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Arcade Publishing Discovering new voices in quality American and world literature In 1988 Dick and I launched Arcade onto the choppy waters of a book climate that many people warned us was perilous.

We determined that we would chart a course that we would keep to as best we knew how: to publish quality consistently and to range far afield geographically in search of new authors, new projects, and new ideas. As a result, we have brought to the North American reading public works by 252 authors from 31 different countries. We felt then--and still feel--that the purpose and justification of Arca

We determined that we would chart a course that we would keep to as best we knew how: to publish quality consistently and to range far afield geographically in search of new authors, new projects, and new ideas. As a result, we have brought to the North American reading public works by 252 authors from 31 different countries. We felt then--and still feel--that the purpose and justification of Arca

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Garrison Keillor is returning to Lake Wobegon for a few days and thus we are opening up a limited number of personalized books. . . have Garrison sign and personally inscribe a book for you or a friend. . .(limited to 150 copies of his memoir and newest Lake Wobegon book - 'That Time of Year' or "The Lake Wobegon Virus'. Deadline for ordering is March 6th. . . (UNSIGNED books are available everywhere you get your books)
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What will be the new normal for the #filmindustry look like post #COVID19? @MarietteRissenbeek, Executive Director of the Berlin International Film Festival (#BIFF), and @CarloChatrian, Artistic Director, BIFF, share their thoughts as we approach the reopening of entertainment.
Bravo Arcade for standing up for book lovers everywhere. We are not living in N**i Germany (yet). Hatchette should be ashamed of themselves caving to organized forces with a vendetta against a free press . Woody Allen is one of the world's greatest writer/directors and his voice deserves to be heard. He has been declared INNOCENT of all charges! Can't wait to read this book!!
How dare you publish woody allen's autobiography? he is a sick man and does nto need to be given any kind of support!
The "Good News" Crumbo, is the Monkey Wrench Gang Lives Seldom Seen. Seldom seen ,seldom heard, he stands by the river letting the sound of it drown out his thoughts, it almost works, hard to see or hear with eyes and ears open but a river pouring through them , does that. they fished his body out of the river, upstream from here, floating face up, seldom seen or heard at that particular place and time, alone in the final moments, helpless to take that last drowning breath, filling your lungs and being, helpless,, no one there to pull you out of your predicament, floating on those final thoughts,,cold comfort of knowing , peace is coming,, as the river rolls you over, floating on it,, looking up into the black dark night with eyes wide open,, no longer seeing or hearing anything under the stars,, but you cant right now standing here either,, as you walk upstream alone in thought,,finding yourself blind and deaf to the roar of your thoughts, numb,,with horror your face is going to twist into recognizable pain,, you hold the twitch back,,try to keep walking,,, Seldom Seen or heard,,, just another realization that no one really cares,,, but he does,,and he will wait and listen, to what the wind and water say,,whispers into his ears. He's hungry. Begins the slow climb up out of the valley of the river, and moves up the woodline toward the highway. The long stretch of shimmering freeway that claimed the lives of all types of four legged forest dwellers. He's traveling light and a long way from a real diner so roadside kill will do. Hopefully something fresh, the larger the better. Maybe a deer will break the windshield of some arrogant road hog rushing to nowhere in particular in their fuel sucking I'm a bigshot suv.. He takes out the looking glass, and settles down to scan and watch the long stretch to the horizon where another hot sun begins to once again begin its' ascent thu the heavens counting the time for him as he rest his feet and leans back on his pack still attached as he sits and watches and waits for his meal. After leaving a note for his Uncle Pete, Chris decided it was time to split the L.A. scene and head North and visit his old friend George. George had written him recently indicating his intentions to follow thru on a promise and considering some of the developments in his case, he felt a hunch there might be a connection. Black Market Organs , Cults, serial killings, now a Medical Facility