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Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and Yahoo is proud of our commitment to making our products accessible for all, including people with disabilities. Earlier this year, we announced that we will ramp up captioning efforts and commit to featuring closed captions on 100% of new user-facing video, including partner content, that is streamed on our own video players going forward. In support of advocacy work, we donated $5M in media to a number of disability organizations, including the National Association of the Deaf - NAD, the American Council of the Blind, and the American Association of People with Disabilities. ♿ Learn more about our efforts and the artwork by jessica oddi here:

Verizon Media is on a mission to normalize mental health and advocate for a safe, supportive and more inclusive workplac...

Verizon Media is on a mission to normalize mental health and advocate for a safe, supportive and more inclusive workplace culture for all. Today we're excited to announce the next step in that journey. We're launching Mind Together, a mental health coalition with Kellogg Company, Snap and Spotify, to help eliminate stigma around mental health at work. #mindtogether

Don't Get Left Behind In the Cookieless Future
Don't Get Left Behind In the Cookieless Future

Don't Get Left Behind In the Cookieless Future

Don’t get left behind in the cookieless future. Verizon Media shares how they work with haves & have-nots when it comes to first-party data,

Yahoo Build It Forward

Join us now for #YahooBuildItForward to see and try the all-new ways Yahoo's bringing you more of what you love! More at


Watch a special video from Hans Vestberg celebrating #YahooBuildItForward and tune in today at 12p ET/9a PT for a first look at Yahoo's all-new ways to bring you more of what you love. More at

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Join us on Monday at 4 p.m. ET to March Madness. #YahooSportsTourney

Yahoo Ryot Lab, the official Innovation Partner of NYFW: The Shows 2021, created a new way to see Rebecca Minkoff's NYFW...
Rebecca Minkoff's new collection like you've never seen it before: in AR

Yahoo Ryot Lab, the official Innovation Partner of NYFW: The Shows 2021, created a new way to see Rebecca Minkoff's NYFW presentation. Take a look at her Spring/Summer 21 collection through an innovative immersive content experience here.

The designer talks about learning to innovate ahead of New York Fashion Week and the showcase of her Spring 2021 collection.

The BIG GAME 🏈 is coming right up! Watch TOGETHER with friends and family (even if you're apart) on the Yahoo Sports app...
Yahoo Sports App | Yahoo Mobile

The BIG GAME 🏈 is coming right up! Watch TOGETHER with friends and family (even if you're apart) on the Yahoo Sports app. More here:

Get the Yahoo Sports app and watch live local & primetime NFL games for free on your phone or tablet, all season long. Stream live NBA games with the NBA League Pass free preview windows throughout the season and watch pro league soccer games, too.

Tomorrow is the BIG GAME 🏈! Watch TOGETHER with friends and family (even if you're apart) on the Yahoo Sports app. More ...
Yahoo Sports App | Yahoo Mobile

Tomorrow is the BIG GAME 🏈! Watch TOGETHER with friends and family (even if you're apart) on the Yahoo Sports app. More here:

Get the Yahoo Sports app and watch live local & primetime NFL games for free on your phone or tablet, all season long. Stream live NBA games with the NBA League Pass free preview windows throughout the season and watch pro league soccer games, too.


