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According to researchers, the words you use only count towards 7% of communicating effectively. 38% of your effectiveness comes from your Tone of voice & 55% from your Body Language. Pretty mind-blowing facts, huh?


There was a time in my life it was hard for me to understand this concept.


Happy Monday! Don't let the work week bring you down! Ease into the week by starting it off with a clear mind!


(wo)Man… Do I dislike firing people. However, in the work I used to do, I was responsible for “letting go” many people. The first 100 people were a little tough for me, but as I learned that disappointing people is just a natural part of life, the last 50 got easier… I learned that I can be empathetic AND disappoint people safely at the same time.


People are BEGGING to be heard. People shouldn’t have to tattoo this message on their forehead. Lead people by listening to them. Connect.


I know… The title of this video is enough to make you cringe or think I’m a total tea bag. Disappointing people is a natural part of life. Imagine a world that had no one disappointing anyone, how productive would it be… I’m grateful for all the times I RESPONSIBLY disappointed people. What are three moments in your life you are grateful for that you had to disappoint people?


You can tell me all you want that you will be “Happier” when you get to your next job. But that is not going to happen. If you can’t find the “happy” or the “joy” or the “meaning” in the work today, you won’t be able to find it in the work tomorrow. Start living at work, right now, the way you want to be remembered.


As I coach other unique empathic individuals, this concept of the Disappointment Parachute seems to be the difference between burn-out and healthy life-flow.


How would you define meaningful work?


Disappointment is part of a healthy person’s life. It’s unavoidable and most of the time necessary for evolution to occur.


Get in your comfort zone on this #MeditationMonday as you approach situations with ease and enthusiasm!


People contact me daily to ask if I can provide coaching to help them create ‘work-life-balance.’ My immediate and consistent answer is, “I am unable to help you with that… It does not exist… But what does exist is life-flow… I can help with that”… This is my quick story on how I originally #FAILED at trying to create more balance in my life


Been there, done that, never doing it again, and I don't want you to neither.


If you actually slow down for a minute and think back to some of the scariest things you ever did, it probably yielded in some of the greatest achievements or learning lessons of your life. Let’s take exactly 60 seconds to reflect on the past and recognize exactly how brave you have already been.


They are however sometimes 60/40 or 90/10 or 51/49…


I know its cliché to say, “Do something every day that scares you”, but there is a reason that phrase is popular. Building the habit of taking action through fear seems to be a #1 trait of the most successful people I ever met. I wish for you to scare the crap out of yourself on a regular basis and thrive!


As people come to me for career coaching all the time, they say they want a better “work-Life-Balance”. I tell them that I can’t help them with that, but I can help them with “Work-life-flow”. DM me if you have any questions about what I mean.


It’s OK to be scared, but not taking action is an act of cowardice. The best way to defeat the boogie man is to put the lights on in the closet. Turning on that light switch is a form of action. Now is the time to acknowledge where you are scared and take steps towards walking through those areas of your life and work on where you want to grow.


Don't let Mondays get you down! This #MeditationMonday take some time to relax instead of letting stress consume you!


This was one of the most mind-blowing lessons of my life. Having more than 1 agenda at a time is one of the top reasons for burn-out. You are enough, I promise. So, stop wearing more than one mask at a time. In fact, don’t wear any mask at all. Just be present, vulnerable, and do the work.


By saying “No”, you allow room for other parts of your life to flow.


Take 1 minute to slam down your gratitude on the areas you have created flow in your life. Remember: If you focus on what you DO have, you will find more opportunities to do that. So even if you “feel” like you don’t have any control of your time, take a moment to join me here and focus on the areas that are flowing well… Energy flows where attention goes… Want to create more balance? We got to start by focusing on where we already are doing well in this department in order to create more.


Be a stronger leader… Slow Down. Listen. Connect with Others


This work-life-balance thing is a myth. However, life-flow is the real deal. Saying “no” is part of flow. Maturity is recognizing when to say no and when to say yes. Saying “no” might disappoint people, but disappointing people is part of a healthy life.


I remember being a Freshman in high-school, and a Senior started to bully me when he heard rumors that I was the kid saying around town that “everyone should pursue work that is meaningful to them”… He hunted me down to challenge me, “If everyone did work that was meaningful to them, there would be no garbage-collectors”… I said “That’s very presumptuous of you to say that garbage-collectors don’t find their work meaningful”. He never bothered me again… BTW: years later, recycling became not only a trendy thing, but one of the most important careers to help heal planet earth…. Go figure.


Reciprocation is imperfect. Here is what I mean.


This #MeditationMonday take a second to think about the responsibility of your actions. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, put yourself at ease over your decisions and relax! Live, learn, and start your week strong.


I wouldn’t allow myself to acknowledge the pain, therefore I didn’t deserve to heal. Every experience that on your own?


Don’t tell me that you are going to carve out the time for yourself when you make more money. Don’t tell me you will carve out the time for yourself when you retire. Don’t tell me you will carve out the time for yourself when you get the new job. If you can’t figure out how to carve out the time for yourself now, there is no way you will be able to carve out the time for ourself when the next chapter of your life happens. Denying yourself the time for you negates all the work you are doing in the first place.


We humans are dynamic. We all have things that require some form of healing at one time or another in our lives. Maybe that healing is physical, maybe it's emotional, maybe it’s both. In this 1 minute Gratitude Slam, lets give credit to ourselves for the moments we allowed to heal in the past and the things we are allowing to heal in the present. Once we see the gratitude for these items, I’d like to think we will be more inclined in the future to allow ourselves the space to come back into ease.


If these three things are respected and honored, you will lead people for the rest of their lives.


You have one job in in your lifetime: Leave behind something bigger than yourself. We all need you.


Nothing Comes Up That Isn’t Ready To Heal.


It's another #MeditationMonday ! How will you ensure that your week is stress free? We recommend taking 15 minutes out of your day to embrace your true essence by riding your mind of any doubts!


Oh man, this was hands down one of the biggest mistakes I ever learned and probably ever will learn. Please, let me help you bypass this easy-to-overlook step.


Focus on what you have and your mind will find more of what you have. Focus on wat you don't have and your mind wll find more of what you don't have.


I’m grateful for the times I’ve asked for help, and I’m grateful for the times others have asked me for help.


Every time you find yourself worrying today, bring yourself back to the present.
The best path through worry is to take some form of action.


Even I from time to time “whimp” out and don’t ask for help. Let’s take this week challenge together. Permission granted to ask for help.


Purpose + Passion + Vehicle (Job) = Fulfilment
The only part of the above recipe you can actively change is the vehicle.


What does “Asking For Help” mean to you? Is it a sign of strength or is it a sign of weakness?


Happy Monday! Don't let the work week bring you down! Ease into the week by starting it off with a clear mind!


This is a true story. Money certainly can make things easier, but it certainly can’t guarantee you fulfillment, happiness, health, or relationships.


I am a recovered workaholic AND I’m grateful for what I had to go through to get here. What’s your story?


Worry Is a Fear Of The Future.
Guilts Is A Fear Of The Past.
The Only Place You Can Live at Peace Is In The Present.


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