and private community being built in a once preserved national forest. A train hauling materials and hazardous gases, George is convincing himself it's the same train and area that old Jack told them about as kids. He's crazier then ever, Chris laughs to himself as he walks off the roadkill meal, Seldom seen , Seldom heard as he trolls along the edge of the freeway Doc Sarvis Everything is Designer nowadays Doc said, designer glasses,shoes, clothes,cookware, everything has a designer attached to it like a virus,, a designer virus,,one that grows on you like a mossy fungus,, spreading from genitalia outward in all directions,,creeping out for everyone to see, like a logo or name, designer drugs to cure the designer virus,,you can't spend your money on this so spend less on that,, the consumer being consumed finally by a growth of green slowly suffocating you,, that would do the trick he laughs,,,like a creepshow act where Stephen the king of Horror can come poking around your back door in the middle of the night ,, looking to violate your inner peace n quiet with a shock from a cattle prod up your ass..that mutates the cow pea virus.Cowpea mosaic virus mutates man into a genome dome that expands and contracts like an octopus and symmetrically swallows itself an disappears.. This internet is to much information,,he talks aloud much more often now,,lost in thought forgetting Julia is even in the room at times,, no wonder shes concerned,, hes convinced himself that somewhere somebody was designing the next stage of man,,cell by cell, into a new organism,,superman or were they going in the other direction,,,maybe evolution was a mistake,,maybe we'll recreate ourselves as intellectual cavemen,, why not after all,,,or better yet a race of slaves on a treadmill of corporate political consumerism,, maybe they already did,, and every man , woman and child on earth was stamped with an expiration date on their bottoms in barcode,,designer babies,, get your designer babies right, here, program them into intellectual athletic millionaires to support you into old age,,change your diapers and wipe your drool just like your a child all over's madness,, and the greatest comedy of all was a grand designer,,his signature right there in the living genetic code of every form of life on earth,,no singular god could create all this would take a race of aliens 7000 years to terraform and populate this planet the way its been's madness...I need a drink he shouts to the empty room, chemicals i need chemicals he laughs thinking of George and Seldom Seen and Bonnie.and decides it's time to come out of retirement and get back to work for instance says Doc, Its all Geometry and math under the Micro Macro scope of things that there custom Cow Pea Virus ,Cowpea mosaic virus is a Soccer ball a Non Truncated icosahedron, a dome just like Bonnie's home of esoteric,yoga lounging around meditating,waiting to create mayhem in her anarchist moments against the system.. Doc Sarvis , big feet flopping in sandals, went out to the garage that fine September morning, put some air in the tires of his old bicycle, a sq**rt of good old wd40 and was down the street on his old Cannondale. Within the first minute his bald head , broad bearded grin was going down the road he realized age was a number. Be as you were then, I'm not 72' I'm 52. Christ, I thought I was an old man at 45 now I'm 52 or is it 51 with this new 911 theory going around lol, going on 53 or 52 realizing this whole general attitude about life and death has changed it that time. In the 1950s you accepted dying in your fifties, you laughed and drank an smoked and said , who are we kidding we're going to die anyway and guess what they were right, Doc laughs. Dairy and red meat, to***co and alcohol, the red blooded Americans dream of success directly linked via entertainment and weekends off with the family, who isn't drinking Bud or Coors. Now suddenly we all want to live to be 80 or 100 and convince ourselves there's a good reason? Have you seen the general population? I mean I'm a doctor but damn if the world needs my offspring running around in multitudes, multiplying. Cynical? Me ? Do you know what self entitled means?... Beep,,, wake up you crazy fool... Doc Iooks up,, yells, right on red means stop look both ways then proceed as***le ... Rides on .. thinking... Then, hey is that guy Following me? The white truck honks again, peeling around the corner... Doc pedals faster, feet trying not to slip off the pedals.. Doc Sarvis is in his room, sitting slumped back in his chair, beer in hand, first in a decade, the other clicking the channels. He can't get his mind around the concept, rewinding your DNA back to it's origins. HaploGroups. A haplotype is a group of alleles in an organism that are inherited