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FB wants us to write something here so I am writing something here. We probably should post more but we are involved in a lot of different projects and we kinda sorta forget this page exists but FB reminds us every once and awhile and so here I am. Hello. How are you? How’s the weather? Read any good books lately? Do you watch the show Supernatural? Good show. Isn’t Christina Ricci awesome in Zelda? I think so. Have you ever eaten donuts at a place called Cinnamon Snail? They are really good. Okay. That’s it for now. I will post more in the future. I promise. Bye.


In the mood for some early holiday shopping for your favorite Beatles fan? Want the perfect gift for yourself or anyone else interested in the amazing estate that John Lennon and Ringo Starr called him? Here is a link to our Tittenhurst Park books. Yeah, the prices might freak you out a bit, but kindly remember that these are Limited Edition books for collectors, and are really awesome! If your budget is tight, you can order Digital Editions. Enjoy!


Tittenhurst Park book UPDATE. As many of you know, the book is done, we are just making minor fixes that we spotted while reviewing the print proofs. We will certainly be shipping out books this month. We are just trying to make everything right. Thanks so much for your patience. It is much appreciated. :)


Quick update about our forthcoming Tittenhurst Park book series: Almost done! We are presently proofreading the transcriptions of INTERVIEWS and editing them into the books, and adding in many of the final photos that have been shared with us. Our graphic designers are also finishing up the 3D versions of the house, garages, stables, gate lodge, Temple, Keeper's Lodge, Gardener's buildings, and more! So we've been busy every single day so we can get the books in the hands of those who pre-ordered ASAP. Thanks for your support. We are working as fast as we can. :)


Tittenhurst Park book update: We have hit our goal and will be printing up our first mock-up in June! We will then be tweaking it a bit here and there, and then they will be ready! Thanks to all those who pre-ordered. They will be the first to get their copies when available.

Wanna travel back to NYC and walk in front of the Dakota in 1978? We are producing a series of virtual audio tours to do...
Tour of the Dakota apartments, circa 1978. (audio test)

Wanna travel back to NYC and walk in front of the Dakota in 1978? We are producing a series of virtual audio tours to do just that! Attached is a test with one of the female narrators we are considering, but there will be male ones, too. Close your eyes and imagine ...

This is a sample of a test we are conduction for our forthcoming virtual audio tour of the Dakota apartment building for AUDIBLE ADVENTURES. Learn more at ht...

Welcome to Tittenhurst Park Promo #2

We added photos to this promo video for one of our forthcoming Audible Adventures." Would you like to be at Tittenhurst Park on August 22, 1969, when The Beatles were there for what would become their last official photo session? Now you can!

Would you like to be at Tittenhurst Park on August 22, 1969, when The Beatles were there for what would become their last official photo session? Now you can...

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Live at Opopoppa (1973) Remastered

Now editing in an interview with the rock singer and guitarist extraordinaire Mick Rogers. He recorded at Tittenhurst Park/Startling Studios when he formed the band AVIATOR. In 1971 he joined the line-up of Manfred Mann.

Solliden stage - Skansen, Stockholm | Swedish TV - Opopoppa. Audio & Video Remastered by BrunoSamppa, 2015 1. Black & Blue 2. Father Of Day, Father Of Night ...


Due to numerous requests, we are allowing people to make payments of $100 at a time for the 3-Volume series, or simply give a $30 deposit. Also, people are now allowed to order just one of the books instead of the full set. The deposit for those are the same. If we don't reach our ultimate goal, all funds will be returned. That makes things a lot easier for people around the world who have expressed so much interest in the TITTENHURST PARK books. Any checks sent to us will NOT be deposited until 30 days before the print date. Thanks!

Tour of Henley-on-Thames

Want to travel back in time to the medieval town of Henley-on-Thames in the 19th century? Go someplace quiet, close your eyes, relax, and listen ...

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time and experience walking through Henley-on-Thames in the 19th century. Now you can! Join us on a walking tour from ...

Exterior South Side

Let's travel back to the late 1800s and take a tour of the south side of the Dakota apartment building.

A grand tour of the south side of the Dakota apartment building, as if you travelled back in time to the 19th century. Learn more at

Water Caves Tour at Friar Park

Are you ready to time travel? Find the time to close your eyes and get away from it all. Go someplace quiet. No distractions. Travel back in time with me. It'll be awesome. Trust me.

Travel back in time and go for a boat ride on the lake, and then into the secret underground water caves at Friar Park. Learn more at


Wow! So many requests (thousands!) to access our walking tours are coming in, that we kindly ask that you allow us 12-24 hours to approve them. So check back soon. To speed things up, please remember to fill in your name and email address, so we have the proper info.


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