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someone is using caller id Verizon and phoning at all hour's I tried calling back to see who was calling there are numerous complains on line over the same matter the number being used is 585 421-7077and they are using Verizon to gain access-also received an email from Verizon stating i owe on all my cell phones----- one I have one cell phone which I have paid service for and yet used- for a large corporation your company needs more staff wait time is horrendous- no one knows what they are doing and I suppose to have an unlisted number yet the bogus calls claiming to come from Verizon would not be known if not somehow gotten though Verizon
How do I get rid of these obnoxius Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA) from Verizon Media that are invading my computer? How do I opt-out? How can they be so inconsiderate & invasive? Can anyone help? Super thanks!
OUR CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN VIOLATED When the big tech companies like Facebook ad Twitter suppressed voter information on the biden scandal prior to the general election on Nov 3, 2020, they violated the free speech and freedom of the press amendments to the constitution. This action could have swung the vote in favor of Candidate Biden. All three branches of our government have stood by and watched this happen and have done nothing about it. I think we should call for another general election. Call it the Fair Election just to make sure every one gets a fair chance. This time, have all votes counted The day of the election. The executives of the tech companies who caused this problem should be prosecuted for treason to our constitution. Pay for the costs and expenses of the new election by fining the big tech companies for that amount. President Trump, would you please sign two executive orders, one, to cancel out the general election held Nov 3, 2020 and all effects of it. Two, to set up a new general election date to take place before January 20, 2021. Lawrence Richard (Dick) Grigg, 965 Grand Ave, NYSSA, OR, Ph 541-372-2623 😀😀
I wanted to reach out to any Verizon Wireless customers out there that may have or are currently going through what I currently am. I'm a loyal Verizon Wireless customer and will freely admit that I'm a gadget addict and spend way too much money with Verizon on accessories, devices, tablets, etc. about every two weeks. One of the reasons I've been able to shop as such is because Verizon Wireless has allowed me to bill $450.00 of gadgets each month to be paid on the next month's bill. I'm loyal to Verizon Wireless and I expect loyalty and perks from them in return. Here's the issue: A few days ago I received an email from Verizon Wireless advising me that they were all of sudden rescinding the Bill to Account feature on my account, adjusting my spending limit from $450.00 to $0. I did absolutely nothing wrong for this action and have voiced my concerns with Verizon Wireless Executive Customer Relations only for them to tell them me there was nothing they could do, because Verizon Wireless periodically and out of the blue checks my creditworthiness, which has only gotten better since I've been with Verizon. This is a huge broken system that doesn't take customer's spending habits, payment history, loyalty into concern, but only a routine credit check.
you are on it
again, December, Christmas time and bad weather are approaching for us and you. (If you want to live contentedly, get used to the injustice of the world and the bad weather). It may be early, but time is running out and I would like to build bridges. Not literally, I build control systems in projects, but bridges between us, between people. I know that many of you sometimes read either my articles (Presence, Regional Papers, Parliamentary Papers and others) or my thoughts, for example on Facebook, or my books. But I'm sorry that I don't usually get feedback from you, you probably don't have time or desire to write something about it. Or is it that you closed the door to the garden, how in the autumn the door closes, and the dandelion hugs its head with its petals and sleeps? you leave me sometimes, like a leaf coming out of a halibut, into the dust, into the ground, into soot ..... not that you would die, but you have nothing more to say. or is it different? I offer collaboration to improve overall literacy. see www.pametnaroda.c.., www.elektroprojekty.8u.c.. and appendices, linked in under my name, articles on the net and magazines see net, pseudonym kamil jansa see collection of the National Library Prague, on request I will send certificates of my patents with verified world priority that are used worldwide!
I have almost stopped looking at your ads on the Fox news page. It is so frustrating to see the teaser picture, hoping to see it again and with an explanation, and then the picture isn't in the collection. I usually consider the time needed to go thru the pictures as time lost.
Why can I not report a phising email from another AOL account pretending to be AOL anywhere on this site. I am BCC'd on an email that is very suspicious and can't even report it to you to investigate... I should not have to call to help you do your job better.
Wednesday 11/25/2020 Dear Editor, Not to brag but to qualify myself with the following information. I have been published seventy-six times that I know of. Including twenty plus times in Zambia, eight times in Iraq, a few times in Pakistan, five times in the USA, twice in Iran, and once in Israel. Due to privacy issues I had to stop putting my whole name on my articles and letters and have been using just my first name for the last few years. I make the following statements with appropriate respect and for the right to use Freedom of Speech. Please share this as an article, letter to the editor, or just share it with everyone you know that doesn’t want the trillionaires to break up the USA in order to bring in the one world order/new world order – one world government with tactics like they are using with their Pacific Gas & Electric company (PG&E) and other Agenda 21/30 tactics. The entire world looks to the USA to straighten out the corrupt voting results from the last election. If the USA wants to maintain it’s standing as the freest nation in the world the voter fraud must