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Who Next ?

Who Next ?

Kristina Hong Antelope Valley Hospital Board


Let's shed some light onto the TRUTH. Share with your FB friends/family so they KNOW the truth and spread the word. Alecto LIES to the public. Board Members LIE to EACH OTHER. When the truth is revealed, the liars look down and stay silent. Someone at the Board Meeting, after the strike, commented this to the Board and Alecto, including John Rossfeld. They stayed silent and did not deny.

Fact 1: ALECTO made it APPEAR as if the RNs of the hospital were the ones pushing for the strike.
Fact 2: ALECTO made it APPEAR that they were willing to continue negotiations in good faith, without any trickery.
Fact 3: ALECTO never actually denied that they WANTED our hospital to lose money (Alecto does not lose money. Only YOUR Community District hospital loses money.) by pushing the nurses to the limit of a strike and later blaming the nurses.
Fact 4: ALECTO supposedly was waiting for the Hospital Board Members to "Vote" on authorization to hire Nursebridge for FIVE DAYS of replacement nurses. This vote was conducted in the August, 2016 Board Meeting.
Fact 5: ALECTO kept pushing for the CNA to provide them with their 10 day notice.
Fact 6: The CNA actually provided them with MORE than the minimum notice, because RNs worry about their patients and wanted to make sure that Alecto would have enough time to cover the hospital.

Here's where it gets disheartening and conniving.............

1. ALECTO, through the ALECTO employed and ALECTO appointed CEO of AVH-John Rossfeld, SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH NURSEBRIDGE TO COVER A STRIKE ON 08/05/16.

2. The LAST bargaining session between the Nurses and Administration was on 08/17/16. So, ALECTO had NO intention of working with the nurses on a contract. They had EVERY intention of pushing for a strike to continue to DRAIN hospital funds.

3. Dr. Parazo, AVH Board Member, had asked ALECTO if they could contract for the one and only day the nurses were going to strike. Unbeknownst to Dr. Parazo, ALECTO was just pulling his leg with their ridiculous lies, because they had ALREADY SIGNED a 5 day contract, WITHOUT notifying "all" Board Members. I say "all," because I have my suspicions that a few were notified and they kept it a secret.

4. BEFORE the union notified ALECTO that they are at a point of deadlock and BEFORE the union even had a date chosen for the strike, ALECTO ALREADY SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR REPLACEMENT NURSES AT A PRICE OF $3.9 MILLION DOLLARS!

5. ALECTO had been pushing the nurses and literally telling the nurses to "Go Ahead and Strike," since JULY, 2016.

This is YOUR hospital and you need to spread the word. Whether you "choose" to come to AVH or not, there may be a time in which you have no choice. Even if you never use AVH, your community neighbors and family will use AVH. You are NOT helpless. If you are over the age of 18, YOU CAN VOTE! If you do NOT vote, just know that the SAME PEOPLE WHO HAVE ALWAYS VOTED, will continue to vote the SAME incumbents onto the Board.



Live News Stream 24/7 CNN News - Fox News

Live News Stream 24/7 CNN News - Fox News


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