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Naja Matthews is the founder and editor- in- chief of MissNaja.com, an online women’s lifestyle blog that was launched in September 2014. She was proudly born and raised in Memphis, TN, and currently resides in New York City. She is hailed as a no-holds-barred writer, director, youth activist, social maven and lifestyle blogger. She is also a frequent contributor to the popular online women’s magazine, xojane. Naja earned an undergraduate degree from The University of Tennessee in Business with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. She went on to attend The University of North Texas where she worked on her MBA in International Business. While in Dallas, TX she began her career as a corporate Buyer for Fortune 500 companies. One day while gazing out of her cushy office window, she noticed her colleagues, seemingly in a single filed lined, in the same dark suit, walking into a workday of monotony. It was then that she hopped on her glittery broomstick, flew away and never looked back! If Naja could have one super-power, she would love to be able to teleport. That way, she could have cheese eggs, bacon and grits with her Grandma in Memphis every morning, go for a mid- day swim in Antigua, have lunch in Rome with perfect strangers and be home in time for dinner with her beau in Manhattan.

OUR MISSION When we think of a domesticated woman, it may draw negative stereotypes. The outdated image of the Susie Homemaker that sits around all day, waiting hand and foot for her family to come home is simply non-existent! Here at MissNaja, we are committed to reviving the image of the woman that takes pride making her home a refuge for family, her partner and for herself. Today’s Modern Domestic Woman can aggressively lead her office boardroom at 9am and by 6pm she can be home kissing boo boos, changing diapers and catering to her man. In this day and age, a woman’s drive can be unparalleled! Piecing a day together like an impossible jigsaw puzzle: making meals, juggling school pickups and drop-offs, too many appointments, working, eating right, exercising, time for yourself, time for your partner, walking the dog, feeding the cat, the list is potentially endless. And despite the labors of Hercules being crammed into every minute of the day, there’s always a bit of self-doubt that seems to be inescapable. If you fit this description, you’ve come to the right place! MissNaja is the online destination for today’s progressive woman. Our editorial staff’s #1 goal is to provide the latest product reviews, spiritual wellness tips, trends in beauty, advice on running your home more efficiently and a wide array of other topics. Our goal is to help the modern woman lead a healthier, happier and more balanced life. MissNaja is an interactive, responsive online community! Mi casa es su casa!!

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Freaky & Naja tackle Mr. Phil and Mr. Rilley on this latest episode. Please share and comment.

This is what a stepmom looks like 'staying in her lane'. I was trying to record a few podcast episodes and the kid reali...

This is what a stepmom looks like 'staying in her lane'. I was trying to record a few podcast episodes and the kid realized his Dad was gone to the store. Each morning, when my Husband gets up from bed, my stepson jumps in the bed with me. He likes to put his cold feet on my hairy legs apparently.
Today, he banged his knee while coming into the room and he cried.
My instincts are conflicted sometimes. I don't think we all want to admit how harmful conflict can be on the human mind, because as I went to hold him, that old trauma started speaking to me..."you'll never be an influence in these kids lives, they hate you, you're not a mother so you wouldn't understand."
In this moment, all the kid wanted was comfort and my instinct silenced the ramblings of pained memories into mere nothingness.
I held my stepson. He eventually stopped crying....then, with tears still filling those beautiful big brown eyes...he looked up at me and said, "MiNaja, can I have some hot cheetos?"


Whaaaat! Who said it's #NationalSiblingDay !?!?! Shoutout to my sisters @nadianaction and @mtbpageant. You two already know "ain't no mountain high enough". This is gonna be our theme song. I love you gals.

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Blended and Black

Blended and Black

As a nurse, what is the most disturbing thing you have ever seen in the obstetrics unit?

