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Love 'n' Memories is an organization designed to provide a unique service in which people will have the ability to see their loved ones, including family and friends who unfortunately have passed. At Love 'n' Memories, we understand how touchy this subject is and that is precisely why we do what we do. We take care of these little details so that you in the future can look back at those who aren't longer with us and instead of remember them with sadness there is instead an smile. A.C Imagine sitting down around a TV in a big living room surrounded by your friends, family, and loved ones. The kids are running around playing, the dogs sniffing all around looking for food. And suddenly Grandma appears on the screen, Big, beautiful, and smiling. With that profound wrinkle that was always next to her eyes, she starts talking to all of you and everyone falls silent eyes glued to the woman they love. She tells you all about her life, where she was born, how it was growing up back in her day, tells about her parents and how amazing they were, about how hard they worked just to put food on the table but always did. About her school, 1st crush, 1st boyfriend, about how she met your grandpa (and he's weeping in joy as he's watching) - how she fell in love and was swept off her feet. Her graduation, career, adventures traveling around the country, about moving to a new state and getting their first house. Then about having you, her precious children and how proud she was - how you took your first steps and how your sister broke her arm falling out of the apple tree. She bears her whole amazing history, her life story to you and the people she loved most. Of course you all are crying those happy amazing tears of love when she tells you all the most important things from her life, her memories to pass down to you all. She ends the interview with her summation of life lessons and wisdom she's acquired over the years and passes down that most valuable teaching to you and your kids, her darling little grand kids that she always spoiled and kissed and hugged as though they were her own. She tells you all how much she loves you and will again see you one day on the other side. Grandma passed away about a month and a half ago and luckily, praise to God, she had a Love 'n' Memories video interview done about a year ago so her legacy and her memories could always be seen and heard, She will never fade away for her life story, her very essence, her memories are forever recorded now for you and your family to see whenever you all get together or just need a little special "mama" time for yourself. Love 'n' Memories is a service dedicated to holding onto your memories and sharing them with your family for ages to come. Here at Love 'n' memories, our goal is to preserve your life story, preserve whom you are, what you've done, and what you live for. To give you and your family a service that can be passed down for generations to come. M.A

Mission: ~You take care of the Love, We'll take care of the Memories~


Rebuilding the Website and advertising in Fort Collins Colorado

Love 'n' Memories's cover photo

Love 'n' Memories's cover photo

Hey People I love - I'm raising funds for my class's Mission trip Outreach to Taiwan and Hong Kong we're going on soon.....
Mike Antonucci - Macbook Pro Laptop Raffle for raising funds for this Missions trip... ~...

Hey People I love
- I'm raising funds for my class's Mission trip Outreach to Taiwan and Hong Kong we're going on soon... one fantastic person that Donates will get my MacBook Pro ~ Can you please share this for me with one or two people you think would be interested in Donating funds & praying for us and winning my 2013 Macbook Pro Laptop

Hey People I love,   This stupendous picture was from our Commissioning night where we were prayed over to Go out into all the Earth spreading Gods love and grace to people lost and hurting in the Dark, to make Disciples of all Nations in Jesus name. :D  - I'm raising funds for my class's Mission tr…

Love 'n' Memories - What We're about

I've decided to work at actually growing the business now - Feedback and encouragement are appreciated - I know I have a lot of work ahead of me... but it's time to grow and build :D

Mike Antonucci sharing what Love 'n' Memories is all about, where we came from, and what the overall visions are.


Today is a day and thinking of stories really inspires us all to live life and pursue goals and dreams...


When why and how?


Time is Now :D - I am stepping up and working my businesses: The Value I give, 10 fold! The importance of saving a Loved ones Story- Highly profound. How to get customers? Promote Promote Promote!!!


Thinking about Life and wondering when it's going to kick speed? When I'm going to step up and create a viable business. :D


Whats your Favorite childhood memory?


In Costa Rica making some amazing new memories!


2012 and moving forward in growth and progress - working on business plans to bring in investors


feeling like its Christmas :)


Creating some code to improve website.. breaking my head in the process


Moving base to New York this month....


Growing and becoming... Need to invest in and speed up the process to now


Simply asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” is insufficient. The better question to ask is, “How will I contribute today to make the world a better place in which to live?” Don’t try to save the planet overnight, just make something that you touch a little better because you have seen a need and filled it. -Napoleon Hill Foundation




I love memories and I remember love


We are here to help you save your memories forever and a day :)


New York, NY

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We record your loved ones Life Interviews, Photo Slideshows, home movie digitalization - we take everything and put it together into DVD and Internet based media to give you something to have forever.


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