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NYU Campus Cable New York University’s Campus Cable is a private multi-channel digital broadcast cable service serving the NYU community. Service requests by website only.


Hello Students @NYUHousing Stream your NYU Campus Cable channels with the Philo Edu app. Enjoy quality programming now or your TV, mobile or other devices. Go to @NYUCampusCable for more details. Don't forget you can record on Philo and watch at your leisure.


Students @NYUHousing watch or record Campus Cable on the Philo streaming app and enjoy your favorite programs. Get connected and enjoy Movies, Sports, News, and more. Go to @NYUCampusCable for details.


Students @NYUHousing Tune to Campus Cable or stream to watch or record on the Philo App. The weather is great and we've got a variety of program entertainment for you to enjoy on your downtime. Sports, Movies, Reality Shows, and more. Go to @NYUCampusCable for details on Philo.


Several Residence Halls experiencing signal outages . Staff currently work on the problem


Students, Staff and Soccer Fans @NYUHousing remember to watch Campus Cable this Sunday and Watch 2018 FIFA World Cup Championship!! Croatia vs France
Who will be crowned Champion?
Game starts on Sunday, 7/15/18, 11 AM, Watch live on FOX! Ch# 5.1. Record the Game on Philo App!


Hello students @NYUHousing. It's Hot+Humid the past few days! Remember to stay hydrated+keep cool. Take plenty of breaks+try to stay out of the direct sun for too long. Watch TV on Campus Cable or Stream Philo on your device. World Cup action, Movies, News, Sports+more. Stay Cool


Hello Students @NYUHousing. July 4th is coming! Have a happy + safe 4th of July from Campus Cable!! World Cup action is still going on. Knockout round is underway. Watch on Campus Cable + record the games on Philo App. Go to @NYUCampusCable for service requests + other info.


Students @NYUHousing World Cup Soccer action is underway! I've seen our lounge TV's packed with students staff watching the excitement. Campus Cable will help getting your TV connected in your dorm room. Go to @NYUCampusCable + request service. Time constraints? Record on Philo!


Students @NYUHousing World Cup soccer excitement is in the air! You can watch the matches right here on Campus Cable. 32 teams. Which team will be the best? Lets tune in +find out. No time? Don't forget you can record with Philo the games on FS1 + Fox.
Let the games begin!


Hello Student @NYUHousing ! We hope you are enjoying the nice weather! @NYUCampusCable wants to remind you that the World Cup is starting next week and you can watch the matches on Fox, FS1 or Telemundo. These channels can be streamed on Philo also. Enjoy!


Students @NYUHousing Campus Cable can help you get connected. Check out @NYUCampusCable for information on connecting your TV or request service. We will provide a Coax jumper if you need one. Check out our Channel line-up on ch#12.1. We offer a variety HD programming for all.


Hello Students + Staff @NYUHousing. Campus Cable is ready to get you connected to our CATV service. Let us help if you need assistance connecting your TV. Go to @NYUCampusCable for any requests or info about our services. Try our streaming service Philo for your viewing content.


Hello Students and Staff @NYUHousing. Campus Cable has completed maintenance on Ch5.1, Fox. Thank You for your patience.


Hello Students and Staff @NYUHousing Campus Cable is conducting maintenance on Ch5,Fox. This channel may experience loss of service while we conduct our maintenance. We will inform you once completed


Congraduations Students @NYUHousing ! It was a long cold winter but you made it through the semester. Warm weather is coming and you deserve a Pat on the back for a Job Well Done! Enjoy your summer from All at Campus Cable.


Students + Staff @NYUHousing, Campus Cable has completed our maintenance for today. Please reprogram/re-scan your TV in order to receive Ch 4.1
Thanks for your patience. If you have any issues please submit a service work order+ we can address. We will notify all our next upgrade


Hello Students and staff @NYUHousing. Campus Cable is conducting maintenance on Channel 4.1, WNBC and 5.1 FOX. These channels will be interrupted while we preform this maintenance. We will notify all when the channels are restored.


Hello students @NYUHousing Campus Cable wants to congratulate you for your hard work this semester. Good Luck! You worked hard and we hope you enjoyed our CATV services and Philo streaming/recording service.


Students @NYUHousing There are all types of TV programs on your Campus Cable TV system. NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs,Baseball games, Sports,Movies, News,Currents events,Original series,+more. Don't forget you can record on the streaming App PHILO + watch at your leisure or downtime


Hello Students @NYUHousing if this weather is keeping you dormbound you can tune your TVs to Campus Cable or turn your smart device to your streaming app PHILO, snuggle up and watch or record on PHILO your favorite programs in the comfort of your own dorm.


Hello Students @NYUHousing. Watch Campus Cable this Sunday and catch the season Finale of "Walking Dead" on AMC HD,CH#48.1
No Time? Record the finale on your streaming App PHILO. Watch the entire 8 seasons with all the episodes on PHILO.

