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I’ve seen so many people date for the wrong reasons – myself included. It’s easy to date for “marketing.” (“Will the person like me? Am I attractive enough? Will I be what they are looking for? Will they reject me?”) Now, on the other hand, if you date for values and non-negotiables, not only will the connection be rich and deep off the bat, but think about how many tears, sleepless nights, and angsty text messages you can skip… So… I’m starting a new campaign today, “DATE FOR VALUES!”… See you on the campaign trail! (BTW: Not looking for romance? This still applies: Hiring people, meeting new friends, looking for new groups, and more).


If I look back at the times in my life when I had the slowest growth, I see one thing in common: I didn’t build in the time to invest in my personal or professional education. If I flip this realization on its head, I also see that the moments of most exponential growth are the moments when I took resources of time and money and invested in educating myself. It takes energy to make a plant grow, and it takes energy to make your mind grow. Time and money are both forms of energy… So, it seems to me that there is a law of nature involved with getting bigger and stronger…


That is the question. How many times have we heard ourselves say, “I don’t deserve that”? Maybe it’s a good emotion you deny yourself from feeling, or perhaps it’s a bath you don’t take because you didn’t earn it, or perhaps you didn’t invest in yourself because you “felt” like you didn’t deserve it. I know I’ve done these things. So, let’s focus on what we DO deserve, shall we? It’s time to slam down gratitude for all the things you DO deserve, isn’t it?


Pick a topic where you want to grow. Commit now to a 7-day growth challenge for yourself. Do you want to learn how to control your emotions in a new way? Do you want to learn how to make your mother’s chicken soup recipe? Do you want to learn how to be a better friend? There is NO right place to start other than starting somewhere. Maybe you will need to google, or maybe you will need to sign up for a Udemy course, or maybe you will need to interview people who have already done what you want to do. Each day take a MINIMUM of 5 minutes on that topic. The goal of life is not to have daily breakthroughs. The goal is to move the needle and grow a bit each day. You can’t lose 100 lbs in one week, and you can’t master any topic in an hour. Investing in yourself is a habit.


In the book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell demonstrates that people with great success have a minimum investment of 10,000 hours of building up to their breakthrough. Overnight success is a myth. It’s a perception. Overnight success is not sustainable. It takes real work and leaning into lots of failure to have massive growth and “overnight” success.


Whelp, turns out selectively numbing emotions is not possible. I found out the hard way that if I tried to be stronger than nature, nature just pushed back on me even harder. As with all of my no-so-nice experiences of being human, I hope that others, like you, get to grow from this experience as well. Thanks for letting me share this with you here.


It’s easy to dismiss all the emotions you feel during the day. I’ve personally dismissed the emotions that feel good because I felt like I didn’t deserve them, and I’ve tried to numb the negative emotions because I didn’t want to feel them. So… Take 60 seconds with me here to slam down gratitude for the feelings we feel. The more we can understand the way we feel the better we can relate to the outside world. Why? Because as humans we are designed by nature to have emotions. It’s part of our hundreds of thousands of years of evolution… So…let’s slam the gratitude down for the beauty that nature as created.


Allow yourself to sit in your emotions. For an entire week, take five minutes at the end of each day to list all the emotions you remember experiencing. The high and the low ones.
​You can even DM me your list here or respond in the comments section below. Tag me and I’ll respond!


Woah! Just reading that title of this video will probably make some people growl. I often hear people say things like, “Cheer up! Happiness Is a Choice, You Know.”…Oh man, I couldn’t disagree with this statement more.


I’ve never seen so many people baffled by my choice to take a 7-day cruise all by myself without friends, family, or my wife… Reflection time with no agenda is one of the most powerful uses of my time I have used throughout my life. Let me share with you more…


This is an engaging topic that comes up a lot in coaching and on the Gratitude Slam on Facebook. Let’s together do a 1-minute slam on Self-care guilt and the lessons we learned from it.


