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If someone told you this time last year that Joe Biden would be the president-elect, would you believe them?

Join the Recount fam — Jennifer Palmieri, John Heilemann, David Plouffe, and Steve Schmidt — for a must-listen, post-election pod episode:

Biden & Harris Address the Nation

President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris speak after winning election, vowing to bring decency to the White House and unity to a divided country.

Biden's Mandate

President-Elect Joe Biden: "We won with the most votes ever cast for a presidential ticket in the history of the nation. 74 million.”

VP-Elect Harris: Democracy Was on the Ballot

Kamala Harris addresses the country for the first time as Vice President-Elect:

“When our very democracy was on the ballot ... with the very soul of America at stake, and the world watching, you ushered in a new day for America.”

Joe Biden faces a unique challenge stepping into the presidency: an unprecedented amount of division.Is he up for the ta...

Joe Biden faces a unique challenge stepping into the presidency: an unprecedented amount of division.

Is he up for the task? On our special podcast, Heilemann, Palmieri. Plouffe, Schmidt discuss what’s next for this country. Don’t miss it:

Emotional Reactions Around the Country

An emotional mom in Atlanta reacts to Kamala Harris being the first biracial VP-Elect:

“Any time we can show our children themselves anywhere in leadership and our government — it gives them an idea of what they can become.”

Put Some Respect on Her Name

Jake Tapper on Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris: "Probably a good time for Republicans to learn how to pronounce her name."

They’ve seen enough. Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States.

They’ve seen enough. Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States.

Election Night, Episode Four

Friday marks four days into the 2020 election. Joe Biden is 4 million votes ahead — but millions more votes are yet to be counted, and we gotta count 'em all.

Here’s what we know so far.

Biden Speaks on Vote Count

Joe Biden hits a relatable note: “I know watching these vote tallies on TV moves very slow — as slow as it goes, it can be numbing.”

Biden Gives A Status Report

Biden speaks in Delaware: "The numbers tell us a clear and convincing story: We’re going to win this race."

Stacey Abrams: Key to Georgia Turnout

If you’re telling the story of Georgia's blue hue, start with one name: Stacey Abrams.

Here’s how the 2018 gubernatorial hopeful mobilized one of the most voter-suppressed states in the nation.

Whitehouse With The Tea

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI): I've got a lot of colleagues who are going to find the end of Donald Trump a real relief. And by colleagues, I mean Republican colleagues.

@margarettalev: Have people told you that directly?

Whitehouse: Oh yeah.

Trump's Frogmarch

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI): It'll be up to Trump to decide if the last image of his presidency is him being "frogmarched" out of the White House "by large Secret Service agents."

Relatable Election Coverage on CNN

John King: "I'm enjoying your company. You can stay as long as you want."

Wolf Blitzer: "We've been spending a lot of quality time together."

"What day is it?"

"I don’t know."

Lawsuit Garbage

Nevada AG Aaron Ford on Trump’s lawsuit: “This six-page complaint that they filed late last night is, in a word, garbage.”

Update From Clark County, NV

Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria: "We're not interested in being as fast as we can, we want to be accurate."

Philly Mayor Thinks It's Biden

Reporter: "Mayor, from what you’ve seen, do you believe that Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States?"

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney: "Yes."

Exasperated Election Officials

This Election Week has been exhausting and exasperating for all of us, but perhaps most of all for the election officials that make it all happen.

Here’s a friendly reminder to be kind to them. Gotta count 'em all.

Sen. Graham on "Voting Irregularities"

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says, without any evidence, he thinks there’ll be “real evidence of systematic voting irregularities” in the next 48 hours.

Pelosi Celebrates Biden Mandate

NBC's Garrett Haake: What do the Democratic losses in the House tell you about what people want from Congress?

Speaker Pelosi: "We lost a few seats ... the Democrats for Congress across the country helped contribute to Biden's success. So we're very proud to be part of that mandate."

Larry Kudlow on Transfer of Power

White House Chief Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow says there will be a peaceful transfer of power: "We abide by the rule of law and so will this president.”

(It remains to be seen if this president will abide by rule of law.)