Watch Philo

[email protected] trust me spring has arrived! Watch or record your best programs on https://t.co/wyZ2p5x9oc streaming app. Tune your TVs to Campus Cable+watch Movies, Sports, News, Entertainment + more.
Baseball+Soccer season started. We have many live games for you to enjoy

Watch Philo

Hello Students @NYUHousing! Spring has arrived! Campus Cable is ready to help you get connected. We provide CATV jumpers and assistance for your needs. Go to @NYUCampusCable to request service. Try https://t.co/wyZ2p5x9oc,HBO GO or MAX GO and stream Campus Cable programming.


Hello Students and Staff @NYUHousing Campus Cable is completed with maintenance at Grammercy Green. CATV service has been restored and confirmed to be working. Thanks again for your patience and have a good weekend


Students and Staff @NYUHousing Campus Cable is conducting maintenance that will interrupt CATV service at Grammercy Green. Service will be restored later some time this afternoon.
Thank You for you patience!

Campus Cable

Students @NYUHousing Let us connect your TV to get you started. No TV? No Problem. You can also stream programming with our Philo streaming service. visit our website for complete information. Go to https://t.co/iohLnI34vz

Our world-class students, faculty, and scholars expect high achievement in pursuit of engaging the world's diverse challenges.

Campus Cable

Students @NYUHousing try our streaming service "Philo". You can watch live TV or record you favorite program with Philo. Go to https://t.co/iohLnI34vz for information. Send us a request if you have any problems or issues.

Our world-class students, faculty, and scholars expect high achievement in pursuit of engaging the world's diverse challenges.

Campus Cable

Students @NYUHousing The Olympics are under way, record your favorite shows on our streaming service Philo. Go to https://t.co/iohLnI34vz for info to request a hook-up or notify us of service issues.

Our world-class students, faculty, and scholars expect high achievement in pursuit of engaging the world's diverse challenges.


Hello Students @NYUHousing! Watch the Olympics on Campus Cable! Opening Ceremony starts tomorrow. NO Time! No Problem! Use our Streaming service PHILO, Stream Live or RECORD!! Go to @NYUCampusCable for info on Streaming.


Hello Students @NYUHousing! Watch the Olympics on Campus Cable! Opening Ceremony starts tomorrow. No Time! No Problem! Use our Streaming service PHILO, Stream Live or RECORD!! Go to @campuscable for info on Streaming. Follow us on twitter

Watch Philo

Students @nyuhousing Get your TVs connected to Campus Cable for the Superbowl. Submit a ticket @NYUCampusCable and we can connect your TV or troubleshoot reception issues for free. Prefer to watch the game on your smart device? No Problem. https://t.co/wyZ2p5x9oc Stream for Free


Students @NYUHousing 2 wks is Super Bowl LII. Campus Cable is ready to get you connected. No TV! No Problem! Stream the game Live for free with your Philo App. or record the game. Any Problems and you can make an appointment @NYUCampusCable.


Students @NYUHousing Welcome Back! Campus Cable is offering any help or advice to get your Free CATV, Philo, HBO GO, and Max GO services connected. Simply go to @NYUCampusCable and send a requset.


Hello Staff and Students at Palladium Dorm. We are aware of the CATV problem at Palladium Hall and we will address it 1st thing tomorrow AM.
Be aware that our Philo streaming service is functional and can be used for your viewing on Smart devices.
Thank you for you patience.


Happy New Year Students !!


Students @nyu housing Enjoy your break! Campus Cable wishes all a save and relaxing Holiday time off


students @nyuhousing Followers, Campus Cable is ready when you return from your holiday vacation hiatus to connect any TVs to our service and troubleshoot any issues causing poor reception. Be assured that we are here to help.


Students @nyuhousing Happy Holidays!


Students @NYUHousing enjoy your Holiday time of Peace+Joy! The semester is winding down so reflect back+give yourselves a Pat on the back for all your hard work+effort. Just Remember when you arrive back to campus tune into Campus Cable for your viewing+streaming entertainment.


Students @NYUHousing It's that Holiday time of the year of Giving and Receiving. Campus Cable is Giving all Students free CATV hook-ups to students that Received QAM TVs for Gifts this Holiday Season. Just go to our website @NYUCampusCable +set-up an appointment. "Happy Holidays"


Students @NYUHousing don't forget to download MAX GO & HBO GO apps. Its free. Sign in with your Net ID and use NYU as your provider. Get the best Hollywood hits, action-packed series,exclusives, movies all in HD. All FREE, our Thanks to You from Campus Cable. "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" !!!


Students @nyuhousing "Happy Holidays" Get into the Holiday spirit. Hallmark Channel is premiering "Countdown to Christmas". Holiday Movies All Day! All Night! 21 All New PREMIERS Every Saturday & Sunday. Watch on Philo(or record on Philo) or watch and enjoy on Campus Cable.


OK Google
Who is the Lucky winner of the "Google Home Mini"
The winner is Ross [email protected].
Congratulations Ross If you submit a Campus Cable Service request we will deliver you prize "Google Home Mini "
Thank You Students @nyuhousing


Students @NYUHousing Directv is currently having an issue with HBO. They are looking into the issue and will will correct HBO shortly.


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New York, NY


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