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Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol | Polite On Society
Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol | Polite On Society

Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol | Polite On Society

Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol MarcJanuary 6, 2021Leave a comment This is a day that will be infamous in American history. Supporters of lame-duck president Donald Trump have stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Unmoved by an electoral loss, Trump supporters mobilized in a threatening...

MARIETTE MONPIERRE: LIVING HER DREAMMariette Monpierre: Living Her DreamWomen-owned firms (51% or more) account for 39% ...


Mariette Monpierre: Living Her Dream

Women-owned firms (51% or more) account for 39% of all privately held firms and contribute 85% of employment and 4.2% of revenues. As more and more women think of ways to help their families by bringing in revenue, more women are considering starting their own business. This writer decided to talk to some of these business orientated women. Since my beat is entertainment, naturally I began my quest by talking with women who are in the business of show business. Since French Caribbean filmmaker Mariette Monpierre lives both in NY and in Guadeloupe, I caught up with her while she was in NY over the Christmas holiday. She graciously took the time to talk with me about her background, her career in independent filmmaking and her love for it.

“I am in NY presently since I wanted to spend time with my son who lives in NYC. I lived in NY for 30 years. It is my home, but I choose to return to my place of birth because I needed to feel a connection to where I was born,“ remarked Mariette who was born in Guadeloupe but raised in Paris. “I felt the urge to reconnect with my roots and am now living in a beautiful place where the sun shines everyday and I hear the ocean waves crashing on the shore. I am really lucky and feel grateful to have a spectacular view. I know people in NY are hurting badly. Guadeloupe is hurting too. Yet somehow being under the sun makes the suffering seem much easier.” said the former producer of Frito Lay, Campbell soup, Visa, Pizza Hut, etc., for the advertising agency BBD&O before venturing into producing and directing her own films.

Ms Monpierre went on to write and create documentaries, shorts, music videos, podcasts and her feature film entitled ELZA. Her documentary films include, "Knowledge is Power," “Sweet Mickey for President?” which won Best Documentary at the Reel Sisters Film Festival in New York. Her short film “Rendez-Vous,” experienced a successful run in several major international film festivals and was featured at the African Diaspora Film Festival in New York. Her first feature film “ELZA” was a New York Times Critics Pick. It won the 2012 BAFTA Choice Award, The Jury Award for Best Director First Feature at the Pan African Film Festival in LA., and the Paul Robeson Award for Best Film of the Diaspora at FESPACO in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

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UGANDA: EVEN MUSEVENI REGIME SOLDIERS ARE READY FOR BOBI WINE[Bobi Wine Watch]Sembabule district in Uganda is a dictator...


[Bobi Wine Watch]

Sembabule district in Uganda is a dictator Yoweri Museveni regime hotbed. His globally discredited corrupt Foreign Affairs Minister, Sam Kuteesa, is the de facto King of the area.

For any ordinary mortals, support for any party other than the regime ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) is near suicide, yet leading presidential candidate Bobi Wine traveled there this week to campaign for the Jan. 14, 2021 vote.

As expected he was met with heavy deployment of the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF), the Special Forces Command (SFC) whose commander is Gen. Muhoozi Kaenerugaga, dictator Museveni’s son, the Uganda Police Force, the Anti-Terrorism Force, the Violent Crime unit, and plain clothes security operatives. It seems the whole establishment was there except dictator Museveni himself and his cabinet of ministers.

No sooner had Bobi Wine showed up when Police tanks began spraying water canon on the expectant crowds, waiting for Bobi Wine. Teargas, and live bullets were fired into the crowds with the intention of dispersing them. People were mercilessly beaten by whip-bearing soldiers. It was total pandemonium. It was clear what the message was the regime does not want Bobi Wine here.

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With today's start of the observation of this year's Kwanzaa celebration, New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams delivered the following statement:

"Habari Gani- I wish a joyous Kwanzaa to all. This holiday honors the richness of African-American culture and heritage, each day uplifting one of the seven principles - the values of unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. While we cannot gather to celebrate in person this year, we can hold these principles in our hearts and homes, and exemplify them in our lives.