Cathy Raiser
I was a student nurse in obstetrics in 1979. I had attended several births that had been preceeded by labors of varying lengths and intensities. I was no expert, but I was learning.
The particular morning I recall, I was assigned to attend to a woman who had already been laboring for a few hours. I introduced myself between labor pains, and settled in to do some comforting, handholding, and basic maternity nursing. Right at the get-go, something seemed “off.”
She should have been progressing and her cervix should have been dilating, but nothing was happening. She was becoming a little frantic, but no one cared. I spoke to the charge nurse and my instructor, and both looked at my patient briefly, then declared she was “dramatic.” What the hell is that supposed to mean, and how does that even help? It sounded to me like they were shaming her for not being able to “take it.”
Eventually, she told me she felt like she needed to pee, but couldn’t. As I palpated her abdomen, it felt like a little pregnancy on top of her pregnancy. Her bladder was so full, it felt huge!
The charge nurse came in and ordered her to urinate. My patient could not pass urine. I was stunned and explained that the baby was likely pressing against her urethra, and she couldn’t physically do it. The charge nurse rolled her eyes and said, “Well, then you’ll be hurting a lot longer, then.” With that, she nonchalantly left.
The resident physician came by briefly to check, and I asked if I could put a Foley catheter in. He laughed and said, “Yeah, sure, good luck with that!”
I got the catheter, waited between contractions, and pushed baby up with one arm while inserting the catheter with the other. It slid in beautifully, and an entire liter (1000 cc) drained out.
As it turned out, the full bladder was blocking the baby’s progress. Things were better for about a half hour, then my patient started to totally lose control. She kicked and screamed hysterically, nearly non-stop. I was terrified, but no one would help me (or her). I checked her cervix for dilation, and nothing was happening!
Her screaming was irritating a lot of the staff and finally a nurse came in and told me to take her for an X-ray. The radiology department was four floors down, and then down an endless hall. I could not comprehend transporting this poor woman on a trip like that, particularly with her level of pain. I asked for a portable X-ray, but was declined. “Just get her X-ray and see if she’s really got a reason to be screaming like that!”
Off we went, in an elevator with visitors, down the hall: it was an exercise in shame and punishment for my patient. I was stunned at how many people stared at her judgementally. I covered her face with the sheet when I could, but there was no confidentiality to be had for her.
The abdominal X-ray showed that her baby’s head was too large to pass through the birth canal—it was clearly misshaped by her pelvic bones.
Upon returning to the labor and delivery suite, she was reluctantly prepared for her Cesarean section. I was shocked how slowly things moved. I worried the baby’s head would actually get stuck within the birth canal.
Now, this patient did receive occasional pain medication, but the dosage was absolutely ineffective, even for a few moments. Of course, it is not safe to overmedicate mama because of the baby’s reaction to the sedative effects. It is difficult to express my level of relief when she was placed under general anesthesia, and the screaming finally stopped. I am sure she felt the same.
The Cesarean was quickly under way, but my worst fear did come to pass. Two strong, muscular residents were pulling on the baby with all their might to remove his head from her pelvis. It was stuck, and there were several tense minutes until they finally strong-armed the baby out.
Miraculously, there was no damage from all the pulling, and ultimately, mother and baby were together postpartum, smiling and peaceful. I thought the day had ultimately ended well and headed to the class meeting to discuss our experiences that day. I had a lot to debrief because I seriously couldn’t take eight hours of non-stop screaming ever again and had decided that obstetrics was probably not the best fit for me.
We all discussed our experiences of the day, including mine. The charge nurse had joined our discussion and after I finished up with my proclamation that I didn’t believe OB was best for me, both the charge nurse and my instructor piped up with the wisdom for the day: “Black women always just scream like that; they don’t mind spreading to get pregnant, but they sure hate when they have to pay the piper. You learn to ignore it.”
I stood up, walked out, and never went back. I had enough credits to move out of OB, and I never wanted to see those women again. I thought through the whole day’s activities and realized that it was never really me they were ignoring, it was her, because of her skin.
She had the worst complications of childbirth of all the women I had attended, so of course she hurt more! So she screamed more -- anyone would have. Every intervention was delayed for no decent reason. I shudder to think how long she would have waited if I hadn’t been constantly bugging everyone to intervene. I found the entire day extremely disturbing in retrospect. Thank goodness that at least she and her son survived.

🖤Invitation to e-meet🖤Did you know that since COVID-19 was introduced divorce rates in China have risen as couples spend...

🖤Invitation to e-meet🖤

Did you know that since COVID-19 was introduced divorce rates in China have risen as couples spend more time together during the mandatory quarantine? Domestic violence has also increased.

I'd like to invite you AND your mate to a *special edition of my Monthly Coaching Session. The coronavirus is taking its' toll on our lives, our families, and our relationships so meet me (and my main squeeze) for an uplifting conversation about how our blended families and our relationships can survive and thrive during these unsure times.
📌To RSVP, LINK IN BIO (Or sign up at https://NajaHall.as.me/VIP) .
📌When: Thursday 7:30pm est (6:30 cst) .
📌Where: Via Zoom conferencing app. Link
provided upon confirmation.
📌Who: You+your mate+wine (or water) .
📌Topic: How to survive coronavirus as a Couple *Special Session .
📌More information: You are not required to appear on video. Audio attendees are still welcome to participate. We will start ON TIME. You may attend solo or with your companion. The conferencing app is available via mobile or computer. All ages, relationship status welcome. This session will last approximately 2 hours. You may observe, chime in, answer questions, offer resources, etc. Due to the circumstances, this session will be open so you're welcome to invite a friend. Simply forward them this email. A replay will be available should you not be able to attend.