together from a single parent, If we all rewind in time are we then a single being, with mutations like a DNA photocopier occurring...IT's madness,it's the orginal sin,.. We are a Flock, a pack, a Group of animals when all is acting as one, the pack succeeds. Would we all have the same stream of thought,no of course not,,that's a clone. This is mix and match by fornication of If I am rewound to my 400,000 year old Haplogroup does that not make me the same individual that has procreated since then, albeit a deviation lol, Where's Julia , He take's another long drink of the "Horsepiss", crumples the can...I feel like fornicating right now, if I could only "Get Up" out of this chair first... We are swimming in the Primordial Gene Pool of Immortality here at the Institute my boy. By unlocking Their DNA and returning to their Neandrathal selves? Sarvis asks with hostility, your all mad. These people have volunteered to take the next leap, this is the answer my boy when we return the Earth to its Natural State, this is the form best suited for the New Age of Environmental Awareness. These people all retain their full mental capacities, the augmentation for articulating language and speech is a simple operation necessary to the experiment, simplifying communication for the volunteers. Talking Apes, Sarvis exclaims , and you expect me to believe you can bring them back from this Altered State? We already have my Boy, thats not all we can do, come with me, I want to show you something else. Do I have a choice? Sarvis trys to laugh, youve got me tied to this wheelchair, all this technology and this?.... George HayDuke George wasn't an arsonist he was an artist and fire was his medium. Fire was an element he could relate to. Earth,air,fire,water these forces of nature were akin to the Four Horsemen, and he was riding the fire breathing dragon. A knight of the round table and his maiden in waiting with the firey hair was named Ivy and she watched him from the tower spreading his brush across the canvas of the enemies landscape, raising her arms with the smoke and ash, daring the heavens to ignore them. Whenever George was ready to light the torch the one song that spoke to him most about Fire was the oldie but goodie, Poison Ivy. see my timeline for last nights airing of the Rooster Program 107.11 brain matter splatter contest and vote for a winner. George was in training. No more beer, the Doc was right about the kidney stones, only purified water now, reverse osmosis, wake up the old pineal gland, plant based diet, no more red meat, he was turning back the clock, be as you were then, hell even his beard was getting darker again, a regular reborn Christian in sheep's clothing ready to judge the masses as sinners like the rest of THEM, except HE had a plan to figure if the AllMighty himself would approve or not. Hell on Earth. George was hu***ng his pack up the mountain trail everyday carrying in supplies that were being stored for futher use. Water, the 4th Element, Life in a plastic bottle, fresh mountain air to breathe and earth beneath his feet and fire at night to fend off the darkness of his thoughts when thinking about her. He was getting stronger by the day despite the nagging aches and pains which his lady maryjane now eased away instead of the old Milwaukee days. He was insane but not to blame, she was the one that made him this way George Hayduke :The Green Man on the Silver Mountain. The Land Development deal had gone thru. The State was turning over formerly protected forest land for revenue to an international firm that proposed a private medical facility and community being built in the mountainous region. For the man living in this forest and on the mountain it was a breaking point. This was home to all things sacred. This was eminent domain and that is an unforgivable transgression of law that he wouldn't allow to go unpunished. He would be the Green Man watching from the architecture of the forest, silently observing, planning and preparing acts of sabotage to slow progress and draw attention. He was an outlaw, older now, tho still capable of physical activity he was wiser and more conservative. In the recklessness of youth he had gone to war, for the country and once back home, against it. The Corporate political capitalism that communist used to control the government and fool it into thinking they were actually in charge, was revving up the war machine once again, while slowly the economy slumped into another predictable recession. The very land Americans lived on was being purchased right from under their feet by international investors. First it's a buyout- bail out, then a few signatures and lines on paper and its a corporation with the power to influence a town city or state for the almighty dollar into doing