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We are blessed as a global community to learn from our wise elders, the beloved Grandmothers of the International Counci...

We are blessed as a global community to learn from our wise elders, the beloved Grandmothers of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. Each of the Grandmothers hold a lineage and within that lineage deep wisdom, knowledge and courage.

Below we share a message received from Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire, she speaks about the Great Mother Forest. We invite you to join us to learn more about this incredible source of wisdom, the great Mother Forest, who helps us connect and return to the natural order of life.

Grandmother Maria Alice will be with us for the fee online fundraiser April 23 & 24 teaching us about the flowers and the forest.

We hope you’ll join us (👉 link to register

In deep gratitude,

The Grandmothers Wisdom Team

“The Amazon Flower Essences convey the message of the Great Mother Forest – a message of peace, unity and cooperation. By observing the behavior of the species that make up the nature of the Amazon Rainforest, we can see the sense of integrity, all encompassing the same life, each performing its function as part of a single organism. This reality forms a field of consciousness that radiates through the essences of its flowers.

In the present times in which we live; the pain of separation, misunderstanding, discord, and disintegration, the use of the Amazon flower essences can contribute to internal harmonization through the mirroring of the virtues of nature. By internalizing this natural order, it is possible to rescue the memory of our own original order, and reconnect with inner peace.”

~Grandmother Maria Alice Campos Freire

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OYENANO'S WISH FOR PEACE In current times, the world is dictated by violence and separation amongst human beings. The re...


In current times, the world is dictated by violence and separation amongst human beings. The recent pandemic weakened the most deprived of us. Today, there is another war which is killing people and deporting millions far from their home. Even if the nuclear threat is back on the table, isn't it a sign to remind us that the future of humanity is at stake? On top of that, our planet is being destroyed by meaningless ways of life which impoverishes most of its population and creates profound natural imbalances. Humanity is sick, a victim of an excess of individualism.

We the women, Oyenano Grandmothers, say no to war, no to violence, no to the destruction of our planet. We are totally revolted by so much suffering and cruelty affecting the world. Nothing can justify these self-destructing behaviors. This is not sustainable and we can not continue to accept participating in this model of society without issuing a cry of alarm.

In Gabon, women have always stood up to warrant peace and we have never known war in our country. The wisdom of the elders must be heard and spirituality must remain at the center of our existence. That's how we have always functioned.

We all have parents, grandparents and ancestors who suffered for us, who fought in order to leave us a better world. For our children and for the common good, we must prolong their efforts, learn from the past mistakes, and bring back peace at all levels of our existence.

Today we are sending out our wish which is a call for humanity to wake up.

In our heart, we feel there is a place where we can live together harmoniously, a place containing an infinite healing power. We can all reach that place. Thus, each one of us can have an impact and participate in changing the world. By becoming better human beings, by living a life that has a meaning to our heart, by loving ourselves and others, we can move mountains.

Love, empathy and awareness can be shared without limitation. By self-cultivating these qualities and spreading them around us, we are keeping a fire always going within us and we can ignite more fires among our brothers and sisters. Serving this greater purpose is our duty to and it starts in our everyday life. By saying hello to our neighbor, smiling to a stranger, and taking the time to listen to a child, we can make a big difference.

That is why we believe that the mission of the Oyenano Village is so important. Our goal is indeed to help people who want to find themselves, to reveal their full potential and to radiate their light to the world.

We are at a crossroad in humanity's history. The power to set up a golden age on this planet lies within our hands and it is up to each one of us as individuals to take concrete actions toward it.

This is our prayer.

Whatever our life situation is, today is the only time to take responsibility for the future we want.

In Peace,

The Oyenano Grandmothers are sending all their Love to you.

To learn more about the Oyenano Village and how to support Grandmother Bernadette's work and legacy, please visit the Grandmothers Wisdom Causes page at

Our hearts grow wider and stronger as we receive your support - the intention of Grand Mä Offering: A Circle Of Support ...

Our hearts grow wider and stronger as we receive your support - the intention of Grand Mä Offering: A Circle Of Support is to lift up our elders, their missions, causes and projects with our intention and to bring more attention to their important work.

In honor of supporting the continuation of the work of our beloved Grandmother Beatrice Long Visitor Holy dance below is a message from her daughter, Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook. We hope you will consider supporting their cause Afraid Of Bear - American Horse Tiospaye and sharing their mission. More will be presented at the online gathering at the end of the month. Registration at

In service,

The Grandmothers Wisdom Team

“I ask you for Big Help.

