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Are you struggling to find the right spot to match your tastes? Either it be that you have a gay friend visiting form out of town, who is under 21 but still wants a full New York City nightlife experience at a legitimate venue, into daddies so desires a more mature crowd, or maybe you want a more relaxed bar community that is not overcrowded. Whatever your tastes, GlowingMoon wants to help. Let's help one another avoid waiting in line long enough for the moon to travel to the other part of the sky, only to realize after you have paid the cover charge that it is not what you expected it to be. Our website will be launching soon! Please visit for a sneak peak, and to signup for the mailing list for our impending launch! Any feedback will be appreciated and can be mailed to [email protected] Let's make the night brighter under the GlowingMoon!

Mission: To illuminate the New York City's nightlife scene. To reduce disappointments and unmet expectations by illuminating each venue and its characteristics and strength points.


When walking in the streets of NYC, cant help but realize that nobody bothers to look up to the sky anymore. Paths are determined, and the steps are directed. Please, remind yourself, that the entire we reason we live, is to enjoy life.. To explore it to its fullest extent.

How not to get roofied: it can happen to anyone, including the smart and aware YOU.Also, even with bottled waters that a...
How to Avoid Spiked Drinks

How not to get roofied: it can happen to anyone, including the smart and aware YOU.
Also, even with bottled waters that are unopen, squeeze it to make sure it wasn't drugged using a syringe. As one of our members have been roofied, we disagree about "not getting paranoid". It's better to be paranoid than be lackadaisical. One moment, and your life might not be the same...

There are many stories about drinks having been spiked with foreign substances and some of them unfortunately are true.Drug Addiction, Survey: Spiked Drinks Concern Growing in...

Either you choose to get involved in certain activities or not, it's good to be informed of your legal rights. As an exa...
The Law of MDMA: Practical Legal Tips for Ravers who Choose to Use Ecstasy

Either you choose to get involved in certain activities or not, it's good to be informed of your legal rights. As an example: did you know authorities can LEGALLY lie to your face during interrogation?

The Festival Lawyer offers five important legal tips to ravers, festival attendees and show goers that choose to use Molly or Ecstasy.

Unicorn Meat NYC

Unicorn Meat NYC

Unicorn Meat NYC

Fly Project vs Purple Project - Musica (Dj Alejandro & Dj Timo mashup)

Looking for a venue that plays Latin music with a twist? Well, once we launch you can!

Nota a nuestro mexicano DJ, Dj AlejandrO BaMa para este remix loco!

Couldn't find DJ Timo's profile, let me know if anybody has a clue. It's because of amazing people like this I'm still a nightowl, apart from many other reasons haha

Listen to MashupMafia / Fly Project vs Purple Project - Musica (Dj Alejandro & Dj Timo mashup) | Explore the largest community of artists, band... is coming back with their second party in NYC.I've been following Sensation si...
Sensation Ocean of White - United States 2013
Sensation is coming back with their second party in NYC.
I've been following Sensation since 2008, but was hugely disappointed with their 2012 US debut: whatever you see on their video, is going to be all there is. There will be no additional performances/shows that you don't see on the video.
And I do hope Barclay center is not going to continue their immoral practices of refusing to turn on the water fountains until 2 hours after opening to increase their beer sales. (For those who do end up going, please let us know if this is still continuing).

There is nothing like Sensation in the US in terms of its decor and scale of grandeur, do not get me wrong. Just ensuring everybody is making an informed decision.

The world's leading dance event visiting 22 cities in 2013, uniting thousands of people in white worldwide.

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music | New Home on

Think you know the difference between techno, house and trance? If you're a trance fan like me, the difference between ethereal, deep, dark wave?
Look no further. It is a little outdated, but a must-know for a true fan...

The guide attempts to depict the chronological order of electronic music genres' appearance. It contains 7 separate parent areas of electronic music to explore - House, Techhno, Breakbeat, Jungle, Hardcore, Downtempo, and Trance.

GlowingMoon - Illuminate Your Night

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GlowingMoon - Illuminate Your Night

Either it be that you're into the daddies, twinks or hipster women, GlowingMoon is working hard to get our website launched soon!

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