Boyic d comedian

Boyic d comedian Boyic d comedian

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Fireboy x Airtel – Flenjo - dbilvibes

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Nigerian service provider, Airtel unviles their much-anticipated theme song as they collaborate with Fireboy titled “Flenjo“.Download and Enjoy Below…


Greetings to you all my good people..
Longest time

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Today happens to b my Birthday. For this reason by tomorrow i will b given out more than 10 jokes. Get ready to crack ur ribs.


Interview between Employee n Employer.
Boss; i will pay u #30,000/month n in 3months, i will raise it to #60,000. When would u like to start?
Boyic; in 3 months sir


Boyic was in d class room wen d following conversation begin wit d teacher.
Teacher; Wat is d opposite of ma?
Boyic; sir...
Teacher; Good, so what is d opposite of madam?...
Boyic; Simple, it is Sirdam.

Is stil frm d desk of ''Boyic d comedian''


Boyic fainted outside Mr. Biggs {an eatery}. Soon a crowd gathered around him and someone suggested, "Give him some water, it will help him". Hearing this, Boyic opened one eye and said to d boy "THUNDER FIRE U, COMMOT FROM HERE, IF NA WATER I WAN DRINK, I FOR GO FAINT FOR WATER BOARD..."
one word for BOYIC?


A man{boyic} sits on the balcony having drinks with his wife, and he says, "I LOVE U!".
She asks "woow, is that u or the beer talking? He{boyic} replies, "it's me.... talking to the beer".
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An American, an English man, and a Nigerian{boyic} were on a ship. Suddenly d Devil appeared n said, "DROP ANY TIN IN DIS SEA, IF I FIND IT I WILL EAT U, IF I CAN'T, I WILL BE UR SLAVE!".
The American dropped a pin, the Devil found it and ate him.
The English man dropped a coin, the Devil found it and ate him too.
The Nigerian{boyic} opened a bottle of water, poured it in the sea n said, "NA TODAY BE TODAY, GO FIND AM!".
One word 4 boyic?
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A famous prostitute died. People were confused as what should be written on her grave. Finally, on the advise of Boyic, they wrote "AT LAST SHE SLEPT ALONE". Still "BOYIC D COMEDIAN"


A woman broke up wit me n sent me pictures of her and her new boyfriend in bed together. Solution? I sent them to her dad. Still ur boy "BOYIC D COMEDIAN" remember to LIKE our page n enjoy more laughter


Greetings to u all in awe


Do wat u like... And love wat u do. ''LIKE'' our page n laugh away ur sorrow


"Pastor, my dog is dead. Could there be a service for the poor creature? Pastor replied, " No ,we can't hav servics for an animal in d church. Bt dia is a new church down d road, may be they will do it. D man said, "did u tink they will accept a donation of U.S $250,000 for d burial servics?" Pqstor exclaimed,"Sweet Jesus! Why didn't u tell me dat d dog was a christian?.


GalFriend: Honey cn I hav ur fone for a minute?. Boyic: okay, wait lemme(let me) switch it on (he deletes messages,photos,videos,logs out frm Facebook,formats d memory card) here is d fone, I hav notin 2 hide. GalFriend: Ok dia, just want ed to check d time so I cn set mine. Na waa for men oooooo


A French man afta sleepin wt a prostitute in labadi, paid her dia agreed money and so d prostitute escorted him 2 d airport to board his flight. As d french man was abt to board d plane, he gave d prostitute a naughty smile and said:"LA money LA fake". Trust d Labadi prostitute,she also gave him a naughty smile n shouted;"LA me LA sex LA HIV/Aids". *D french man fainted*


Teacher: if u hv 5nira n u ask ur dady 4 another 5naira. Hw much will u hav? Boyic: 5naira. Teacher: u dont no maths. Boyic: u dont no my fada, he is stingy, he no go giv u.


A lady wt big boobs enta a bus. She had a rosary round ha neck. wt d rosary cross between her big boobs. Boyic dat sat besides her could nt help staring. D gal knowing dat boyic has been staring at her boobs for 15 mins, d lady asked: "are u looking at Jesus on d cross?" Boyic den smiled and answerd, "NO, actually am looking at d two thieves besides him.


In an examination hall, Boyic, all of a sudden left his seat n sat on d floor. Suprisingly, d invigilator asked wat could hv made him done dat. Boyic replied, "question number 2 says without usin a table differentiate between civilian rule n military rule. One word 4 Boyic


Boyic n an igbo man went 2 an ATM machine 2 withdraw money. While Boyic was withdrawing money, d igbo man said "boyic u b mugu ooh!.... I don see ur password, ur password na four X{****}. Boyic laughed at him n said "na u b mugu, my password na 5298 no b four X!!!. Who b mugu?


Greetings 2 u my luv ones{fans}. U ar welcome 2 "BOYIC's COMEDY CLUB" laugh away ur sorrow.


Alaba International, Ojo, Lagos
New York, NY


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