Our Elders tell us not to pray for money. We pray for Big Help. Because that is what we need.

It is not enough to do ceremony as a cultural expression. We need to continue the healing process beyond that. We need to pay attention to our youth, not shame them. Honor and cherish them as we do in ceremony. If we take them through the Rites of Passage, teach them the protocols that define the 7 sacred ceremonies, then we have a chance.

As they experience ceremony, our youth must also experience what it means to put together these ceremonies. Purchasing buffalo meat and tending to the 12 month curing process. Traveling hundreds of miles north to gather the chokecherries that climate change has pushed out of their - and our - native lands. Finding the few who still cultivate the hominy corn that has been around for thousands of years, those few who resist the push to hybridize and somehow perfect the corn we eat. Making ceremonial dress. Preparing the arbor. All of this requires alliance building, networking, protocols and guiding principles. All of this needs to be taught to the next generations.

I ask for your Big Help so that seven generations will experience Rites of Passage that make them feel loved, cherished and needed.”


Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook

To learn more about the Afraid Of Bear - American Horse Tiospaye organization and to donate, visit the Grandmothers Wisdom Causes page at

Thank you! 🤍 🌍 🕊

As we prepare for our upcoming free online event, GRAND MÄ OFFERING: A Circle of Support, we will be featuring each of t...

As we prepare for our upcoming free online event, GRAND MÄ OFFERING: A Circle of Support, we will be featuring each of the Grandmothers causes, projects and organizations as per their guidance and instruction.

At this moment, we are inviting you to circle up in prayer and support of our beloved Grandmother Aama Bombo and her family, as she prepares to transition to the Spirit world. We ask you to hold her and her family in your thoughts and prayers for her comfort and peace, in sacred reciprocity as she has devoted her life-long service to the healing of humanity. Funds raised will go directly into Grandmother Aama’s Life Legacy Fund, supporting her current medical expenses, care-giving, end of life celebration and funeral costs, and her Life Legacy Fund causes.

Aama Bombo is a founding member of the International Council of Thirteen indigenous Grandmothers, she has been a vital part of the council's mission. Buddhi Maya Lama, also known as Aama Bombo, is a shaman in the Nepalese Tamang tradition. In Tamang Aama means mother and Bombo means shaman. Tamang people are all of Tibetan origin. Grandmother Amma was born in a small village in Nepal. After she was married, at age fifteen, she moved to Kathmandu. At the age of 25, Aama started shivering strongly. She could not eat and kept shivering for fourteen months. After seeing a Tamang shaman she understood that her dead father was manifesting through her. She was on a long initiation path before she began to practice as a healer. She is one of the first female shamans among the Tamang people and sees around 50 to 75 people a day at her home, near the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu. Grandmother Aama teaches about the Tamang traditions, spirituality, faith and healing.

Please join the Grandmothers and our global community in prayer for our dear spiritual teacher and elder, Grandmother Aama Bombo.