Fetterman's Ham Sandwich

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman: Trump "can sue a ham sandwich" but it won't change ballots from being lawfully received and counted.

Mitch McConnell is Pissed

Sen. Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refuses to answer any questions about Trump and instead refers to his tweet from this morning.

GA Sec. of State Announcement

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger: "Right now Georgia remains too close to call ... There will be a recount in Georgia."




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Surgeon General Jerome Adams has said that the general public should not wear or buy masks to protect against the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus disease.
Trump is a Draft Dodger who was not willing to fight for his country. Why would anyone be alarmed by the evil things that he says about those brave men and women who fought and died to make this country free for all Americans. Yet, those who feel the same way he does, I am sure they will vote for him. Be an American who is proud of those who served this country. VOTE JOE BIDEN 2020! -Gregory St. James Mundy-
Send out this clown! He is evil! Biden,Kamala 2020!
Im a stylist, full time student, and mother of 2 here!👩‍👧‍👧 This system is I'm sure familiar but so flawed!!😖💯 I have not yet recieved my STIMULUS, INCOME TAX, OR UNEMPLOYMENT still!!! 🙍‍♀️🤷‍♀️H & R Block did my e-file in March!!!! 21 days my ass!!😡 Is this happening to more than just me?! Its not like you can get ahold of anyone to find out wth is going on!!! How can some citizens get 14,000 but not worked in years and I have worked since I was 16 and havemt received any help!! I need answers to my questions! #hrblock, #governerasahutchinson, #TrumpFixIt, #kait8, #IRSHelp Maybe If this gets shares someone will reach out and explain!! For example, Why is my refund status still saying it's being processed? Why is my stimulus saying info not available still? When the next stimulus comes I wont get that either!!! Help me out! #Congress2020 RANT OVER FOR NOW
You cant fix stupid!
All political parties have agreed that the 2020 elections were free fair and credible,and the recount revealed that the number of votes counted on March the 2nd made no significant difference with regards to the results released based on the sops that the pppc published. What was seen is the constant change of ACCUSATIONS by the incumbent government as if in a quandry to find a legitimate reason to discredit the electoral process.
Can i ask everyone this,why does any life matter if you are living dead inside. Black lives whites lives Spanish or Latino lives. It doesn't matter if your living with anything other than love in your heart. Until you accept that every single person myself included have done wrong in some way shape or form and need our souls to be forgiven and saved you are dead inside and fill yourself with only worldly things whether it be good or bad in our eyes. Without Jesus we are all doomed for a much worse place than this earth. That being said being saved isn't where we should stop. We all should be seeking to honor and praise God with all we do and say. Do the research Jesus lived and it can be proved, its been said that its the most documented event of all of past history. That being said let me say that even at our best we can never be what Jesus was because he was the only blameless sinless person ever to walk and he died to give you a choice to choose him and be saved. Once we do that he gives us the holy spirit and we should have that desire to be like the one that saved our souls in our thoughts, actions, reactions, words, feelings. take the things that are wrong and lay them at his feet. For that which will defile a man doesn't come from what he eats but comes from whats inside. Mark 7:20-23 Whats inside the heart for the heart holds all good but also all bad. We have to be conscious of what we harbor/allow in our hearts and what we take to the father but most importantly trust he will handle them and truly let it go. Love is the greatest gift of all but it too can be buried under pain, hurt, distrust, anger, and become sin as it continues to just be pushed under the rug waiting for the time we feel up against a wall ready to jump out and unleash. I pray and beg to each and every person to truly look in the mirror look deep in that soul and search that heart for what is in there. Is it love and peace no matter what is coming at you if not then your heart may not be in the right place with god. Being in that right place he will give you that peace and as you grow more in him so does his grace, peace, and love in you. We are meant to serve and worship and treat people how Jesus would treat them even if they wrong us. This world is temporary along with the possessions, the trials and the victories, as well as just our lives in general. Time is precious and if your not serving God with all you have in you then its gonna not gonna be a day you want when we all have to face him whether you believe or not. Open your hearts and let him heal the wounds and let him change your perspective on life and the world as well as renewing your mind and cleansing your heart. His power is truly as big to us as our beliefs are in him.