Project: Unicorn

Project: Unicorn Uprising Nano Imaging Craft and Observational Reusable Nomad

To experience Earth and beyond from the edge of space. Eric Pfeifer & Paul Jacobs

To experience a ride to 100,000 ft and back. A weather balloon will carry (2) cameras to the edge of space, and then parachute back to Earth. Stills to be captured with a Nokia N8 Smartphone, and video/audio with an iPhone 4 and KOGETO DOT 360 degree lens.


We hit 100 likes! Thank you all for being a part of Project: Unicorn!

The PAAVE Mission video with on-board #foofighters soundtrack... coming soon...
Twitter / Pro_Unicorn: The PAAVE Mission video with ...

The PAAVE Mission video with on-board #foofighters soundtrack... coming soon...

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Still going over the data from the flight recorded in the altimeter. It recorded altitude, pressure, and inside and outside temperatures every second. Looks like at some point the payload was falling at over 150 MPH! But don't worry, that was only when it started its descent where there wasn't much wind resistance. It landed going 20 MPH.


Saturday was such a success, but we have a lot of tweaks and ideas for the next launch. More pictures, video, and YOU will be able to track the balloon in real time! We're discussing the launch date and will let you all know soon. Thanks for all your interest in Project: Unicorn!


New launch scheduled for this Saturday! Forecast looks good. Sunny and clear.


The June 22, 2013 launch has been postponed. The weather is looking a little too unpredictable. We can't risk launching blind into the clouds where there might be planes flying. An electrical storm might also cause problems for the equipment. Hopefully next week will look better, so stay with us!


Forecast for Schenectady, NY on Saturday: Partly cloudy, 78 degrees, 20% chance of rain. Still GO for launch.


We're out of luck with KOGETO DOT 360 degree lens (for iPhone). Would be nice to record the trip in 360 degree video but they have a time limit for recording. We've reached out to them with no luck. But, we've been chatting with a similar company, Bubblepix. They seem interested, and might look into tweaking their app to record for as long as we need it to record. Their app and lens seem to be better products overall, so we're very hopeful.


After a long year and many months of research, we're almost ready to for launch on June 22, 2013. Helium tank reserved, GPS device tested and working, lights installed on payload, and we're narrowing in on a launch site. It's looking like around Schenectady, NY. The balloon should float over towards VT and land in the state forest away from any major roads, buildings, and people. Looking forward to an amazing trip!


iPhone external battery pack assembled and tested. Parachute arrived. Balloons are on their way! "Spacecraft" to be designed and assembled soon.


As of today, the balloon, radiosonde, and receiver have all been ordered. Camera power supplies to be assembled over the weekend. Testing soon.


New York, NY




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