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Founded in 1990, SinoVision is the leading and most dominant Chinese-language TV station in the Metropolitan New York area. It has two Chinese Channels 24-hour digital channel 24.4 and cable channel 73 and one English Channel 24-hour digital channel 24.3, with an exceptional estimated daily viewership of over 800,000. SinoVision programs also simulcast on its website (, SinoVision mobile Apps (over 250,000 downloads as of Jan 2017), and all Chinese IPTVs. SinoVision digital channel is also carried by Apple TV, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV. As a leading content producer and publisher, SinoVision original video series has been recognized by the Ippies Awards in the past four consecutive years for all of the categories including Best Video, Best Story About an Immigrant Community, Best Multi-media Package , Best Website Design. Headquartered in New York, SinoVision has reporters based in LA, SF, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C.

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Dong Fang

A whole street with Roast suckling pig! Here we are Dong Fang in Hainan!


After Covid19, telehealth will be a new trend. Are you ready for it?
Here's an interview between our Vlogger and Somos president Dr. Henry Chen.

远程医疗无疑是被新冠推动的科技,在新冠之前,就有不少医学界人士推崇这种看病方式,但并不普及。 在这一期的视频里,美国中文网达人,纽约潮人义宁对话SOMOS医生陈治年,自从新冠爆发以来,身为SOMOS总裁的陈医生始终....

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鼠年春节派对指南!倒计时了赶快动起来!Lunar New Year 2020

Happy Lunar New Year!!!🐀🐀

马上就要到鼠年春节啦!已经倒计时,还不知道怎么开春节趴?在这里奉上高效的春节派对指南! 1.餐具是春节趴踢中必不可少的体现年味儿的利器。很多家具品牌每年lunar new year会推出春节款餐具,质量设计都没的说! Williams ...

Detective Chinatown 3

新春贺岁啦!《唐人街探案3》北美1月24日盛大上映!陈思诚执导,群星荟萃,强大阵容包括王宝强、刘昊然、Tony Jaa、妻夫木聪以及一众你意想不到的日本大牌明星!

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#DETECTIVECHINATOWN3 #唐人街探案3 #CNY2020 #王宝强 #刘昊然 #Tokyo #Chinesenewyear #Lunarnewyar


Review Top 3 KTV in Flushing! Tell us which one you recommend!

2019年最后一天,为大家吐血整理法拉盛最全最贴心KTV测评,祝大家2020年新年K歌愉快! 9Plus 新开业3个月左右,环境很好,很fancy。没有异味。目前有开业酬宾的优惠活动。但服务员的服务参差不齐,电话预约没有记录。 K Show 开...

10刀就可以搞定的布鲁克林美味小吃 Brooklyn Chinatown Food

Hey Brooklyn, Here we are!!

良心推荐给大家非常经济实惠又美味的布鲁克林8大道小吃: 1. 新发饼店: 招牌:蛋挞 5617 8th Ave Brooklyn NY 11220 2.台山风味小吃: 招牌:甜豆花 808 57th St, Brooklyn, NY 11220 3.金皇庭 招牌:大鹏米粉、小猪奶黄包、龙虾面 618 62nd S...


Why you have to get a flu shot?

流感疫苗到底该不该打?专业家庭全科医生将为大家解答! 流感与普通感冒的区别,症状 流感疫苗的重要性 什么情况下最好不要打流感疫苗 什么人群应该打流感疫苗 有保险无保险的情况下打流感疫苗的价格 美国中文电视 《.....

美国华人超市 VS 美国超市 到底谁的东西便宜?

Flushing supermarkets or Whole foods? You will be surprised~

带你看看美国纽约法拉盛的华人超市和曼哈顿的有机超市,要在对的地方买对的东西哦! #FLUSHING #SUPERMARKET #WHOLEFOODS #华人超市#美国生活 #纽约华人超市#美国超市


Mooncake is good but way too sweet, check out this video to learn a healthy mooncake! Ginger rice wine is a nice pair!
SOMOS Community Care

哥伦布圆环商场 新春活动居然搞这么大?! Delectable foods with lunar new year spirit @ the shops at Columbus circle

As spring festival is around the corner, The shops at Columbus circle are totally gearing up to a series of celebrations! Besides providing visitors with authentic cultural events, ranging from the traditional Lion Dance to lantern-making and sugar-painting demonstrations and workshops, all free, many vendors at the shops at Columbus Circle also created lunar new year special products. On this episode of "Bite This(来一口)", Tian Zhu paid a visit there and tried out delectable foods, with the lunar new year theme.

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新春将至,纽约可不仅仅只有华埠、法拉盛才洋溢着过年的气氛。地处Manhattan中心的The shops at Columbus circle也为纽约客们奉上了新春盛宴——不仅在购物中心内为顾客提供包含“舞龙舞狮”、“做灯笼”、“糖画”等一系列文化活动,不少商户还特别制作了新春特别版的产品。这集的“来一口”,跟着朱甜去尝尝,那里有什么和新春有关的,好吃的!

转发视频,截图朋友圈点赞数,将照片发至[email protected],点赞数最多的人就有大礼拿!

As spring festival is around the corner, The shops at Columbus circle are totally gearing up to a series of celebrations! Besides providing visitors with aut...

Lego CNY

Both sets are exclusive to the Asia Pacific Region and available only in-store.

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Shadow puppet

“I think it’s important for western audience to understand that there was culture before the internet, humans as a whole have this thousands of year culture forms and performance form, shadow puppet embodies a lot these ancient forms.”---Stephen Kaplin

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Chinese Theatre Works Puppet Fringe NYC


Lamb Offal Soup is popular across many cultures. Find out what it is and how its made.
For food videos,
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Hands torn paper

Can you believe that this lovely pig was made without any tools?

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Year of the Pig

What do you think of the designs? Comment below!

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Xiang Embroidery

This art looks so exquisite but it does not attract enough young people to learn.
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What would be a nice gift? This father makes a pottery teapot himself.
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Without sleeves and a lower part, it's like a simplified version of a shirt.

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jazz music

This Chinese musician brings Chinese musical instuments elements into jazz. Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra & Moo-sic+
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Shoe last

Do you know what these are called?

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wax paper

This kind of paper has a history of more than 1,000 years. It was once lost but recovered in 1980s.
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What's it like to celebrate Chinese New Year in the Forbidden City?

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#forbiddencity #chinesenewyear


After four years of planning, Tesla finally broke ground on its $5 billion factory in Shanghai. Tesla
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As a legal assistant, I would urge that American citizens with a Chinese background understand that Martial Arts and agression are not really welcome in America. For crime prevention, please do not glamorize crime and law violations, but rather show your social friendship and cultural successes on the social media. Thank You. M.K.I.
I am watching you now just want to share my music with the world
I watch you every morning i am watching now just want to share my music with the world
For fans of SinoVision fans, we offer a free 1-on-1 Chinese lesson online.
Learn numbers 0-5 with a native chinese kid
Learn numbers 0-5 with a native chinese kid
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