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Please everyone... stop saying #votebluenomatterwho. I've been seeing a TON of this nonsense which is a lot of times wha...

Please everyone... stop saying #votebluenomatterwho. I've been seeing a TON of this nonsense which is a lot of times what people say when they are truly uninformed about the matters at hand and will blindly march into the trenches, looking at electability rather than the real issues. For god's sake, I've seen people debating Amy or Pete the day of voting because of a coin toss or Biden because he's just "cool Uncle Joe." If you're worried as most of us are about interference from Russia, YESw e do need to think about them after 2016. But WE need to be better. The answer to not being tricked is to be so well informed that we see through the fog.

In a time when there is false media narrative on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, all the talk shows... It is US that have to speak out as much as possible about what candidates on our OWN side are doing. Because there is such a divide. The goods and the bads. It's not a time to vote blue no matter who until the VERY last moment when, if your candidate does not get the nomination, THEN you bite the bullet and vote for that person. It is not now, a time when you go on MSNBC or CNN and they're saying that Amy is a great third or Biden is a "strong forth" and that Bernie Sanders lead means nothing or that Chris Matthews will be "executed in Central Park." It's just NOISE and it's up to US to see through it and in turn, we will see through anything Russia might throw as well.

The media bias and blackout is real so to stop speaking out EVERYWHERE about these problems with certain candidates would be even worse.

1. Warren's Native American Heritage madness, her recent "sexist claims against Bernie," or her recent tearing down of all she's fought for saying she's now looking for super PACs.
2. Buttigieg's past racial problems, his clear entitlement and being out of touch with his own generation, and taking billionaire money
3. MOST of Joe's record
4. Amy's past abuse of her staff and anger issues
5. Bloomberg's... Need I go into this?

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