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Cohen's Innovative Solutions, Inc. We are a developing and publishing firm of professional software focused in various genres of business and management. We thrive to bring our clients applications that are user friendly and effective, promoting efficiency and productivity.

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On behalf of the CIS team, happy veterans day to all our men and women willing to give their lives for the sake of our freedom and values.

God bless America!



Our website will be down today for maintenance and upgrading, we are aiming to have it back up by the end of the day.


Lotto App Coming Soon!
CIS Dev Team is excited to announce our latest project still in the oven, a Lottery management App!

While it is too early to talk about release date or features, we are already working closely with our beta team to publish our first release by the end of this year or the beginning of 2018's first quarter.

We will continue to post updates as more information become available.


The CIS Dev Team is at it again, making enhancements and adding exciting new features to TicketSnitch.

The update is scheduled for release in mid November with enhanced layout and details. But that's not the best part, TicketSnitch will now be able to lookup and notify you of any violations on your property.

More updates will follow as we get closer to release date so stay tuned!


TicketSnitch 3.10 Update Is Now Available!

Our latest version of TicketSnitch has been deployed with a new feature allowing you to view the image of the ticket.

A big warm thank you on behalf of the CIS DEV Team to all our Beta testers for your valuable feedback!


TicketSnitch 3.10 Update In The Workings

A new update is being released this month for TicketSntich with a new feature under its sleeves.

* Summons Image Viewer ( you will now be able to review the image of the summons directly from the TicketSnitch App)
* Bug Fix

We will make an announcement once we are ready to deploy this update.


TicketSnitch Update

Its finally here!!

We expect to start deployment for our latest TicketSnitch App this month. Along with a few fixes, the violation display feature will be included.

More on this to follow on an official press release.


TicketSnitch Update 3.9

The CIS team deployed the latest enhancements yesterday, July 26 and this morning for the Amazon App store.

On this release, enhancements were made to the layout recently released.

Among the cosmetic fixes and enhancements made in this version, all text in license plate field will highlight, allowing the user to clear the field easier.

TicketSnitch v3.8 UpdateWhat's New:* New background has been added* We will be releasing #TicketSnitch on Amazon todayBe...

TicketSnitch v3.8 Update

What's New:

* New background has been added
* We will be releasing #TicketSnitch on Amazon today

Best part, it's still free!!

What's Next:

* We will also be releasing #TicketSnitch for #iPod and #iPhone and aiming to release on #WindowsMobile well!

*New features are being designed for the next update

More on this as we get closer to release date.

New York Search for traffic tickets or get notified if you get any.Don't wait until it's too late or this could be  you....

New York Search for traffic tickets or get notified if you get any.

Don't wait until it's too late or this could be you...

TicketSnitch 3 Update!What's New:*  A complete overhaul of the original layout screens were made* Back button at the top...

TicketSnitch 3 Update!

What's New:
* A complete overhaul of the original layout screens were made
* Back button at the top of the app was added for better navigation
* State Selection on main screen was missing,and has now been added

Not bad for a small update 😁

While we attempted to add additional states, we are unable to do so at this time.

New York seems to be the only state with enough Traffic summons data at this time.

Update has been uploaded to the Play Store and should be available for download soon.

We will continue to add cities and updates as they become available so stay tuned!

Happy holidays from the CIS Team!Although we have been quiet on the social media in the past months, our offices have no...

Happy holidays from the CIS Team!

Although we have been quiet on the social media in the past months, our offices have not.

We have been working hard to bring a new app to you and so the silence is now broken with our latest Android app, TicketSnitch

TicketSnitch will notify you of any new tickets once it posts to your local traffic authority.

This App can proof useful to know if you have any unpaid tickets or wish to be notified of any new traffic tickets.

We are starting with New York and will be integrating with other states granting us access.

There are many more features to be added in the coming weeks which includes a new layout.

TicketSnitch will be rolling out in the Google Play store by the end of today but we will be rolling it out to Windows Phone and iPhones in the coming months!

We want to make this app as friendly and useful to you as possible, so any feedback shall be warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Download at Check out "TicketSnitch"


Happy holidays from all of us at CIS!

We are excited to announce that tomorrow night, we will be releasing our new website.

In the following days we will be posting news of our ongoing projects and the projects we have lined up in the pipeline for 2017

On behalf of our family at CIS, we wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!


We are now on Twitter!

Follow us @cistudio32



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