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The Beatles Gear at Dodgers Stadium, Aug 28, 1966🎸🥁


February 26, 1970 – The Beatles: Hey Jude (The Beatles Again) is released.
# Allmusic 3/5
# Robert Christgau A (see review below)

Hey Jude (original title: The Beatles Again) is an album by The Beatles, released on February 26, 1970. It reached #2 on the Billboard 200 Top LP's chart.

It is a collection of non-album Beatles singles and B-sides, as well as "I Should Have Known Better" and "Can't Buy Me Love", two singles released by Capitol Records whose only previous American album appearance had been on the A Hard Day's Night soundtrack album which had been released by United Artists Records. It is currently out of print.

The Hey Jude album was not compiled by Capitol; the project was conceived by Allen Klein and Apple Records. Klein had negotiated a more lucrative contract for the group in 1969 and was anxious to sweeten the pot with an additional album. He directed Allan Steckler of Abkco/Apple to work on an album. Steckler chose songs that had not appeared on a Capitol album in the United States and which spanned the group's career. He also focused more on recent singles than on earlier material. The absence of the songs from a US Capitol album was partially a consequence of The Beatles' unwillingness to include single releases on their contemporaneous albums, partially a consequence of their arrangement with United Artists in 1964, and partially due to the habit (of EMI affiliates worldwide) of recompiling The Beatles' British releases for local markets. Steckler chose not to include "A Hard Day's Night", which had been released as a single by Capitol and was available on the United Artists soundtrack album, "I'm Down", which was the B-Side of "Help!", and "The Inner Light", which was the B-Side of "Lady Madonna". He also overlooked "From Me to You", "Misery" and "There's a Place", which were first issued in the US by Vee Jay Records but were not issued on a Capitol album yet. "Sie Liebt Dich", a German-language version of "She Loves You," and the single version of "Get Back" were also ignored.

Steckler and Apple had become disappointed with the Capitol Records release schedules and determined to promote the new album themselves. Steckler also took the tapes to Sam Feldman at Bell Sound Studios (in New York), rather than delivering them to Capitol. He would do this for several releases thereafter.

Originally, the album was to be named The Beatles Again. Shortly before the record was released, however, the title was changed to Hey Jude, in order to promote the inclusion of the top-selling song that led off side two. The name-change occurred after the labels were printed, and an untold number of copies of the album were sold with Apple labels on the vinyl containing the title The Beatles Again. Klein authorised release of the album as a sales buffer during post-production of the delayed Let It Be.

By Robert Christgau (A)

Hey Jude [Apple, 1970]
A commercial ripoff it is, pastiching together singles separated by over five years. And I could care less. Show me an album featuring songs as good as "Can't Buy Me Love" and "I Should Have Known Better" and "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" and "Don't Let Me Down" and I'll show you The Beatles--Yesterday and Today. A

All tracks written by Lennon–McCartney, except where noted.
Side one
"Can't Buy Me Love" – 2:19
"I Should Have Known Better" – 2:39
"Paperback Writer" – 2:14
"Rain" – 2:58
"Lady Madonna" – 2:14
"Revolution" – 3:21

Side two
"Hey Jude" – 7:05
"Old Brown Shoe" (George Harrison) – 3:16
"Don't Let Me Down" – 3:30
"The Ballad of John and Yoko" – 2:55

SUNDAY 2/26  Eastern TimeOnly on LIU Public Radio 88.1 FM &,,The WCWP Radio App or say Alexa, play WCWP !Tunein...

SUNDAY 2/26 Eastern Time
Only on LIU Public Radio 88.1 FM &,,

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7AM Public Radio that Rocks Retro

11 am Mixed Bag Radio Rewind with Pete Fornatale
GUEST: John Simon P3 (2007)

12 Noon
The Rockin’ Sunday Show with
Host: Alana Leider

Travel back in time with Alana for
The best music of the 80s
& Classic Rock

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DFK- Disco and Funk King Show
Host: Jay Mirabile

Nobody's got a better line-up of all-star DJs
than the DFK Show
w. Jay Mirabile: - Mike Rizzo - Johnny Budz - George Calle - Renee Rice - Frank Lamboy - Tommy Nappi -
The Scene Kings - Paulie Lorenzano - Jason Jani - Steve Migliore - Gino Caporale - Mike Maurro -
Dominick Buonantuono - Mikey D Merola & Johnny D DeMairo
"It's Not Dance, It's DFK w. Jay Mirabile - On-Air at WCWP for 22 Years"

6-7:10pm Eastern
Host: Chris MacIntosh

Friday nights at 9pm & Sunday nights at 8pm
On the air at WCWP for over 40 years, "Rock N Soul Gospel,
“hosted by Chris MacIntosh, aka Grandfather Rock, is a program focusing on primarily independent artists.
Too often some of the best artists around are ignored by commercial radio because they are not signed to a major label.
"Rock N Soul Gospel" gives these indie artists a platform to share some of the best and most inventive music being played today.

