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Sign1News 9.8.20 (Headlines)


Experts fear COVID surge following weekend
Trump supporters, BLM protesters clash
Dozens trapped as California wildfires rage on
Trump’s military comment faces backlash, Candidates campaign
House committee to investigate US Postmaster General
Get free 'Black Panther' comics
Whale who grieved dead calf is a mom again

Sign1News 9.7.20

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-Holiday weekend sees peaceful and violent protests
-Schools add slavery curriculum, Trump threatens funding
-Gender reveal party sparks California wildfire
-Activists boycott 'Mulan'
-Wandering sheep cause traffic backup


American Sign Language (ASL) is a beautiful language that requires precision to express your ideas clearly. Learn more about how sign language works by watching this TED Talk clip from Deaf artist, Christine Sun Kim.

Want to know how sign language works? Just think of it like music, says Deaf artist Christine Sun Kim.

Watch her full TED Talk here:

Sign1News 9.6.20 (Headlines)

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Hello everyone.

Here's a quick look at the stories we're working on for you today:

-- President trump bars federal agencies from conducting racial sensitivity training that suggests the U.S. is inherently racist or evil.

-- The horse named "Authentic" won this year's Kentucky Derby but all eyes were on the massive protest that took place before Saturday's race, calling for justice for Breonna Taylor.

-- Mother nature is on a tear with typhoons, hurricanes and wildfires taking place across the globe.

-- Cell phone company T-Mobile is giving millions of students free internet. If your school is interested in getting in on the deal head to

-- and we've got the Top 5 stories of the week you may have missed including the story of a major beer company that just made it possible for you and your dog to become drinking buddies.

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Sign1News 9.5.20 (Headlines)

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-COVID model predicts 400k+ Americans will die by Jan 1st
-Police looking for driver that plowed through BLM protest
-Beirut rescue team cannot confirm signs of life
-Exercising could worsen long-term effects of COVID-19
-Boseman supported Childhood Cancer Month
-'Mario Kart Live’ turns your home into a racetrack

Sign1News 9.4.20 (Headlines)

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-7 New York officers suspended in death of black man
-Trump again suggests Americans should vote twice
-Dealing with dark thoughts during pandemic
-White professor admits she lied about being black
-New flag design approved for November ballot
-McDonald's adds Travis Scott meal to menu

Sign1News 9.3.20 (Headlines)

Sign1News 9.3.20 (Headlines)
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-Health experts issue "twin-demic" Labor Day warning
-CDC alerts states: Prepare for COVID vaccine
-Trump, Biden campaigns attempt to make America relax again
-Laptops getting harder to find due to pandemic
-Pope Francis makes first public appearance since March
-Walmart releases list of hottest holiday toys

Trump, Biden campaigns attempt to make America relax again

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Trump, Biden campaigns attempt to make America relax again


In a year consumed by the coronavirus crisis and racial unrest, voters are stressed about the presidential election.

While Democrats and Republicans have different techniques, both groups are trying to convince voters that their candidate will have a calming effect on the country.

A study by the American Psychological Association last year found the election to be a source of stress for 56% of Americans.

That's up from 52% in 2016.

Democrats are portraying presidential candidate Joe Biden as a calming candidate, promising if he is elected Americans won't be as stressed.

On the flipside, Republicans are casting President Trump as the strong candidate, portraying him as the strong leader when America needs it most.

However a newly released CNN poll shows both candidates still have a lot of work to do to sway undecided American voters.

The poll shows 51% of registered voters backing Biden and 43% supporting President Donald Trump.

Those numbers are within the same margin of error as a similar survey conducted before the conventions.

And that's likely because more than 85% of voters say they've already made their decision on who they will vote for in November.

However keep in mind poll numbers aren't always accurate predictors of how elections will turn out.

If you recall Hillary Clinton routinely pulled ahead of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and she still lost.

But there is one political statistic that seems to have a decades long proven track record.

Did you know no president in modern history since 1860 has won the White House without winning the state of Ohio first?

Understandably with nine weeks before election day both Trump and Biden will be campaigning hard in Ohio to win over voters.

Posted - 9.10.20

Questions swirl over Trump health transparency


Questions swirl over Trump health transparency


We have an update to a story we first told you about last November.

If you recall in 2019 just a few days before Thanksgiving, President Trump was rushed to Walter Reed Hospital.

Not a lot of information was released about that incident.

Now a new book claims to have details of what happened that day.

CNN obtained a copy of the book by New York Times reporter Michael Schmidt.

Schmidt is not revealing his sources but he says Vice President Mike Pence was put on standby to temporarily assume the powers of the presidency on that day if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would've required anesthesia.

Medical experts say it's unlikely Trump was anesthetized because he was only in the hospital for an hour.

And Pence did not end up assuming the powers of the presidency that day.

But something that day got people worried.

