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Northern Drive Entertainment Inc. We are a media production company. Defined by our name. We create, document, rep and entertain. New York City based media production company.

Newly launched by a group of tv, film, finance and online veterans.

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Morristown NJ


Happy Fathers Day!!

6 Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential Every Day
6 Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential Every Day

6 Simple Rituals To Reach Your Potential Every Day

It’s Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. Two San Francisco entrepreneurs are pitching their ventures to potential investors today. They’d both agree that this is one of the most important days of their lives. This is the story of Jane and Joe...Jane was up until 4 a.m. putting the final touches on her deck. I...


We're looking for people that have lived extraordinary lives. Know one? Have them contact us or let us know who they are and we'll contact them. Thanks!


Dr.Sukhi's 100 Tips to Live an Extraordinary Life

1. Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than Extraordinary.
2. Dream Bigger than You Think is Attainable.
3. Get Inspired.
4. Develop a Routine and Rituals.
5. Exercise Everyday.
6. Start Your Day With Visualization.
7. Laugh and Play.
8. Create Short and Long Term Goals.
9. Love People and Use Money (not the opposite).
10. Do Something that Scares You.
11. Get up @ 5am.
12. Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude.
13. Drink Lots of Fresh and Clean Water.
14. Smile at Strangers.
15. Meditate.
16. Hug Somebody.
17. Ask Yourself Questions That Help You Grow.
18. See Challenges as Opportunities.
19. Get a Mentor.
20. Know What You Value.
21. Be Somebody Others Respect.
22. Model Somebody You Respect.
23. Forgive Somebody Who’s Hurt You.
24. Find Time Each Day to Be Alone In Silence.
25. Spend Time in Nature.
26. Accept that Everyone Just Wants to Be Loved.
27. Seek Adventure.
28. Read Books that Stretch Your Mind.
29. Be Enthusiastic.
30. Plan Your Days, Weeks and Months.
31. Create Extraordinary Experiences for Those You Love.
32. Cultivate the Kid in You.
33. Watch Less TV.
34. Talk About Big Ideas.
35. Love Yourself.
36. Pamper Yourself.
37. Take one Action Step Towards the Pursuit of Your Wildest Dreams.
38. Remind Yourself Anything is Possible.
39. See Your Goals and Dreams Becoming Fulfilled.
40. Love Somebody.
41. Breathe Deeply.
42. Always Do Your Best.
43. Believe In Miracles.
44. Work On Your Weaknesses.
45. Cultivate Your Strengths.
46. Be Impeccable.
47. Don’t Compare Your Life to Others.
48. Never Make Assumptions.
49. Under Promise and Over Deliver.
50. Be a Critical Thinker.
51. Get Outside Everyday.
52. Appreciate Art.
53. Invest in the Present Moment.
54. Always Tell the Truth.
55. Be Persistent and Patient.
56. Don’t Judge Others.
57. Be a Student of Life.
58. Accept that Life Never Gives You Anything You Can’t Handle.
59. Focus On Mastering One Area of Your Life Daily.
60. Join a Group or Community.
61. Accept that Inner Work Leads to Bigger Outer Results.
62. Hire a Coach.
63. Speak Less, Listen More.
64. Cultivate Your Creativity.
65. Thank The People In Your Life That Have Helped You.
66. Write In Your Journal.
67. Integrate Past Wounds into Present Wisdom.
68. Create a Compelling Future.
69. Donate Your Time, Energy or Money to Something Worthy.
70. Stop Worrying About Things You Cannot Control.
71. Eat More Foods that Grow on Trees and Plants and Less from Manufacturing Plants.
72. Don’t Take Yourself so Seriously.
73. Respect Everyone.
74. Spend Time With 5 Extraordinary Friends.
75. Never Let Your Mind Grow Old.
76. Whatever You Earn, Spend Less.
77. Take Risks.
78. Learn a New Skill or Activity.
79. Sweep Somebody Off Their Feet.
80. Get Enough Rest and Sleep.
81. No Matter How You Feel – Get Up, Get Dressed and Do Your Best.
82. Never Settle for Less.
83. Get Rid of Anything that Isn’t Useful, Joyful or Beautiful.
84. Be Polite.
85. Avoid the News.
86. Celebrate Life’s Victories.
87. Ask for Whatever You Want.
88. Give Yourself Time To Grow and Heal.
89. Be a Good Tipper.
90. Help Somebody Achieve Their Goals and Dreams.
91. Learn from Your Failures and Mistakes.
92. Be Somebody Worth Becoming and Make Your Life Matter.
93. Value Mastery and Excellence in Every Area of Your Life.
94. Live With Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy.
95. Believe in Yourself.
96. Invest in Your Personal Growth and Development.
97. Show Somebody How Much You Love Them.
98. Enjoy The Journey of Life.
99. Remember, the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow.
100. Please Forward this to Everyone You Care About!


Looking for writers to create comedy one-liners having to do with the current political landscape. Please contact [email protected] if interested


We are in search of interesting and new small business based concepts for reality shows. Let us know if you've got one.


Congrats to the folks over at Jupiter Entertainment on their new show "Welcome to Myrtle Manor" picked up for 10 episodes on TLC. It's set in a 5 star trailer park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, We've heard good things. Can't wait to see these characters.



We're currently shooting the most amazing Senior Citizens for The Family Tree Preservation Project. We're looking for 6 more amazing seniors with interesting life stories. Please, contact us if you know of anyone that would be interested. We would like to sit with them and their families right away and start preparing for the interview. Thanks!

CityChics Fashion Week Ladies Night Out II by
CityChics Fashion Week Ladies Night Out II by

CityChics Fashion Week Ladies Night Out II by

CityChics Fashion Week Ladies Night Out II   Wednesday, February 6th 7PM – 10PM Grab your girlfriends and kick off fashion week with CityChics & for a luxurious night at Hudson Terrace! Enjoy a live fashion show and special appearance by former Real Housewiv...


Congrats to Producers Pat Taggart and Frank Petka for their show "Junk Mom" and their development deal with Lifetime! It's going to be a hit.


Thank You. We appreciate the support and we're excited for what this year will bring.


New York, NY


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