LIU Sharks Men's Hockey
Sharks vs. Alaska Anchorage

A Night In Seoul
Host :Sara Manners

K-Pop Music


February 25, 1977 – Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (1) is released.
# Allmusic 4.5/5
# Rolling Stone (see original review below)
# Sounds (see original review below)

Peter Gabriel is the first solo album by Peter Gabriel, and the first of four with the same eponymous title, released on February 25, 1977. It reached #38 on the Billboard 200 Top LP's chart and #7 on the UK Album chart. It is often referred to as Peter Gabriel 1, Car, or Rain, referring to the album cover by Peter Christopherson (a.k.a. "Sleazy" from Hipgnosis). The car was a Lancia Flavia owned by Storm Thorgerson.

Gabriel's first solo success came with the single "Solsbury Hill", an autobiographical piece expressing his thoughts on leaving Genesis. During The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour, Gabriel announced to his Genesis bandmates that he had decided to leave the band, citing estrangement from the other members and the strains of his marriage. Nonetheless, he saw his commitment to the conclusion of the tour. The breaking point came with the difficult pregnancy of Gabriel's wife, Jill and the subsequent birth of their first child, Anna. When he opted to stay with his sick daughter and wife, rather than record and tour, the resentment from the rest of the band led Gabriel to conclude that he had to leave the group.

In a letter to fans, delivered through the music press at the end of the tour, entitled Out, Angels Out, Gabriel explained that the "...vehicle we had built as a co-op to serve our songwriting became our master and had cooped us up inside the success we had wanted. It affected the attitudes and the spirit of the whole band. The music had not dried up and I still respect the other musicians, but our roles had set in hard."

Gabriel then closed the letter: "There is no animosity between myself and the band or management. The decision had been made some time ago and we have talked about our new direction. The reason why my leaving was not announced earlier was because I had been asked to delay until they had found a replacement to plug up the hole. It is not impossible that some of them might work with me on other projects."

Phil Collins later remarked that the other members "...were not stunned by Peter's departure because we had known about it for quite a while." The band decided to carry on without Gabriel.

Quotes from Peter Gabriel's website:

"The album cover was done with Hypnosis who I worked with a little bit at the end of the Genesis period. Storm and Peter particularly from there and I think they are, are very important in the way that album sleeves have developed over the years, this was actually his car that I was sitting in on the front cover and I liked the idea of the water and the sort of black and white and blue colour."

"One idea I'd had for that first cover too, was to do mirrored contact lenses and it took me about a month to find someone who would manufacture mirrored contact lenses but they made me sign something that if I damaged my eye they wouldn't take any responsibility, they were very painful to wear but the effect was fantastic, it was like having steel balls for eyes."

"The first record I really wanted to be different from the stuff that I'd done with Genesis so we were trying to do things, different styles there was a variety of songs and arrangements that were consciously trying to provide something different than what I'd done before."

"Bob Ezrin I'd chosen having met with many different producers and he was based in Toronto at the time and we were working in his studio there and there was a selection of people that he'd recommended and some that I'd brought in. I think really it took me 3 albums probably to get confidence and find out what I could do that made me, I think, different from other people."

"The video for Modern Love was done with this director Peter Medak. I'd seen the film The Ruling Class which I really enjoyed. He had did that with me in Shepherd's Bush and they were just putting in this new Shopping Centre I think with escalator, moving escalator which seemed very of the future at the time ."

"The first time out on the road with another band other than the one I'd grown up and been to school with was also a very different experience. Some of the musicians were very much professional musicians and others came from a sort of similar background to myself."

"It was so long ago now that Tony Levin actually had hair, which is something very hard to believe now because he's been bald for so many years, of course now I'm the same way myself but looking back at the photos I think that was the most shocking thing."


Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel (Charisma) *****

Barbara Charone, Sounds, 19 February 1977

DEAR PETER, Hangin' round Times Square just the other day when some strange sounds caught my ear. Bundled up my leather jacket, tucked a can of aerosol paint in my pocket and headed into a record store on Broadway and 48th. At first I thought the album was you but now I'm not too sure. It was weird. Sorta deja vu. But kinda unexpected too. Just weird.

What first got me were the words. They seemed so you. Who else would write, "you got me cooking – I'm a hard-boiled egg"? But the song didn't sound like what I expected your 'solo' album to be. That tune was called 'Hum Drum' and just when I was sure it really was you the whole thing snapped into an offbeat latino-calypso thing before sweeping towards some kind of majestic build-up. Weird.

There were these other songs too. All kind of remind me of you but it's so schizophrenic I'm confused. The twisted pop songs were terrific. You'd really like 'Moribund The Burgermeister'. Even thought it sounded a bit like Genesis, kinda like the 'Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging' only different. Great name for a song isn't it?