Thank you to all that have supported so far we are so grateful! 🙏🏽

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Dear Community, We are in deep gratitude for all we have been able to share together in 2021. May we continue to grow, learn, and remain in reverence for our Grand Mother Earth and one another in 2022 and beyond! We wish you health, love, abundance, and joy. From our hearts to yours 🌍🤍🕊 The Grandmothers Wisdom Team
Grandmothers Wisdom: Reverence for All Creation book is a body of work that was documented over the course of ten years, traveling to each of the 13 indigenous Grandmothers homelands, visiting their communities, and documenting their stories. This book reveals the voices of each member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from across the four directions of this great Grandmother Earth. We have worked and traveled with the Grandmothers Council around the world, witnessing them touch the lives of so many through their prayers and teachings. Their missions are the foundation and inspiration of our work: to preserve their messages, traditions and to also inspire our lives today in preparation for the generations to come. This book is a sacred artifact capturing the incredible stories of each of these Wise Elders, it is a living devotion in honoring their lives, connecting with their struggles to preserve and revitalize their cultures. We invite you to learn more and purchase your first edition copy of Grandmothers Wisdom: Reverence for All Creation now until December 11th, when we will close our office for an extended holiday. Order through our website (link in bio)☝️😀 We thank you for your continued support and commitment to the mission of and dedication to the Divine Mother, Her children and the future generations. 🙏🌍🕊 With love, The Grandmothers Wisdom team
@avozdasavosbr Tomorrow Saturday, November 27th ( In Portuguese) Sábado, 27/novembro, às 19:30 (Brasilia) A Voz das Avós, 10 Anos Depois. Roda de Conversa de lançamento da Reabertura do Portal - A Voz das avós convida: Neste ano de 2021 celebramos o marco dos 10 anos do encontro que aconteceu no Brasil entre os dias 21 e 24 de Outubro de 2011 - A voz das Avós: No fluir das águas em Brasília -DF. O convite que se abre é para que possamos reacender o fogo sagrado dessa roda e sentarmos para ouvir e trocar com as vozes de mulheres que carregam no seu fazer no mundo os saberes de suas tradições. No dia 27 de novembro, às 19:30, convidamos você para nossa Live de lançamento do portal - - que mesmo em contexto virtual, se abre como um espaço potente de trocas de saberes ancestrais, com possibilidade de construirmos pontes de diálogo para o fortalecimento dessa rede de conhecimento que se tece sobre nossa Mãe Terra, formando uma aliança de preces, paz e cura. Nos tempos que atravessamos, sente-se o chamado para que reafirmemos nossos sonhos : Que mundo queremos construir? Orientados pelos saberes que nascem da Terra e se manifestam nas vozes que estão ligadas à ela. "Estamos chamando A Voz das Avós, que venham unir suas vozes aqui, que venham ecoar seu canto de paz, que tragam o acalanto a todas as crianças, que tragam esperança a toda a juventude, que ativem a ciranda da união e do bom combate. Que venham celebrar a vida e exaltar a força interior em todos os corações." Avó Maria Alice Freire LINKS DE ACESSO:
Hello!☀️👋🏽 We see many new faces who have joined our page! We wanted to take a moment to introduce this work to you and tell you more about who we are and what we do. The Grandmothers Wisdom Project is an Earth based community actively building a bridge to support the living legacy of ancient traditions that gives us deeper insight into the mystery of life and the importance of honoring the connection that exists among all beings, nature and the cosmos. We are a collective of women devoted to the restoration and continuation of the feminine spirit regarding peace, justice, human rights, indigenous rights, environmental protection, and the health and welfare of children and the elderly, for today and the generations to come. In September of 2019 the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and mä creative launched the book: Grandmothers Wisdom: Reverence for All Creation, a ground-breaking portrayal of traditional spiritual women and an inspiration for all. The stories are ageless wisdom of earth-based cultures that can benefit all people in today’s climate of disconnection, preparing and opening pathways for the future generations. Grandmothers Wisdom is a call to action, revitalizing our connection to what is sacred. We welcome you to learn more about the Grandmothers and to purchase our book in support of this great vision. This first edition copy is available now until December 11th, when we will close our office until mid January. Link to book order page is in our bio ☝🏽📚 We thank you for being here and in support of this great mission, we’d love to know how you learned of us and where you’re located on this great planet (comment below 💚). In gratitude, The Grandmothers Wisdom Team 🌀🌊🌍🤍🕊✨
The Way of the Mother: Embracing the Infinite Opening Fire Prayer Ceremony at Village Oyenano, Libreville, Gabon, Central Africa. 🔥✨
