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MusicDish/MI2N Twitters MusicDish*China has launched label services focused on releasing and promoting overseas music in the Chinese market, releasing over 100 recordings over the last year.

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MusicDish LLC
MusicDish LLC

MusicDish LLC

Russian jazz-rock duo Two Siberians will make their China comeback on July 20th in 4th edition of our HiLive livestreaming concert series, broadcast on Chinese video platforms BiliBili and Huya

As we will be shutting down this page in 20 days, we hope you'll follow us on MusicDish LLC for all our updates
MusicDish LLC

As we will be shutting down this page in 20 days, we hope you'll follow us on MusicDish LLC for all our updates

Volume 10 update to our "New Music 合集" playlists on major Chinese streaming music platform NetEase Cloud Music includes some of our favorite new songs released in China and abroad, including:
* "陷眠" by 淺堤 Shallow Levée
* "The Key to Life on Earth" by Declan McKenna
* "春风" by Hiperson/海朋森
* "The Witching Hour" by Crown Lands
* "BAKA" by Hoo!
* "How Will I Rest In Peace If I'm Buried By A Highway?" by KennyHoopla
* "欢喜" by Candy Monster 糖果怪兽
* "This Is Not the Indie Rock I Signed Up For" by Girl Friday
* "E.D.E.M" by I Mean Us
* "Just Let Me" by BRAIDS
* "病友王建军描述记录" by "唯利玉碎计划"

Join us at our MusicDish page where you can now find all our latest updates
MusicDish LLC

Join us at our MusicDish page where you can now find all our latest updates

Yunnan Noodles meets Rock n' Roll
The first salvo in our new cross-category experiential marketing project 'Be Indie'... focused in our 'Behind The Music' column where Beijing rock band Spring is Coming虎啸春 discuss with the owner of Yunnan eatery 饿鱼 Cravings about memories associated with food and music, while giving readers a chance to try their new line of summer rice noodle dishes

MusicDish LLC

We will be closing this page by the end of the month in order to consolidate all our efforts on the MusicDish LLC page. Please hop on there and like/follow the page to keep up to date with our activities and what we're doing in China, Asia and the rest of the world.

MusicDish*China has been developing a growing roster of top international acts in China's music market through social media marketing, music distribution, festivals and tours

Stephanie Ryann Releases Her Official Music Video For "Whiskey Regret"@stephanieryannmusic ....#musicnews #countrymusic ...

Stephanie Ryann Releases Her Official Music Video For "Whiskey Regret"
#musicnews #countrymusic #musicvideo #countrysinger #countrysong

NJ rock band Triple Addiction scores a guitar endorsement and books some big shows@tripleaddiction ...#musicnews #rockba...

NJ rock band Triple Addiction scores a guitar endorsement and books some big shows
#musicnews #rockband #newjerseyrock #southernrock #customguitar

Lemon Slice Records has recently released Speakeasy, the new album by Luke & The Belleville Orchestra. It is already ava...
Speakeasy - Luke & The Belleville Orchestra

Lemon Slice Records has recently released Speakeasy, the new album by Luke & The Belleville Orchestra. It is already available on all the most important streaming platforms and in leading online stores, and it will soon be purchasable in a physical format.

The LP is made up of 12 tracks with catchy melodies and polished arrangements that create a unique style. On one hand the sound takes the listener back to 1930s gipsy jazz and the swinging energy of big bands, while on the other hand it rides the wave of the most contemporary beats of house music and hip hop, all of this enriched with an elegant use of synthesizers and samples. The beguiling voice of Melissa Stott, author of all the lyrics and composer of I Think of you, characterizes the entire album. The remaining 11 compositions are penned by Luke H, aka Luca Accarpio, leader and guitarist of the band as well as arranger of all the tracks. Important contributions to the album were also provided by: Ohmguru Ricky Rinaldi and Dj Farrapo (beats), Max Turone (upright bass), Roberto Righini (trumpet) and the American rapper King Marino. Speakeasy was mixed by Ricky Rinaldi and Luca Accarpio, and mastered by Max Paparella (Groove Sound Design Studio).

You can listen free or buy the album by clicking on the following link:


Ananya Birla - Day Goes By ft. Sean Kingston

Rising pop sensation Ananya Birla and multi-platinum Jamaican/American hitmaker Sean Kingston and have released their highly anticipated single "Day Goes By", out now via Universal Music/Island Records.

The infectious anthem, which premiered on Billboard earlier this week, arrives with a magnetic video directed by Mike Ho (Chris Brown, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj) which sees Kingston’s trademark reggae-R’n’B fusion blend perfectly with Ananya’s unmistakeable pop vocals as the duo trade verses on seduction and infatuation.

