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I took the DP Lumi 1x3 out on one of my lower budget shoots to add some professional light quality without adding a lot ...

I took the DP Lumi 1x3 out on one of my lower budget shoots to add some professional light quality without adding a lot of work on my end.

Genvieve+Raymond Recap

Reaching Roots had the pleasure of going to Saint John in the US Virgin Island to shoot the first wedding of our season. Genvieve and Ray did destination right with a beautiful ceremony at Sussanaburg Ruins and a reception at the Rhume Line with entertainment from the Wheeland Brothers. So come away with us to a land where it is always around 75 and the hitch hiking is easy.

Genvieve and Raymond were married in Saint John US Virgin Island on April 6, 2018. They had 70 guests fly in for their wedding at Susannaburg Ruins followed ...

Dancers tonight.

Dancers tonight.


Booking up nicely this summer but we still have some June and late July availability. If you have a friend that (gasp) forgot to hire a professional videographer please give them our information!

At long last we have a website back up and running. Thank you for sticking with us while I focused more on getting curre...
Reaching Roots Studios

At long last we have a website back up and running. Thank you for sticking with us while I focused more on getting current clients their work and less on the website issue. We now have a functioning site for you to visit, send friends to, and to send clients to. is here for you!


For those that have been waiting on me for edits or DVDs or even just to hang out: I finally got diagnosed for the ailment that slowed me down last month and the verdict is Lyme Disease. I'm on the meds and should be right as rain shortly. Thank you for your patience during this unfortunate slow down.


Our website is down and a new one is under construction. If you have found us here and are looking for event coverage we have got you covered. Please email me at [email protected] or call 845-532-4199 and we will get back to you ASAP.


A beautiful day in PA!

What a beautiful venue! We traveled from Forest Hills, Queens to The Lake House Inn in Pennsylvania. The location was perfect. The couple was amazing, and the friends…


This couple brings a lot of joy to my heart. I loved working on their wedding and Alyse has been such a supporter of RRS for years. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

This wedding was a long time coming. I've been talking to Alyse about doing her wedding for a couple of years now. It was an absolutely beautiful day and the…

Evelyn+Bobby Recap
Sorry this took so long for me to post! Thank you Evelyn and Bobby for being so wonderful to work with!

This is "Evelyn+Bobby Recap" by reachingroots on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


Another great day out in the field last weekend. We actually finished this recap in a couple of days knowing that the holiday crush season is upon us. The most memorable aspect of this day to me was how wide open the ceremony was! When that happens the crew can creep around the edges and not be a focal point.

This is "Amanda+Will" by Nathaniel Armstrong on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


"Oh, you shoot weddings for a living! That must be fun. Do you ever get tired of them?" That's the sequence of statements and questions we in the business hear whenever we meet a new person. The answer is "no." The wedding I am shooting is always different from the last and here's the deal: 99.9% of the time you are with a huge group of family and friends on one of the best days of their life. That energy tends to rub off.

Last week on my birthday I was working up at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY where I have been a dozen or so times. They built a new bridge that worked so very nicely for the first look, held the ceremony in a room that I've only shot after parties in, and the couple were just fantastic to work with. Sylvester Zawadzki of INNY Weddings brought a critical eye and was a breeze to shoot side by side with. Here is what all of that ads up to:

A big thank you to the staff at Full Moon Resort and to Sylvester Zawadzki the photographer. He was an inspiration and a pleasure to work with as is often the case…

Kelly + Kyle
Working with Susan Elizabeth Tibak is the absolute best! She shoots fun, beautiful photography and is a true joy to go shoulder to shoulder with during a ceremony. For my part, I had the talented Dan Fried from Just Fly Casual with me shooting some sweet glide cam.

Dan from Just Fly Casual was with me for Kelly and Kyle's wedding day. His camera work is just outstanding. As wedding movie makers we have two jobs. The first…


In celebration of the historic Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, I will be offering a 25% discount to the first two LGBT couples that book Reaching Roots Studios for their wedding video for 2015/2016

Simona + Diego

This was an experience... This group of Italians came to New York for their wedding, speaking little to no english. We had a blast in central park.

