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6th Dem Debate Recap \ Impeachment Standoff \ Trump Vs. Christianity Today \ Klobuchar Misses Booker

Trump on Impeachment

Wonder how Trump really feels about impeachment? He said it himself in 2014.

The "I" Word: Episode 3

We're back with a fully-loaded episode of The "I" Word before what's sure to be a wild week in impeachment news.

See the full conversation between Heilemann and Katyal here:

Bush v. Gore: The Florida Recount

Nineteen years ago this week, the Florida recount ended. The presidential election was settled when the U.S. Supreme Court effectively ruled in favor of George W. Bush.

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Weber, Zuckerberg, Carlson

First up to the plate, a dumbstruck dum-dum who’s plumb out of luck. And after that strikeout, a schmuck run amok by the name of Zuck. And to clean it all up, that human flaming garbage truck who makes you scream: WHAT THE F*CK.

The I-Word, Episode 2

This week on The I-Word with John Heilemann and Neal Katyal: Trump's weakening defense, Pelosi's historic press conference, and our duo's predictions for the articles of impeachment.

Catch the whole episode only on our site and app:

As Kamala Exits, Dems Face Debate Impact

With Kamala Harris’s exit, an awkward reality dawned on Democratic leaders: The cast of the December debate is shaping up to be all-white. That reality, in turn, sparked a wider unease with how the party has handled the debates.

Animocracy: Deflate Spygate

It’s Spygate we await which will likely see a strong deflate, making Trump further irate, potentially spewing more hate about the unfortunate state of the Justice Department’s fate.

Dianne Feinstein Makes History

In 1978, there was a double murder in San Francisco City Hall. The tragedy opened a new chapter in California politics — one led by a woman whose name we all know now: Dianne Feinstein.

Karlan Comes for Collins

Prof. Pamela Karlan had some words for Ranking Member Representative Doug Collins: "I'm insulted by the suggestion that as a law professor I don't care about those facts." #ImpeachmentHearings

This Week in Bullsh*t: Perry, Haley, and Fox

Thanksgiving week was chock-full ‘o bull thanks to specious claims that are terribly murky, idiot assertions that are way worse than quirky, and leftover sandwiches made from dry white-meat turkey. Gobble it all down on This Week in Bullsh*t.

Animocracy: McConnell & Senate, Fighting Crime

Have you been unjustly accused of high crimes and misdemeanors? Are you or a president you love getting indicted in an impeachment? Call McConnell & Senate, the nation’s top Republican lawmakers who will fight for you.

The I-Word: How-To Talk Politics at Thanksgiving

Heilemann and Katyal set your supper strategy. You know, how to mention the madness of your favorite gravy train grifters. Here’s The Recount’s table tips for diving into a political debate at Thanksgiving dinner.

See more here:

Let's Talk Turkey

Ukraine Timeline in Question \ Impeachment Phase 2 \ Biden Steady, Warren Slips \ Rocky Trump

Who got pardoned today?

Trump Bucks McGahn Ruling\ The Giuliani Investigation \ Student Debt Debate \ Birds of a Feather

Asked & Answered with Amy Klobuchar

As the Iowa caucuses sneak up on us, we sat down at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics to talk about the issues that matter. In this Asked & Answered, Sen. Amy Klobuchar talks impeachment, drug prices, last week’s Dem debate and more.

See the full conversation at

Introducing The "I" Word

We’re talking about that “dirty, filthy disgusting” word — yeah, that one: impeachment.

Join John Heilemann and Former U.S. Acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal every Sunday to put the week in impeachment into perspective. Only on

Dems Heed Obama's Call

After some rare Obama critique, the 2020 Dems ditched the Twitter bubbles and Medicare food fights to instead fight to position themselves as his rightful heir.

Catch up on the full week here:


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