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Paper Tiger Television Paper Tiger has been creating fun, funky, hard-hitting, investigative, compelling and truly alternative media since 1981! We are funded by the New York Council on the Arts!
Paper Tiger has been creating fun, funky, hard-hitting, investigative, compelling and truly alternative media since 1981! The programs produced at PTTV have inspired media-savvy community productions and activism around the world. Our archive includes shows that provide critical analysis of media, educate about the communications industry and highlight issues that are absent from mainstream information sources. Because of the bias and misrepresentation of issues in mainstream media it is critical to include diverse perspectives in the process of making media. PTTV strives to increase awareness of how media can be used to affect social change. A public that can strategically and creatively use the media is necessary for a more equitable and healthy democracy. Paper Tiger is funded by the New York Council on the Arts!

Climate Activists Take on Chase

There are many reasons to oppose Chase Bank. One is that they are the largest funder of fossil fuels. Watch our latest coverage of an action yesterday at Chase HQ in NYC. Thanks to Rainforest Action Network Extinction Rebellion Extinction Rebellion US and Monica Hunken. #ShutdownChase

On the morning of March 16th, a committed crew of climate activists from the Rainforest Action Network and Extinction Rebellion took on Chase Bank, the largest investor…

The Imaginary Line

In both traditional and social media platforms there is a constant drumbeat of a crisis at the border. We see masses of asylum seekers in squalid conditions. We see pundits and politicians making arguments. Rarely, however, do we ever see or hear from people who actually live in the borderlands. Watch this new original production from Paper Tiger on the resistance to the wall construction along what is known as the U.S./Mexico border. Featuring Angry Tias & Abuelas Of RGV, Texas Civil Rights Project, National Butterfly Center, Yalui Village, and Yerberia Cultura #NoWall #NoBorders

The wall along what is known as the U.S./Mexico border has been a heated topic since Trump began running for president. Now, with funding from Congress, and additional…

Reminder: Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed Eric Garner's death, is still in prison. You can write to him here: http://wec...
Ramsey Orta / WeCopwatch

Reminder: Ramsey Orta, the man who filmed Eric Garner's death, is still in prison. You can write to him here:

Ramsey is currently at Groveland correctional facility: Inmate Mailing Address: Ramsey Orta 16A4200 P.o box 50 Sonyea ,New York 14556 He can get books magazines, regular mail, and money orders. You can also donate directly to Ramsey using his Paypal [email protected] If you have any quest...

Activated: Uber and Lyft Workers Strike Back

Today, across the globe, thousands of workers for Lyft and Uber went on strike. Watch this video from the Taxi Workers Alliance celebration in Long Island City. NY Taxi Workers Alliance #UberLyftStrike

Lyft and Uber are going public, and they're workers are waking up to their conditions. Some work 70-80 hour weeks for less than minimum wage, with few protections…

Today, thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers across the country are on strike. This is an important step in organizing the ...

Today, thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers across the country are on strike. This is an important step in organizing the sharing economy and new platforms. Support them! Don't use the apps today. #UberLyftStrike #UberShutdown

We Believe You: Standing With Anna Chambers

Paper Tiger TV worked with the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council - MACC to produce this video on court support and the abolitionist movement. Anna Chambers, We Believe You! #AbolishPolice #Abolition #MeToo

The queer and feminist working group, Anfem, of MACC (Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council) with a network of supporters was organizing court support for…

Paper Tiger is proud to be part of this joint artist call for the removal of Warren B Sanders and ethical standards at a...
Kanders Must Go: An Open Letter from Theorists, Critics, and Scholars [Updated list of signatories]

Paper Tiger is proud to be part of this joint artist call for the removal of Warren B Sanders and ethical standards at art institutions. Another art world is possible.

Open letter signed by theorists, critics, and scholars calling for the removal of Warren B. Kanders – CEO of a company responsible for the manufacturing and marketing of weapons such as the tear gas used against migrant families at the U.S./Mexico border, Water Protectors at Standing Rock, protest...

Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network

Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network

Did you catch Texas Civil Rights Project 's Efrén Olivarez on All In with Chris Hayes the other day?