whatever they want, with the political power to back it. He could make them pay,, with his monkey wrenching,but in the end the corporate political power structure would have his head on a silver platter, delivered up as a domestic terrorist. There must be more that can be done then simple childish acts of sabotage was his determination. Who what when where and why were critical questions about these traitors selling out America one acre at a time and he was determined to learn more. So what do we have on the whereabouts of George Hayduke one alias Rudolph the Red .. Well he's a millionaire now Deputy Stevens says, except he doesn't know it. Really, the Chief says, tell me more. Bonnie Abzug, his Ex apparently marketed several of his Organic Products under his outlaw image and they've really taken off online. You don't say the Chief replies, I heard he was sitting around a concession stand for two years trying to sell that stuff. Goin soft everyone said, drinking beer, getting anti social , again. Well don't let them kid you Deputy Stevens responds, George the Green Man is back in form, he's been up on that mountain they sold out ,for nearly two years., Nobody has Seen or Heard from him in that time.. Now that the deal has gone thru there's no doubt Rudolph the Red will see and react to whats going to happen up there. Very good Deputy Stevens, keep me posted, can we get a team up there and try to locate Hayduke and keep him covered? We can Sir. However I need to get the green light from Washington on this one... Washington the Chief shouts...not another word Deputy Stevens, I'll be right there.... He feels so much lighter wearing his backpack again. He'd traded the troubles of the world on his shoulders for a pack. Good damn thing she didn't get pregnant you fool he thinks, wasting two years of your life being henpecked to death. Get a haircut get a real job, my ass. Kiss it baby, I got a little money coming every month and it's all I need. Oh but we should live together, we should get married, you should settle down, we could start a family, seriously George when are you going to Grow Up? A was a P.O.W. Bitch. what the F**k ..gimme a break here not to mention an urban legend in my own time if I dont mind saying so.. Oh sure, she says, tell me some more, all you do is sit around drinking beer, farting , scratching yourself... Oh, what about the yard work? the organic garden? the autograph signings that pay for your organic almond butter bitch. Since when isnt peanut butter good enough.. Why I lived on peanut butter an graham crackers, hauling 80 pounds of explosives and 8 liters of beer all night in the dark for thAT BITCH ,,THE NERVE.. Ok George, deep breath,,take a couple of tokes,,,she's hundreds of miles away right now, probably doing Yoga, but maybe just maybe, she'll be annoyed enough about you leaving,,it will ruin her quiet time..Haha George heard the Earth mover before he saw it, or should he say, felt it. Tons of machinery heading in his direction, with deadly intentions. The roar of the twin diesels as it drops its blade, looking to plow him into the earth. Road kill, less then ,a greasy bloody smear in the dirt, no time to think, time to move. He draws his bow, steel blunted explosive tip he sends flying towards the windshield. George aint never killed nobody.. Except the machines... He looks,, the windshield explodes the round harmlessly and he realizes there is no driver... This is nuts, he starts running toward the edge of the ravine,,play chicken motherr fu**er he yells at it. Can machines hear, Remote controlled? Uncoils the rope ,,here it comes,, plow dropped ,, earth piling up before scattering in front of it Throws a loop over the rock outcrop , hopeful for the moment the plow cant knock it loose,,, Here she comes time to aim one more at the track, lets loose another arrow as the machine tears at the earth to get to him.. It rears up , seemingly ready to plunge itself over the edge at him,,if only to drop on him at the bottom and explode with it's tormentor. George screams, jumps...wakes up drenched in sweat.. Bonnie Abzug She was watching him, with all the resources her wealth offered and in the field herself, observing him through the various optics at her disposal just like the trained dogs around her and she wasn't amused with his little George in the jungle routine. They had informed HER of his location and the details of his activities, most of which she knew because she had "Chipped" her Dog so many years ago, but what she found infuriating in his body language was not only a renewed vigor but a display of awareness that he WAS under scrutiny. Where was the self loathing, self defeating arrogance and self destructive behaviors she found so endearing. Doesn't HE know every woman wants a man to die