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“through the sale of preparatory drawings, scale models, and other smaller works.“ As the article says Christo financed his lifestyle and his artistic visions with his preparatory drawings.
Sarah Cascone just did a radio interview on KSRO in Santa Rosa, CA. She made a blunder when talking about the Running Fence that Christo installed here in our countryside. She said he plunged the fence into the ocean at Bodega Bay. Nope!!! The fence was nowhere near Bodega Bay. He plunged the fence into the ocean at Dillon Beach, which is in the neighboring county of Marin. I drove to Dillon Beach just to see how he did that. The fence was lovely and we loved and respected Christo. Sarah...please get your facts straight.
Are you interested in selling these for me!Copyright Sincerely Anita Carr
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Searching for information on an antique painting called "The second christ" which I saw/discovered in a book of readers digest,unsure of artist,page no longer in book??? Please inform send information,privately.thank you and blessings.selah
Hey Arty Friends, Check this out on—JKRowling is sponsoring an illustration coontest for kids to keep them busy while quarantined. She’s publishing chapters from a book she wrote to use as inspiration. Creativity is more important than technical skill. Sherry