Kingston first took the world by storm with his debut single "Beautiful Girls" back in 2009. He linked up with Ananya, the only homegrown artist to go platinum singing in English in India, when they shared the stage for his 2018 worldwide tour. Their mutual artistic admiration led them to the studio in LA for their first creative collaboration.

Co-written by Sean and Ananya and self-produced, "Day Goes By" marks one of the first major pop collaborations between a US and Indian artist.

Kingston, whose forthcoming album, "Made In Jamaica", is set to feature Chris Brown, Tinashe and Justin Bieber, said: "It was so beautiful and easy to work with Ananya. We linked up in India and she played me a few of her records and Immediately I knew our sound together would be dope!!"

Speaking about how the single came about, Ananya added "Day Goes By is for anyone who’s lost their mind in love... It’s been brewing for a little while now: Sean and I knew we wanted to make something that captures that intoxicating feeling, and also make it super fun – something that people could dance to. When we got into the studio it all came together so quickly and organically. Sean’s an amazing collaborator and there was always such a positive vibe. I’m so excited to share it with the world!"

It has been a big year for both artists. Kingston just finished a sell-out 17 show world tour and released his latest track "Peace of Mind" in April. Ananya, who has racked up nearly 200 million streams since signing with Universal in 2016 and was recently named as one of GQ’s most influential Young Indians, dropped her debut EP "Fingerprint"in May which included the hit single "Blackout" feat Vector and WurlD. This month, she opened for Wiz Khalifa on his India tour.


Music video by Ananya Birla performing Day Goes By featuring Sean Kingston. An Island Records Release; (C) 2019 Ananya Birla, Under Exclusive License from An...

Xprnc Media is excited to announce our 'Rise Above - ON TOUR' marketing program across our digital signage and mobile en...
Xprnc Media – engaging consumers, experiencing media

Xprnc Media is excited to announce our 'Rise Above - ON TOUR' marketing program across our digital signage and mobile engagement network in 50 of the top independent media retailers across the U.S (

The 'Rise Above - ON TOUR' marketing program ( is an innovative and low cost opportunity to place your Local Performance in front of committed music fans and store staff across all your market stops. We have positioned 55-inch HDTV’s in the highest traffic locations in 50 of the top independent media retailers across the U.S. Fans visit these top indie stores to find what’s new in the bins, get turned onto new music by staff tastemakers and learn about upcoming performances.

"We’re delighted to finally provide venues, managers, artists and labels with an inexpensive and impactful format to reach media consumers. Through our digital signage and mobile engagement across our network, we’re empowering direct connections with fans," said Michael Fitts, President of Xprnc Media.

While On Tour covers the entire U.S., you can also send us your performance dates and we’ll build you a custom campaign to support your specific tour markets. The program includes Your Performance Ad running hourly, Consumer Engagement thru a Mobile Browse Page that includes your Photos and Graphics and directly links to your Venues’ Ticketing page;, or to a web page of your choice.

Reach out to us to discuss any of your current or future projects where we can be of service. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or by phone @ 720-250-7368. You can also set a time to meet with us using our scheduling calendar (

About Xprnc Media
Xprnc Media (pronounced "experience media") empowers advertisers to reach consumers directly through digital signage and mobile engagement placed with the top media retailers in the U.S. Independent retailers are collaborating with us to provide informative, interactive and engaging digital media experiences to their consumers, while generating new revenues from advertisers who wish to engage media consumers at retail.

Xprnc Media engages consumers while they are browsing, listening, discovering, socializing and purchasing their next entertainment experience at top media retailer locations across the US.

Award-winning recording artist MARINA V teams up with legendary singer/songwriter, DAN NAVARRO, for their artistic rendi...
Marina V

Award-winning recording artist MARINA V teams up with legendary singer/songwriter, DAN NAVARRO, for their artistic rendition of PAT BENATAR'S 1984 GRAMMY-nominated hit, WE BELONG, released on August 29, 2019.

NAVARRO (co-writer of the song) blends his raspy voice and gentle acoustic guitar with MARINA V's piano and breathy vocal performance.

With a beautiful string section arrangement by acclaimed composer Alex Kharlamov this duet is a timeless and intimate interpretation of this beautiful classic.

Fun fact: Pat Benatar was pregnant while recording this song. Marina was 8 months pregnant while recording this song and making the music video.

