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Wolf In Pig's Clothing A blog running the gambit on issues ranging from politics to technology to comic books. I may not be a Renaissance man, if there is such a thing these days, but I do have my finger in just the right amount of pies.

As a New Yawker, one has to be a pizza pie! I have dabbled in freelance lifestyle magazine article writing for New York, Genre, Instinct, and Child magazines. Topics have ranged the gambit from gender-specific children cable channels to spicing up your sex life to an interview with playwright Edward Albee. By day (and every other week by night), I patrol the streets as a police officer looking for my own private Mclovin to liven up my ho-hum tour of duty. Yes, before you ask, I was there that infamous day in American History. While I chose not to write on that oversaturated subject as of yet, I did write a first-person essay on how it was easier being gay in NYPD than being a cop in the gay community. A computer bug bit me at a young age. Santa Claus brought a Commodore VIC-20 back in the 80’s and I have been infected ever since. First a PC and now an Android Purist, Steve Jobs is snickering from H-E double hockey sticks at the fact that my graduate school program forced me to purchased and use a MacBook Pro. The agony can only be likened to a country music fan being forced to listen to the Glee version of “Red Solo Cup” on loop. It is all downhill from there. Comic books and television dominate an unhealthy portion of my life. All of those alternate universes and characters float around in my brain battling for dominance of my frontal lobe. Only the occasional jolt of a dodgeball slammed across my temple seems to clear my mind, at least until the end of my league’s season.


Google Play Music Users: If you are having app crash problems since the last update, try turning off your Bluetooth and turn it back on once the app opens (if you need it). That seems to work until Google gets it's Sweet Honey Ice Tea together.


There is a lot of talk on the news channels today of restricting certain civil liberties in response to recent atrocities like the United States has in the past. Add to any temporary immigration restrictions a temporary Second Amendment restriction.


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