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Guinness World Records Signs Deal in Latin America

by Todotvnews3/04/2015

Bender Media Services (BMS) has been appointed to represent the organization's TV catalogue of over 850 hours of programming in the region.

Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking achievements, has announced the appointment of Bender Media Services to represent its TV catalogue of over 850 hours of programming in Latin America.

Having brought the TV arm of its business back in-house, GWR is looking to significantly expand its global TV footprint. Latin America is a key region where GWR sees potential for growth in its TV program and format sales.

Speaking ahead of MIP TV, Rob Molloy, GWR’s Director of Global TV Content and Sales, said: "Bender Media Services had an exemplary sales record when they previously worked with GWR, and we are excited to be working with Susan Bender and Sally Treibel again. Their significant experience in the region, combined with their hard work and tenacious negotiations skills, brought huge rewards to GWR and we look forward to enjoying similar success with them again in Latin America over the coming months."

Bender Media commented: "We are absolutely delighted to be back with our GWR family, and we are very pleased to represent this brilliant, outstanding franchise to our Latin American buyers. The continued growth of this Brand across our Region, will give our buyers assurances and confidence that the GWR programs will continue to resonate with audiences for many years to come!"

Currently GWR’s TV shows have aired in over 90 territories worldwide and attracts over 750 million viewers worldwide annually. Recent successes, include a show on China’s CCTV which attracted a reach of over 250 million viewers, as well as Lo Show Dei Record that has repeatedly won its slot on Italy’s Canale 5. For a younger audience, Officially Amazing was regularly the most watched show of the day on UK Kids broadcaster CBBC. Officially Amazing (from producer Lion Television makers of Horrible Histories) has been recommissioned by CBBC for 2 further series and Bender Media will be looking for Latin American broadcasters to share in the Guinness World Records title-breaking fun.


TURKLES (Family / Kids & Turtles) - 2011
Cast: Haley Jane Sicard, Noah Centineo, Taylor Blackwell
When valuable rare sea turtle eggs are stolen from an environmentally protected Florida beach, a team of concerned teenagers go undercover to catch the bumbling thieves. Turkles is loaded with pranks and gags that will provide laughter for the entire family. It also relays a very important message that our environment needs protection and our teen heroes will stop at nothing to ‘save the planet one Turkle at a time’!
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New Family Film from Fairway Film Alliance

EMULATION (Action /Thriller) - 2011Cast: Tom Getty, Jeff Howanek, Jocelyn MeehanWhat if you could live life through a mo...
Fairway Films - EMULATION

EMULATION (Action /Thriller) - 2011
Cast: Tom Getty, Jeff Howanek, Jocelyn Meehan
What if you could live life through a movie? The powerful Emulation Corporation provides this unique service for Noah Wilson, but after being marked for death and the target of a nation-wide manhunt, Noah’s life descends into a race for survival. Somewhere in-between reality and fiction lies the truth. Emulation is a clever, explosive action-thriller with a maze of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. ‘Minority Report’ meets ‘The Game’!
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World wide independent production and distribution film company.

Ninja Zombies (2011) Trailer 2

NINJA ZOMBIES (Action / Martial Arts) - 2011
Cast: Mike Lee, Mike Castro, Arun Storrs, Lloyd Kaufman
The neighborhood goes to hell when a lethal band of undead ‘ninja zombies’ return to life in this action-packed, martial-arts loaded, comedy adventure. In the vein of genre classics ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ and ‘The Evil Dead’, NINJA ZOMBIES pits a group of college-age slackers against an unholy brood of zombies killers bent on revenge after being released onto the earth by an ancient evil curse. Get ready for some fast, fun, furious zombie carnage!
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No budget? No problem! We didn't let that stop us from making this bromaction zom-com that got 8 out of 10 from -

DAY OF REDEMPTION (Action) 2012Cast: Emilio Roso, Michael Madsen, Vincent Pastore, Steven BauerA career killer is caught...

Cast: Emilio Roso, Michael Madsen, Vincent Pastore, Steven Bauer
A career killer is caught between the Russian mob and the woman he loves. Ray is a professional assassin attempting to quit the only thing he’s good at, killing people. When an old friend (Michael Madsen) solicits Ray’s services for one last big hit, he is made an offer he can’t refuse. High octane action with guns, chases, intrigue, and one bad Killer!
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World wide independent production and distribution film company.

Flashback - Official Trailer 2

FLASHBACK (Sci-fi / Action) - 2012
Cast: Andrew Ramos, Will Philips, Alexa Cappiello
Science fiction action adventure meets Hollywood satire in this futuristic tale loaded with CGI effects, bad guys, an army of angry robots, and a time machine that takes two unsuspecting heroes into the future to save the film industry. FLASHBACK is a visually thrilling rollercoaster ride that provides action, adventure and comedy for the entire family.
View Trailer: In the distant future, FLASHBACK Films has been taken over by a sinister soda company, and the state of the movie industry is w...

Chamaco-The Kid Trailer

THE KID: CHAMACO (Family / Drama) – FREE TV
Cast: Martin Sheen, Kirk Harris, Michael Madsen
The heart fuels the punches we throw in life! In the tradition of Rocky and City of God, The Kid: Chamaco is a contemporary boxing tale of father and son overcoming vast differences to help train a young Mexican fighter plucked from the streets of Mexico City. The father (Martin Sheen), a U.S. doctor, and his son, a burned-out boxing pro, unite to shape the young Mexican teenager into his country’s new boxing idol. Along the way, all three men discover hidden strengths, and embrace unforeseen destinies.
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The Kid: Chamaco -- Starring Martin Sheen, A feature film directed by Miguel Necoechea, stars Kirk Harris, Alex Perea, Danny Perea, Gustavo Sanchez Parra, Ra...

The Sorrow Trailer

THE SORROW (Western/Thriller) – Production Year 2012
Starring Kirk Harris (The Kid: Chamaco, Intoxicating), John Savage (The Deer Hunter, Carnivale), Ryan Ballance (debut), Yvonne Delarosa (Los Americanos, Weeds) and Michael Madsen (Sin City II, Kill Bill Vol. 2)
After the death of his wife, Civil War veteran Roger Hazzard moves to the treacherous gold mining fields of 1870’s California to seek his fortune. Together with his teenage son, Hazzard must survive in a dangerous lawless land where a gun, arrow, or knife decides one’s fate. When Hazzard begins to lose touch with reality, his young son must resort to desperate measures to save them both. Only the strong will survive in the Wild, Wild West!
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A Gold Rush era thriller from director Vernon Mortensen. After the death of his wife, Roger Hazzard, a Veteran of the Civil War, brings his teenage son Caspe...


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