At the time of Trump's Walter Reed visit, the White House called it "routine."

A former White House physician who served under Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton says the explanation could be simply Trump's military and medical unit making sure all contingencies were covered and standard operating procedures were in place.

Trump's response in a tweet: "It never ends!"

He also denies a suggestion from another author that he's suffered a series of mini strokes.

Trump's White House physician Doctor Sean Conley also denied that.

He said in a statement: "The President remains healthy and I have no concerns about his ability to maintain the rigorous schedule ahead of him."

However one medical ethicist is concerned about the secrecy.

Professor Arthur Caplan at NYU Langone Medical Center says with the upcoming election, is important to let voters know if the person they are voting for could become increasingly disabled during the second term.

Or first term.

Trump's campaign has frequently characterize his opponent Democratic Joe Biden as infirm as well.

Posted - 9.2.20

Fans want Confederate statue replaced with Chadwick Boseman

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A petition wants to replace a Confederate statue in Anderson, South Carolina with a statue of actor Chadwick Boseman.

Boseman is originally from Anderson, South Carolina.

The 43-year-old "Black Panther" star died Friday from colon cancer.

The petition has already gotten more than 24-thousand signatures.

There was already a move to replace the Confederate statue but the sudden death of the hometown hero is increasing the momentum.

South Carolina law currently prohibits the removal of Confederate monuments under the Heritage Act.

The petiton asks for this law to be changed.

Posted - 9.1.20

Actress Emma Roberts reveals pregnancy

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Actress Emma Roberts and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund are having a baby!

Sunday night Roberts confirmed the news of her pregnancy by posting a series of photos on Instagram.

Roberts let us know she's having a boy because one photo showed Roberts and Hedlund together with the caption "Me and my two favorite guys."

Congratulatory messages soon flooded her feed including a message from her aunt actress Julia Roberts who wrote "Love you."

Robert has starred in several movies and television series including "We're the Millers," "Scream Queens," and "American Horror Story" just to name a few.

Posted - 8.31.20

Top 5 Stories (8.30.20)

Top 5 stories of the week



Here's a quick look at the top five funny, inspiring or quirky stories you may have missed this week.

And once again most of the heartwarming stories come from the animal kingdom.

We'll start with Kerith.

Kerith is a two-year-old comfort dog that was bred to be a guide dog for the blind but she was too playful and energetic.

But thankfully Kerith's bubbly personality is exactly what the heroes battling wildfires in California need after a tough grueling day on the job.

Kerith attends morning fire crew meetings to boost morale and give hard-working firefighters much-needed moments of calm.

No now she's a fully certified comfort dog whose only job is to bring smiles and love.

Check out this custom-made tree top nut bar that allows squirrels to pig out on seven variety of nuts to their furry little hearts' content.

The "Nutty Bar" is the brainchild of woodworker Duke Harmon who came up with the idea after he got tired of squirrels stealing his birdseed.

The design looks like a real bar where squirrels can choose nutty "drinks" like almond ale, peanut pilsner and pecan porter.

A couple of interesting penguin stories made headlines this week too.

Two female Gentoo penguins at the aquarium in Spain are new moms.

Officials at the aquarium say Electra and Violet started building a nest together out of stones and acted like they were getting ready for baby.

So they decided to let them adopt another penguin couples' extra egg and it hatched this week.

The aquarium released video of the two cuddling and loving their newborn.

Officials say this is their first same-sex penguin couple but it's pretty common.

It happens in more than 450 species of animals both in zoos and in nature.

And then there is the story of a penguin named Pierre, the endangered rock hopper penguin being cared for at a zoo in Perth, Australia.

He is all alone.

He doesn't have any other penguins of his kind of play with.

So his caretakers came up with the brilliant idea of pulling up videos on an iPad or livestream of other penguins so Pierre can see them, Ohas taken to watching the videos of other penguins online.

Since he doesn't have any of his kind to play with in Perth, his caretakers pull up videos on an iPad or livestream with other zoos so here can see other penguins.

It's kinda like Netflix for penguins.

Pierre is enamored with the videos and binge-watches all day.

And finally a non-animal related story but inspiring nonetheless.

Batman is a real-life superhero in Santiago, Chile.

For the past three months a man dressed as the caped crusader has been bringing food and joy to the city's neediest residents.

He makes the meals himself and delivers them six days a week from his Batmobile, which in this case is a white SUV.

And just like in the comic books, the man has decided to keep his true identity a secret.

He says his hope is that others will see his actions and decide to join forces.


Posted - 8.30.20

Disney will allow costumes for first time

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Disney will allow costumes for first time


If you're planning a trip to Disney's Magic Kingdom this Halloween, go ahead and pack a costume.

For the first time ever officials with the park say guests can wear their Halloween costumes during regular park hours.

If you recall back in June the theme park canceled its "Mickey's Not So Scary" Halloween party because of Covid 19.