not be allowed to come to fruition. It is embarrassing for American’s to know that the President received eighty million votes to the forty to fifty million for the other candidate, yet the corrupt ones that run the secret shadow government/deep state/cabal have pulled out every trick they have to take this election away like the forty votes to one for the President to make up the huge lead he had. Many of them don’t appreciate the underground child sacrificing bases under New York City and Los Angeles being invaded by the US marine corps and their child slaves being set free. And the many other actions the benevolent military has been doing to take America back from the deep state devils. Unfortunately the adrenochrome using, baby blood drinking, baby eating soulless human devils are the ones that run the system of underground bases connected by the underground train system (see the underground facilities at the Denver, CO airport) that honeycombs the USA and much of the rest of the world. The final call to stop the human devils that have been running the USA is here. The forty plus fusion centers that have concentration camp style prisons around them and collect data on innocent Americans even for helping with campaigns of honest politicians that oppose the deep state, have to be stopped and dismantled by the benevolent military and the benevolent Americans who are doing their best to stop the trillionaires whom are doing their best to break up the USA into regions. They are doing this so they can bring in their one world order/new world order police state Chinese Communist Party style one world government. Because the only obstacle in their path at this point is the USA. The deep state snuck in the 5G frequency weapon and waited until it was close to complete to let us know about it. Which they are using now in combination with the biological weapon they are plaguing the planet with to take over the human race. Now that their 5G frequency weapon they snuck in without anyone having a chance to stop it is getting close to being complete, they are hammering us on the various media outlets they own and control, via commercials about how wonderful this life killing 5G frequency weapon is and trying to get the American public to accept this frequency weapon so they will be able to target various members of the public via the satellite system that goes with it, and control us in combination with this bio weapon. This author has written for years about the German leader Angela Merkel’s warning to us several years ago, that if the deep state gets their one world government they will kill most of us off with biological weapons. She also very recently told America’s present President after the fraudulent election “that he should just give up.” Millions of people claim she is the daughter of Adolf Hi**er. Now that the United States of America has a president that can’t be controlled and doesn’t even accept money for his service to help save the freest nation in the world, the deep state is attempting to stop them and the benevolent military backing them from freeing American’s of this attempt to destroy these United States of America . A perfect example is after the US Marine Corps invaded the CIA headquarters next to Washington DC and took information out to find the treason being done to the republic on the orders of the president, they used directed energy weapons DEWs to attack the Marine Corps base in San Diego to teach them a lesson. In reality all this did was stiffen the backbone of the benevolent military whom have been fighting in the trillionaires wars since they tricked the people into believing that Napoleon defeated Wellington at the battle of Waterloo, and bought up the economy of England for pennies on the pound. And they have been ruling The United Kingdom with an iron fist ever since. Another example is that lead by Pennsylvania and Virginia, the US Congress refused to extend the twenty year charter of the now trillionaires, First Bank of the United States in 1811. So Nathan Mayer Rothchild’s ordered the British to declare war on the USA and so we had the British/American War of 1812. The massive voter fraud that was done to the American voter this election is a very extensive trick to bring in the candidate whom is owned by the Chinese Communist Party, which is owned by this family. Some claim that if this massive election fraud is not stopped by the American people and benevolent military, the candidate that was fraudulently claimed to have won has already told the Chinese Communist Party he will immediately turn over Taiwan to them which will start WWIII. The bottom line is that if this fraudulent election isn’t overturned the benevolent military whom are backing the current President and fighting the deep state as hard and best that they can will be kicked away from the mission to save America from this plan of the trillionaires to destroy America to bring in the one world order/new world order one world Chinese Communist style government. Then the trillionaire’s that President Andrew Jackson (“Jackson and no Bank”) temporarily kicked out of the United States government in 1836, will control the USA with an iron fist. So the American public must wake up from their asleep and unaware slumber and support the real winner of this election, who actually won by a landslide. And support the benevolent military that is working so hard to continue the leadership America has had in the world, because now the freedoms American’s have always fought for must be fought for again in order to be kept. This voter fraud must be overturned or America and what is left of the free world will be in for a horrible experience taking our planet back from the forces that have been using us for centuries for their own agendas by keeping us dumbed down and mind controlled through the information outlets. If you really want to know what is behind this fraud, the best source to explain it this author knows of is to go to energeticsynthesis dot com then go to Resources, then Shifting Timelines, then the September 2020 newsletter “The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Holders” and you will then understand just how important it is we do not let these forces that want to control us and break up the USA, win with this fraudulent election! Gist USA