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To the Red Pill. The economy is getting worse & Standards of living are much higher now then ever. Men 2day are demonized & den-franchised. This page will keep you up to date with events around the world. Other MGTOWs/Zeta-Males and MGTOW friendly ppl are welcome to share input. Live a simple life. Spend wisely and Don't live beyond your means. Go MGTOW, GOOD LUCK & GO GHOST! ;) If you are a MGTOW/MRA, Gamer, Anime lover, Movie goer, and Comic book geek you are more then welcome to join. Please no hate or violence remarks, we are all peaceful here.

Mission: Unplug as much Men from the matrix as possible. Make Normal men into Self Actualizing Men.

Operating as usual

Movember UK

Movember is only half way done.

#redpill #MGTOW #movember

Today marks the halfway point. What a ride so far. Thanks to everyone growing, moving, hosting and Mo-ing their own way this Movember.

You are all legends. Thank you.

Let's make the next two weeks even better. Get the donations in. Together we can change the face of men's health: movember.com/fundraising

This is why I Avoid dating all women above 30. I'm not back up.#mgtow  #staywoke  #geeklife

This is why I Avoid dating all women above 30. I'm not back up.

#mgtow #staywoke #geeklife





I will leave this here

I live like this. Plus look at the view.#mgtow #ibmor

I live like this. Plus look at the view.

#mgtow #ibmor



Time is relative. 😏

Don't forget to set your clocks an hour ahead this Sunday! ⏰

AND have a happy and safe Halloween! 🎃


Dear #MGTOW ,     Women love sex more than Men!A truth that is meant to be hidden from men.Women love sex much more than...

Dear #MGTOW ,

Women love sex more than Men!
A truth that is meant to be hidden from men.
Women love sex much more than men. The reason they lie about it is because their survival depends on it. Have you wondered why they have stacks of sex toys? Have you ever wondered why they discriminate against guys with little dicks?
The major problem is that they're always stocked between sex and resources. The man they crave may not have the resources or fancy them and the man that has the resources may not have high libido or even have much time for sex.
Secondly, in other to get resources from a man, she needs to have the upper hand or the power in the relationship. And sex being her only bargaining power. She has to constantly deceive the man into loving her, seduce him enough to always make him thirsty.
Many women remedy this with sex toys while taking resources from the man, others remedy this by using another man's resources to pay for another man's dick.
Recently a woman has been taking me out, giving me cash and food just to have me deep my dick in her trash.
And during my relationship days, a woman used to play with my dick every time. Even when am sleeping or tired, she'll remove my boxer and start playing with my dick until it stands then she start trusting it. They're always trying to seduce you in order to make you thirsty, then withdraws it so you come begging for it. By so doing, they get all the power.
Do not be deceived. Women love sex more than men.
Many a time I pity women. In the sense that, you imagine sex is your only means of getting anything. They're stocked in a position where they always have to worry about the man knowing they love sex so much and consequently realizing that the woman is useless. Share and stay Free in Power.



Movember is coming.


#mgtow #movember #menshealth

Movember is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health on a global scale, focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.



Why Red Pills Don't Work on Simps

Not going to lie, but 90 Day Fiancé to me is a great motivational show for #Mgtow. I avoid relationships like the plague; however, I ALWAYS enjoy watching relationships crash! Too much fun!!!


90 Day Fiancé on HULU.

#redpill #90dayfiance #90dayfiancehappilyeverafter #IBMOR #greencard #truth

This video is about 90 Day Fiance stars Anfisa and Jorge Support This Channel Paypal Donate: https://www.paypal.me/TBYSDONATE SubscribeStar: https://www.subs...





Why is this? Just a quick thought for conversation. I think it's possible men find their masculine strength by overcoming their emotional soft spots. Like the ability and need of a hunter's self-preservation. Survival in a lonesome exploration, and then to come back with provisions with the gratefulness of their home, and their people. It's hard to picture this sort of necessary ability in an age of our modern conveniences, but thinking of humans in our most basic instinctive ways versus nature makes this a very plausible answer, in my opinion. Maybe men are the strong shoulder to lean on, and they should take pride in that. Men might confide in select people without needing the validation from strangers and needing to popular. Men tend to have a high capacity with the emotional toughness they (hopefully) develop. Maybe they don't express emotions in the way women do. But with the pressure that men can build with their hardened emotional state, men must find ways to unleash their pressure in other outlets, and "blow off steam" to return to a healthy content state.

But there's a very serious problem in our modern age. Men are running out of outlets! They need exercise, they need punching bags, they need to be able to flirt, they need to be able to be masculine in an overly controlling work place. Pent up aggression will bring men to a mental break. Do they become anti-social? Does the suppression of the natural aggression make them depressed? Do they succumb to it and commit suicide? Does it stunt maturity? Does it increase violence? Does it influence emasculated effeminate traits? I'd wager, yes. Weak men are a national risk, but men without support and an outlet is a risk to their wellbeing. It's much more serious in our modern age that's trying to control everything about a man's nature and domesticate humanity's hunters/warriors.




A MGTOW Perspective of OnlyFans

Onlyfans is a barometer and indicator of how many Simps we have in Earth.


#MGTOW #mensrights #IBMOR #meninist

Hey friends, Thank you for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, I want to about the MGTOW perspective of OnlyFans. Support the Channel Directly by Leaving a Li...

Feminists are done!!#mensrights

Feminists are done!!



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