I look forward to seeing you Thursday! -xoxo Naja Hall

That time we went to kick in on the Equator! Shoutout to @hitham for taking great care of us!#honeymoon #Maldives #6Star...

That time we went to kick in on the Equator! Shoutout to @hitham for taking great care of us!

#honeymoon #Maldives #6StarResort #2016 #IndianOcean


Been a while!🖤🖤🖤


Thankyou soooo much for featuring me in your beautiful black history month series friend!❤
Reposted from @mrdariusbrown Today, let’s celebrate @missnajadotcom who has made helping blended-families live harmoniously her life’s work @blendedandblack. Keep the healing going in our communities with your podcast, books and coaching.
#blendedandblack - #regrann

NEW PODCAST ALERT EP: 30 Who is Gonna Take Care of Our Aging Parents?I recently chatted with Money Expert Larvizo Wright...

NEW PODCAST ALERT EP: 30 Who is Gonna Take Care of Our Aging Parents?
I recently chatted with Money Expert Larvizo Wright. In are era where it seems like it's Millennials vs. Everybody, we tackled issues such as the growing gap in wealth, aging out of the workforce with no money, and the sandwich generation's responsibility to raise children of their own and care for elderly parents.

To check out this episode and all previous, visit https://www.najahall.com/podcast/

*Available on all streaming platforms. Search 'I Know I'm Crazy with Naja Hall'

VIP Stepmom by Naja Hall

VIP Stepmom by Naja Hall

🚫STOP Comparing yourself to his EX🚫
Being a stepmom comes with its own set of challenges. The fact that you've given your heart to a man that must raise a child with another woman can lead to feelings of insecurity, isolation, and frustration. As our guest,#KristenSkiles, founder of Stepmomming: Co-Parenting, Blended Family & Stepmom Blog says, "Comparison is the thief of joy" and it will certainly steal happy moments away from your relationship. In this video, Naja, Founder of www.VIPStepmom.com and Kristen chat on ways to quit the comparison game and they even share some of their most embarrassing "stepmom" moments.

If you haven't grabbed a membership to my exclusive community, then you're missing out! Each month, I bring in an Expert for a MEMBERS ONLY workshop. We hold a Live Group Coaching Session and we've partnered with StepMom Magazine so that our members get full access to each monthly issue. We also produce a monthly VIP podcast, eBook, courses, and there's a private chat room for our members. If you are looking for the total experience and ultimate value, real-life interaction, and healing, visit https:/www.VIPStepmom.com/register today! Your tribe awaits.
xo Naja

Stepmom Burnout Class
Stepmom Burnout Class

Stepmom Burnout Class

STEPMOM, are you ready for a change! Thursday, February 13, 2020 8pm est *This is a LIVE event NEW MASTERCLASS by Naja Hall Fill out the form to attend Being a stepmother can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and flat out hopelessness. Over time (or just a few adverse events) even the most...

Hanging with my #Opera superstar friends @jenea @maestroweather #classicalmusic #carnegiehall

Hanging with my #Opera superstar friends @jenea @maestroweather
#classicalmusic #carnegiehall

How to start a SUCCESSFUL podcast

I can't count how many times I've heard, I wanna become a writer or I want to start a podcast. My advice is to start doing it TODAY!
Lasted year, I wanted to start a podcast so I bought a $40 mic online, plugged it into my PC and I sat in my pajamas and I just talked. As of today, 27 episodes have a combined 132,000 downloads. Not so bad for a job that I get to wear pajamas to.
Yup, it's a job because I offer advertisement slots and that means I get a coin.
Season TWO of my favorite podcast," I Know I'm CRAZY with Naja Hall" premieres next Tuesday, January 21st. At 7am EST every (other) Tuesday, I post brand new episodes. This season is ALREADY lined up with bangers, game changers, trailblazers, triggers, tearjerkers and straught up edu-taining real talk.
I Know I'm CRAZY podcast with Naja Hall podcast available on ALL streaming plaforms. Visit www.NajaHall.com/podcast to catch up on Season One.
I'll see ya Tuesday morning!
Season TWO of I Know I'm CRAZY coming January 21st at 7am EST!
Visit www.NajaHall.com/podcast to catch up on all of the CRAZINESS!

About: I know I’m Crazy podcast, hosted by Naja Hall focuses on divorce, coparenting, steparenting, childhood trauma, and emotional wellness by putting a light-hearted spin on very serious topics. As a well-known Life Coach, author and curator of one of the largest blended family platforms, Naja has a knack for providing resources that guide people through some of life’s toughest moments in a relatable way. Her unique way of simplifying complex subject-matter is a special gift and her ability to connect makes everyone feel right at home. Naja resides in New York City. She is a Wife and a Stepmom of 3. Listen, we’re all a little CRAZY, so let’s get CRAZY together!