Efrén shed light on the Trump administration's scheme to create an illusion of chaos on the border by releasing detained immigrants all at once, rather than gradually. Watch (Efrén at 3:10)



For months, immigration advocates and reporters said they were being targeted by officials at the U.S.-Mexico border. A leaked document now seems to confirm their fears.

Oakland Education Association

Oakland Education Association

On Day 6 of our historic strike, we took our power to the State Building, and took it over to demand the schools our students deserve. Oakland educators, students, parents — do you feel your power? #OUSDstrike #Unite4OaklandKids #WeAreOakland

Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg

School strike in Hamburg today!! #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate

Support Ramsey Orta

Support Ramsey Orta

Alert! Please pass this on!
Ramsey Orta has heard multiple officers say that corrections officers at Groveland are attempting to set him up. Ramsey just loss privileges for the next 30 days and he is concerned the police are going to plant drugs or weapons on him. He asks that folks to share this so the public knows, and to keep him in your prayers.

You can always write Ramsey as he will get his privileges back by sending mail here.
Ramsey Orta 16A4200
Groveland correctional facility
P.o box 50
Sonyea ,New York 14556

Also you can donate to him at his PayPal [email protected]
Any other questions or inquiries, email [email protected]


Illustration by Jonathan Burkhardt

ANTIFA (2018)

There's a screening of Antifa with Food Against Fascism in Halifax! Thank you @FAFHalifax for getting organizing this.

Since the election of Donald Trump, acts of racist violence have proliferated across the United States. Racists and misogynists feel emboldened to express and act…

Resist This

Resist This

Trump has announced that he will declare a state of emergency to fund his border wall. The proposed wall and additional security measures will be devastating for migrants and border communities. During the last shutdown, federal employees and federal contractors were forced to work without pay or to scrape by on furlough, while people relying on government assistance were forced to seek out limited community alternatives and refugees were trapped in bureaucratic limbo. Make no mistake—a grassroots movement ended the shutdown. Trump gave in only when air traffic controllers and flight attendants stopped clocking in and airlines across the east coast began to close down.

We refuse to choose between Trump’s openly racist wall and the Democrats’ implicitly racist "smart border." The differences between Trump's border wall and a soft-power smart wall are minor variations on the same deadly theme. We will block the border wall. We choose another way: freedom of movement, solidarity, and mutual aid. We can combat Trump's policies that greet asylum-seeking families with tear gas at the southern border, that leave Haitian people to die in boats coming to the United States and 58,000 Haitians in legal limbo, and that criminalize whole communities. We will uplift the inspiring work by black and brown migrant support organizers like the UndocuBlack Network, Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project, NorCal Resist, and more, who defend black and brown migrant communities most targeted by ICE harassment, deportation, and the police. Together, we can defend refugees, migrants, and government workers. We can re-imagine community safety, and support federal workers and communities under attack. We can demonstrate through solidarity and mutual aid that we can build a world without borders or state violence.

On February 15, we call for a movement from below. It is time to act courageously—together. We need a bold, positive vision of the future in contrast to Trump's white supremacist fantasy. We need to create a world in which people can move freely, where families can find refuge from danger, and communities are brave enough to welcome newcomers and create a shared sense of belonging. Where refugees now find hostile border guards and black immigrants the dual threats of deportation and incarceration, they should find communities coming together to welcome them with food and shelter. Where federal workers and contractors find themselves unable to pay their bills, they should find communities acting in solidarity to meet their immediate needs.

1. We call for a "Block the Wall" mobilization on February 19th and 20th against the border wall and against the state of emergency. We can march, take over public space, and organize sick-outs in the nation's capital. We can block every ICE detention center, field office, and ICE contractor around the country with the occupation of the public space around the facilities. Each of these offices is maintained by working class people in support staff, couriers, cleaning crews, tech services, and social workers. We invite all of these workers to call in sick and join the occupations in the sidewalks and streets.

2. We call for the organization of mutual aid to support the federal workers and sub-contractors who remain uncompensated for 34 days of unpaid labor, and to support those who rely on government assistance. We call for cooperation to pool and distribute resources immediately to ease the daily struggles of those most affected. We commit to taking care of one another as the state gambles with the lives of millions.

