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Vantage Point NY Vantage Point NY is a new media platform that includes publishing; audio/radio and Video/TV. Everything looks better from here! Vantage Point NY is all about Message-Mission and Music.

While many of our programs originate from New York our message is for the inner-city. We do not only pray for the skylines of our cities, we also focus on the streets and alleyways- we pinpoint and focus on our brothers and sisters in all cities with message, mission and music.


Thanks for your patience- new equipment and software back on the air!


Just recorded the authors of "High Performance Friendships" Jim Wetherbe and John Vawter- What a great weekend!

This will appear on our new audio book program- Chapter X Chapter.

Think This-Not That - a Heartline/Vantage Point Production is now available on Truli-
Think This Not That-Rita Schulte | Truli

Think This-Not That - a Heartline/Vantage Point Production is now available on Truli- Vantage point's place to gather elements- to get a better view!

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Good morning Pointers! We begin recording two new programs- Friends and Fellowship and Chapter X Chapter- the audio book radio program! We will be at Mosaic in Colorado Springs at lunchtime- and also Mission Coffee Roasters at 6:30 tonight.


Just researched it- WHOA 100 is in Florida and is an internet station- you could submit songs... WHOA, I want to be the "WHOA DUDE!!!!"


It happens every year at this time. Staff layoffs; work a round', new budgets and new opportunities for a ground swell of ideas that are fresh and begin new ministry. At Focus on the Family this is the case with the artist formerly known as Briargate Media, and up until the end of FY 13, the end is being looked at as a new beginning. For some of the media professionals and back office people who negotiate, syndicate and produce the best of Christian Media, they have been down this road and up this creek before. The singer sings, "Can't believe I am here again-new beginnings with sharp jagged ends..." It is a creative bunch and with a bit of severance and a lot of prayer, they are all asking the same question in unified prayer: "Show me, Lord. Send me and I will go." It is in the chorus of the staff songwriter. "The next chapter; where you send, show me where and I will go."

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Well the end of my second tour at Focus on the Family has come. The decision to cut Briargate Media, the in-house media agency came as a surprise to me personally and also to my friends and co-workers. It was a dream come true to work with East Coast Media; Canada and Europe in the last, almost 3 years.

If you or your organization has any creative, production or syndication needs please contact me! My resume is posted on LinkedIn and the address is:

Please also e-mail me at [email protected]

My cell phone number is 719.210.9935

hen God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.

Let there be quiet sunrises—
turning every day into a sparkling diamond of new beginnings;
painting crescendos of radiant hope on uncertain horizons;
brightening the future and canceling all midnights of despair.

Let there be silent sunsets of breathtaking color—
framing even difficult days with a triumphal benediction.

From Day 1, Gentle Whispers from Eternity © 2013 by Johnny R. Almond
Book available through your local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer
Author's blog www.GentleWhispersFromEternity-

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Hey everyone- we are Christian Music Broadcasters conference- and they told me that I should say "Hello" to you. Tell us what you are up to!


Word and Spirit Network: Our church planting network from Mountain Springs Church in Colorado is where we will train and ordain men to pastor and plant churches throughout the world. Friendship Fellowship and Progressive Street Church are two examples; then there is also a connection with Mission Café in areas where we can reach people and build communities through great teaching; worship and fellowship.
X-Road Travel: Management style for those of us who travel need help with the arrangements and expense reports. We started a mission travel group that seeks discounted fares and travel for our ministers; leaders, and communicators.
Zenith Conferences : The ministry of leadership and communications is holding Zenith Conferences to develop leaders in 26 areas and also to help them write Ministry of Business Plans. For 26 different types of industry. Conferences and meetings are in Denver; Colorado Springs; Orlando; NY, Boston; New England; Nashville; Louisville; Cincinnati and Indiana. From the industry of Advertising to Healthcare; sports; music and media; the Zenith Conferences are for Business Leaders; Church Leaders and even Political Leaders.


