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Residents on Detroit's west side are frustrated with the ongoing street flooding problem. Collingwood Street between Wildemere and Lawton — that's where residents say it has been an issue.


How cool is this?! LEGOLAND Discovery Center builders made Little Caesars Arena.

I need to take my kids to check it out at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets. Good stuff from Faraz Javed on our WXYZ-TV Channel 7 morning show!


A swift response by the Sterling Heights Police Department saved a baby's life last week. A police sergeant jumped into action to help a choking 1-year-old.


Nearly 40 officers serve the Wyandotte Police Department, upholding the law to the T. But now, one of their very own is being accused of a deplorable act.


You’re going to be on camera, so you need to be presentable. I’ve gotten compliments from people about how I dress, so I think that’s made…


Jurors deliberating for 2nd day ask for trial transcripts in Michigan Gov. Whitmer plot trial. U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker denies request saying transcripts of testimony aren’t available yet. And even if they were, the jury shouldn’t have them.


Kids from Noble Elementary School swapped their shoes for skates today thanks to Detroit Police Department's 'Skate with a Cop' program.

Hit play to see Detroit's finest bust out some killer moves on skates.


'It's absolutely horrible.' Pontiac man worries about his employees trapped in Ukraine


Arthur Murray Dance Studio Northville


Some across are charging more for at home covid testing kits. Here are the pharmacies that are being investigated by the state's Attorney General on allegations of price gouging.


A Dearborn-based young woman, Julia Earhart, is making a difference in the community by capturing special moments of people with their terminally ill furry friends. The 24-year-old provides the service for free as she believes photographs are one of the best ways to remember loved ones when they are gone.


In 2021 there were 34 across the that resulted in 68 people killed or injured. Here in we witnessed one of the deadliest school shootings. On November 30th, 4 students were shot dead and 7 people injured at

Hats off to companies like for coming up with devices that aim to make safer for kids.


Wanna know how you can get your hands on kits?

Watch this for the details, and yes, no credit card information required.


's is set to get a massive boost as multi-platinum producer launches a new music lifestyle brand in backed by business tycoon


Rage Room trend picks up as Metro Detroiter's want to blow off some steam


Hear the difference how a good quality microphone can enhance your video.

Sennheiser is one of the few brands that I trust when it comes to prosumer audio equipment. Watch till the end to hear the 'clear' difference.


Seasoned based Eik Gylfadóttir breaks down some of the big changes to this year's CrossFit competition's format and what it takes to be an CrossFit athlete.


Here are some trending sport news: starts today in , 's marks a new era in the and modern is celebrating 125th


crushes 's dream in of winning a world title in three different weight classes and 's is all set to take on for the third time.


Here are some of today’s across the :

- COVID-19 period reduced in Dubai to 10 days instead of 14 days
- UAE plans to vaccinate 50% of its population by the first quarter of #2021
- inspected 140,000 business for COVID-19 in #2020
- postponed due to surge in


Here are some of today’s across the :

- More UAE officials get the COVID-19 vaccine in
- and checks not required across Dubai outlets from Jan 1st 2021
- ready to welcome #2021 with all in place
- intensify inspections across the city
- approves
- night curfew for
- to resume flights from 2nd January 2021


Here are some of today’s across the :

- UAE's total confirmed cases of COVID-19 crosses 204,000
- UAE extend validity of tourist visa for a month, free of charge
- ready to welcome #2021
- says COVID-19 is just the beginning and more infections expected in the future
- approves Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine candidate
- to start COVID-19 clinical trials


Skydiving legend Omar Alhegelan talks about co-creating the famous Freefly style, working with and why Dubai is one of the best places in the world to . Plus, details on and all the sport events taking place this weekend.


With Dubai rolling out its free campaign a lot of residents have questions.

I know a lot of why followers and friends have been asking how to get the jab? Are there any side effects? Etc

Anywho, watch this as I break it all down.