As I coach people, I keep hearing how there is just not enough time for self-care. I’m calling BS on this right now. And the reason I can call BS on this right now is because I used to say it myself. So, there is a way to start building trust with yourself that you are working on the self-care. Micro-dosing yourself in self-care will start to build your immunity to the guilt that often accompanies taking care of yourself first. You don’t need to have the guilt anymore. The guilt doesn’t serve you… Take the time for you, and you can take the time for others in ways you never knew you had the strength to achieve.


You hear the phrase “time is money…” I only partially agree with this. Time and money are both energy resources. The difference, however, is that you can always get more money. Once time is used you can never get it back. I’ve learned that if I treat my time as one of my most precious resources, I can create better health, deeper relationships, and more financial resources.


Oh man, did this one hurt!


I don’t like failing… Let me make that very clear. BUT, I have. From many of those less-than-desirable results have come some of my greatest triumphs. This is an abridged version of the Gratitude Slam I do on Facebook. Listen to what I have to say, then slam down three areas in your life where you are grateful the failure happened because it made you stronger for the future.


The one thing you and I can’t do is take back the times when we already failed. So we might as well do something productive with that failure, no matter how badly it hurt. I’m not trying to repress the grieving process, but I am looking at a way to ensure we never have to go through that depth of failure in that area again. DM me or add to the comments section how your biggest failure to date has made you stronger and smarter…


There seems to be a fundamental attitude that successful people have towards failure. People who see failure as an opportunity to grow and fortify tend to outpace everyone else. When failure occurs there is a choice to be made: to react or to respond. Successful people choose to respond instead of falling prey to their emotions.


I always set goals. The only problem has been that I set so many goals with such drastic numbers, that nothing really ever got my attention. Although I did attain momentum, I never truly received the gratification of crushing all my goals. So, what did I do? I narrowed down my goals to only a few things, and I put an intention behind my entire year… Here is my story of how it went.


It’s easy to set goals. It takes a massive amount of work to actually take action on them. Gratitude flexes your mind to see what is possible. Let’s take exactly 1 minute and slam down gratitude for the goals we recently set for ourselves. I’d love to hear the three things you are grateful for. DM me or add them to the comments section below.


Years ago, I started setting an intention to carry me through an entire year. It was a game changer for me. Notice, my intention is not my goal, but it is the ‘why and how’ I approach all my goals. What is your one-word intention for the rest of the year?


How can you help others set resolutions this New Year?
The answer is actually quite simple.
1.Make sure their resolutions are measurable.
2. Set check-in points with them NOW.


I’ve made career changes several times, but I’m pretty certain no one ever noticed, not even the people close to me. That’s probably because I’ve always been a fan of Risking Responsibly. Here is my story.


Slam down one minute of gratitude with me… Slamming Gratitude is a small investment that yields great returns. It’s easy to overlook the risks you HAVE taken in your life. Once you can spot the value behind the risks you have already taken, you will be more likely to take more risks because you can now prove to yourself exactly how you are capable of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.


Taking risks is a habit. Ever wonder why some people seem to consistently achieve new levels of success? This is my observation about what they do differently.


The smaller the risk, the lower the return.
The higher the risk, the higher the return.
Between the low and high is responsibility.


We may get triggered by people who don’t see the world through our personal lens. Self-Restraint is such a powerful engine. It gives us the ability to exercise curiosity and get to know someone else’s perspective differently. Since family is so close to us, it’s easy to show them your displeasure because you know they will still accept you at the end of the fury. Imagine the power you would have if you could truly understand the person in front of you and what is guiding their views. Compassion changes the way we see things. Listen to this 1-minute story and let me know where in your life you have—or could have—exercised self-restraint when it comes to engaging with family.


It’s might be easy to take the family around you for granted -- both our blood family and our chosen family. But imagine how much richer the relationships in your life could grow if you nourished them with gratitude. Gratitude has the power to change everything for us. Human relationships are complex. Through gratitude we can re-center and re-gain perspective on the things that matter most.


Community, connection, love, and significance are major human needs. Help unexpectedly fill up the tanks of your fellow humans.

Contact the people who are deeply a part of your life and thank them for being part of your family.