Three days before May 23rd, 2015 I received an email inquiring if I could videotape a wedding on that day. We were booked the day before and I had social obligations…


2015 kicks off with a great couple.

This marked the sixth project for this family and their in-laws. The first of the 2015 weddings for Reaching Roots and the first piece edited with Premier Pro.


The winter is edit time. Time for me to look back on the weddings of the fall and make them sing again. So right now I'm wrapping up Max's Bar Mitzvah. When that is complete we'll be taking a look at
1. Anna and Angelo
2. Danielle and Ron
3. Mike and Maria
4. Stanley and Ashley
5. Re-edit on Amy and Christophe


K+S were a joy to work with. K is pretty darn into the process as she is a producer nine to five. She asked for me to come take a look at her church before hand and it was hugely beneficial. This dark church had a few options that I simple wouldn't have known about without taking a first hand look in advance and may have looked over in the rush of pre-ceremony set up. Also… new lavaliere microphone gave us some of the best vows audio yet.

We always ask our couples to suggest music for their videos. This ensures that the video has their personality and taste, not just mine. Often I will jump in…


While rendering out my latest full edit for Dara + Alex I decided to watch a video from last year. I was instantly reminded of how cool the entire crowd was and what an amazing party was thrown at Full Moon Resort. So here is my throwback Monday.

We will now offer ceremony only packages!  Here is the first: nice to be back at the Onteor...
Jen + Brian

We will now offer ceremony only packages! Here is the first:

So nice to be back at the Onteora Mt. House.

I've had folks call and ask if I did receptions only before and I've said, "I will… but the ceremony is kind of the main point isn't it? I mean, no ceremony, no…

Jaime + Elias
I've been up to this. Recap #3 from May. It's been a great kick off to the summer weddings. I hope that this was indeed the best day of their lives (so far). We certainly had a good time!

Do not imagine for one second that because there aren't any food shots in this particular recap that everyone at the party starved. From the get go the hospitality…

Amy + Christophe

First of all, thank you weather. Second, I want to do an odd thing here and thank the folks that referred me to Amy and Christophe. Lindy and Vincent were clients of ours (referred from Sarabeth and Tommy). It is one thing to hear how much a video is loved by a client, but it is something else to get to see them again because they said to their most charished friends/family "you have to use this guy… we're so happy with the video." That is so much trust it is humbling and I thank each and every client that has told a friend about Reaching Roots Studios! All of that being said:

Amy only gave me one request: "Please don't show too much of me crying because the day was truly filled with joy and happiness." So forgive me Amy for what I have…

Emily + Ryan

Here is the latest wedding shot up at the beautiful Full Moon Resort

I've been to a show or two. The thing I love about a jam band show is that you never know what song they might go into or return to after venturing off into some…


We are booking up fast at Reaching Roots Studios for 2014. May, August, and October only have a few days available so if you are interested in wedding video during those months call quickly to secure your date! I'm also offering a new package that tells even more of your story. Why did you pick a Vinyard? Who did you trust to go dress shopping with? The earlier you book this package in your planning the more of the story we can tell. Most wedding movies are the story of "this is what happened" but our Story Package is the Why! Call to ask me about it today!

Nicole + George

This was a super relaxed wedding shoot. Nicole was so calm and secure in her vendors there wasn't a tense moment in the day. That's a nice relaxing feeling that…

Chris + Vernon

Congratulations to Chris and Vernon!

While I was booked shooting another wonderful Fall Wedding up in the Newburgh area Kyle and Mike shot this for me to put together. I would have loved to have been…

Reaching Roots Studios's cover photo

Reaching Roots Studios's cover photo

Caitriona + David

Fall colors!

Gorgeous wedding working with the talented Natalia Squilla and her 2nd Emily. The real artist here though was Mother Nature. Caitriona and Dave had an amazing…

Lindy + Vincent

As I note in the description of this video, this is a return to my shorter form recaps that first got people fired up. With the DSLR footage I had noticed an increase in length because the images stay interesting for longer. Let me know what you think of this type of recap vs. the longer form which would be two songs or so long...