"Amid all of the challenges that this year has presented, all of the suffering and struggle that is ongoing, it is critical that we take inspiration from Umoja, unity, to move forward with purpose. On the strength of our great blessings, guided by the example and lifted by the legacy of our ancestors, we can overcome great obstacles. We have done it before, we have done it this year, and we will do it in the next.

"Embracing the seven principles in our lives and our communities, let us look to the future with hope and expectation."

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In following piece, Dr. Tom Hastings, Coordinator of PeaceVoice, and psychiatrist Dr. Saskia Hostetler Lippy address the escalation of violence, on all sides, in their Portland community.

In the tsunami of information and misinformation around COVID-19, the World Health Organization put out a call for action on December 11th to mitigate harm from the “infodemic”—“the overabundance of information – some accurate, some not” spreading over social media.

In Portland, we are suffering from our own version of this societally--in the lack of information and critical thinking around what is happening in protests in our own city, while simultaneously presenting a national narrative of African-American and Indigenous historical victims.

Our overriding concern is the slide toward violence by all parties, from the alt-right to police to protesters. One recent chilling protest poster portrayed a skeleton in police helmet riddled with bullet holes. The enraged white allies defending this narrative with ever increasing violence has left the city with its police and Mayor flummoxed and borderline impotent.

There are still those in elite Portland circles who say, “The protests? Aren’t they over yet?” The Red House eviction standoff (a legal foreclosure and eviction of a self-identified Afro-Indigenous family), still ongoing, on N. Mississippi Avenue has made it plain for all to see, that no, the Portland protest movement is moving to new lows in the tactics of fear.

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2020 IS DEAD, LONG LIVE 2021!2020 was a year of failure as the whole world convulsed under the ugly coronavirus pandemic...

2020 IS DEAD, LONG LIVE 2021!

2020 was a year of failure as the whole world convulsed under the ugly coronavirus pandemic and many attendant ailments created by the disease.

It was the year of failure on a spectacular level as the most incompetent president in U.S. history twittled and twaddled on Twitter and let the pandemic spread on a record level. Donald Trump ignored all science and simple but effective measures to contain the disease including wearing facemasks and social distancing. He promoted coronavirus skepticism and even proposed injecting bleach as a solution. As a result, as of today more than 18.4 million Americans have been infected and over 325,096 have died. Even with the introduction of the vaccines, it's likely that by April more than 500,000 Americans would have died from the disease.

In Africa, the disease has not claimed as many lives when compared to the United States and European countries except in South Africa which now accounts for more than a third of the infections and deaths. In Africa, with a population of 1.3 billion, more than four times that of the U.S., as of today the total infection was over 2.6 million, with 60,973 reported deaths. South Africa accounted for 968,563 of the infections, and 25,983 of the deaths.

All of Africa has been severely impacted by the economic disruptions that will likely lead to social upheavals and some regime changes, which are not necessarily a bad thing as some tyrannies may fall. In Uganda millions of young people--80 % of whom are unemployed--seem poised to vote for a youthful candidate, Bobi Wine, and to end the 35 years U.S.-backed dictatorship of the kleptocrat Gen. Yoweri Museveni, come election day Jan. 14.

The economic contraction, with all but a few African countries showing negative growth, means Africa's international creditors will have to indefinitely suspend interest payments and forgive a significant portion of the continent's $417 billion foreign debt. Zambia defaulted on interest payments and other countries could follow suit.

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In California, wealthy patients are offering top dollar to cut the line for a Covid-19 vaccine
In California, wealthy patients are offering top dollar to cut the line for a Covid-19 vaccine

In California, wealthy patients are offering top dollar to cut the line for a Covid-19 vaccine

While the nation continues to see record levels of new Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, wealthy patients in Southern California -- the epicenter of the state's Covid-19 crisis -- are offering to pay top dollar to cut the line and be among the first to receive a vaccine.

Documentary Review: Coded Bias
Documentary Review: Coded Bias

Documentary Review: Coded Bias

Coded Bias Flyer By Marc W. Polite The effects of emerging technology on society has been explored a great deal recently. The latest documentary “Coded Bias” brings to our attention som…

UN: ETHIOPIA AID DELAYED AS TIGRAY FIGHTING CONTINUESContinued fighting in many parts of Ethiopia's Tigray region is hin...