3. We call for direct support for migrants and border struggles. There are multiple initiatives already demonstrating hospitality to migrants and physically defying the border that separates the United States from Mexico, from autonomous kitchens in Tijuana to indigenous-led anti-border camps in Texas. We will build the capacity to undermine the border, welcome refugees, and demonstrate that free movement can be beautiful, safe, and beneficial for all — so long as the police and la migra stay out of the way.

Share your marches, actions, and mutual aid initiatives with the hashtag #BlockTheWall, or tweet updates to @BlockTheWall on twitter or BlockTheWall123 on Instagram

In solidarity,

Resist This
202 Antifascists
Central Ohio Street Medic Collective
Haymaker Gym
The Breakaway Social Center


BORDER COMMUNITIES MARCH FOR TRUTH: Rep. Veronica Escobar, Beto O'Rourke, El Pasoans and more than 45 community partners are taking to the streets in a unified, peaceful ‘March for Truth’ to stop the wall and stop the lies.

On the ground with MoveOn.

ICE Confirms Force-Feeding Of Detainees On Hunger Strike
ICE Confirms Force-Feeding Of Detainees On Hunger Strike

ICE Confirms Force-Feeding Of Detainees On Hunger Strike

The agency said it respects the right to voice opinions and doesn't retaliate against hunger strikers. "It's extremely painful and it's against their will," a lawyer for two asylum-seekers told NPR.

Unicorn Riot

On Valentines Day remember all the missing and murdered.

LIVE: March for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, Boys, LGBQI, Two Spirit & Transgender Relatives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Yalui Village

#NoWall #NoBorders

we are at the butterfly center and wildlife refuge in mission tx where construction has started

Haiti: Prelude to a Revolution - It's Going Down
Haiti: Prelude to a Revolution - It's Going Down

Haiti: Prelude to a Revolution - It's Going Down

Introduction, context, and report from Abolition Media Worldwide about the ongoing revolt and spreading insurrection in Haiti. Jovenel Moïse, the corrupt US backed president of Haiti, is faced with a rapidly spreading insurrection. The population had resoundingly rejected his claim to authority by ...

Society of Native Nations

#NoWall #NoBorders Check out the ongoing resistance to Trump's Wall.

LIVE: Society of Native Nations with the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas “Border wall resistance”!

Gideon Contracting, LLC was contracted to build 7 base gates along the Rio Grande Valley for $3,731,380.

Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas is in resistance of the border wall and its destruction to sacred sites, burial sites, human beings, wildlife, water, air, and land. Please support however you can as this issue affects all people, especially the native communities because of all the laws that were waived to put the border wall up.

Somi Se’k Village Base Camp
Society of Native Nations
National Butterfly Center

#NoBorders #BorderCamp #NoWall #Somisek #DefendtheSacred#DefendtheRio #DefendSomisek #AntiWall #NoBorderWall#StandWithOcelot #StandWithButterfly #IAmMigrant #Yalui #CarrizoComecrudo #SocietyofNativeNations #DefendtheSacred #SacredRio #DefendTheRio #DefendRGV #StandWithButterfly #StandWithOcelot # borderresistance

To join us at the front line, please click below and fill out the form before coming:��

If you cannot join us on the ground, then please consider donating supplies or funds to help the border wall resistance, it is needed and appreciated.


The #GiletsJaunes or #YellowVests have been widely under reported and/or misrepresented, especially in the U.S. Thus, Paper Tiger went on the road to France, and asked participants in the movement what it was really about. Check out this episode of Tiger Beat!

Former Tiger, Eva Lewis, will be showing her film tonight Undeterred. I hope you all can make it! https://publichealth.n...
Community Resistance on the US/Mexico Border: Undeterred (Film) | NYU College of Global Public Health

Former Tiger, Eva Lewis, will be showing her film tonight Undeterred. I hope you all can make it!

February 01 5:45-8pm Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Film Center, Theater 101, 36 E 8th St., New York, NY 10003 Please join us for a film screening of Undeterred, a documentary about community resistance in the rural border town of Arivaca, Arizona. Undeterred is an intimate and unique portrait of how resid...



We are working on the footage from CDMX. Please read the interview below and share

with Nicole J Rodriguez (interviewer), Amanda CT (translations), Rebecca Centeno (video/audio)

Nicole: Can you tell us anything about what happened in 2009 in regards to the United States corrupting the election in Honduras?

Pablo: I’m not sure.

