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New Bill Aims To Help Music Venues Suffering Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
New Bill Aims To Help Music Venues Suffering Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

New Bill Aims To Help Music Venues Suffering Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Small music venues in the US are looking for a lifeline — and a new bill in Congress called The Restart Act might be it. Advocates say the future of independent venues relies on government relief.

WOTP Brigitte Grof Interview / Live Q&A

Brigitte Grof describes holotropic breathwork, the importance of honoring the breather’s inner wisdom, and the use of body work to intensify the experiences and clear blockages. Although originally interested in psychology, she eventually incorporated breathwork into her approach because of the amazing potential it holds for individual healing. Brigitte notes how the expanded cartography of the psyche that Stan introduced – which includes the transpersonal, birth process, and one’s experiences after birth – allows facilitators to make space for breathers to go deep and fully immerse themselves in the process.


Live Q&A: Filmmakers Susan Hess Logeais & Mitch Schultz w/ Special Guest Brigitte Grof

WOTP Yvonne Tarnas, PhD Interview / Live Q/A

Yvonne Smith Tarnas shares her study on the astrological similarities between patients and therapists, revealing how patients are attracted to therapists who share the very challenge they are seeking to heal. Additionally, she notes how the astrological chart for the day of their first session reflects this dynamic. Her description of depth psychology presents a partnership between client and therapist, during which both undertake a healing journey into their inner worlds. The bond that results provides safety and anchoring for what may be an arduous process that leads to ultimate transformation.

Live Q&A: Filmmakers Susan Hess Logeais & Mitch Schultz w/ Special Guest TBD


Decolonization, Collective Liberation, & Intersectional Solidarity

Crowdcast streaming July 4, 2020: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/racialjustice/2


Part 2 of a series on Psychedelic Community & Racial Justice.

The killing of George Floyd has once again put the spotlight on the ongoing systemic issues of racial injustice, police violence, and criminalization of marginalized BIPOC communities. The psychedelic community must stand in solidarity with wider activism for collective liberation, including and extending far beyond ending the war on drugs.

Where do we go from here? How do we build a better, more equitable and caring future?

Part 2: Decolonization, Collective Liberation, & Intersectional Solidarity (July 4)

How do we embody decolonization at the individual and collective level? On “Independence Day,” we’ll offer a roadmap via the intersections of Indigenous rights, intergenerational healing, and environmental, migrant, and racial justice.

Each utilizing a harm reduction lens, join psychedelic psychotherapist Danielle Herrera, decarceration strategist Paula Kahn, somatic practitioner Camille Barton, and community educator Mohawk Greene as moderator.


Replay Part 1, History of the Drug War, Colonization, & Racism: https://www.psychsems.com/episodes/history-drug-war-colonization-racism


Danielle M. Herrera, MA, MFT (she/her), is a mixed-indigenous Harm Reduction Psychotherapist with Harm Reduction Therapy Center on their community programs team in San Francisco and a Psychedelic Psychotherapist with Sage Institute in Oakland, the first ever low-fee/sliding-scale psychedelic therapy clinic prioritizing access to those with historical inaccess to psychedelic integration and medicines.

Paula Kahn (she/they) is Decarceration Strategist at Freedom for Immigrants - Formerly CIVIC and co-founder of CosmoVisiones Ancestrales, a pan-indigenous mutual aid collective that advocates for indigenous rights and environmental justice. Their early politicization in decriminalization and decarceration was shaped by Black & Brown community organizers that initiated the Black Lives Matter movement, Dignity and Power Now, the LA Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission, and the Justice LA Coalition.

Camille Barton (they/them) is an artist, writer and somatic educator, working on the intersections of wellness, drug policy and transformative justice. Camille is the director of The Collective Liberation Project and the creator of a trauma informed approach to diversity and decolonization work that centres the body and lived experience. They are also an advisor for MAPS, ensuring that MDMA psychotherapy will be accessible to communities of colour, most harmed by the war on drugs.

Moderator Mohawk Greene (they/them) is an Outreach Coordinator for Dancesafe, President of New York Dancesafe, and the Technical Program Manager at NEXT Distro. They organize and oversee harm reduction, health & safety outreach in festival and nightlife settings, give lectures, collaborate with drug reform agencies such as Drug Policy Alliance, and, through their page Mohawk: Health and Drug Policy Educator on social media, spread awareness on topics related to harm reduction and drug policy.


Presented by Psychedelic Seminars https://www.psychsems.com/

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Dwarf Longnose (1991) Summer Streaming

Free Live Stream and Q & A with co-founders Ines Zeller Bass and Eric Bass

Available for 24 hours following the live stream
Dwarf Longnose is an original family show based on a German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff. Like many fairy tales, it is a story of transformation, disappearance, hard work and renewal. It is the first Sandglass show for young audiences that was developed in Vermont and that engaged local artists.

Conceived by Ines Zeller Bass
Directed by Eric Bass
Music by Robert Starner
Performed by Ines Zeller Bass

Dwarf Longnose touring in New England was funded in part by the New England States Touring program of the New England Foundation for the Arts.


A Conversation on Black Space

Local community leaders Jovan Mays, Danette Hollowell and Jelie Bradlie J will be hosting a discussion on the various ways in which the Black community has been denied space. Topics include:

-The role of black artists in the protests
- Black space and the privilege of enjoying the outdoors
- Black space in the local arts and music community

The panel will be moderated by Kevin Quinn Marchman of The Black Actors Guild and have a 30 minute Q&A from 7pm-7:30.

To participate, simply RSVP to this event so you can be notified of it starting or head over to our page at 6pm.

Harmonic Distortion Productions

Harmonic Distortion Productions

WOTP Sean Kelly, PhD Interview / Live Q&A

Sean Kelly explains transpersonal psychology as going beyond the materialist paradigm of current psychology, and back to the origins of the field. He notes how Jung’s exploration of the deep psyche resulted in the use of archetypes – ideal forms – to describe the foundational dimensions encountered there. The need for rites of passage to “bring us into the web of life,” is mirrored in Stan’s theory of perinatal matrices. Surviving these transitional rituals allowed participants to feel held in a larger reality. He closes by explaining how principles from quantum physics can help make sense of what is experienced with psychedelics, and also to clarify concepts from ancient spiritual traditions and philosophers.

Live Q&A: Filmmakers Susan Hess Logeais & Mitch Schultz w/ Special Guest Sean Kelly


Pychonaut - Test

Write, make, stay home, repeat

Write, make, stay home, repeat

Time never tells why...👁
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Sarei Bird - Ghost

Check out this incredible local Golden artist Sarei Bird performing lives Head Room Sessions!

Head Room Sessions #39 Audio by Ian Kueht Video by Stephen Tucker Photography by Drew Carlson Recorded live at ReCreative Denver 9/9/19

Harmonic Distortion Productions's cover photo

Harmonic Distortion Productions's cover photo

Wow how times change

Wow how times change

This was the first time David and I checkout the space.


New York, NY


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