RE: The revealing nature of re-vitalization; restoration; renewing your mind and heart is seeing it with a new perspective and in fat “new eyes.” This is a concept that we pass on to our readers, listeners and viewers- and we will exhaustively re-port on the words that begin with re, and try to give you a fresh view and review of what it means to ministry, leadership and communications.
Sweet Spot Affiliates: One of Likewise clients is the nature of the affiliate business and adding ways we can grow the idea of affiliate marketing with radio and TV. Between the banner ads and the e-blasts Sweet Spot Affiliates is taking national brands and branding the sound and the visual images for a percentage of a buy.
Triology: The publishing division of Vantage Point for audio, video and multiple platforms available to our clients. Chapter X Chapter is one of the platform and the partnership with Truli Media is helping us distribute this work.
Urban Praise Movement: World Music-Christian Approach, is our way to bring an urban sound in many styles of music to worship. We are curators of the sound and we are exploring all venues and starting this publishing company through BMI.
Vantage Point NY: World Media Christian Approach is how we look at VPNY. Tested this summer VPNY is an on-demand platform that we will bring the audience programs with a message; mission and music from and to the urban core of cities.


Progressive Street Church: Message; mission and music in the inner city is a true “beyond the walls” ministry at Ancient Paths. Block to block on a prayer walk down the street in the inner city of Denver, people are encouraged, fed and invited in a monthly worship service that is led in some of the hardest sections of the city. The goal is to duplicate the effort in urban areas around the US and Canada. The other goal is to lead PSC every week and give true pastoral care to the people in the streets.
Quintessential Elements: 5 senses of five points give an earthy tone to the elements of faith. See what is good; those with ears should hear; speak and sing of the goodness of the Lord and “Taste and see what the Lord has done.” The aroma of worship; is a pleasing aroma to the Lord.” Our offering is evangelism; special needs ministries; media that feeds a hungry culture; prayer and praise, voices lifted up and a true sense of invitation to the table in the community. These are the quintessential elements of Five Points Ministry- drink deep.


Net -Works: The curators of Biblical mindset; Systematic approach; and the evangelical power through media, arts, and industry show up in the net works of writers; artists; songwriters; producers and studios. Our networks pay respect to men and women whose talent; vocation and art converge with their purpose and calling. “when your net worth is a result of your faith combined with your art a new look at net-worth from an investment standpoint is found in the detail.”
Orchards: “By their fruit you shall know them,” the Biblical verse reads. “By the fruit of the people inspired by the studios and designs of our ministers; leaders and communicators will you know us and by the standard of the offering, you may judge us,” says a pastor in our community.


Mission Café: Where church and coffee create community: There is nothing more exciting than the concept of a church opening up a café, and reaching people who would not come in normally. Mission Coffee offers free consulting and discounted rates for churches and communities that open a Mission Café at their church. Furthermore Ministry, Leadership and Communication can help book great speakers and teachers; musicians as well as digital studies when you contract us for a year and buy your supply of “really good coffee with a mission, changing lives, one cup at a time!”


Find out how your church can open up a Mission Cafe- that reaches beyond the congregation.


Tomorrow we will publish the rest of the guide- from M to Z.


Likewise: The NY ad firm: Likewise is thrilled to be creating, producing and distributing your advertising. We are an advertising firm that prides itself on going up against major Madison Avenue firms but with a totally different business concept. We feel that the Ministry of Business is more important than the Business of Ministry. We know that you feel the same way in encouraging people to use their gifts and talents and equipping them to grow together. Like us you give your clients a break and a sliding scale while getting the message; the mission and the music out to the world. We feel likewise and vow to do our very best in creating a series of eight, six week campaigns for you.


Knowledge Base: The brains behind our organizations are only as clever as the knowledge base is. The knowledge base of experts and planners in evangelism; special needs ministries; media and culture; prayer in planning; and community building grows wider by the day. The family of Blogs; the café discussions and the theological, historical and business knowledge is something we share through media; and social media on a daily basis. Take advantage of our experts or at least the people who know where to find the answers!