Continued fighting in many parts of Ethiopia's Tigray region is hindering efforts to deliver aid, the UN says.

Millions of people are said to be running out of food and medicines.

UN officials told AFP there was still no access on Friday, despite a deal allowing "unimpeded" humanitarian access to government-controlled areas.

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NIGERIA POLICE BOSS WITHDRAWS LAWSUIT AGAINST SARS PROBENigeria’s Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu has ordered...


Nigeria’s Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu has ordered the immediate withdrawal of the lawsuit challenging the legality of the panels of enquiry looking into abuses by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars).

A statement by police spokesperson Frank Mbah on Friday says the order follows the outcome of investigations into the role played by the Force Legal Section in launching the lawsuit.

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COVID-19: THE PFIZER AND MODERNA VACCINES MAY NOT BE ENOUGH TO SAVE USNews from Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc. that, based...


News from Pfizer Inc. and Moderna Inc. that, based on initial trials, their experimental vaccines are well over 90% effective and safe is great news for the country – and for the world – but it is far too early to be letting our guard down.

Even as these companies are quickly moving ahead with applications for Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the vaccines have one common factor that presents a tremendously high challenge to their rapid distribution: their cold storage requirements.

While traditional vaccines are usually stored between 35 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines need to be stored at much colder temperatures, far lower than your average freezer is able to accommodate. Moderna’s vaccine requires a storage temperature of minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius), whereas Pfizer’s vaccine candidate requires a storage temperature of minus 94 degrees Fahrenheit. These are not easy temperatures to maintain accurately, and a deviation of even one degree can make a whole batch unusable.

There are two other “platforms” or types of vaccines that are being developed as part of the U.S. “Warp Speed” program, but none of the other types of vaccines are in the final stages of development where they can start applying for FDA emergency approvals. Until others become available, we will have to rely on these first two vaccines, which are completely dependent on what is known as “the vaccine cold chain”: a supply chain that can keep vaccines in tightly controlled temperatures from the moment they are made to the moment that they are administered to a person.

The problem is that, just as we had a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply crisis when the pandemic first broke out in the U.S. earlier in the years, there are just not enough cold storage facilities available in the U.S. to distribute these two vaccines on a widespread national scale. First of all, most of the cold storage facilities that can provide the low reliable temperatures necessary are in large metropolitan areas, which means that most of rural America and Native Americans living on tribal lands will be excluded from access to these vaccines unless Congress immediately funds a crash program to expand this country’s cold storage capacity to meet the logistical demands of an equitable national distribution plan.

The same goes for the CDC’s plan for priority distribution to healthcare workers and other essential workers. Just as testing is now more readily available in urban centers with large and relatively well-funded medical facilities than in rural areas and poorer communities, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will only be readily available to healthcare professionals, essential workers, and those with co-morbidities and at higher risk if they are located in the vicinity of a medical facility that has ultra-cold storage capability.

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The COVID Relief NOW Coalition, a new coalition of more than 300 major public and private sector groups, today released a new ad, “Economic Relief Can’t Wait,” imploring Congress to pass additional COVID economic relief during the current lame duck session.

The ad is running across digital platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Google, connected TVs and other online sites.

“The election is over, and now it is time for Congress to do their job by prioritizing the many businesses and employees in the hardest-hit industries,” said Chip Rogers, president and CEO of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, one of the coalition’s founding members. “Millions of jobs and the livelihoods of people who have built their small business for decades are just withering away because Congress has offered no relief since March. These businesses will not survive until a vaccine is widely distributed. America’s hotel industry is on the brink of collapse. We can’t afford to let thousands of small businesses die and all of the jobs associated with them be lost for years to come.”

In a recent letter sent to Congress, the coalition highlighted the millions of jobs, small businesses, and vital government services that are on the line.

The letter stated, “If Congress fails to act, millions of employees will be furloughed or terminated; millions of unemployed Americans will lose their unemployment insurance pandemic benefits; hundreds of thousands of companies will be at risk of closing their doors forever; and the vast majority of state and local governments will have to curtail critical services in order to balance budgets due to a decline in tax revenue.”

Steering committee members for the coalition include: American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), International Franchise Association, National Association of Counties (NAC), National Conference for State Legislatures (NCSL), National Governors Association (NGA), National League of Cities, National Restaurant Association, National Retail Federation, U.S. Conference of Mayors, U.S. Travel Association, Society of Independent Show Organizers, International Council of Shopping Centers, Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), American Gaming Association, American Apparel & Footwear Association, Small Business Entrepreneurship (SBE) Council, and the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and Go Live.


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Winning Georgia!! By John Burl Smith Penniless slaves walking of plantations did not mean slaves could leave it behind. That statement is as true for descendants of American slavery today as back then; leaving the fight to end legal racism, segregation, white supremacy, convict leasing, and sharecropping in the 1970s did not mean black Americans left them behind. Today, due to Donald Trump’s four years, those dreaded outcomes have worsened and are staring all Americans in the face because of COVID-19. Americans are adrift in a whirlpool of potentially disastrous consequences and are like fish; they do not realize they are wet. Change always takes place in the present; nothing ever happens in the past because it results from the old normal that makes their present. The future differs from the past when the new normal pushes the old normal aside. Consequently, this is why America is where it is today. Having faced massive protests worldwide, following George Floyd’s lynching, and as COVID-19’s scorecard tops 250,000 deaths, America is only getting promises of a virus vaccine from Donald Trump. And there is even less being done to secure a reliable antidote for the social and economic threats hovering over pandemic stricken states and a recoiling economy because so many refuse to issue mask mandates. Echoes from the past, like voices trying to call back the old normal, like Donald Trump, are reinforcing the idea that a slave’s life does not matter. America is slowly emerging, states like Georgia, from the long dark winter of Donald Trump’s Grinch-like reign. The ashes of the Republican Party are still smoldering, but the fire is extinguished, with Pres. Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia. The President’s 306 Electoral votes sealed Trump’s fate for all times as a petulant, obnoxious, and very selfish bore. As president, Trump’s tenure was identical to an awful opera, although the music ended, and even after the curtain ruin down, the sound lingers, like the screech from a sharp object across a mirror. My following remarks are not an attempt at mirror scrying, but a post mortem for the Republican ghost from the past that continues resurrecting to divide America as their only strategy for maintaining power. Democrats winning Georgia signaled the death knell of Trumpism, which began with his impeachment trial in the US Senate. Although Republicans cowed before the world, accepting lies, and to a man, save one, rejected truth to save a “petite dictator” in the eyes of the world. Impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) courageously stated that “Trump was a man without a moral compass and as such, would never find his way to the truth.” Dragged before the bar of justice kicking and screaming, Republicans had an opportunity to spare America the pain and needless deaths (150,000 at the time, now 250,000), and their COVID-19 deaths are on their hands. They choose to stand against justice and the US Constitution to maintain a partisan advantage. Their cowardice back then has yield the present disgraceful spectacle Trump is staging before the world, as he cries foul against the American people’s vote. Republicans continued their ridiculous post-election charade, led by Sen. Mitch McConnell. He summoned Mark Zuckerberg president of Facebook, and Jack Dorsey of Twitter to come before his inquisition to answer accusations their companies censor conservative content, after several of Trump’s social media posts were labeled false and misleading because they claimed voter fraud. The session is likely to focus on their companies' statements about the electoral process and outcome, many of which were labeled as false or misleading. Even worse, Senators are fuming over the treatment of a New York Post story on Hunter Biden, which was supposed to be Donald Trump’s big “October surprise,” as the “Hilary Clinton emails.” The chief executive officers of the social networks are scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday in their second congressional appearance in a month to defend themselves against charges of silencing conservatives. America has reached a point of reckoning as a result of Republican leadership. Voters must hold them accountable for their decisions and actions that are tearing at America’s fundamental structures, and foundation or they will lose the very freedom patriotic Americans prize. However, my point in this old normal Republican slide downhill is to point out that David Perdue and Kelly Loffler had front seats aboard Trump’s bandwagon. They are offering Georgians, voters, that record as their only justification for re-election. Perdue and Loffler underscored their low bar by leading the chorus trying to force Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to resign for lack of support for Donald Trump’s false claims of election fraud. Secretary of State Raffensperger said Monday that Republican leaders such as Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have been trying to pressure him to exclude legal ballots and declare Trump the winner of Georgia’s sixteen electoral votes. Georgia's double-talking, double-talking, and double-tongued Senators doubled down, going even lower during interviews, both refused to acknowledge Georgia's voters choice of President-elect Joe Bien over Trump, warning that retaining the two Georgia Senate seats serve as “the last line of defense against this liberal socialist agenda the Democrats will perpetuate.” Instead, Georgia voters must hold Perdue and Loffler accountable for their record of supports Trump, as he continues playing golf, doing nothing to stop COVID-19’s rampage, as it kills thousands of Americans daily. Trump cares nothing about the unnecessary pain and agony his do-nothing attitude allows coronavirus to cause Georgia families. Beyond threatening Georgia voters with the prospect of Democrats flipping control of the Senate in Washington, Perdue and Loffler have no accomplishments as Senators. So Georgia voters’ concerns like protecting the Port of Savannah, trade policies to help Georgia farmers, jobs for the state’s stagnant economy, as well as solar and wind farms on some of Georgia’s vacant farmland and Georgia student debt. Young activists and elderly Georgians worked and elect President Biden because he promised to address student debt and low-income student aid. These are issues neither Purdue nor Loffler supports. Taking the offensive on Monday, Reverend Raphael Warnock led off tossing the gauntlet before Senator Kelly Loeffler, challenging her to three televised debates ahead of the January 5th runoff election. Although it is highly unlikely Loffler will brave the media spotlight and accept the Democrat’s, come on out and fight invitation. While simultaneously, Warnock said Sunday, "Schumer is not on the ballot in the Georgia Senate race. A very high-profiled runoff, Warnock is aware of the national implication of his race with Loffler but wants Georgians to know he is more concerned with serving them and concentrating on their need than being part of the national battle for the US Senate. “I will tell you what is on the ballot that concerns Georgian voters health care is on the ballot—access to affordable health care. We have got 500,000 Georgians in the Medicaid gap. We have got 1.8 million Georgians with preexisting conditions. That what I’m concerned about for the people of Georgia and not the fight to control the Senate.” “We finished in a strong position.” Doubling down on his commitment to running on local issues, rather than talking about taking the Senate, Warnock said, “There is no question in my mind, once Georgians learn of my commitment for affordable health care, and the work I have done for years, fighting for ordinary people, we will prevail come Jan. 5.” Warnock said I’m not worried. We galvanized thousands of voters in the runoffs; we received unwavering support from Georgia voters, who are an influential sector of the Biden coalition and make up a third of the state’s electorate. “This was the closest Senate race in the country. It really reflected the power of first-time voters here and the determination of Black voters in Georgia to make a change in this country.” Democrat Jon Ossoff—who is in his runoff with Sen. David Perdue— is also redirecting attention away from the national stage and focusing on Georgia voters’ needs and their health care. “I finished first, handily, far ahead of a candidate who is the wealthiest member of Congress, who poured millions of dollars into this race. Georgia Republican Sen. David Perdue has declined an invitation to debate Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff ahead of the January runoff election for his seat, CNN has learned. Perdue has declined to debate his Democratic rival on December 6th, according to Mary Lynn Ryan, the chairwoman of the Atlanta Press Club, the host of two separate debates for both Senate runoffs. Ossoff'’s campaign told CNN they accepted the Press Club’s invitation, and Ossoff tweeted Sunday, “Looks like Sen. David Perdue is too much of a coward to debate me again. Come on out, Senator, and defend your record. I’m ready to go.” The Georgia Senator drew fire for withdrawing from the debate to attend