About Marina V: The Moscow-born international singer/pianist/songwriter has released 10 solo albums, has written many songs for film/TV and ads, and performed over 1,100 concerts worldwide together with her husband/co-writer, Nick Baker. She’s won multiple awards including one from Sir Bob Geldof. Marina and Nick have recently welcomed their baby girl, Violetta. They reside in Los Angeles.

About Dan Navarro: Dan Navarro is a world-renowned songwriter, who (often with the late Eric Lowen) has written songs for artists as diverse as Pat Benatar, The Bangles, Jackson Browne, and The Temptations. He has advocated for artists and songwriters, on behalf of SAG-AFTRA, Folk Alliance International, SoundExchange, The Recording Academy, and others. Dan maintains a parallel career as a voice actor and singer, in major films like Pirates of the Caribbean 5, The Lorax, Oscar® winners Coco and Happy Feet, and hundreds more.

Executive Producer: Marina V
Recording Engineered by: Nick Baker
Mixed, edited and mastered by Alex Kharlamov
Strings arranged by Alex Kharlamov


Home page of Marina V, a solo artist from Los Angeles. Official website of Marina V, a Russian-American award-winning singer/songwriter with an incredible life story and a “hauntingly beautiful” voice (L.A. Times).

MarilynMusic has just released 18 new songs created in our NYC studio, The Vertical Room. Some titles of the new tunes a...
Marilyn Music

MarilynMusic has just released 18 new songs created in our NYC studio, The Vertical Room. Some titles of the new tunes are…."Ain't Over Til It's Over," "People In Cars," "Money" and "Red Light Green Light."

We appreciate working with such great singers as Colin Smith, Sera Burus, Autumn Rowe, Kieth Fluitt, Harper and many others.

Our new track "Down In Miami" has been selected by the Florida Commission on Tourism for a new national ad campaign.

We are also currently working on the theme/score for an upcoming HBO ten episode documentary on the relationship between fashion and music, produced by Gene Kirkwood…"The Defiant Ones," "Get Rich or Die Trying," "Rocky."

It will feature music and fashion icons such as Pharrell, Drake, Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Dapper Dan…

MarilynMusic continues to maintain the highest musical standards, so keep listening at

Welcome to MarilynMusic. a songwriting, production and publishing company creating original music in most major genres. We record all original music in our state of the art studio in New York City, using the best professional musicians and singers. We're proud to offer our catalogue of music for lic...

Harvest Falls

NJ Rockers HARVEST FALLS will debut their first music video and single in three years, entitled "MOMENT OF CONSEQUENCE", on Wednesday August 21, 2019.

The song represents a subject matter torn from today's headlines: gun violence targeting youth in schools. With the release of the single, the band hopes to shine an alternative voice focused directly on the feelings of hopelessness and despair anyone with a heart encounters when learning of yet another tragedy.

Directed by Alphie Aguilar, a musician himself, the video is a frantic interplay between the band's performance and news video reflecting the grim subject matter. The song and video features the debut of new bass player STEPHEN "STV" PACZKOWSKI to the band's lineup as well.

In support of this movement, HARVEST FALLS is asking for donations to be sent directly to MARCH FOR OUR LIVES, at our site For more information please see

The song is available for download at iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, CDBaby, and other online retailers. The music video can be viewed directly at:

Please email [email protected] for band information, or the following social medial outlets:
Instagram: @harvestfallsband
Twitter: @harvestfalls
Alphie Aguilar can be reached for Music Video Projects at Instagram: @thesexyangelpiratebaby / @violentislandofficial

We're a project inspired by passion, energy, nostalgia and the unpredictable. Every song and lyric is stimulated by true life events that share a common universal emotion. We are your story, we are you, we are Harvest Falls

ProgStock Festival, the American Northeast's Only Progressive Rock Music Festival, will return for its third year in 201...
2019 Artists

ProgStock Festival, the American Northeast's Only Progressive Rock Music Festival, will return for its third year in 2019, and will once again be held on Columbus Day Weekend, October 11-13, 2019, at the beautiful Union County Performing Arts Center (UCPAC) in Rahway, New Jersey.

ProgStock Festival was founded to give artists and fans in the genre of progressive rock a place to play and experience their favorite music in a great environment. ProgStock's main stage will feature music that most radio hosts would find to be too long and too complex to play on-the-air. Dancing in 7/8, indeed, is left to fans who are accustomed to calculating high math in their heads. However, the festival presents a variety of rock that can be enjoyed by any music lover.

ProgStock Festival provides the artists, attendees and their families with a great place to share their talents and love for music in a family-friendly environment. Artists mingle with the fans and share experiences as well as music and art. The venue, a renovated vaudeville-era theater, provides everyone with a comfortable place to listen to the music with phenomenal sound. The City of Rahway provides everyone with a hub where they can enjoy the festival, enjoy great food and beverages, shop, relax and recover in a beautiful hotel room, and easily hop on a train from and to Newark International Airport or New York City.