Join the Junction: The junction is a place where we can discuss and where ministry entrepreneurs meet and develop a regular dialogue. In Orlando; NY and Boston the junction will be to discuss plans to integrate ministries and business in the communities. Join the junction, ask us how…


3 G: Giving; Growing and Guidance Group: In all of our ministries and businesses we have advising boards of investors, leaders and mentors that guide us and hold us accountable The 3 G Network is a group of men and women who give and manage giving; grow and guide our organizations and help us stay balanced in all of our visions and timing. These are CEO’s; counselors and people who have been part of the leadership. It is our peer group of pastors and ministry leaders who we respect and listen to. Every organization needs these folks.
Homestand People tell us what they are against all the time. Homestand tells what we are working for. Most of us travel a bit and when we are at home we don’t need to be fighting to get what we want in our communities. So we are developing resources and gathering areas where we can encourage each other; raise new leadership and support leadership that works on the things we believe in. “We have examined and pointed out what we are against; it’s time to join together and support the things we are for.”
The Inn Group: We are a group of men who are innovators; who take product and business to market; and who travel a bit. The Inn Group is a place where we help inaugurate and take inventory on new inventive ways to use and integrate our work into improving the quality of life of people around us.


Friendship Fellowship The FY 2014 season will start in Denver and in Colorado Springs in the next two weeks. Friendship Fellowship is a special church for people with special needs and their caregivers and families. In Denver MLC began the journey and have grown it to 3 locations reaching over 80 men and women with Intellectual Disabilities. Last year our theme was to “enable people to express their faith in Christ.” This year the emphasis will be on the Old Testament and our relationship with God. “The theme through all of our work and outreach is that people are God’s most precious resource.” We meet Mondays; Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week.


VPNY people- please give us suggestions for the editorial calendar for any or all of the titles. We read, we listen and we view our relationship with you as precious. No matter whereyou are in this world. We vow to tell you what we are for- and not so much what we are against. We are for truth and the bottom line in journalism is truth. Join us!

09/02/2013 Editorial Calendar Since 2009 our leadership team has been publishing articles at We are trained journalists who have 5 titles that are published daily. We renew that commitment and even go 5 steps further beginning today. Ministry, Leadership and Communications will release an editorial calendar for The Denver Evangelical Examiner; The Denver Special Needs ministry Examiner; The Denver Media and Culture Examiner; The National Prayer Examiner and The Front Range-Community Building Examiner. On Vantage Point NY we will have a five minute audio examiner story Monday thru Friday starting in October.


Cause Central In a fact-finding mission based on looking at our strengths, weaknesses; opportunities and threats we found that SWOT analysis revealed the strongpoints as management and coaching creative, production and distribution of media. Weaknesses of our organizations are fund-raising; administration; capital management; team-building; and sales. Our opportunities are in technology; editorial, and in church planting and idea generation. Threats are under-capitalization and growth management. Our conclusion is to take courses in grant writing; and set a foundation for evangelism; special needs and caregiving; media and culture; praise and prayer in planning; and community building.


I can include you in these latest finding at the Ministry; Leadership and communications Summit from A-Z. 26 new and renewed visions for the five points of the ministry of industry. Latest development on our timeline is the development and renewal of Cause Central.


Breakthrough Management The ministry of industry is a mindset in all businesses that we start or mentor and coach. From property management and real estate; to caregiving, retail and research and product and service development BT Management finds breakthroughs by asking the right question and then working it out on paper and in practice. BT MGT. leads in five points of managing the ministry of industry: evangelism; special needs and caregiving; media that feeds a hungry culture; praise and prayer; community building. Our mission is to practice leadership by God’s Word and motive for us; approach everything with a Christ-like approach; and fill and refill our power base with the Holy Spirit.


Ancient Paths Planting churches at home
In 2010 I reunited with my friend Bruce Duell to get involved with a movement in Denver to plant house churches in a network throughout the inner-city. Every year Bruce and his wife Karen, Carrie Schnur and Jill and I participate in leading Summer Missions to inner city Denver; lead Prayer walks; and minister to people in Denver neighborhoods. This year the vision that “God uses people as his most precious resource” is a theme that I will lead with in all my initiatives and integrate within my personal and corporate messaging. A men’s group that meets on Wednesdays is an addition to the work I am doing with APHC and will continue in adding Colorado Springs to the ministry at Ancient Paths. The group will meet at Mission Coffee Roasters from 6:30 PM-9PM every Wednesday.


New York, NY


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