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We designed a basis tool for new and upcoming YTP videos that is NOT made for children. The FTC is now in under settlement regarding to COPPA and it’s a privacy tool that videos post any child-related and family-friendly that it is legal and even non-commercial.

Content creators that can post enough classic commercials, game shows and other stuff that are children-related. Those YTP videos are not made for kids. We are compromising to take effort with COPPA once and for all. It will effect beginning next year and some of my videos will probably set for it.

Only two of them WHYY 1995 and the other one, from 1999 are the videos that’s made especially for kids. We will remove that as expected until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience.

POOPs for Bad Luck: Episode #3

#PressYourLuck #NoWhammies #ImpeachmentHearings #TrumpImpeachment #ImpeachmentInquiry
All-new POOPs for Bad Luck episode in place of #TPIR #PriceIsRight

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The POOP is Right will NOT be seen today, so we present another episode of POOPs for Bad Luck for your futuristic enjoyment. Be sure to visit us on Facebook:...


So yeah, the scheduled date for future shared posts is no more and the only way I can pre-published it for future posts is that I can save a draft on it.

Also, after finished working on the new POOP is Right episode, it’s time to rehash and do the alternative way on the POOP is Right FB page. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m giving you extras as we speak. Stick around.

#TPIR #PriceIsRight

The POOP is Right - Halloweenie For Hire

#HappyHalloween #PriceIsRight #Halloween
Here's a very special Halloween episode of the POOP is Right with special shoutout goes to Anand Guruji from Burbank, California! (NOTE: All benefits for the California wildfires will be donated for other organizations and charities)

The POOP is Right is having it’s own page! Be sure to like our new FB page for the latest YTP episodes, news, funny stuff and more! http://www.faceb...

The POOP is Right

#PriceIsRight #TPIR
New POOP is Right coming up in a few minutes, but we have something new on the other side of town. The POOP is Right is having it’s own page! To find out what’s ahead for upcoming classic and new POOP is Right episodes, Remember to hit the like button for your enjoyment!

About The POOP Is Right
This YTP series is fictitious based off on a parody of TPIR. It is currently produced by Being Dumb As Normal Productions which were behind the TPIR (from Facebook’s David Downs series The Pice Is Wrong, B!tch) team folks of David Downs, Joshua Cook and Nick Casiano in association with MRC Networks (MrSurferPOOP).

Welcome to the OFFICIAL POOP is Right page!

Remember to hit the like button for latest YTP episodes, news, some funny stuff and more!

The POOP is Right Movie Collab!

#PriceIsRight #TPIR #YTPCollab
Announcing the POOP is Right YTP Movie Collab!
(Rules are on the YT description, but you can submit your video via a private message here on Facebook or Twitter using MRC Networks after you finished editing.)
Good luck.

Announcing today is The POOP is Right Movie Collab in honor of the new upcoming movie that is set to premiere next year. Rules: - Download and edit your TPIR...


A Statement to POOPARDY! and Alex Trebek
What we all knew about Trebek:

Last March, he has announced on the off-side of life for better or worse. The truth is about cancer for stage 4. What is it? Cancer is a disease that involves abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread anything. Afford to have his longtime game show host was even way too late on why he has cancer is probably a low-key issue of having not in good shape. We were worried. We thought that in many ways that Trebek might live for a few days or months until he passes away or not.

The people here at POOPARDY! (A mashup of Jeopardy and Carmen San Diego’s YTP game show series) would like to recognize the hopes and dreams for giving Trebek his well wishes and further support. With him and the series discontinuing next year, there will be more dramatic and proper involvement into this effort on why it has been worried. After Dawson, Lange and Hall died though this decade, Trebek might happen next? God knows.

We will continue to work on better ways on producing the final season of POOPARDY and beyond after Trebek’s life. In other words on behalf of his family, may we godspeed on your fight to against good health.

The POOP is Right: Special TellyMime Edition

#TPIR #PriceIsRight #TellyMime
The POOP Is Right: Special TellyMime: The Spiral Viral Revue Show edition for REW:

In an effort to undergarment the Y.M.'s/REW cancellation of TellyMime, The POOP is Right is bringing you a special edited edition in honor of the said series...


#YTP #YouTubePoop
Premiere for The POOP Is Right begins on October 25th.

Hoping to wait to see more new and classic episodes of POOPARDY! with more details on moving from the first season of videos coming. POOP Sharks will return, indefinitely, with a set date in November, TBD.

I’m hoping to grab our attention that Yarnel will do another YTP Tennis challenge because of the events that I made with a rebuttal on the POOPARDY season premiere last Friday. I won’t make any mistake if we’re doing here or not.

October 4th is the YTP Tennis match where the RNTV 10th anniversary video left off. It is the two-part remix edition of Traffic Jam in honor for the tenth anniversary of YouTube Pooping. Stay tuned.


Hey everyone,

The new season of MrSurferPOOP is coming. As always, we’re bringing the new stuff with some of your favorites for the fall including some surprises ahead. More to come soon. In the meantime, enjoy a new POOP is Right Supercut premiering tomorrow at the usual time before TellyMime: The Spiral Viral Revue Show.


