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Ok this is going to be really long. Please read this and know this is NOT a whole school problem this is a 2 individual problem (mainly 1) I do not want this to reflect badly on the school as there are to many amazing people that do work in the school district.

This is about the ABUSE my daughter Anna has gone through all school year at rhe hands of 2 individuals.

My daughter Anna is 12 she is special needs. This year she is a 6th grader at the Meeker Middle school. From early on in the school year anytime my daughter was upset the AIDE would call me and have me take Anna home. One day Anna was upset she told me I needed to come get Anna for a little bit. I asked first if I could just come talk to her she said "no, I had to take her." When arriving at the school I asked what time lunch was the AIDE told me 10:30 I said ok I will bring Anna back to school in time for lunch. The AIDE told me no she couldnt come back until after lunch. This aide didn't know what my home life is like to know if I would be able to feed my daughter lunch that day. Food was uses as a punishment it was taco Tuesday and Anna was extremely upset crying hysterically because she was going to miss out on lunch. After the AIDE sending Anna out the BACKDOOR of the school multiple times I said enough I told them for now on if you want to send Anna home she has to be signed out from the office.

Then another time I had a parent call me to tell me they saw Anna running around the school with no socks and shoes on. I told the teacher (director of special education) and the aide if Anna leaves the classroom she is to have socks and shoes on at ALL times.

I had a meeting with the Director of special education when I had concerns Anna's IEP wasn't being followed thar solved nothing, then I had a meeting with the director of special education and both aides in the class that still solved nothing. I expressed my concern to Anna's pediatrician who then gave me contact information to get anna and advocate. Once the advocate was involved we had another meeting and Anna's Counselor was there. At this meeting the Director of special education said "We'll I could spray Anna in the face with a spray bottle." I never gave permission for this. The day after this meeting my daughter came home from school very upset said the teacher threatened to spray her in the face. I called the teacher (Director of special Education) chewed her out and said she is not to do that to Anna. The next day after that the AIDE called the POLICE, yes you read that right POLICE on my child behind the principal back and behind the superintendents back (insubordination at its finest). My daughter was so traumatized after that I didn't send her to school for several days.

All school year they have had Anna in isolation they pulled her put of her electives and have made MY daughter eat in the classroom and NOT in the cafeteria with her peers.

Anna keeps telling me that the teacher and the aide would scream and yell in her face when Anna was upset. So about a month ago I very nicely had a talk with the AIDE following the proper chain of command and my exam words were "hey, can you do me a favor? The AIDE "Yeah, sure what's that? Me "can you please stop yelling and screaming in my daughters face she gets over stimulated to loud noises and it will upset her more. All you have to do when she is upset is get down on her level and talk to her nicely and quietly without yelling at her." The AIDE "its hard I will try" then she stormed off then I got a text message that she ment to send to someone else calling me and idiot because I very nicely asked her not to yell and scream in my daughters face.

Don't be afraid to stand up and speak up for your child it's our job to protect them and if we sit by silently while this goes on then we are just as guilty as the individuals who are abusing our kids.

If you can yell and scream at a child when you work at a school you are in the wrong profession and I am calling on the school to do the right thing and not renew the one individuals contract even though my daughter won't be around this person next year. At this point we need to do what's best for all special needs children.

I also forgot to add after I kindly asked for the yelling and screaming to stop the AIDE kept doing it so I have pulled Anna out of school. She is homeschooled in the morning and at 1130 she goes to the elementary and does get to eat lunch in the cafeteria. I'm forever grateful to the elementary school for accommodating Anna. I also do NOT blame the middle school principal because he would give Anna snacks and take her for walks and help where he could. The elementary school has been wonderful to Anna.

I am prepared to go to my local school board. I have had 7 meetings with the school nothing has been resolved. The only solution solution the school could come up with was just a band aid to the situation and move Anna back to the elementary school next year. I am totally ok with that because she will be safe and well looked after while at school. I told everyone in Anna's IEP meeting by the 8th grade I need Anna to transition back to the middle school.

So this is mainly about my daughter and the mental abuse she sustained but this goes further then just my daughter. This is about all of the present and future special needs students who attend Meeker Public schools. Someone needs to stand up and say enough is enough and I will be that person I will be their voice. I'm not afraid to make waves. The special needs kids deserve the same rights as any other child not on an IEP and deserve an education the same as any other child and deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. They have thoughts and feelings the same as anyone else even if some can't express it the same as you and I.

I feel like the aide and director of special education got exactly what they wanted because, starting in October the aide started trying to push for Anna to only come to school half a day. She said they have another student who does that and worked great for him. I told them no Anna needs the structure and routine and just because it worked for another student doesn't mean it will work for Anna. They pushed for Anna to only be a half day student when the 3 years she was down at the elementary she went a full day with no problems and now Anna is homeschooled in the morning because I feel she is no longer safe and then is at the elementary in the afternoon so now they don't have to deal with her at all.

I recently ran into another parent at Walmart who had very similar experiences and didn't want the stress of trying to fight the school so she pulled her child out and homeschooled her child.

We need to do better by these children and stand up for them and demand better treatment.

Sw 134th inbetween Penn and western Eastlake neighborhood
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THIS…. Read. 🙇🏽‍♂️🙇🏽‍♂️ thank you to Brandy Bam McDonnell at the The Oklahoman /NewsOK
This is the official MASSTRANS logo from back in the 80's to the early 1990's. This is for anybody who wants to print it out and have in an office or just something to hang up somewhere to show the awesome Transit history we have here in Oklahoma City. This was when the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority had their brand name MASSTRANS back then.
Our President and CEO Dr. John Armitage recently penned how faint our blood supply is and how we need your help.

"To continue the medical analogy, we are teetering at the point of feeling faint to passing out. Many other parts of the country have already hit the floor due to historic collection shortfalls."

Read the full, powerful op-ed from NewsOK below and schedule your donation by visiting
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Why does it ask me to subscribe to the web site when post are shared on Facebook?
I’ve never been a victim of fraud.. but theirs always a first for everything 💔 I work hard for my money & I haven’t even got to open my doors yet to Hunnit Brand Cannabis Co. Because I was scammed by Wood Grain Customs out of THOUSANDS!!! They’ve threatened me with “Glocks” tried to bully me through text when I tried to get my refund back after product wasn’t delivered by the agreed due date! It’s now 3 1/2 weeks past that date and still nothing! I’d like to atleast get the word out! KOCO 5 News NewsOK KOKH FOX 25 News, Oklahoma Better Business Bureau

Seller goes by Teresa Burgess On Marketplace.

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