The event is an after-hours party that features trick-or-treating, parades and fireworks.

Instead of an after-hours party, guests can participate in the holiday fun with costumes, themed foods and merchandise from September 15 through October 31.

There are some restrictions however.

No one older than 14 can wear a full faced costume but all guests must still wear a face covering during their visit.

Posted - 8.29.20

Republican National Convention wraps up


Republican National Convention wraps up


Now that the Republican national convention has ended, President Trump is headed back to the campaign trail.

He closed out the Republican National Convention by making his case for a second term to the American people.

Trump spoke before an audience of more than 1,500 people, many seated close together and not wearing masks.

In his nomination acceptance speech on the White House south lawn, Trump blasted his opponent Joe Biden saying "he is not a savior of America's soul, he is the destroyer of America's jobs."

Trump also said under his leadership, the country is "meeting the challenge and delivering lifesaving therapies" in the fight against coronavirus.

He even promised a vaccine will be developed by the end of the year.

And as the campaign heads into its final weeks, the debate over the handling of the coronavirus will be front and center.

The convention wrapped up with an opera performance and a huge fireworks display which displayed the words "Trump" and "2020."

However an explosive display of a different sort was taking place outside the White House near Black Lives Matter Plaza.

What started as a peaceful anti-Trump noise demonstration (drumming, chanting and yelling) and dance party devolved into a confrontation between protesters and city police later into the night.

Several arrests were made after some protesters started throwing water bottles at police.

Republican Senator Paul Rand thanked law enforcement officers for escorting he and his wife to their car after being surrounded by a large crowd of protesters after the convention.

Posted - 8.28.20

Check out this story - Deaf filmmaker trademarks #deaftalent - - watch it for free - only on the Sign...

Check out this story - Deaf filmmaker trademarks #deaftalent - - watch it for free - only on the Sign1News app

Hurricane Laura's widespread aftermath

See these stories and more through our app at

Hurricane Laura's widespread aftermath


Hurricane Laura is the strongest storm to hit the Texas-Louisiana border in a century.

The historic storm struck with brutal force this week packing winds up to 150 mph.

At least six people were killed including a 14-year-old girl.

These are before-and-after pictures of parts of Louisiana.

The storm left behind piles of fallen trees, homes leveled, entire neighborhoods underwater and businesses destroyed.

A chlorine chemical plant in Westlake, Louisiana went up in flames, triggering a shelter in place order for nearby residents.

Officials say when the chlorine begins to decompose, it generates heat and begins to burn, releasing chlorine gas into the atmosphere.

Now the storm is moving inland.

Arkansas is now experiencing Laura's wrath with flash flooding and strong winds.

Posted - 8.28.20


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It is unfortunately that the Deaf community did not know about this case. Yes, my former classmate, one of former intern team members, and studied in the same department has been arrested and alleged as a child predator. Genesee Human Oppression Strike Team (G.H.O.S.T.) team arrested him on August 24, 2020. ESPECIALLY THAT HE WAS ABLE TO GO ON AN INTERN ON GUAM WITH THE TEAM in 2016 AFTER HE WAS TERMINATED AT Michigan School for the Deaf (MSD) in 2015, then terminated again for the third times! He is a free man walking around in MI now as his mother bailed him out. 1) 2)
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I loves my cats and dogs so much! My pets are so very funny!!! My cats are my favorite!!! I am care and loving to my pets forever!!!
Is it just me, or has anyone thought, whether it is meant as a door pull or not, "There's a freaking noose hanging in a work place!" I can't think of any place of business besides a house of horrors where that would be acceptable. Whoever coiled it, knew exactly what they were doing. I have been around lots of garages with door pulls and not one of then was fashioned as a noose.
#JusticeForVanessaGuillen ⚖️🇺🇸✊🏼✌🏼⚖️ 🕯⚜️ South Louisiana ⚜️🕯#JusticeForVanessaGuillen ⚖️🇺🇸✊🏼✌🏼⚖️ 🕯⚜️ South Louisiana ⚜️🕯
June 16, 2020 Alder Springs Deaf & Blind Community Update
It would be nice if the interpretors would mouth their words while signing! I am not a full expert on reading signing especially finger spelling!
Happy Easter Everybody!! ☺ First I would like to say that I am so very sorry for anybody who is sick or has sick loved one… Or 😔may have recently lost someone. A friend of mine passed yesterday. I truly hope that God would give you comfort through this time. A couple weeks ago, God put it on my friend's and my heart to make a video. 5 deaf friends and I put together this video and we finally completed it yesterday. I hope it will be an encouragement to you. May God bless you all! And stay safe!💛
Does anyone in this group have any negative or unsatisfactory experiences of Dan McClintock campaigning for our Deaf Rights and Equality? Only if you have any negative or unsatisfactory experiences. If so, DM me.
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