Nicole: Do you feel that the United States has a negative impact on Honduras? For example in regards to policies or laws being passed?

Pablo: What I see happening now is that Donald Trump’s narrative is doing harm to us because none of us are looking for any fight or going to start violence. We’re leaving our homes because we are searching for a better future for our families. In Honduras there’s no way work force so we are not looking to start problems, we need to get help for our families. We depend on our families and the truth is they are very poor so we have to lend a hand to them and keep moving forward.

Naim: I’d like to say something about how the United States creates policies that affect Honduras. Everything that happens to the people in this caravan is the fault of Trump, the United States and world-wide groups such as the United Nations and the European Union. I say this because in our most recent election in Honduras who won the vote? It was Salvador Nasralla, not Juan Orlando Hernandez. All these powerful groups met to give power to Juan Orlando Hernandez and took the vote away from Salvador Nasralla in out of anger from one thing. In 2009 when Manuel Zelaya was president, Honduras bought petroleum from Petrocaribe, which is from Venezuela. So the United States government retaliated by spreading lies that all products from Honduras had been infected with a virus. This was made up out of anger that Honduras had bought oil from Venezuela and not from the United States, even though the US government knew it was cheaper for Honduras to buy from Venezuela. The world-wide organizations have always been interested in money and keeping people impoverished. They will always have their hands in the small towns and villages. It doesn't matter that these world leaders are already rich, all they care about is the economy and never about the people living in these communities, who lives and who dies.

Nicole: What would you like to say to the American people who hear what Donald Trump says about those of you who are seeking asylum?

Naim: We are not criminals. We left our home because there is no work in our country. I'd like to tell Donald Trump that if he actually did give a lot of money to Honduras, it all fell into the hands of corrupt politicians like Juan Orlando Hernandez. The way to truly help the people of Honduras is to open your border to those of us who are fleeing our country and looking for a chance to work. We need help, we are not criminals.

Nicole: Are you afraid of what will happen when you get to the US border?

Pablo: We’re not afraid because we know that Jesus Christ is traveling with us and this gives us to strength to continue moving forward. Whatever happens, happens, they can try to drag us away, but god-willing we will arrive to the US border.

Nicole: When we arrived today at the camp we saw a lot of people praying together in a circle. Has your faith played a major part in your journey?

Naim: We use prayer because what's happening now is that a lot of the organizations who are here claiming to help us, are actually not acting with bad intentions, getting into people's heads. And some people are weak right now. We know that this journey will be dangerous but we are not afraid. We face terrible violence day after day in Honduras because of violence from gangs and drug cartels. Our hometown is in complete chaos because of corruption, from the top-down such as the government, as well as within the town itself due to the gangs. We’re used to living among all this chaos and because of this we are not afraid of the journey.

Nicole: Is there a message you would like to send to the people who are watching this now?

Naim: My message to Hondurans is that putting ourselves at risk to move forward is better than the lack of opportunities we leave behind. My message for Americans who do not want us because of our race or the color of our skin, is that in this life we are all humans and that God does not leave this land to anyone. This was all created by God. We were created by God and nobody, including Trump, has the right to own this land.

Pablo: No one can criticize other human beings because as my friend said we are all humans and we are all equal. The only perfect being is our God above. On the contrary we should be more conscious to help each other and support each other and recognize the sacrifices that we have had to make on this journey. We are not putting ourselves at risk for fun, or because we feel like it, we are trying to get out of the extreme violence and poverty we have been facing. We want a better life for ourselves, a better future.

Nicole: How old are you?

Naim: 30

Pablo: 22

Nicole: Is there anything else you would like to mention that you didn't get a chance to?

Naim: The only thing is I want to remind people who look down on us that they should read the section of the bible that mentions the Tower of Babel. Originally as humankind we only spoke one language. When then angered god and he broke us up in fractions where we spoke different languages and it changed the world forever. God reacted this way because of human-made chaos but it doesn't matter if we speak English, Chinese, Spanish or Latin, in the end we are all brothers and sisters.

Pablo: My message to everyone watching is to please help everyone seeking asylum and please encourage us to keep moving forward. And to my fellow asylum seekers that we keep moving forward and give thanks to the Lord who is giving us the strength to reach the United States border.


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