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“Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. This means that any person who knows what they are doing and where they are going is a success. Any person with a goal towards which they are working is a successful person.” - Earl Nightingale.


“Don't forget - no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.” ― Charles de Lint


“Devote today to something so daring even you can’t believe you’re doing it.” - Oprah Winfrey


“You know what I did after I wrote my first novel? I shut up and wrote twenty-three more."― Michael Connelly


“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson


“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” - Edmund Lee


"Never sit staring at a blank page or screen. If you find yourself stuck, write. Write about the scene you're trying to write. Writing about it is easier than writing, and chances are, it will give you your way in." - Laini Taylor


“The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration, then more practice and concentration.” - Babe Didrikson Zaharias


“The best way to treat obstacles is to use them as stepping-stones. Laugh at them, tread on them, and let them lead you to something better.” - Enid Blyton


“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” - Dalai Lama


“There’s no good way to waste your time. Wasting time is just wasting time.” - Helen Mirren
“You'll never get anywhere if you go about what-iffing like that.” ― Roald Dahl


“A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.” ― Tobias Wolff


“Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.” - J.K. Rowling


“Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.” - Arthur Koestler


“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour.” - Vince Lombardi


#AmazonSEO is not the same as #GoogleSEO. You need a different strategy for each.

Ever wondered if the genres #authors most enjoy #writing in, match the genres readers most enjoy reading?
Do Writers Write What Readers Want To Read? — Kadaxis

Ever wondered if the genres #authors most enjoy #writing in, match the genres readers most enjoy reading?

Have you ever wondered if the genres authors most enjoy writing in, match the genres readers most enjoy reading? Before self-publishing, all new books for sale were filtered by agents and publishers, who acquired and worked on books they thought would sell well. If there was an oversupply of manuscr


"The desire to #write grows with #writing."
- Desiderius Erasmus


“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”― Anne Frank


#Keywords directly influence a book's visibility in Amazon's product #search.

" does one write to influence? Simple! Master the principle of time and space"Find out what that means here:by Car...
Tip the Scale in Your Favor — Write to Influence!

" does one write to influence? Simple! Master the principle of time and space"
Find out what that means here:

by Carla Bass via @B2Community

#writingtips #bloggingtips #contentmarketing

“Time is money”… especially in a competitive world. Imprecise communication wastes it and torpedoes opportunity. From a business perspective, trudging…

The order of keyword terms, especially for phrases with special meaning, are important.


#KDP #authors: make sure you use as many Amazon #keywords as permitted, to maximize your book's visibility in Amazon search results.


“My advice is to never do tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time.”– Charles Dickens

Traditional publishers have a #keyword advantage over #selfpublished authors.
A Publisher's Advantage Over Indie Authors — Kadaxis

Traditional publishers have a #keyword advantage over #selfpublished authors.

When it comes to book discovery and retail search, traditional publishers have two advantages over indie publishers. More Keywords The first is the ability to add more keywords to a book. Most independent authors will be able to add 5-7 keywords to their book's metadata. Each keyword (or


“If you want to be a writer, you have to write every day... You don't go to a well once but daily.” - Walter Mosley


“You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions.” - Naguib Mahfouz


“Above all, don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them.” - Rita Levi-Montalcini


“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.” ― Ray Bradbury


"I'm not afraid of storms, for I”m learning how to sail my ship.” - Louisa May Alcott


#AmazonSEO is not the same as #GoogleSEO. You need a different strategy for each.


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