for her. You cant expect a woman to remain faithful forever or release their catch back into the wild, free to roam and mate at will, laughing. That Bastard has a plan in that little walnut of a brain she could never fully get cracked enough to get at the meat of his self assured macho bu****it he used as a front to hide the weak scared little boy that did drive her crazy. What is he thinking about, what is he up too,how dare he just go on with his life and leave her wondering whether or not she could trust him with the truth, that she loved him and hated him for it and wanted him to die for her and if not by her own hand. She'd push him off the cliff, with that ,you bitch expression on his face,,laughing as he fell because he finally caught her in the act. But he'd lay there broken like that movie UTURN and she'd have to go down there and decide to nurse him or finish him or good. Bonnie had finally found her Architect. The prototype of her new portable yoga dome home was in production. It's pentagonal polygonal sphere shape opened up exponentially like multiplying by Pi. The rugged collapsible , snappable, portable 3d printed recycled plastic, was a porta potty , Doc Sarvis laughed, this whole buckyball trend has got to stop. But her Architect Bill was so understanding of the need for personal space and dealing with inclement weather and opening up to the world when you feel LIKE it with the snap in place, pick and choose your color tinted polyplexiglass , why it's just what your color coordinated shrink would order... The money wasn't a problem, it was the anti freedom sphere sentiment those political, corporate bobble head dolls had about the holistic movement,.if it's not regulated and taxed and stamped with their fda fu***ng damn as***les running everything, approval, every homeless person in the country would be towing one behind a bicycle, why I aught to... She's insatiable tonight George my boy, Get in there for Old Time's sake... I can't Doc, I'm strictly committed to mono on mono with no in-betweens. George, you disappoint me, not to mention how Bonnie's going to feel.. Do you know how Vikings wash their faces George.. You see Seldom standing over there, now how do you think he's gonna feel..your liable to hurt his feelings.. Oh Comon Doc, leave me alone.. George... Thats's Bonnie callin George,,,You better get in there Bishop Love was contemplating what was best for his community and the World. The medical establishment was asking those of faith to trust their savings to their bloodsucking hospitals rather then the Lord. The Church no longer could guarantee your longevity thru prayers by virtue of Yee of little faith to begin with. Maybe it was time to talk to those Mormons after all about this drive thru healthcare project before it gets off the ground, hell I might even have to recruit the Monkey Wrench Gang on this one , Lord forgive me. Bishop Love picks up the phone, get me the Chief , Shirley. The Chief was sitting in his office waiting for the phone to ring. Shirley sat on the floor in front of him, while his pants were down around his ankles, hands cuffed to the chair, practicing his Will exercises.while Shirley sat in front of him teasing him in various poses of undress. The phone rings, the Chief nods to Shirley who leans up and hits speakerphone. Chief here. Chief we have a situation, it's Bishop Love , Of all times...Bishop I was expecting another call, what is it? Flexes for Shirley, who ,eyes wide, touches herself. It's this Facility Chief, it's going to hurt the church, it's going to make itself God. Bishop, it's good business for the town, soon to be city and bound to increase your flock.. Winks at Shirley, relaxes, she pretends to look sad. Chief I'm telling you this is going to cause big problems... Bishop Love , I'm sure there will be plenty for you and the church to do , now please, I'm very busy with these treehuggers moving in right now... By the way Chief ,is Shirley still over there. Click. .You see, it's all in the Will my dear.. The Chief had a revelation after his conversation with Bishop Love.. The Chief's vision was awe inspiring, a monument to man's greatest achievement, the union of science and religion, the merging of church and healthcare. A massive structure, 3d printed in all it's majestic sterility, rising to the clouds like a pyramid, like a mountain. .fit to sacrifice man unto himself for immortality. .the fusion of birth and death all in one drive thru facility, scan for healing or extermination. .perfection...a N**i they would call you in the good ole I'm just another progressive freethinker..ready to exercise my right to authority like the rest of the masses. Hot or cold , we are just meat for science..until we found the cure. The Chief raises his arms to the heavens.