We are so grateful to the Grandmothers, relatives, special guests and all participants for opening such a vast space for renewal of the spirit from transmission to transition to transformation. What an amazing opportunity at this crossroads for us to come together in ceremony and community. Thank you. We have received many requests and inquiries about leaving the registration open to receive the recordings for those that have missed the live event. We are pleased to announce that registration will remain open Friday October, 15th. All recordings will be made available Tuesday, October 19th - you will receive access to view the event for a limited time only. We appreciate your support and understanding. The Grandmothers Wisdom Team Register for recording of single day of your choice or all access #thewayofthemother #embracingtheinfinite #grandmotherswisdom #reverenceforallcreation #grandmotherscouncil #indigenouswisdom #wisdomkeepers #wisdomsharing #women #womensmovement #womeninaction #womensupportingwomen #divinefeminine #divinemother #inspiringwomen #activism #spiritualactivism #globalactivism #motherearth #grandmotherearth #savetheearth #forthenextgenerations
Prayer preparations began last night at the Oyenano Village. 🙏🏽✨🌙 Join us today @ 3:pm EST for the Opening Fire Ceremony, live from the Oyenano Village, Gabon, Africa! 🔥 Register for single day and all access 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Akewa Akewa! ♥️
🌐 THE WAY OF THE MOTHER - DAY 1 Day 1 - Thursday, October 7th The Preparation of Prayer Ties as a Physical Manifestation of a Prayer With Grandmother/Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance 5 pm EST Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance is a Native American elder from the Oglala Lakota Band of the Great Sioux Nation. Unci (Grandmother in Lakota) Rita was born in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. She currently lives on the land that was allotted to her great grandparents more than 100 years ago. Unci Rita's paternal Great Grandfather Long Visitor, was a member of the Crazy Horse Band and is listed in the Oglala War Chief Crazy Horse' surrender ledger at Fort Robinson, 1877. Unci Rita is an advocate, she is committed to preserving the Lakota ways of life and most importantly the preservation of the Lakota language, which she speaks fluently. She encourages Lakota parents and grandparents to teach their families the traditions in order to keep connection. Unci Rita is a survivalist skilled in drying and preserving food and making traditional clothing Lakota style or contemporary wear. Unci Rita is empathetic to single parents and their struggles to raise their children, because she herself was a single parent raising her children (and five grandchildren) on her own. Today Unci Rita is a grandmother, great grandmother and a great great grandmother. Unci Rita holds closely to her heart the hope that the work and influence of the Grandmothers Council will give a voice to the Lakota People, and bring good things to the children and the generations to come. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE ↓↓↓ #thewayofthemother #embracingtheinfinite #grandmotherswisdom #reverenceforallcreation #grandmotherscouncil #indigenouswisdom #wisdomkeepers #wisdomsharing #women #womensmovement #womeninaction #womensupportingwomen #divinefeminine #divinemother #inspiringwomen #activism #spiritualactivism #globalactivism #motherearth #grandmotherearth #savetheearth #forthenextgenerations
🌐 THE WAY OF THE MOTHER - DAY 2 PART II Day 2 - Friday, October 8th The Passing and Receiving of Knowledge and Tradition Part II With Grandmother Mona Polacca & Chantele Rilatos Live from Arizona and Oregon, USA 3 pm EST Grandmother Mona Polacca is a Havasupai/Hopi/Tewa elder from Arizona. She has worked to further social justice for indigenous people from an early age. She has a Master of Social Work degree and has been chosen as a member of the World Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders due to her international justice work. She has worked on issues of Indigenous Peoples especially related to the Rights to water, social and health issues. Mona serves on several United Nations committees on indigenous peoples issues and is a featured author, speaker and educator on indigenous peoples human rights, aging, mental health, addiction and violence. She is also the President/CEO and faculty of the Turtle Island Project, a non profit program that promotes a vision of wellness by providing trans-cultural training to individuals, families and healthcare professionals. ***************************** From Chantele Rilatos (Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim’s Great Granddaughter): Dv-laa-haa~, Aiy-yu-kwee’ (greetings in Dee-ni’/Yurok), shxuu-shi’ Chantele Rilatos (my name is Chantele Rilatos). I am a Dee-ni’ and Yurok woman. I come from the Rogue River in Southern Oregon and the Klamath River in Northern California. I live in Taa-‘at-dvn (Crescent City, CA). I am the great-granddaughter of day-sri Agnes Baker Pilgrim. Growing up I spent a lot of time with my grandma. We traveled together all over the place for ceremonies, for native rights and water preservation work, and later on with the Grandmothers Council as one of their youth ambassadors. My favorite things I used to do with my grandma was working on dance regalia, gathering, fishing, and preparing fish on sticks for the sacred salmon ceremony we held on the Applegate and Rogue rivers. She gave me many teachings that I am proud to pass on and teach to my son and family today. Shu’ shaa-nin-la! LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE ↓↓↓ #thewayofthemother #embracingtheinfinite #grandmotherswisdom #reverenceforallcreation #grandmotherscouncil #indigenouswisdom #wisdomkeepers #wisdomsharing #women #womensmovement #womeninaction #womensupportingwomen #divinefeminine #divinemother #inspiringwomen #activism #spiritualactivism #globalactivism #motherearth #grandmotherearth #savetheearth #forthenextgenerations