is a series of documentaries of individuals from all walks of life. HI, MY NAME IS JONATHAN HEDVAT. I grew up in Marlboro and Oakhurst New Jersey, and I now live in New York City, and have for the last 11 years.

My idea for was born out of a need to do something I loved and that was truly ‘me’. I had traveled all over South America in my 20’s, and I wanted to figure out what I loved the most about traveling. I thought what I loved most was experiencing the unique character in each ethnic community that I visited. So I thought about how I could relive this experience in my own backyard. I knew that there were ethnic communities all over NYC and in New Jersey, and so I set-up a social network for all the ethnic groups in the Tri-State area to virtually gather and share their stories, including the activities they loved doing. But what I found was that people were afraid to register their personal information on the site! Some thought it was a way that they could be discriminated against. And no one else seemed as excited as I was to learn about all the ethnic groups that make up NY now. So then I turned the site into an events site. Then a site where people could find sports partners in their neighborhood…but neither of these types of online communities fulfilled my desire to learn about the people living around me. What I had wanted to do, originally, was map out communities by ethnic groups. Frustrated, I started looking around the web and found news from all over the world including videos of people from different ethnicities, sharing their stories and updates. The problem was that I could not watch enough of their videos! And I thought; “Wow; there are so many interesting people and stories out there that need to be captured.”

A colleague at work suggested I not focus only on ethnic communities. “Why not other communities that are invisible, like taxi drivers or homeless people?” That really resonated with me. So I decided to tell the stories of the hundreds, if not thousands of people living on the tough streets of NYC; people who we see everyday but perhaps never truly see for the human beings they are. And so, and this project was born. So far we have filmed interviews with over 50 people, men and women. We offer them anywhere from $2-$10 depending upon how much they time they choose to spend talking to us. The stories they tell are unexpected, heartbreaking and illuminating. They reveal the same struggles for love, security and dignity that every person faces. People started saying I was a ‘digital anthropologist’. We look forward to creating the largest library of stories of those facing homelessness, presenting the unique perspective of each man and woman we meet. I hope you’ll be as inspired and moved by their stories as I have been, and I hope you’ll subscribe and keep watching. Thank you. SHARE AND ENJOY

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02/26/2015 - Lewis - Purple Sun

Luis F Romo founder and CEO of PurpleSun Inc.Formerly - Helios explains starting his company which uses UV light to disinfect hospital rooms. Luis was a bio-medical engineer from Syracuse University who is following his passion to transform healthcare. #uv #hospital #uvdisinfection #uvhospitaldisinfection #infectioncontrol

02/26/2015 - Filip and Keegen - AIM Model Management

What is it like to be a male model in NYC? Keegen Key and Filip Hemlin Billström go over the stereotypes and their career at Aim Model Management @Keegen Key and Filip Hemlin Billström Nole' Marin Nolé Marin Aim Model Management

02/26/2015 - Drew - Digital Roadmap

Drew Johnson from talks about what its like to work in a Sales over the phone to Sales over Email and working as an account executive Digital Agency. He helps drive traffic on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis to websites and businesses. #digitalmarketing #digitalsales #cpcmarketing #accountexecutive

02/19/2015 - Alex

Alex Cashion, comes from North Carolina after finishing college and finds a job in New York selling alternative energy at Phoenix Energy Group . She deals with having to be persistent and talks about if you don't do what you love then its hard to sell what you are selling. #nyc #alternativeenergy #renewableenergy #sustainableenergy #nycjobs #northcarolina

02/19/2015 - Caitlin Connors

Caitlin Connors at The Fox Theory talks about starting from a marketing agency and starting her own digital agency, Fox Theory. She talks about the importance of branding and what a brand is and talks about a few of her favorite brands. An inspiring story of someone who works with people that she meets out and about and turns that relationship into a partnership. #marketing #digitalagency #newyorkmarketing #robotheart #foxtheory #storied

02/19/2015 - Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner, originally from Melbourne, Australia found his strength of technology implementation via working through many jobs. He worked at a recruiting firm and was so good at setting up recruiting software for the firm, that the software firm hired him. He has since been helping recruitment firms and firms around the world manage the technology they need to recruit. #recruitingtechnology #passion #strengths #recruitmentsoftware #recruitment,

02/19/2015 - Jamie Mendel

Jamie Mendell is a health and lifestyle coach, teaching people how to ditch dieting and create a normal, easy relationship with food. She left the finance world 2.5 years ago to start her business and now works with people around the world on living healthier, happier lives. She can be found at Jamie Mendell

02/14/2015 - Artur - Welzoo

Artur Fruman who was in college at University of Michigan, and had a discount card called, Legends, he now started a company called Welzoo that enables people to give charity passively to their favorite organizations. #welzoo #nyccharity #nonprofitnyc #nycstartup #socialcompany #socialgood #socialbusiness #storied #nyccharity #collegecharity

02/14/2015 - Marinos - NE1

Marinos Bernitsas is the founder of ne1 Ne1. ne1 lets you ask a question to anyone around you within a distance you choose, such as "ne1 have a hammer I could borrow to hang some artwork?" or "ne1 around Starbucks have a Mac Book Pro charger?". Marinos also goes over getting started with app development. #appdevelopment #appstore #ne1 #softwarenyc #techstartup

02/13/2015 - Jon

Jon Margolis of @BadgerCapital talks about a career in Merrill Lynch then working at Hedge Funds then becoming a portfolio manager for a family office. #nycfinance #stockmarket #investing #hedgefund #portfolio #storied #wallstreet

02/13/2015 - Gene - 3W Experiences

Gene Mikhov of 3W Experiences talks about telling stories to nyc consumers on what venues are all about in nyc so they can have a great experience.

02/05/2015 - Noah Klausman

This is Noah Klausman from Deeplink He does business development for a platform that allows apps to re-engage their users with a web url. #deeplink #deeplinking #engagement #apps #startup #platform #businessdevelopment #bizdev #israelistartups #nycisraeli #webapplication

02/05/2015 - Aaron Wong

This is Aaron Wong from Dress Up Who While working at a job he started a website for childrens games site that now has 100,000 visitors per day #leanstartup #games #childrensgames #nycinterview #entrepreneur #nycentrepreneur #mafiawars #dressupwho

02/05/2015 - Alex Loss

This is Alex Loss associate community manager at WeWork WeWork NoMad He supports the needs of small businesses so the can thrive

02/05/2015 - Mayer Mizrachi

This is Mayer Mizrachi from Criptext a Panamanian/Jamaican entrepreneur he made a messaging platform that is secure and private where you have full control after you send mail

02/04/2015 - Chris

This is Chris Shearin. He works as an assistant community manager for WeWork the co working space that is valued at $5 billion.

02/04/2015 - Sairam

This is Sairam Chilappagari from is an app on your smart phone where you can control the music in a venue. So for example, if you wanted to play "hotel california" after "jailhouse rock" which is currently playing at a bar, you can do that with #spotify #jukebox #music #musicplayer #musicvenue #dj #selfdj #storied

02/04/2015 - Saygin

This is Saygin Celen from DowntownShoesnewyork. Saygin has created his own fashionable mens shoe/sneaker. The average new yorker walks 5 miles per day and he is providing a quality shoe for this experience. #nycfashion #nycshoes #mensfashion #style #nycstyle #newfashion #nycshoes

02/04/2015 - Jitpal

This is Jitpal from LionsmarkMedia. He helps brands extend their presence by putting their logo or message onto products to give them a favorable brand presence. #storied #branding #brand #nycbranding #nycpromotions #promotions #nycinterviews #nycinterview #entrepreneur #entrepreneurstory

02/03/2015 - Zach

This is Zach from Welzoo. There was an issue with our previous upload, so apologies for that.

Zach took an idea that college students could not give much money to charity and created a service where their web activity can actually help the organizations of their choice.

#michigan #startup #nycfrommichigan #charity #students #shareyourideas

02/03/2015 - Phil

This is Phil from Phil found that people had a hard time marketing their apartment if they want to get out of their lease. His platform allowed people to break their lease and find someone to replace it. #storied #breakinglease #nycapartments #highrentsnyc #rentapartmentsnyc #shorttermrentals #shorttermrental

02/03/2015 - Nathan

This is Nathan from Your Call.

Nathans company gives a way for employees to have a way out of a sticky situation at work, may it be sexual harrasment, fraud, stealing and they dont want to report it. They can call "Your Call"

#whisteblowing #yourcall #service #sexualharrasment #fraud #theft #corporatefraud

01/21/2015 - Harris

Previously a Foreign Exchange trader, Harris came to New York from Montreal with hopes to be on a pro soccer team. After 3 months of failing to get on a team, he went into homelessness. He is currently homeless for 6 months and really appreciates the struggle that he has been through. #storied #montreal #fx #homeless #canadianhomelessness #homelessness #findingajob #sportsjob

01/21/2015 - Sheldon

After Sheldon lost his parents, he went homeless as he said he was a 'mamas boy'. He currently has HIV and
he has a 5 year plan to get off of homelessness and to gain an income and education. #storied #hivhomeless #hiv #mammasboy

01/21/2015 - Andre

Andre lived in just about every city on the east coast..he has written a book and shares his gratefulness about living in manhattan while being homeless. #storied

01/21/2015 - Warren

This is a second interview with Warren. Currently homeless. New York has treated him well. He enjoys the nyc scenery and the babes. #storied

01/20/2015 - Takara

Takara has been in prison for assault and larceny. She is out now and is not legally allowed to talk to her mother for 3 years. She has met someone homeless also and is now pregnant and is expecting soon. She tells people to use all the resources they can while homeless and nyc is the best place to be homeless.

01/20/2015 - Cletus

Cletus used to be homeless 5 years ago. The job he currently has does not pay enough for him to afford breakfast and lunch, so he comes to the soup kitchen. A staff member he knew at a previous shelter got him a job..but as long as he has this job if he is at the job right now. #storied #soupkitchen #openyourmind

01/20/2015 - Juice (PG13)

Juice has a lot of character...quite the entertainer.
At the end of the video he sings into the camera an older song. He talks about the explosion he went through working for the Long island railroad. (how he is currently in a wheelchair). #lirr #handicapped #storied #youaresobeautiful #juice #homeless #nycstreets

01/17/2015 - Mario and Robert

Mario and Robert are homeless in NYC. #haiti #rockaway #police #sandy #hurricanesandy #sandy #rockawayqueens

01/17/2015 - Gerald

Gerald is a Vietnam vet and homeless in NYC. Homeless for 15 years. #vietnam #vietnamwar #vietnamwarveteran

01/17/2015 - Ricky

Ricky is a stone mason unemployed due to a hernia operation. Please excuse the blank space midway through. He gets motivated from seeing other people getting out of homelessness and hopes to lead himself and others out of homelessness. #stonemason #hernia #herniaoperation #homelessness #unemployed #doctor #doyourpart

01/17/2015 - Bizzel

Bizzel injured himself whilst young and got addicted to the pain meds, but has since turned his life around. He wrote a few books about his life struggles. #storied


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