Receiving small gestures like this can transform a person.


You can’t choose your relatives, but you can choose how to respond to them.


I’ve made some pretty bold choices in my life, however there was one day I had to make a choice to transition into an environment that I didn’t think I was going to have to put myself into… Are there any places in your life where you need to transition? Listen to this short story and share with me if you can relate.


Our short-term desire to remain familiar and safe can easily outweigh the long-term joy & growth that will occur if we make changes in our lives. So many people I start to coach are stuck in romantic relationships, friendships, family situations, and work environments that no longer serve them. These toxic situations hold them back from happiness and the ability to live life on their terms. Shifting or removing a relationship from your life will create discomfort but know this; out of discomfort comes growth.


I want you to list 3 things you are grateful for that you are transitioning into right now. DM me or put your answer in the comments section below.


Yup… To some of you reading this you may scoff at the statement, and that’s ok, as long as you think about it for a few minutes. And, for those of you who jump up and down at the idea of this statement, I also hope you get to think about this idea for a little bit too. Most people say, “I’d be happy, BUT….” So now it’s time to look at that “BUT” right in the face and ask what you need to REMOVE from your life to live your birthright of happiness. Sometimes in life we allow other people to walk all over our “non-negotiables.” The time for understanding your boundaries is NOW….


Name three things you want to transition into. Put your answer in the comments section or DM me. Notice I am not asking you to name what you want to transition “out of”. I am asking, what do you want to transition “into”? So many people that come to me for coaching want “OUT” of something, but I can’t help them “OUT” of their situation until they know what they want to go “IN” to… So… My challenge for you this week is to tell me three things you want to transition INTO!


I’m not sure I am aware of anyone in my life who does not want to go through some form of transition in their life. Maybe they want to transition their weight, or maybe they want to transition the marital status on their tax form. It doesn’t matter what you want to change, what is important is to recognize that you want to put yourself in a state of being “in-transition”. Being in transit sometimes means you will be waiting. It also might mean you will have more uncertainty than usual. What is important to acknowledge is that you are in a transition, and that takes bravery. So… Lean in… Get on the bus and get yourself in-transit.


The bonds of love run so deep that we are sometimes blinded by the fact that the actual relationship is toxic. One of the most disorienting, but confident decisions I ever had to make was to remove someone I loved deeply…


Want life to flow better? Start getting comfortable saying “no” in the correct moments.


Through our personal development, we will need to make the decision to remove people from our lives. Not everyone who entered our life serves us in the life we are in now… In my own life, there were situations where I didn’t realize that a relationship had run its course, and the other person put an end to the “way things were”. It wasn’t until now that I recognize how much growth occurred from that relationship ending. Join me and slam down in this 1-minute slam the gratitude we have for the people that let us go.


Part of life is being perfectly imperfect. Your stability must come from within. If you rely on outside sources to make you feel complete, it turns those sources into a drug. It’s ok to love yourself from exactly where you are. From where you are is the only place you can grow from.


Think of a relationship that is not serving you right now. What is the “non-negotiable” that is being broken because of the presence of that relationship? When you identify your non-negotiables, you can spot when they are breached. I hope you DM me or put your answer to this video in the comments section below.


They are however sometimes 60/40 or 90/10 or 51/49…


“If someone doesn’t bring you happiness, you have the right to remove them from your life.” – I know some of you are thinking I’m a cold-hearted coach just for saying this… Listen to the video and hear me out.


How will you choose to meditate this Monday? Clear your mind as you take a step back & relax!


As a coach, I often hear people say that they will start acting like a leader when they get the promotion. To this day, my mouth falls on the floor when I hear it, and I hear it way more than I’d like to admit. This is my story of the first time I encountered this mindset.


At “The Legacy Show #001” Sierra led the entire audience in saying this phrase. The energy of the room was remarkable. Even the strongest of men and women need to slow down and acknowledge how enough they really are. Add this to your mirror or post it on your computer screen and call on it in the moments you seek a reminder that you deserve the world you wish to pursue and you are enough to pursue that world from the exact place you are.


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