Just because it's Monday...

Just because it's Monday...

When ya husband, ya paster and all of pastor's sons are all #Nupes, ya gotta get a pic in the pulpit. Happy #J5 to broth...

When ya husband, ya paster and all of pastor's sons are all #Nupes, ya gotta get a pic in the pulpit. Happy #J5 to brothers of #KappaAlphaPsi

Happy Holidays from me and Tony!🎅🤶🌲

Happy Holidays from me and Tony!🎅🤶🌲

Wednesday, martinis in Manhattan Thursday, (no) sun on South Beach

Wednesday, martinis in Manhattan
Thursday, (no) sun on South Beach

Day 2 of 4: Toilet Stories In August 2007, I'd been an official New Yorker for a month. My 1st time on the subway, I wit...

Day 2 of 4: Toilet Stories

In August 2007, I'd been an official New Yorker for a month. My 1st time on the subway, I witnessed a homeless man take a sh*t, in broad daylight, as if no one else existed ON the train.
I remember walking home thinking I should've moved to LA. The homeless seemed more civilized whenever I'd visited Los Angelos.
I couldn't afford to "boycott" the train because the $3000 stash I saved was quickly dwindling since I was taking cabs everywhere.
So on a sweltering summer day, I boarded the C train. It smelled like piss, the fare was only about $2.25 though.
I immediately spotted a celebrity! I didn't know his name off the top of my head, but my eyes lit up when I saw him see me! He waved and I told him I was a fan of his work. He was extremely gracious and talkative. I shared that I'd moved to New York City a month prior because I wanted to "do something in entertainment". At that time, I had no clue what exactly I wanted to do in entertainment. By the way, in 2019, I can't say that I'm totally sold on one lane.
Actor #ReginaldCathey said something to me that I "put out" of my mind until recently. I wasn't trying to hear his advice back then, but he said, "Young lady, it would be smart if you spent your youthful, beautiful years in LA. Build a film and TV career there. And when you're old and established, come back to New York occasionally to do theater."
I immediately tossed that advice because my lil dwindling $3000 wasn't enough to get me West.
I don't know what would've happened if I had the fortitude to follow his advice. I wasn't ready to make a quick pivot. I couldn't reconcile picking up and moving (again) after a month.
Sometimes, I wish I had listened to Mr. Cathey...especially as I'm trekking through 4 feet of snow just to pick up a bag of Granny Smith Apples.
As I sit here, angry because I JUST stepped in a muddy puddle of melted ice in my new Thanksgiving retro Jordan's, I wonder if I've made a mistake with the last 13 years of my life.

New York winters will make you question everything.

I don't know man. Who really knows anything?

RIP Reginald Cathey

It's beginning to look a lot like "Crimuh"😳😜🤶🎅

It's beginning to look a lot like "Crimuh"😳😜🤶🎅

When I was in elementary school, our class took a trip to President Andrew Jackson's plantation in Nashville called Herm...

When I was in elementary school, our class took a trip to President Andrew Jackson's plantation in Nashville called Hermitage. I was a little girl, but I can remember the perfectly-manicured tree lined walkway. The massive white house was stately and intimidating. The musuem displayed dresses and day wear of the plantation mistress and master. There was even antebellum music playing softly.
Then I remember seeing the little brown slave quarters. Tiny, dilapidated wooden shacks that people that looked EXACTLY like me were forced to live in. They gave birth in the dead of winter in the shacks. They turned scraps of food into meals for their families. They wept as they were forced to bear their master's babies due to rape. They were whipped and beaten because of disobedience. They were hung from trees and castrated like animals.
As a kid, I remember the teacher showing us an auction block. She even called one of my classmates to stand on the auction block so he could see what it felt like to be sold into slavery!
We took another field trip to the Underground Railroad as kids. We sat in a dim, small tunnel being told stories about how people that were probably our relatives, were trying to escape slavery. The tour guide wore makeup so he could look dingy and the only light was a lantern. They even had chains strewn about for effect.

Now that I think about it, this was some traumatizing sh*t for a kid!

I once got an invitation to a wedding at a plantation.

You want me to celebrate on the literal grounds of genocide?
Girl, I ain't coming to that sh*t!
It's such a slap in the face that these places are still heralded as landmarks of Southern pride and tradition.
I was today years old when I learned that the Statute of Liberty's REAL purpose was to
to commemorate the end of Slavery in the US. The lies! The lies!
I do wonder when all of the plantations will be condemned and destroyed and the land will be redistributed to and dedicated to the very people who's blood fed its soil.

No, I'm not coming to your plantation wedding.


New York, NY


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