Here is the complete band lineup for the festival by day:

Friday: 3.2 featuring Robert Berry (headliner), Salem Hill, Phideaux and a Special Set with Rachel Flowers and Chris Clark of Brand X

Friday Late-Night Event: Progressive Coffeehouse featuring Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella and Valdez (Acoustic) at The "World Famous" Waiting Room Restaurant

Saturday: Brand X (headliner), IO Earth, Rocket Scientists, Discipline, Jane Getter Premonition and a Special Set with Rachel Flowers and Robert Berry

Saturday Late-Night Event: Randy McStine and Last Call Live on the mainstage at UCPAC

Sunday: SAGA (headliner, first festival appearance in US in over 30 years), NEKTAR (co-headliner, launching 50th Anniversary Tour), Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius, The Cyberiam and a Special Set with Rachel Flowers and Michael Sadler

Sunday Late-Night Event: Kinetic Element and Valdez at The Waiting Room Restaurant

ProgStock 2019 is thrilled to host and help raise funds for the Bob Moog Foundation this year, on the heels of Moogmentum, the grand opening of the brand new Moogseum in Asheville, NC. Bob Moog's innovations in music synthesis revolutionized almost every genre of music. The Bob Moog Foundation, a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, carries his pioneering legacy forward to future generations. Its mission is to ignite creativity at the intersection of music, science, history and innovation by providing hands-on opportunities for children and adults to explore the science of sound through Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the preservation of the vast Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and through the Moogseum, located in downtown Asheville, NC.

Also, back by popular demand, is our resident artist Paul Whitehead, who designed album covers for a wide range of musical artists including Fats Domino, Genesis, and Van der Graaf Generator.

We are incredibly pleased to bring this festival to you with support from our friends at the House of Prog Internet Radio station (, Captain Phil's Planet at WUSB 90.1 FM, Stony Brook, NY (, Gagliarchives ( and the NJProghouse Progressive Music Series ( We are enormously grateful for their support for, endorsement of, and participation in this Herculean endeavor.

Summary of Current Ticket Options and Dates:
Regular 3-Day Pass: $225 USD for select seats
Single-Day Pass: Friday $85, Saturday $115, Sunday $125 for select seats

Seat Map and Direct Ticket Link at ProgStock Box Office:

Details on Tickets & Donations page:

Sponsorships Are Available:

Check out and support our 2019 Sponsors here:


FINAL ProgStock 2019 Band Line-up: SAGA Nektar Brand X 3.2 featuring Robert Berry Rocket Scientists Phideaux Jane Getter Premonition Salem Hill IO Earth Discipline The Cyberiam Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius Rachel Flowers Friday Late Night at The Wait


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New York, NY


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Diskery celebrates it's 20th anniversary! 20 years of archiving and celebrating Rock music bands and musicians!
The Management Agency - TMA proudly welcomes internationally-acclaimed Brazilian saxophonist Andre Paganelli to our roster of talented artists and bands! We look forward to representing him internationally as well as here in the USA.
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Casey Conrad and Michael Gaines of MarilynMusic are happy to announce the placement of five new songs from their catalogue with new Scottish artists "Chayniq," produced by Altino Music. Papa Jube aka John Altino has managed Wycleff Jean for many years, as well as producing numerous successful records internationally. Papa Jube and Conrad have been friends and collaborators for years. Altino Music has produced hits for platinum artists such as Beyonce, Justin Beiber, Neo, and Mary J. Blige. "It was interesting that Altino Music chose such an eclectic variety of MarilynMusic's songs," Conrad mused adding, "it reflects the versatility of the artists." The songs selected are "If I Were You," "Come Into My Life," "No Reason No Rhyme," "Press Play" and "Your My Miracle." They can all be heard on Gaines and Conrad have also continued their creative relationship with academy award winning producer Gene Kirkwood, who just produced the award winning documentary "The Defiant Ones," about the historic successful relationship between iconic record producer, music mogul Jimmy Iovine, and hip hop legend Dr. Dre. Among several projects being developed with Kirkwood is a narrative t.v. series about the birth of the great American songbook. "It's titled 'American Rhapsody,' and it chronicles the colorful story of how our immigrants helped create popular American culture," Gaines said. "We are proud and excited to be working on important music driven stories," he concluded. MarilynMusic continues to maintain the highest standard of musical taste. So keep listening. Website: Source: