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New York, Nov 6, 2018 ( - Afromedia News Corp announced the appointment of an Interim Chief Financial Officer today. We are excited and very pleased to have a consummate professional executive with deep knowledge of international finance, M&A and operations on board, Afromedia CEO, Dr....

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Warped Intelligentsia
Dear friends let really get to the bottom of this discussion, before we do, please bear in mind three points. 1. I do not care for politics, Democrats or Republicans, 2. I do not care for religion, yours or mine (they used Christianity to justify slavery and are using Islam to kill millions) and finally my only interest is the promotion and self awareness of the black race, not because I am a racist or a rebel, simply because I was born with a black skin, born in Africa and committed to promote my lineage.
Now let talk about Donald Trump, and my brothers that are in love with him. This is what happens when we forget our history, Trump is using Hitler’s playbook, page by page. The rise of Hitler came from his ability to tap into the discontent of the young and jobless Germans in the 30’s, seeing Jewish merchants with all the shops and businesses. Go over the last six months of Trump campaign and see how he was systematically attacking each group, except the white race.
But like I said before, I really do not care about the politics but when a man opens his mouth and call my existence into question and abuse my heritage, I will stand up. And for those of you claiming that he is telling the truth, you are dead wrong, because you and Donald Trump do not know the truth.
First point: Very few black men and women on this planet today are capable of knowing the truth, simply because our problems are never about black or white, it is about power and knowledge, who has it, who uses it. Ajayi, Daniel, Zents and all other Trump men, remember that 95% of what you know, through you fancy American Education or your CNN or FOX or Google, are written by white men.
Second Point: If Ben Carson has stated on his campaign stomps that “Jews are slum lords, White were(are) slavers that used free labor of 10,000,000 Africans to build Europe and America and are setting cocoa prices daily without a single cocoa tree in North America, or Gold and Diamond prices, without a single Gold or Diamond mine in Europe, if Ben Carson has said American Military never leave any country they have ever stepped into since 1910, if Ben Carson has said, 1230 American politicians are charged with corruption since 2013, how many of you brothers would have supported him?
So you see Mr. Ajayi, all these are facts and Trump is not telling the truth, he is winning the souls of those people that will tear you apart if you dare attending his inauguration ball next January, his constituents are the same people that would shot you simply because you look different, who will carpet bomb your country just for fun.
Trump was saying given power he would re-colonize Africa and you think that is funny, that was Hitler’s plan, so when you were dancing that Hitler abused our forefathers, chains are been brought back to Africa. If you ever wonder why we black people are not progressive, it is for the same point you are missing now, never allow anyone to call you a dog, because if you are silent, dog becomes your name. We are flawed, just like the white people are flawed, has anyone apologized to you lately for Slavery and Colonization? The greatest challenge facing us is that warped intelligentsia, we are too educated and smart (with white men theories), to even know when we are been played!
Third and final point: It takes two to be a slave: If you think slavery is over and colonization was in the past, then you are right about Trump. Unfortunately he is not playing with you, you and generally every race except white, is the pawn in his war game. He does not care about you and before you go on and on about America: How come that the most powerful nation in the world and the nation with the most beautiful notion of freedom (notion, not yet free), is the country founded by outlaws, rebels and refugees. Research the top inventors, intellectuals, great artists in the last 100 years of the American society and show me a single person that is a third generation American. The success of this country, as rightly discovered by the founding fathers is base on its diversity. Trump is saying let take that diversity away, kick the Africans out, block the Muslims, send women back to the kitchen and stop trading with a country we owned trillions of dollars, and you are happy!
For the record: I do not want illegal aliens to overrun America, I support stringent border control, I know Africans have a long way to go to build a better society, I want strong America to deter even worse regimes, but I am a thinking black man and when a man attacked my race for political gain, I need to call a spade a spade, Donald Trump must find another way to grab the power.

Dr. Idris Olagoke Badmus
President and Founder
African Center Foundation
CEO Afromedia News Corp. Kunle Sowunmi Olagoke BadmusOlaw...
Afromedia News Corp launches new corporate logo | PRLog

Zents Kunle Sowunmi
Olagoke Badmus
Olawumi Afolayanka Badmus
Olumide McGabriels Afolayanka
Ogbolu Emeke Charles
Asiwaju Kunle Ojikutu
Tunde Kudaisi
Seye Oyeleye

Afromedia News Corp launches new corporate logo. New York. January 4th, 2016. Afromedia News Corp unveiled new logo for the media group today in New York. Welcoming the regional directors of the group from five African countries to the new year retreat in New York, Dr. - PR12521918


Buhari vs Corruption: Round One

The heart and soul of our new president is in the right place. Nigeria cannot move forward if the corruptions woven into her psyche by decades of institutional incompetence and unfathomable greed is not reversed. President Buhari’s will and determination to wash away the rot of corruption should however be marched equally with realistic and pragmatic approach to the problem of corruption. Chasing and probing the whales in the hierarchy of public embezzlers should be one of many approaches of his administration to rid us of corruption.
The law of cause and effect must be applied here: What are the fundamental reasons this nation and her ruling class have been so corrupt. These corrupt leaders with voracious appetite to cart away hundreds of billions of dollars of public funds are also product of our society. Bad and morally bankrupt society will always produce rotten leaders, we cannot sow weed and expect to harvest rice. Flawed institutions with no check and balance will always result in failure.
This rare opportunity our new president has to fight corruption must not be squandered on witch hunt and recovery of few billions. It must be used to rewire our psyche, from the newly born Nigerian, to the one approaching their grave, that good society produces good leaders. Active and law abiding citizenry elects great leaders.
There are many ways to purge Nigeria of corruption beside the prosecutions of the past government. I will focus on two and I know that the president is already thinking along these lines. The War Against Indiscipline he started in 1983 is the excellent example of rewiring our psyche. This time though without the Military lashes and forced physical exercises. Fundamental education about right and wrong will do, from our Kindergarten on up. We need to stop assuming that we all know what is right and what is wrong, we need to teach it, breathe it, dream it and live it every day.
Constant reminders and subtle signs to caution human excess and remind us to behave are invaluable in a civil society. Even today you will be amazed to see no smoking signs, no littering signs, all over the public space in New York and London, and throughout Europe and North America. These habits have been drilled out of their psyche for more than a decade, but the reminders are still there.
Nigeria banks, and eateries, public institutions and private entities must put up signs to remind Nigerians to queue and wait their turn, and not to rush the counters at the same time. Filling stations need the biggest signs they can find to tell the customers that if they are not in order, no service will be rendered. Talking about the filling stations, there must be a dedicated line for kegs and cans; hopefully Baba Buhari will soon revive our refineries and electricity supply.
Signs in colleges must inform students constantly to study and not make advances toward the lecturers or accept unethical behavior from the lecturers. Every Police checkpoint must have an official sign saying bribery of any kind or form is illegal; as a matter of fact, this little sign, “Bribery is illegal in Nigeria” should be our national anthem from now on. We should let some of our singers, from 2face to Ayefele put out new albums with the same title. The Church should put it up in every corner, the Mosques should use it for Ramadan and Friday lectures. You might be thinking this is a joke, but nothing is funny about this, we have generations upon generations with bad example of leadership and foul odor of corruption is everywhere. Right education is our only salvation in this country; we can only produce a better society if the foundation is sound and free of corrupt thought and deed.
Secondly Nigeria is doom if the mind blowing inequalities in her institutions and agencies are not addressed and corrected. No country can survive and prosper if the pay difference between the politicians, especially the legislatures and the ones charged with enforcing and implementing her laws are several hundred percentages apart.
President Buhari’s efforts to rearrange the Ministries and government institutions, once again is on the money. One of the most urgent is the question of the Nigeria Police and the Legislatures. One is charged to uphold the law and enforce the law, and the other is charged to make the law. Our security is in the hand of the former and our money in the hands of the latter. One takes home basically 20,000 Naira every month and the other takes 20 million Naira home per month!!!
No matter what we do to rid ourselves of corruption, if our Police are beggars on the street and our politicians are the highest paid legislatures in the world, we will never succeed. Once again let examine the American society. A police cadet in New York, fresh out of Police Academy is paid $40,000 or more annually. I am not saying we should pay our police recruit 8 million naira per year, but the American Police Cadet receives equal pay as a banker or an accountant. He can afford a new car, buy a house and he is definitely not begging on the street, he is all about upholding the law. Most importantly a member of Congress in the US receives about three times the salary of a cadet, not 1000%!!
Like many Nigerians, I am not happy with the level of corruption in the Nigeria Police but if you pay a man 18,000 naira a month and give him guns to protect you, while his wife and children are hungry, the last thing in his mind is your security. One can make the argument that Police will be corrupt if you pay them 100,000 naira per month, but that is fallacy.
Yes some will be corrupt, just like some bankers are corrupt, despite the high salaries they receive. But just exactly like the bankers, most of them love their job and if you want to corrupt them or trick them into giving you a bad loan or steal money they will rather call the Police. Ask yourself, if you have money in the bank and your families are well fed, will you rather take pride in your work or beg a driver on the street for 50 naira?
The Nigerian legislature salaries package and the abject poverty we subjected our Police and Military to, is the root of all the institutional corruption in our country. President Buhari must ensure the right people with the right mentality and focus populate our Police force, unless he has other means of enforcing our laws and provide our security. Good and decent salary will attract the right and competent people to the force, weed away the rotten apples and allow the good people poverty has forced to be bad, to be true to their nature.
Today nothing is more infuriating than these lawmakers with humongous salaries who have not made one single law since May 29th, but fighting worse than the school children for positions. The President will have hard time fighting to reduce their pay and use it to restructure the Nigeria Police, but he does not need to fight the war alone. He just needs to initiate it and we will finish it with our votes, it is about time Nigerians chose politics as a career to serve and not to rob.
These two simple points: All out education or re-education for all of us and the changes in the way we reward those who protect us and enforce our laws, will bring about the change Baba Buhari and the rest of us desire. Can you imagine how great Nigeria will be if politicians serve, police protects and our children learn that to lead in Nigeria, is to serve Nigeria, not loot Nigeria.
This is not a dream; this is the right time and the right opportunity. Do we have the will?

Author: Idris Olagoke Badmus.
Idris Olagoke Badmus is the CEO and Editor in Chief, Afromedia News Corp. New York.



Good work

Check out the new Afromedia News corp website. Conect Magazine is coming, both in print and online edition. Come join us...

Check out the new Afromedia News corp website. Conect Magazine is coming, both in print and online edition. Come join us, let connect our world.

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