A couple of pop songs blew me away. Forgot completely about meeting the gang on 42nd Street. Forgot completely about everything. 'Solsbury Hill' is more off the wall than 'Counting Out Time' but equally contagious. The vocal is great. Just like you only better. I hate banjo but this time it was OK.

What really got me was 'Modern Love'. God, at first I thought you were writing about me again. Then I remembered it wasn't really you. It's got the heat of the street stuffed with rhythmic aggro. Kinda rock'n'roll West Side Story with a half demented vocal that I found addictive. It kinda reminded me of Bruce Springsteen only tougher. Maybe that's the difference between New Jersey and New York City.

Then I was transplanted back to Britain. Felt like those Cambridge May Balls with a sort of Men's Glee Club serenading the punters on the river. A real nice banjo ditty with jolly brass and a Broadway break. Then that 'Hum Drum' hit me again. Hard.

The record store was real crowded now, this being Saturday afternoon. I hate crowds but I just couldn't leave. Not yet. I had to hear Side Two. That was even weirder. It kicks off with 'Slow Burn' and has the urban aggression of 'Back In New York City' only harder. I thought it was about me again. Very weird.

'Waiting For The Big One' convinced me the album wasn't really you at all. I mean, a straight blues? Well, not really straight. Almost a Randy Newman parody. Peggy Lee fans might dig it. It went on a bit too long but the next track did me in. Nearly finished me off. It was called 'Down The Dolce Vita' and it started with this orchestration that almost made me yawn. Suddenly this disco beat comes from nowhere and I took off. Two days have passed and I'm still coming down. Real complex piece of music that. Almost made me buy the album but I'm flat broke.

The last song was real pretty. I'm not very emotional but 'Here Comes The Flood' almost made me cry. Thank God the boys weren't with me. The melody is so pretty I bet my mother would like it.

Sometimes life is like that.

I'm writing you because I'm looking forward to hearing your album. Even saving some bread. If it's as good as that one I heard the other day you'll be a big star. That'll be something to tell the guys:

Anyways, I better go. The probation officer just phoned. Upset my mother a bit. Still can't stop thinking about that album I heard the other day. Weird. Yet it fills everything with its mysterious, intoxicating presence. It's over to you.

all the best,


© Barbara Charone, 1977


When Peter Gabriel resigned as frontman of Genesis two years ago, he said it was to search for the unexpected. On the evidence of his first solo album, he's found it. Instead of crystallizing an easily apprehensible musical identity, Gabriel has put together a grab bag collection of songs that bear little resemblance to one another. (The individual songs, too, are often schizophrenic patchworks of styles.) We can, however, draw some ready conclusions: he writes great melodies; he can still be weird when he wants; he likes dramatic orchestration and studio wizardry.

I prefer side one, because it's punchier and the melodies seem better integrated. "Moribund the Burgermeister" is the most dizzying, combining the muffled foreboding of David Essex's "Rock On" with playful synthesizer doodles, trollish vocals and orchestral outbursts. Cut to "Solsbury Hill," a superior, lilting soft-pop tune that conveys the album's most autobiographical message: "I was feeling part of the scenery/I walked right out of the machinery." Cut to the thundering "Modern Love," an exhilarating rocker that rates with the Stones' best. Cut to "Excuse Me," a barbershop oompah cousin to Randy Newman's work, with a chorus reminiscent of the Band. Cutto "Humdrum," opening as a hypnotic ballad as hushed as a falling raindrop, then snapping into a Caribbean tempo. Fella's deft with the lyrics, too: "Out of woman comes a man/Spends the rest of his life getting back in again."

Side two, on the other hand, is a little too rich for my ears. "Slowburn" is a heavy orchestral pastiche that shifts so fast and furiously it leaves me with heartburn. "Waiting for the Big One" is a languorous blues that is overlong at 7:26. "Down the Dolce Vita" leads off as a stirring, grand movie epic and rocks as adventurously as the Bengal Lancers, but ultimately it's a relief when the stately "Here Comes the Flood" sweeps it away.

The English have an expression for excess—"over the top"—which I think applies here on occasion. Gabriel's more symphonic tracks, some with five or more movements, are so complex they can become staggering. Sometimes, when a particularly lovely bit vanishes too quickly, one wishes his compositions would stop fidgeting. It's probably just restlessness bursting from an unusually ambitious artist, though, for this is an impressively rich debut album. And I still don't know what to expect from him next.
~ Stephen DeMorest (1977)

All songs written by Peter Gabriel, except where indicated.
Side One
1 Moribund the Burgermeister - 4:20
2 Solsbury Hill - 4:21
3 Modern Love - 3:38
4 Excuse Me (Gabriel/Martin Hall) - 3:20
5 Humdrum - 3:25

Side Two
1 Slowburn - 4:36
2 Waiting for the Big One - 7:15
3 Down the Dolce Vita - 5:05
4 Here Comes the Flood - 5:38

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Saturday 2/24 Eastern Time
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5 pm
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Trawling the Decades
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Officially sanctioned time travel through six decades of rock music with stops at
electric and acoustic blues, southern rock, soul, punk, new wave, grunge, hard rock,
indie, alternative and metal.
Listen to the music you once fell in love with or wish you had. Be part of every generation!

