pedro Secca - Artcover

Love the track and love the images in this film. Thank you Arc Iris for having us at Arf Mastering participate in the co...

Love the track and love the images in this film. Thank you Arc Iris for having us at Arf Mastering participate in the completion of your new album "Icon of Ego".

Arc Iris' video for '$GNMS' is out NOW!

Julia Liu directed this video and she did a phenomenal job. You might remember her as the vision behind the Kaleidoscope video as well as co-director alongside Keith Heyward of our Moon Saloon and Long Time Coming video. She worked so hard on this, and we can’t thank her enough.

Big thank you to the incredible crew -
DP Keith Heyward, costumes by Meredith Younger, lighting by Jesse Goldberg, hair by Shannon Hughes, makeup by Mac PVD, and additional help from Daniel Villanueva, Holly Stein, Caroline Wunsch, and Stephen Crocker.

Arc Iris

Arc Iris

Happy one month birthday to our baby, Icon of Ego. Here’s Rachael Price from the incomparable Lake Street Dive with some thoughts on the record. Thanks Rachael ❤️!

See you tonight NYC at Rough Trade! Benjamin Lazar Davis and Julia Easterlin open. 8pm show.

Aimee Allen: Wings Uncaged
Aimee Allen: Wings Uncaged

Aimee Allen: Wings Uncaged

Aimee Allen: Wings Uncaged jazz review by Geannine Reid, published on November 2, 2018. Find thousands reviews at All About Jazz!

Yay, Lizzy!

Yay, Lizzy!

Just found out we won Bluegrass/Country song of the Year with The Oak Ridge Boys at the DOVE AWARDS!

With pleasure and pride, I'm sharing the first video from the new album by Arc Iris, doing their part to send positive e...
World Cafe

With pleasure and pride, I'm sharing the first video from the new album by Arc Iris, doing their part to send positive energy in their uniquely musical and creative way. We've had a long association. I feel privileged to have had a part in their work

Today, we premiere Arc Iris' video for "If You Can See" from the forthcoming album. Lovingly made while walking around downtown Providence, R.I., the song is ebullient and optimistic, an "up with people" anthem we all could use in these divisive times, regardless of the side you're on.

Alarm Will Sound

Excited about the release of this ground breaker from MMW & AWS - mixed and mastered at Aerial Sound (formerly Arf! Mastering)

“Anonymous Skulls”, from our new album with Medeski Martin & Wood. “Omnisphere” (coming Sept 14) is out now on Spotify and other streaming services. We recorded it live in Denver, and in this clip you get a peek at the live concert!
When you pre-save/pre-order the album you get to download both “Anonymous Skulls” and "End of the World Party” instantly! (


Out now: new track "Yves Klein Blue" by Stevie Wolf

It got a stellar review from Billboard, who called it "the perfect entry into Wolf's deeply insightful music that, despite the raw emotion running through it, somehow leaves you feeling more charged up than before you started listening." (link in comments)

Jim Anderson, Jane Ira Bloom and Darcy Proper, winners of Best Surround Sound Album at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at ...

Jim Anderson, Jane Ira Bloom and Darcy Proper, winners of Best Surround Sound Album at the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Madison Square Garden on January 28, 2018 in New York City. A special thanks to Darcy Proper for the gracious shout out!! We are honored to have mastered the stereo recording of this beautiful album. #mastering #aerialsound #arfmastering #janeirabloom #jimanderson #darcyproper #60thgrammyawards #grammys #grammys2018



Who, an album by Stevie Wolf on Spotify

Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae - Songbird

"A gorgeous folk ode to the magic of shaping melodies – and memories – together." Rolling Stone

"In the town of Appleton, Wisconsin, there is an old converted monastery that has birthed records and raised babies. Cory Chisel and his partner, Adriel Denae, who founded the non-profit Refuge Foundation for the Arts there, have released their first duets album, "Tell Me True." Proceeds from the album go to the Refuge Foundation. I'm thankful and honored to have had this exquisite work come through the studio.

