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Real Talk Watch entrepreneurs & business executives share personal stories about how they built their careers. Hosted by Carlos Gil. Watch entrepreneurs and business executives share how they built their careers and corporations.

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Behind the scenes of Real Talk. Follow for all-new episodes.

Behind the scenes of Real Talk. Follow for all-new episodes.

Behind the scenes of Real Talk. Follow for all-new episodes.

Hip-Hop and Mobile Marketing

Watch Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist & producer Ryan Leslie joined by Kerry Flynn of Digiday and Entrepreneur Editor-in-Chief Jason Feifer discuss digital marketing trends.

Influencer Marketing Myths Revealed

On this episode of “Real Talk,” Gregory Galant (Founder, “The Shorty Awards”) and Gerard Adams (Host, “Leaders Create Leaders”) share insights for entrepreneurs looking to grow their brands and advice for those who wish to monetize.

Legacy Brand Marketing with Bonin Bough

Watch Bonin Bough (Host, "Cleveland Hustles") share what made him successful as Chief Media Officer for Mondelēz International, and previously at PepsiCo, as well as why marketers should be “fearless” to grow their brand.

Marketing Truths with Nick Utton

Learn how to sell to a Chief Marketing Officer and uncover marketing secrets with Nick Utton, former CMO at BMC Software, E*TRADE Financial, and Mastercard.


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About “Real Talk”

Award-winning digital storyteller and marketer Carlos Gil interviews notable figures in the world of business as they share personal stories on how they built their careers and corporations on “Real Talk” in partnership with Nasdaq and Entrepreneur.

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I will join real talk from today
Real talk Masaya lang ako pag kasama ko mga kaibigan ko💛
COVENANT CHARGE (Gen 47:2-6) Thanks be to God who has launched us into His Abundance. To be launched into Abundance is one thing and to experience the Abundance is the main thing. The Abundance we prayed for and are hoping to experience won't come by wishes, it will come as opportunities and those who are ready for it will enjoy the blessings. Joseph's brothers have just arrived Egypt with no idea of how things will go, no prior notice that they will be meeting with the king yet 5 of them were fit to meet with the king; five who not only talk sensibly but also look presentable. Please, be presentable! You don't need expensive clothes to dress well. Some people will not have the confidence to hand over a serious contract to an unkept fellow. Develop the extra effect! This is the main focus of today's charge. The extra effect is the uncommon ability; that special touch or extra value that distinguishes a man from the rest. Most times, we pray for what we are not prepared for. Opportunity has no patience and it only favours those who are prepared for it. Pharaoh in verse 6 requested for men with extra ability though he didn't advertise job vacancies but he was ready to make room for men with such pedigree. These men were not trained for king. They got themselves marketable for any open opportunity that could come. (Pro 22:29) There may be scarcity of opportunities but people with extra effect are always sort for. Remember prayer is good but cannot take the place of doing the right thing. The extra touch you add to your business or duties stands you out and attracts blessings to you. No matter how lowly your job is; find a way of adding that extra effect to it and men will cover distances to come to you. Beloved, get trained, be upgraded. Find better new ways of doing the same thing for a better result.(2Tim 3:17) Develop extra effect in your endeavours while waiting for the opportunity. May you experience Abundance in Jesus Name. Prayer: Dear God, give me the strength to take the right steps towards my success in Jesus Name
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