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Threshold Stars Perspective of the Direction taken. Practicing full service entertainment at conscious application levels. Our intentions are to develop transparency among affiliates and fluid work flows among members and collaborators.

Creative groups of actor, directors, writers, producers all presently creating alongside one another among media and researchers representing each experience and the proximal current events of life affects them. Performance appraisals strategies, associate services, subsidiary support and bridging entity for business and its greater environment to function in the modern world sufficiently.

Mission: To create an ensemble of members and develop new organization by patenting lucrative working methods by the outcome of experiences. Be the eclectic of generating business revenue and speedy corporation employment development as a practice.

ZOOM Media is your connection to Generation Active. We engage this affluent, influential, and well-educated crowd through our health club video network, sampling, experiential, and mobile. Our targeted advertising solutions are often the best way to reach a traditional hard-to-reach marketing segmen... vaccine is at the hands of million...
Profits and Pride at Stake, the Race for a Vaccine Intensifies

This vaccine is at the hands of millions of flaws that have already occurred, and is based upon fake testing, for possible outcomes. Read about placebo stunt before Pfizer steps in.

Governments, companies and academic labs are accelerating their efforts amid geopolitical crosscurrents, questions about safety and the challenges of producing enough doses for billions of people.

9 Most Advanced AI Robots - Humanoid & Industrial Robots

Humans are already transhumanist into machines, and one day, the way these android can manufacture, they will evolve into a self procreation, it is determined that ourconsceince as in spirit should have some influence in becoming the life of empathy and choices that influence a machine. But how safe can our choices be, as we have destroyed one another for so little.

A list of most advanced Humanoid, Industrial and Service robots that are changing the future with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Digit Digit is envisio...

10 Most Unusual Vehicles
Times of flying vehicles are no longer a motion picture, but a traffic povision.

I would have thought the government would have taken money out of the stimulus budget to make roads suitable for this technology, and even steel fuel that will enable a world like this video shows.

I also would have invented magnetic cement by now that works against magnetic fields, something to propel magnet from touching to keep a levitation. Opposites attract theory.

Today we present to you the 10 most unusual vehicles, created by both professionals and self-taught inventors. Some of these vehicles already exist, and some...

These are being used by the police at the Black Lives Mstter Protest at the Brooklyn Army Navy Terminal, which n.v is no...
Creepy, dancing robot dog can be yours for $75,000

These are being used by the police at the Black Lives Mstter Protest at the Brooklyn Army Navy Terminal, which n.v is now a storage facility for incoming goods, and a huge call center along with a New York staffing agency.

One Spot is currently patrolling a farm in New Zealand, while others are ensuring social distancing in Singapore and other tourist hot spots.

What do you believe mental abuse is? Verbal Abuse?To what extent can domestic violence take place? Harassment?When does ...

What do you believe mental abuse is?

Verbal Abuse?

To what extent can domestic violence take place?


When does these experiences become discrimination that attack our human rights?
HRC Officially Adopts Use of “LGBTQ” | Human Rights Campaign

Liberal Values are shaping our society... Age, Race, Sexual Preference, gender, are the roots of support.

Right Wing conservatives are always fighting to take down liberal views, and there's always two sides, with good and bad qualities to them.

Let's avoid your values from becoming other's burdens, so out voices can be taken serious.

“Queer” is a word with a complicated modern history – both used in a defiant chant originated by LGBTQ rights activists more than a quarter century ago to confront bigotry, and hijacked by hate-mongers doubling down on discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
Official Donald Trump Make America Great Again Hat - Red

Is this hat really a symbolism for racism?

The only place online to purchase the Official Make America Great Again classic rope hat as worn by Trump, himself. • Embroidered Make America Great Again! logo on front• Plastic Snap Closure• Proudly Made in USA

Threshold Stars's cover photo

Threshold Stars's cover photo

I am a lifestyle specialist, who is growing a developing eclectic service in the arts, as a modern entertainment practic...
The Roi Report

I am a lifestyle specialist, who is growing a developing eclectic service in the arts, as a modern entertainment practice for commerce. I will update you further with accomplishment and opportunity.

Creative Media Agency
Creative Media Agency

Creative Media Agency

NYC Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities The CMA team came together to construct a creative campaign to remind the City of New York to respectfully obey the laws of parking illegally in an accessible parking space.



Payrolling Partners Inc. (PPI/COMCO) is an employee leasing company also known as a professional employer organization (PEO). Its purpose is to reduce your administrative efforts, allowing you more time to grow your core...

MerchantIndustry.Com - Best Merchant Services
MerchantIndustry.Com - Best Merchant Services

MerchantIndustry.Com - Best Merchant Services

Merchant Industry provides an array of electronic payment processing solutions. Our services include credit card value added services, merchant cash advance, gift card services, electronic check services, equipment leasing and ATM services.

NY Design Company | About US
NY Design Company | About US

NY Design Company | About US

NY Design Company We specialize in Website Development and Graphic Designs. We also provide Printing services. We also specialize in Web services such as: Website Design, Custom Development, E-Commerce, CMS Websites, Flash Animation. We custom design: Logo's, Brochures / Menus, CD & DVD Covers, Cus...


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