a Trump rally in northwest Georgia just before Election Day. Ossoff blasted Perdue for profiting off of inside information, as Kelly Loffler. Ossoff branded Perdue a “crook,” and said he refused to debate because Perdue could not defend making money by representing the State of Georgia in the Senate. The LA Times Op-Ed: What broke the Republican Party? by Seth Masket indicated everything might not be rosy for Republicans Purdue and Loffler. The Reagan/Bush GOP that ranged from 1980 to 2008 embraced so-called economic conservatism (low taxes, reduced business regulation) and international engagement (willingness to use force abroad) as governing philosophy. It also generally embraced democratic values—acknowledging its opponents’ legitimacy, demonstrating some forbearance in the use of its powers, supporting American democratic elections, but regime change was on the table. But Christian conservatives pushed the GOP toward regulating personal behavior, especially abortion and sexual preference. Neo-cons pushed backed aggressive and often disastrous foreign escapades. Neo-cons also gave the GOP preached fiscal responsibility under Democratic administrations while running up record deficits once in power. Newt Gingrich, a demagogue, smeared opponents and employed extreme tactics, while encouraging its ranks to look the way at bigotry, used dog whistles to procure the white racist vote. The GOP over immigration, individual liberties, and other vital issues, while trying to appear it adhered to democratic values, free and fair elections. What changed? “Race” became the central issue of GOP. White Americans, especially white Republicans, increasingly identify themselves as white people, and today many see that white identity as under threat. Barack Obama’s presidency, which he indicated in his recent memoir, magnified that threat in most conservative voters’ minds. The Democratic Party’s candidates threatened whites atop the social order. Suddenly, the old rules of political engagement were out. White privilege was being challenged for them as the top racial group. This change produced a no-holds-barred competition for power within the Republican Party and the nation. Good governance and democratic values were cast off. An example of how this played out in the Trump administration came from a federal judge Saturday (11-4-2020) that Chad Wolf, chief of Homeland Security, acted unlawfully for Donald Trump, and as ruled his suspension of protections for migrants brought to the US illegally, as children, is invalid. Today in America and Georgia, we are experiencing the New Normal COVID-19 brought upon the world. In its deadly ride across the United States, the coronavirus has revealed what no other occurrence in its history had been able to show, not even “Civil War.” Most readers may ask, what is that? My answer is that “We need each other more today than ever before.” Looking back over Georgia’s history of racial hatred and slavery has dominated its socio-economic and political development, giving it a legacy of the Ku Klux Klan’s lynching, burning, and murder. Today on the face of Stone Mountain, there is a memorial to those that inspired and instigated that gruesome and loathsome heritage. However, today in Georgia, lightning out of a clear blue sky to most across America, leaders like Stacey Abrams turned Georgia blue to match that sky. For me, she epitomizes Alicia Key’s mega-hit, “This Girl is on Fire,” and the blue flame of change is burning across Georgia. Stacey is carrying the banner that “We need each other more today than ever before.” She is the leader for these times like no other and serves as a model for aspiring political and civic leaders that reflect this “new normal” Americans need to embrace. Denied the governorship of Georgia in 2018, with similar tactics Republicans are presently trying to use to deny President-elect Joe Biden, rather than whine, like the outgoing President of the United States, even though she had just cause, Stacey went to work, showing Georgians how a real leader looks and performs. Stacey showed America the kind of progressive organizing leadership young Democrats deploying to unify America. Stacey is inspiring Georgians of all types, races, and ethnicities to believe they have real power when they work together and believe in their effort. That effort turned Georgia blue for the first time since 1996 when almost no one other than she thought it was possible. Stacey and other volunteers brought first-time voters to the polls in overwhelming numbers. She did not run away from Black Lives Matter; instead, she ran to young black and white BLM supports and embraced their cry to change policing or redirect funding and practices of police in the black community. Unlike, moderates or neo-cons, she felt the pain and fear black families have and are expressing, as their children die at the hands of police without cause and for crimes that do not carry the death penalty, even if a shooting victim is guilty. Black Lives Matter says that police cannot continue to be “judge and jury” on the streets and not be held accountable for needless and preventable deaths because they have” qualified immunity” to kill without personal responsibility.