This recap is a return to my early style of letting the music choice of the client dictate the flow and image choices. This helps to keep the recap one song length…


Happy New Year to all of the Reaching Roots shooters and clients!

Every Year brings new ideas, new ambitions, and yes, new packages. I'll be changing up the way we do things just a touch to well.... stay in touch.

Congratulations to Proposers out there that heard that amazing word "YES!" last night. Give us a call and book our base package before February and I'll upgrade you to our middle package at no additional cost.

Happy New Year!

Steve snapped this at the boat house last night.  Our footage is converting now.  Work on the recap begins shortly!

Steve snapped this at the boat house last night. Our footage is converting now. Work on the recap begins shortly!

Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Boom Boom (feat. John Lee Hooker) - Contraband OST

So the boss took a few hours to go do some research yesterday. Off to Skyfall. That's right, Skyfall was research for wedding videos. That's crazy talk you say? Well when the helicopter approached Skyfall Mansion and this song played, I thought.... Dance set. That song is my next dance set.

Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Boom Boom (feat. John Lee Hooker) - Contraband OST I don't own any rights -uploaded in HD at


Yikes... the bad face booker strikes again! We have been busy getting videos to clients for the holidays, but we have also been busy shooting new weddings. Here's one of the recent ones for you to take a look at.

The Millbrook Winery was a fantastic wedding venue and I got to work with one of the industries most fun photographers (Matt of Click). I didn't have Steve working…

Rosanne + Doug

Another great wedding at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian.

This was quite the emotional day. Doug made many comments about not being an emotional guy... don't buy it.


This just in from a client:
I just wanted to let you know that we just watched the video of Carly's Bat Mitzvah and can't tell you how fantastic it is. I have never seen a video where anyone so obviously cared so much about putting out a product that not only met the client's expectations, but exceeded them so greatly. You are truly an artist and I only wish I knew you 25 years ago when Terri and I got married!!
Best regards,
Bob Sonenclar


Getting ready to pop the question and you're pretty sure she'll say yes? Why not have Reaching Roots come with our long lenses and get a shot of her face as she watches you go down on one knee?

Christina + Anthony

Just in time for my two week promise! This wedding was booked the day before it took place. We happened to be available and luckily we got to spend another great day with a really sweet couple.

Christina booked us the day before her September wedding. We were shooting Ali + Dan when I got the call. My favorite part of the video is when Christina thanks…  Whirl Wind Wedding
Ali + Dan Whirl Wind Wedding

Round two with the Smith crowd was a lot of fun. We shot Alexandra's sister's wedding two years ago up at Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, NY. For this event we…

Sammy + Matt

There are a mountain of wedding elements I could write about today... I think I'd like to finish the recaps for both before I make lens choice comments. I did get to see a client from two years ago, and the groom said to me, "really great to see you. You know, the video is our favorite part of the wedding." I understand that he may have been being kind, especially since there were so many really cool aspects to their wedding. Cool red shoes everywhere, really fun crowd all in one place, and so, while I process everything we did this weekend we flash back:

I know I'm a broken record... but here's the deal, every couple that books me, tends to be awesome. I say the same thing to them every weekend. "I'd really like…


I'm currently working on Caitlin and Kenny's extended recap and then we'll be on to:

1. Jason and Anita Full
2. Recap for Ali and Dan
3. Marissa and Joseph Full
4. Sheryl and Jeff Full
5. Melanie and Vito Full
6. Recap for Rosanne Doug
7. Recap for Bianca Paulo Coelho

Peter Demuth was kind enough to send me this photo from the August 18th wedding we shot together.  The recap for Micoy a...

Peter Demuth was kind enough to send me this photo from the August 18th wedding we shot together. The recap for Micoy and Abey can be viewed below (just to prove I shot the couple in addition to the guests.


25-47 14th Pl
New York, NY

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