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Chloe Bennet Gets Real About Toxic Friendships

In honor of National Plant Appreciation Day, play along with actress Chloe Bennet and host Gabbie Hanna as they judge whether certain friendship patterns are "toxic" or "testy."🌿


New York, NY


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***************************FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASE************************************** Please help us get the word out by participating in our media campaign. ANYONE, residing anywhere, can participate in this campaign. Call and/or email these news outlets as often as possible. Copy and paste the write-up below or reach the bolded portions when calling. 1) NBC Bay Area: a. (888)996-8477 b. contact form (choose submit a news tip): 2) New York Times: [email protected] 3) Fox News: [email protected] 4) CNN: [email protected] 5) [email protected] 6) LA Times: Alternative Media 1.) Ryan Fournier (Twitter) email: [email protected] 2.)Epoch Times (Howley/Petr et al) 3.) dnajlion7 Daniel Lee: [email protected] 4.) Northwest Liberty News Jim White 5.) Charlie Kirk Twitter 6.) Matt Couch Twitter @RealMattCouch [email protected] 7.) Traffic Report John Taylor FB, Twitter, YT: [email protected]">[email protected] 8.) Patriot SoapBox News: Twitter & Discord YT: 9.) Red Pill America: Apart of IHeart Radio podcast app and apart of the Tom Roten Morning Show. MEDIA CONTACTS: Crystal Sanchez, Media Contact person Advocate/Activist for the Homeless, Sacramento, California Tel: +1 (916) 495-9026 Email: [email protected] Destiny Granger-Kelly Advocate/Activist for Families Tel +1 (916) 969-0632 Email [email protected] BAFU, BAY AREA FAMILIES UNITED, PRESENTS: CALIFORNIA UNITED, IN COLABORATION WITH ADOVOCATES, ACTIVISTS, VICTMS, FROM ALL OVER THE USA, TO RALLY FOR CHANGE, WE DEMAND OVERSIGHT, TRANSPERENCY AND REFORM IN THE FAMILY COURTS AND ESPECIALLY CPS WHO IS VIOLATING FAMILIES CONSTIUTIONAL RIGHTS A Rally is Being Held on October 4, 2019 to Speak about the horrible injustices happing to families across our NATION via family court and cps! START OF MARCH OCTOBER 4, 2019 WHERE/WHEN 11:00 AM MEET AND MARCH FROM SOUTH SIDE PARK 2115 6TH STREET, SACRAMENTO, CA TO CALIFORNIA STATE CAPITOL SOUTHSIDE RALLY BEGINS @ 12:00 PM SACRAMENTO STATE CAPITOL SOUTHSIDE 2115 6TH STREET, SACRAMENTO, CA SACRAMENTO STATE CAPITOL SOUTHSIDE – OCTOBER 4, 2019 – On FRIDAY, OCTOBER 4TH, a number of grassroots family rights victims, activist/advocates, Civil Rights Attorneys and many more to name will be holding a rally BECAUSE WE DEMAND reform, IN family law courts and the Juvenile Dependency Courts via Cps, it has been proven there is a huge issue of corruption/rico in many of these courts and we want it stopped! We have found that the financial motivations and interests of these judges outweighs the judicial issues and integrity of their decision-making, a pattern that has been studied throughout a high number of court cases! Further, Judges have violated their Oaths of Office and state and federal laws on a continuous basis. According to extensive research by local citizens and parents, Mainstream media has selectively and minimally reported on issues related to the local judiciary because many major media outlets are financially tied to the local court system and the judges. Examples of routine misconduct perpetrated by Judges consists of them permitting perjury in our COURTS. Obstructing evidence from entering the record, permitting hearsay in the absence of evidence, conducting proceedings off-record and/or in-chambers, and exploiting self-represented and disabled litigants. The net result of this egregious misconduct is that the health and welfare of parents and their children are significantly harmed. “We have interviewed many parents in this system whose lives have been thoroughly destroyed by the court process and these judges, we have conducted an extensive analysis of many States court operations and their detrimental outcomes. “Parents trapped in courts are regularly developing long-term, chronic disabilities due to the ongoing toxic stress inflicted upon them by these cases and these judges who decide them. Most of the parents here we talked to have experienced loss of property, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, bankruptcy from these parents spending every dime they have to get their kids back, when very often, their children were removed from them unlawfully to start with.” Adolfo Gonzales founder of BAFU, BAY AREA FAMILIES UNITED emphasizes that many of the parents who have lost their children are parents who are poor or of low income and have no means to fight and are assigned a Public Defenders who also work for the State, many of these cases start from an angry neighbor or friend or and Ex to get even or to retaliate against the person/family they make an anonymous report out of revenge not realizing that it WILL subsequently result in a good family losing their children on hearsay allegations! “WE THE PEOPLE”, want criminal investigations by law enforcement Miranda rights and THE right to a JURY TRIAL OF OUR PEERS. CURRENTLY CPS ANSWERS TO NO ONE there is no oversight or transparency! CPS in Orange County has been successfully sued in recent years when federal courts ruled that social workers do not have the right to lie and fabricate evidence, which appears to be a standard custom and practice for CPS in California. "We, the parents, and our children have been monetized for the financial benefit of Judges "We refuse to be human trafficked any further!!!!!!! To learn more about the BAFU, BAY AREA FAMILIES UNITED , visit To follow updates And how you can be a part, join our page! Here's the link to our Rally event page! Please join us October 4th on the Southside of the California State Capitol Building as we Unite, Together... Let's GO!👊 #WEWILLNOTREMAINSILENTNORDIVIDED❤ **Please hit the Going, Interested, or Not Going, button, at the top of the Rally event page. Much Love❤**
15 years ago i married my best friend ... and its all thanks to you guys we have a nearly 14year old son as well
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