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Mission: Dedicated to inspire people to be the best version of themselves and leave behind a positive legacy.

Quote Of The Week

When you unclutter your mind you #unlock your #potential to #connect with anyone. That's what naked #curiosity is all about! Open your mind, ask questions, and unlock your potential to pursue new #opportunities and experiences.

Michael Minute

Long-lasting impact is essential to #legacy and leadership! Without the strength and #encouragement of George Anthony Agbuya, I wouldn't be the #leader I am today. Recognize your role models and apply their practices to your own #life to ensure that you too can be a #strong leader!

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

What does it mean to be a #strong leader? Today we show appreciation for those who have made it their #mission to #guide others toward a life of #success and fulfillment. Who's someone in your life that has shown strength for leadership? Share in the comments!

I Challenge You To Inspire You

This week we challenge you to help others grow! If you want to see your leadership flourish, it is important to serve your followers as effectively as possible! Take note of what others need in order to create an impactful legacy.

Quote Of The Week

If serving is below you, than #leadership is beyond you. This week we are focusing on the importance of serving others in order to become a #stronger leader! How has helping others helped you grow? Share your story below!

Quote Of The Week

It's okay to feel what you feel! The next time you find yourself shutting down your emotions, embrace them instead. Don't suck it up! Allow yourself to feel and get in touch with your inner self!

I Challenge You To Inspire You

This week we #challenge you to explore the polarities between #masculine and #feminine energy. By #understanding the differences, you will be able to have a stronger understanding of #romantic relationships along with the benefits of each energy.

Quote Of The Week

This week we are discussing the different #forces that drive #romantic relationships. Before you can participate in a #healthy and #happy romantic relationship, you must first #flirt with life. Allow yourself to embrace #love and the love that #life has to offer will quickly come your way. Thanks Matthew Hussey for the inspiration.

Michael Minute

Allowing anxiety to rule your life ruins your relationships. Find a healthy way to cope with your worries to ensure that anxiety does not create a negative effect on your relationship.

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

How can you learn to appreciate your anxiety? While it may appear to be more of a stressor than something to be grateful for, there is a silver lining to every fault & we want you to find it!

I Challenge You To Inspire You

This week we challenge you to categorize your anxiety by writing down each time you feel nervous or worried. By doing so, you may see some commonalities between what makes you feel anxious, allowing you a better understanding and a possible solution to reduce your stressors.

Michael Minute

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here's this week's #MichaelMinute revolving around the ways luck can hit you unexpectedly! How has luck affected your life?

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

In honor of St. Patrick's Day we are expressing our gratitude for the ways in which we have manifested luck in our lives! Do you have an experience you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

Quote Of The Week

Here's your Quote Of The Week! Did you know there is actually a formula for luck? When preparation meets opportunity, luck is created! Instead of waiting for your lucky day, begin preparing and seeking opportunities to make your own luck!

Michael Minute

Know that you're not reaching your highest potential? Afraid to take that next step? Leveling up in life means facing your fear of failure and embracing your journey as you begin the next chapter of your life!

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

Here's this week's 1 Minute #GratitudeSlam - How have you taken action in the pursuit of your passions? Let us know how your actions have altered your life in the comments!

Challenge Of The Week

This week we #challenge you to live with intention! Don't wait for the next big #opportunity to come your way, but go out & find it yourself! Take action this week and see the difference in the results of waiting VS working!

Quote Of The Week

Waiting for the right time defers people from following their dreams. There is no such thing as the "perfect" or "right" time, all we have is the NOW. What will you do with your now?

Michael Minute

This week, Michael talks about a time when he put his trust in someone, only to have it broken minutes later. Presenting your trust is an important factor in all relationships. As the weekend dwindles down, take note of the ways in which trust has had an effect on your immediate relationships with others.

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

Here's this week's 1 Minute Gratitude Slam! How can you express gratitude for trust? Whether it be someone putting their trust in you or you feeling as if you can finally trust another, let us know below!

I Challenge You To Inspire You

This week we challenge you to invest into the Piggy Bank of Trust. Take note of the different ways you show your trust in others & how they return that trust to you!