Here are some of today’s across the :

- Flu cases in UAE down thanks to
- UAE highly resilient to Covid-19 impact, says
- beings from today
- president tests positive for Covid-19
- WHO-led team expected in China in January to probe pandemic origins
- approves a COVID-19 over-the-counter test you can give to yourself


Here are some of today’s across the :

- UAE COVID-19 infection tally crosses 180,000 cases
- UAE clears its Sinopharm COVID-19 for mass use
- Volunteers taking part in the COVID-19 vaccine trials in will be compensated for their time
- says ‘Dubai is Open’ with multi-million dollar campaign
- residents to get free COVID-19 vaccine
- Volunteering on the rise in since COVID-19 outbreak


Here are some of today’s across the :

- approves saliva swab testing for
- COVID-19 infection tally approaching 159,000 cases
- & both show resilience in face of the
- COVID-19 reinfection unlike for at least 6 months, study finds
- to cost between $25 to $50 depending on the amount of order placed by countries
- ends overseas travel ban on


Here are some of today’s across the :

- More than 30,000 UAE personnel have received the -19
- UAE extends grace period for visa violators until 31st December 2020
- Most UAE residents believe that traveling on a plane is safe
- named the Gulf Tourism Capital #2021
- to resume events from this Friday
- expresses cautious optimism on COVID-19 caving development progress
- to launch pilot program in , , , and


Here are some of today’s across the :

- The UAE records over 145,000 confirmed cases of -19 since the start of the
- Final stage of recovery process is only possible if everyone complies with the safety guidelines
- researches find a new protocol for testing COVID-19
- More than half of are back in , says
- calls for solidarity to effectively deal with the global pandemic
- adventure race all set to take place in on the 18th of December


Here are some of today’s across the :

- The UAE records over 142,000 confirmed cases of -19 since the start of the
- New entry rules come in to effect from today
- New metro trains arrive in as preparation are in full swing
- declared as the 46th after defeating
- to ease further restrictions as no new infections detected after 9 consecutive days


Here are some of today’s across the :

- Number of active cases drops below 2,000 in the country.
- New infections decrease in the last 7 days across the UAE
- -19 recovered patients can still get infected again with the virus
- COVID-19 can spread in any kind of weather, says
- still undecided, or , whoever becomes , he will have to deal with the
- Private across will resume in class learning from #2021
- to enhance sector in
- reduces fines
- kicks off with in place under the supervision of


Here are some of today’s across the :

- 1400 new cases detected in the UAE
- UAE citizens and residents to update their personal details online
- to sniff -19 on passengers across UAE entry points
- travelers now have more options for acquiring COVID-19 test across
- UAE honored with special membership card
- may age some sufferers’ brains by 10 years, shows new study
- New COVID19 drive through testing center opens in ’s Muroor area
- can resume in from next week


Here are some of today’s top trending stories across the :

- UAE’s Deputy Prime Minister receives -19
- The UAE today announces 1,077 new cases of
- preparations underway, meeting held at HQ
- Dubai visitor sentenced to 3 months jail for bribing a when caught breaking
- continues to crack down on establishments for flouting precautionary measures
- says risk of getting infected with COVID-19 through frozen food packaging is low in the UAE
- stockpiling syringes to meet demand once vaccines are approved for mass inoculation


Here are some of today’s top trending stories across the :

- The UAE recorded its highest number of COVID-19 infections today since the start of the pandemic
- Phase 3 clinical trials of Russian -19 vaccine to begin in the UAE
- PCR testing available at across
- Authorities in Dubai continue to inspect commercial activities for COVID-19 safety guidelines compliance
- UAE develops a new environmentally-friendly
- UAE airlines working to make testing simple and easy for customers
- tests negative for and is back on the campaign trail
- to take around $16 trillion hit due to the


Here are some of today’s top trending stories across the :
- UAE crosses 100,000 COVID-19 infections since the start of the
- Nearly 100% of young Emiratis polled approve UAE’s handling of COVID-19 crisis
- continues to crackdown on establishments for breaking
- to start from this at
- Around 10% of the world's population may have had COVID-19, according to
- , flies back to as staff continue to test positive for the
- hits , new across the city
- across the and to shutdown


Nearly 1 million people have died from the novel and over 33.1 million people have been infected since the start of the .


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