#80sAds #90sAds #Commercials
Thank you for watching Commercial Gemstones.

We’re officially wrapped up the first season of this fine collection from the golden days. Our goal is to make classic commercials better and more improved ways during the summer bringing the best of Commercial compilations. We promise to add more soon as expected but in the meantime, there’s more to come on this channel.

Now don’t you worry, we will be putting more videos soon on all of our MRC channels with our new sister channel for classic radio airchecks, MRC Worldwide. It continues to struggle for more audio stuff before we fully inactive at the end of this month and a new season for YouTube POOP is coming. All we do now is to get back to work.

The 60 Minutes Collab

Hey everyone,
I appear here to the 60 Minutes Collab as submitted to Waltman13, so here it is!

The ultimate(ish) 60 Minutes Meme is finally here!!! It ain't perfect nor consistent throughout, but since there was a point where I had to redo the entire c...

Ten years ago today...The one and only original MrSurferPlus has opened the doors. This was behind a major innovation be...

Ten years ago today...
The one and only original MrSurferPlus has opened the doors. This was behind a major innovation before MRC came along. It made a upstart on YouTube Pooping, then a game show and commercial channel and a classic news channel. The channel is now in the process of uploading classic radio airchecks here on the new MRC Worldwide.

As MRC Worldwide, This channel is now the home of classic radio jingles, radio airchecks and more entirely made in audio form.


A fan favorite Next Tuesday on Commercial Gemstones is the ever popular ad of AT&T. Details coming soon.


Monday, tune in for Commercial Gemstones at a special day and time, with a look on SatAM Ads. You know, for kids!
#SaturdayMorning #Commercials

Hey everyone,A change of pace is now moving to Sunday nights on the new MrSurferPlus. Videos now air every Sunday night ...

Hey everyone,
A change of pace is now moving to Sunday nights on the new MrSurferPlus. Videos now air every Sunday night beginning at 8pm Eastern which will follow shortly.

The secondary channel from MRC Networks devoted to full length series of videos such as archived news material and classic game shows. Formerly known as the ...


Hey folks!
Beginning Next Week, new MRC Worldwide videos will post regularly, on both Thursdays and Fridays.


Watch an all new Conmercial Gemstones this Tuesday with special guests, Roseanne Barr and Bill Cosby!
#80sAds #90sAds #RetroCommercials

You’ve waited all season long, here It is:Commercial Gemstones Episode 2#80sAds #Commercials #Classics

You’ve waited all season long, here It is:
Commercial Gemstones Episode 2
#80sAds #Commercials #Classics


Watch for the premiere of
MrSurferOne’s Commercial Gemstones
Tomorrow morning at 10!
#80sAds #Commercials


As you may know by now, new YTP videos will resume in September/October. in the meantime, check out our upcoming videos on our channels this summer:

MrSurferOne will bring a collection of high-packed commercials called Commercial Gemstones. New series hits in July.

MrSurferPlus will resume orders with the game shows and lost footages from our old MrSurferPlus channel in which they are unlisted. Videos to come soon are moving.

The original MrSurferPlus has now remodeled have a new name, Now known as MRC Worldwide. Classic radio airchecks will follow suit.

Also, many of you have witnessed last Tuesday’s video of the Ken Jennings’ POOPARDY (#Jeopardy) season finale was amazing! Many people who thank respectively for YTP fans elsewhere for giving a credit to one of those: NextG Network, REW, cs188, just to name a few. This video and many other shows (such as the new POOPs for Bad Luck which indeed a parody of #PressYourLuck) has given us the pressure on working this season for a slow success. Again thank you for the return of a good champion at ACME POOP NET!


And now, a life lesson about radio and the YouTube generation:

When music has come to life, it was the supportive way that we listen to them on any radio station. Country, rock, pop or jazz anyway you want it. I listened a lot at college, listen at work and listen anywhere. This is what we call music for a new generation and music is becoming a part of me.

They even give the likes of music on what Classic Hits radio stations have come to town, even Adult Hits has JACK FM written all over it. Many stations have talk, many stations has religious. And many of them have news and sports too full-time. Thinking about radio is now became a life experience on becoming a happier on-air DJ (or whatever a wild and crazy DJ as you know it).

What we know by now is that the new MRC Worldwide isn’t going to evolve again. The music, the style and the name is going tough as we improve the basics of music and audio lessons. We don’t care if radio airchecks have already become a thing in the past, like RadioRewinder, Ellis Feaster and PhilaVideo. These YouTubers have significant and they are a fan of radio memories.

There’s nothing that i can say about this awful way of multimedia supportive. We think that this original MrSurferPlus channel is not going anywhere and radio is here to stay for good. I mean some change of formats out-of-mouth would die out last month and now becoming Christian in the words of wisdom by god knows that PLJ became a match made of heaven. Only what the future holds for the original MrSurferPlus and the radio industry. And that’s the truth.

#WPLJ #PLJ #PLJmemories #Radio #RadioLives


New York, NY


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