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Pete & Pete Productions Pete & Pete Productions is a fictional company that has produced family only viewed classics like home front and christmas albums.

Operating as usual

It's been a while since we've had a new upload, but this ones worth the wait.
Reviving the Music

It's been a while since we've had a new upload, but this ones worth the wait.

Not since Simon told Garfunkel to f**k off, has there been a bigger duo that the masses just prayed to have one more collaboration by! After years and years of the fans beating down the doors, Pete and Steve have finally reunited to give us a modern and hip transformation of their greatest hits! And...


We at Pete&Pete would like to thank everyone for their generous gift. It was totally unnecessary but very, very appreciated. Thank you very much, Merry Christmas!!!!

Christmas 1974 Video

No better way to kick off the last week before Christmas than with a trip down memory lane, remembering times when we were younger, or not even born (in my case). This is a little video montage from some silent home movies we had around Christmas time 1974. So if you're a Paplin, Amari, Testa, you might want to check it out, you'll probably recognize a few people in here.

Merry Christmas!!!!

So, to pay homage to one of, if not the, best Christmas movie ever made, I took this silent home movie collection and tied it together like in the movie. This begins just before I was born, and you'll see Chris in there, the new baby in the famiily! Funny, I watch these in a whole new light now. Chr...

Beam Us Up Scotty

Aunt Anna, I found it. Had no idea I had it all along. Salvatore Pasquini, Anna Pasquini, Joseph Amari, Lynda Amari and Chris, went to Universal Studios and did a Star Trek skit. Pretty fun!!

Me, Sal, Anna, Joey, Lynda and Chris, decided to make a video as the cast of Star Trek at Universal Studios. At that time the technology was mind blowing. The fact that they could superimpose us into a live video was ludicrous. Today, not so much! Fun nonetheless. Universal Studios Star Trek Video 1...

Joey & Lynda's Wedding Video

One of the cornerstone wedding videos in the Amari family, a new edition to the wedding video collection, here is Joey & Lynda's Wedding Video.

Joey & Lynda's Wedding. The first of two wedding videos that would become staples in the Amari house growing up. We have watched this and Anna & Sal's Wedding videos so many times, we can recite all the best wishes interviews by heart. From bad Brooklyn accents to dancing mailmen, these were our mec...

Petey Gets Tonsils Removed

Bringing home number 3 today, looking to invoke some good spiritual vibes, reminded me of when I came home from getting my tonsils out, and Grandma Testa was there to bless my back. Maybe she can send one down for me today, thanks Grandma!

Coming home from the hospital after getting tonsils and adenoids removed, greeted by Grandma Vera, Aunt Josie and Grandma Testa. Grandma Testa used to do a blessing on our backs, it actually made you feel as though she had spriritual powers, I miss that! Petey Gets Tonsils Out

Petey & Josephine's Wedding

New Section Kickoff
We're kicking off a new section on called Wedding Videos. And since my anniversary is tomorrow, 10/11, and Josephine will be spending it nauseous in a hospital bed, recouping from child birth, I figured she might want to watch this to pass the time. Or throw her phone against the wall, because this is the beginning of what put her in the hospital in the first place. Either way, love you Jo, here's our wedding video.

October 11, 2009, I married Peter E. Amari III married Josephine Pirrone. It was a hell of an event to setup and prepare for, but worth every minute. We got married in St Aloysius church in Ridgewood NY. We had our reception at Marina del Rey in the Bronx. This is our wedding video. Pete & Josephine...

Homefront Award Show

Ok Alexa, ere is the Award Show.
The copy is horrible, but can be interesting to see. Especially uncle George and Grandma.

For those who attended, you know what it was, for those who didn't, it was like the closest thing we will ever have to a red carpet experience. The video is horrendous, but it does remind me of the presenters, and video snippets, and who got dressed up, fun time. HomeFront: The Award Show


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