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4 NY 4NY is an action plan & positive message that we have the ability to combat COVID19 ourselves with e

https://www.gofundme.com/f/v7tfb-4-nyPlease help 4NY raise funds necessary to combat COVID_19. 100% funding goes towards...

Please help 4NY raise funds necessary to combat COVID_19. 100% funding goes towards mass producing critical medical supplies in shortage through existing 3D technology. These supplies are crucial ammunition to fight Coronavirus.

The government is swamped and unresponsive; I know this because I sent this cause to FEMA. In the go getter spirit of NY, let's raise the funds ourselves, collectively as a society.

4NY will share the technology with 3D printing companies across the nation, so your state too, does not have to worry about not having enough supplies. Hence lift some of the burden of uncertainty.

We are not powerless and there is hope. Lets get and raise funds, faster than the replication of COVID19. Every dollar counts, no donation is too small.

If you have no income like myself, just share 4NY gofundme link with others or do a post about us (feel free to screenshot logo.) Thats a perfect contribution to the cause and the positive energy we need to get through this war together.

[email protected] *COLLABORATIONS welcomed!

We are partnered with PrintParts and Form labs who have on-demand manufacturing and the ability to create tens of thousands of supplies on demand in one day.

These critical supplies are ammunition to fight Coronavirus
We tried to get a government grant via FEMA but they are swamped.

Unfortunately due to the uncertain economic climate, they cannot just donate them.... understandingly so. Money is vital to pay for materials for production.

FDA Approved NP swabs for detecting the virus, used by medical frontline are currently being used in COVID_19 test detection in hospitals. Form labs currently produces these products and with funding we raise we can create tens of thousands of swabs in one day.

We are creating an At-Home Test Kit/service, which will immensely prevent the spread of Coronavirus by actually quarantining people that are ill and let them rest. Instead of leave quarantine and spread the virus to the public.

We can also produce Ventilator Splitters that allow ventilators to be split via one ventilator, which will extend the life of a ventilator, especially since we are in dire shortage.

The tools 4NY we can mass produce are neccessary to flatten the curve.

Lets get :)

WHO IS 4NY4NY is action plan and positive message that we have the ability to combat Coronavirus, ourselves, with en… Jillian Amos needs your support for 4 NY





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