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Mr. Imhotep

Last year archaeologists discovered an incredibly rare undiscovered burial with a 4,000-year-old coffin with an incompletely untouched mummy inside.
The coffin was covered in hieroglyphic markings immediately giving the archaeologists vital information about who the mummy was.

They discovered that the person inside was a male called Shemay, they described him as a high priest member of the Elite Family who founded the cities of that region of Kemet.

The markings also identified his father as Kemay powerful governor of the region of Upper Kemet. And his mother was Satethotep, daughter of the founder of that region of Upper Kemet, Sarenput I. A man who was known as the right arm of the pharaoh of Kemet during that period, Senusret I. All this happens more than a millennia before the so-called invasion of the "Black Pharaohs" of the 25th supposedly the only black rulers of Kemet.

This is not crazy to us because we already know that the people of Kemet were black Africans, especially the Elite. The founding fathers, the natives, are the Africans who came from the south. Narmer/Menes is the first ruler of Kemet and all his depictions clearly show his Black African Origin.

If they can admit that the proximity with Nubia makes their blackness normal, why is it still difficult to admit that the pharaohs were blacks? Since we know that they came from that exact same region filled with black people to this day?

They are still trying to create a difference between the Kemites and their southern neighbors. A white Mediterranean people VS Black people frontier which is a complete lie.

The Kemites were similar to their southern neighbors. All the people who met them at that time admitted it. But people still try to sell us that mediteranean fantasy of a White/mediteranean Kemet as if Mediteranean is a race.

There have been migrations into Kemet, but the power remained in the hands of the southern families who were blacks until the late period when Kemet fell. The last GREAT pharaoh of Kemet is believed to be Ramses III and his DNA proved that he belonged to the same haplogroup as West, Central, East and Southern Africans. Why? Because that's who they were.

Kemet has no roots in the Mediterranean area, that area is a late expansion of the country that started in the depths of Africa.
They will admit the truth, it's just a matter of time.



Whip-smart kids apply every year to Georgia Tech. But no one like Caleb Anderson. He's 12 years old.

"I'm not really smart," he told correspondent Mark Strassmann. "I just grasp information quickly. So, if I learn quicker, then I get ahead faster."

This elite engineering school fell over itself recruiting him. Caleb saw the labs, and met the school's president, Ángel Cabrera. Professor Mark Costello, chair of Georgia Tech's School of Aerospace Engineering, told Strassmann, "He's a perfect candidate to come into our program and be very successful." "Is his admission guaranteed?" Strassmann asked.

"I would expect that he would be admitted, for sure," he replied.

Strassmann asked Caleb's parents, Claire and Kobi Anderson, "What's it like to be touring a college when your kid is 12?"

"I don't think anything Caleb has done has been normal for us," said Claire. Caleb knew sign language by nine months. At age one, he was reading. At age two, he knew how to do fractions.

BREAKING: We just learned, definitively, that Louisville Police Officer Joshua Jaynes flat out lied under oath about all of the details on the warrant for the no knock raid at Breonna’s home. ⁣

The warrant was illegal. They had NO CAUSE to be there. So they falsified it. ⁣

Joshua Jaynes falsified the whole warrant. Then lied about it again later under oath later. ⁣

1. Please find me more images of this man. ⁣

2. He needs to be fired immediately. ⁣

3. He needs to be charged with this crime. ⁣

4. Put this man’s name EVERYWHERE when you say who needs to be held accountable. ⁣

Follow @GrassrootsLaw.


I’m just going to get a leg up on the angry melanin deficient trolls who are big boy mad at a black man playing Hawkman:
-Ancient Egyptians were black
-Hawkman reincarnates And has been many people and many races.
-Hawkman is from Thanagar
-Hawkgirl was black on Legends Of Tomorrow
-She was also a barista. Because god knows she told us enough.
-Thanagar is full of hawk people
-Neither Thanagar nor Hawk People are a real f**king thing
-Yes. I’m heart broken if you’ll unfollow the page because of this post. I shudder to think how I’ll go on.

Have a great weekend!
(Robert Gabel Jr)

After he learned the Atlanta PD was working with local building developers to arrest and evict Black residents to aid in...
Ex-Atlanta cop on quitting over gentrification: It was 'a Mafia system' - TheGrio

After he learned the Atlanta PD was working with local building developers to arrest and evict Black residents to aid in gentrification, a white police officer resigned.

“There was something about that that made me think now, when I clock into work, I’m not doing any good. I’m actually doing harm.”

An Atlanta cop revealed his law enforcement career abruptly ended after quitting the force over gentrification.


An entire Black Muslim family was murdered in a possible hate crime in Denver, Colorado on August 5th. 3 masked people burned down their home killing them. Djbril & Adja Diol a young couple & their 2 y/o daughter, Djbril's sister and her 7 month old infant Girl. At a loss of words of how heartless and evil some people are. RIP 🙏 Make prayers for them and their families #Wearthepeace

Baller Alert

Two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies were shot at a Metro station in #Compton Saturday evening. The 31-year-old female deputy and 24-year-old male deputy both underwent surgery Saturday evening, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a late-night news conference. Both graduated from the academy 14 months ago.



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