Debut single from Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae's new record "Tell Me True", out August 4th. Video Artist: Oliver Franklin Anderson Pre-order now to download th...

Gracie Nash

Sweet and fun, Gracie! Happy to have had a hand!

TODAY’S THE DAY!! I’M BEYOND ELATED TO SHARE MY NEW SONG “NATALIE” WITH THE WORLD!!!! Please like, share, smile, enjoy, laugh and DANCE!

Thank you to all the magical people who helped make this come to life! 💕

Music and Lyrics © by Gracie Nash
Arrangements/Producer/Bass/Guitar/Superhero: Charlie Rosen
Mixing/Recording: John Kilgore
Mastering: Alan Silverman
Video: Nessie Nankivell

Piano/Rhodes: Natalie Tenenbaum
Drums: Jamie Donald Eblen
Violin 1: Lavinia Pavlish
Violin 2: Kevin Kuh
Viola: Elise Frawley
Cello: Kristine Kruta
Sax: Andrew Gutauskas
Trumpet: Matthew Owens

Backup Vocals: Danielle Gimbal, AnnMarie Powers, Kate Steinberg

Special thanks to: Tessa Lang, Barry Eastmond, Johannes Oberman, Pixie Nash, and Scott Nash



Data Conversion Systems Ltd + MQA Listening Session @ Arf Mastering

The Nelons

Fantastic! WTG Nelons, producer Jason Clark, and writers, Wayne Haun and Barbara Huffman!

We were extremely surprised & honored to win a DOVE Award for Bluegrass/Country/Roots Song of the Year for "When Grandpa Sang Amazing Grace"
Special thanks to Daywind Records, CNS Entertainment, BSA, Writers Ink, Daddy Sang Bass Music, Christian Taylor Music.

Thanks to the writers Wayne Haun, Barbara Huffman.

Our road Family John Arnett, Mike Garner, Jeff Stice, Stone Carter, Rick, Jarred.

Our Office Manager, Linda Barnhill, Phil Wilkes.
Thanks to our Families who continue to support and love us, our friends.

Win or Lose we feel loved!

WTG, Eleanor!
Eleanor Dubinsky – Turn It Around

WTG, Eleanor!

This next one goes out to anyone feeling down on their luck, helpless to upend a downward trend. It’s “Turn It Around,” an uplifting sonic movement from singer, songwriter, and co…

Michael Attias: Nerve Dance
Michael Attias: Nerve Dance

Michael Attias: Nerve Dance

Michael Attias: Nerve Dance jazz review by John Sharpe, published on September 21, 2017. Find thousands reviews at All About Jazz!

Arturo O'Farrill & the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra

"The sheer amount of virtuosity on display on Familia: Tribute to Bebo & Chico might well be overwhelming if the music itself weren't so warmly and beautifully rendered." Matt Collar,

What a thrill to see this sweeping double-CD set released, paying homage to the brilliance of two past giants of Afro-Cuban jazz, as well as showcasing the brilliance of a new generation of musicians taking this tradition to new heights. I hope this project will be recognized a milestone. Congrats to Arturo O'Farrill, Chucho Valdes, The Afro Latin Jazz Alliance, Motema Music and mixer Rafa Sardina. We at Arf Mastering are honored to have played a small part on this team.


It is such an exciting day - 'Familia', the recording I made with my brother Chucho Valdés Oficial is now out on Motema Music! It's a beautiful tribute not just to Bebo and Chico, but to the generations of music that will come after us to participate in this great music.
It’s important to me that Familia is not just a nostalgia project. It cannot be. Bebo and Chico were both forward-looking creators so, for us, it was important not just to recreate the music they left us, but to capture the zeal and vision they had for progress. They were innovators. They wrote music that was radical for their times.
Please pick up this recording, so that Chucho and I can retire to our villas in Tuscany! - Arturo


245 W 55th St
New York, NY


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