Quote Of The Week

Trust is the premise of every relationship. How will you show your trust to friends and partners this week? Let us know in the comments.

Michael Minute

Don't put your dreams on the back burner! The time will never be right, so go after what you want NOW! Don't wait until you're "ready".

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

Here's your 1 Minute Gratitude Slam! Career changes are not always easy, but today it's time to express gratitude for both the #positive and #negative results of these transitions! Have some you want to share? Join us on Facebook for deeper conversation! Link in bio!

Challenge Of The Week

This week we #challenge you to remember to be first and put your job second. Be the #human you want to be #remembered as, not the #employee someone else wants you to be. Your individuality and aspirations are more important than your current job title.

Quote Of The Week

It's not about what you want to be, but why you want to be it. Why are you going after a certain career? Who do you want to serve? Are you limiting yourself or reaching your future potential?

Michael Minute

Why pursue something with no passion? Don't let the fear of imperfection hold you back from going after what you want. Own your craft. Own your originality. Share it with the world.

Michael Minute

Here's this week's Michael Minute! Have a similar experience? Let us know in the comments!

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

Here's your 1 Minute Gratitude Slam. How can you appreciate solitude this week? Let us know in the comments!

This #ValentinesDay whether you are spending it by yourself or with a significant other, remember that you are #stronges...

This #ValentinesDay whether you are spending it by yourself or with a significant other, remember that you are #strongest when you are alone! Allowing yourself to fully #embrace your own being promotes feelings of #strength and resilience that cannot be found in the arms of another.

I Challenge You To Inspire You

This week we #challenge you to be alone! The best date you can ever have is with yourself. Find #comfort in being #alone & begin enjoying time with yourself.

Quote Of The Week

Happy Valentine's Week! Before you can love anyone else, you have to love yourself first. #Understand your faults, compliment your strengths, and #appreciate everything that makes you, YOU.

Challenge Of The Week

So many people put off pursuing their craft in fear that their product will not be perfect. Today we challenge you to understand that perfection is a fantasy. Art is raw and authentic and cannot be created around a perfected image. How will you use your creativity to make something this week? Let us know in the comments!

Quote Of The Week

Here's this week's #QuoteOfTheWeek ! Art is all about #limitations. Work around your #boundaries to create something meaningful!

Michael Minute

The crow is the same wherever you go! You can blame the weather or the city or the people around you, but sometimes it is best to own your blame and recognize that a change of #attitude is better than a change of scenery.

I Challenge You To Inspire You

Every time you catch yourself #blaming something or someone, touch your nose. Become extremely #aware of how often you blame others for actions that are either out of their #control OR in your control. Going forward, how will you transfer the responsibility of your actions onto yourself? Let us know in the comments!

Quote Of The Week

This week's #QuoteOfTheWeek puts the #blame on YOU. That's right, everything is YOUR fault. It's time to swallow your #pride & become #accountable for your actions. Take the blame, take responsibility, and move forward!

Michael Minute

Don't let being the "nice guy" get in the way of your curiosity! Make sure you allow yourself to ask questions in order to grow rather than cowering behind your fear! Be the good guy today & every day moving forward!

1 Minute Gratitude Slam

Here's your 1 Minute #GratitudeSlam ! This week, name 3 questions you are grateful someone has asked you! How have these questions impacted your life? Let us know in the comments below.

Say It Out Loud

Speak it into existence! Whatever it is you seek, say it out loud as you begin to turn your thoughts into actions!

I Challenge You To Inspire You

This week we #challenge you to ask yourself: What is this here to teach me? By asking the right questions, you will alter your #mindset to appreciate your ups & downs!

Life On Your Terms: Saying No More Often

In order to live life on your terms, you must learn to say "no" more often. Decline the actions, people, and places that prevent you from serving yourself & the world. It's YOUR life. You get to choose, and sometimes it is best to say NO.

Quote Of The Week

This week's #QuoteOfTheWeek revolves around the importance of asking the right questions! In order to change your mindset and the outcomes of your actions, you must first start with the way you phrase questions!



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