The Eclectic Radio Theatre
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& Kacee from the Left Coast

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Box Tops, Big Star, Alex Chilton
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George Harrison was born 80 years ago today. Feb. 24.

Up until his 49th birthday George Harrison believed he was born on February 25th. In 1992, he announced, "I only learned recently after all these years that the date and time of my own birth have always been off by one calendar day and about a half hour on the clock." The family birth record noted him as being born shortly before midnight around 11:50 pm on February 24th, 1943 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England.

We wish he was still with us so we could all celebrate together. For our younger students, Mr. Harrison was in a band from Liverpool, UK called The Beatles. They became very popular in the early 1960's. They played on the Ed Sullivan Show and kind of became an overnight sensation. One of George's bandmates was a guy named Paul McCartney. After The Beatles stopped playing together, He formed a band called Wings, which was a little before Kanye discovered Paul and he became really famous......... You may know George a little better from a band he started with some other guys name Petty, Lynn, Dylan and Orbison called 'Traveling Wilburys'. But really his band from the 60's, The Beatles were a little bigger worldwide.

In 1997, Harrison was diagnosed with throat cancer; he was treated with radiotherapy, which was thought at the time to be successful. He publicly blamed years of smoking for the illness.

On Dec. 30, 1999, Harrison and his wife were attacked at their home, Friar Park. Michael Abram, a 36-year-old man, broke in and attacked Harrison with a kitchen knife, puncturing a lung and causing head injuries before Olivia Harrison incapacitated the assailant by striking him repeatedly with a fireplace poker and a lamp. Following the attack, Harrison was hospitalized with more than 40 stab wounds. He released a statement soon afterwards regarding his assailant: "[he] wasn't a burglar, and he certainly wasn't auditioning for the Traveling Wilburys."

In May 2001, it was revealed that Harrison had undergone an operation to remove a cancerous growth from one of his lungs, and in July, it was reported that he was being treated for a brain tumour at a clinic in Switzerland. While in Switzerland, Starr visited him but had to cut short his stay in order to travel to Boston, where his daughter was undergoing emergency brain surgery, prompting Harrison to quip: "Do you want me to come with you?" In November 2001, he began radiotherapy at Staten Island University Hospital in New York City for non-small cell lung cancer which had spread to his brain.

On Nov. 21, 2001 in New York, Harrison, Starr and McCartney came together for the last time. Less than three weeks later, on 29 Nov. 29, 2001, Harrison died at a friend's home in Los Angeles, aged 58. He was cremated at Hollywood Forever Cemetery and his funeral was held at the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in Pacific Palisades, California. His close family scattered his ashes according to Hindu tradition in a private ceremony in the Ganges and Yamuna rivers near Varanasi, India.

Happy Birthday George. Return If Possible. We need to say thank you to you one more time.


George Thorogood.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Here Comes the Sun (Acoustic)
Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Here Comes the Sun (Acoustic)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Here Comes the Sun (Acoustic)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens' endearing cover of 'Here Comes The Sun' commemorates what would have been George Harrison's 80th birthday on Feb 25th 2023. "George Harr...


On this day in 1979, the LP “Cheap Trick at Budokan” debuted on the Billboard 200 Album Chart at #93 (February 24)

It was the first live album by Cheap Trick, and not only their best-selling recording, but arguably one of the best live albums in rock history…

Cheap Trick found early success in Japan, and capitalized on this popularity by recording Cheap Trick at Budokan at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on April 28 and 30, 1978, with an audience of 12,000 screaming Japanese fans nearly drowning out the band at times.

Originally intended only for release in Japan, the album went to #1 in Canada, #2 in the Netherlands, #4 in the US, #10 in New Zealand, #12 in Japan, #26 in Sweden, and #29 in the UK.

It was ranked #426 in the 2003 edition of Rolling Stone magazine's list of "the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time".

In 2019, the album was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Recording Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

In its official press release upon the album's entry into the National Recording Registry, the Library of Congress stated that, along with its success in the Japanese market, Cheap Trick at Budokan "proved to be the making of the band in their home country, as well as a loud and welcomed alternative to disco and soft rock and a decisive comeback for rock and roll."

The album was included in the book “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”.

Click on the link below to watch “I Want You To Want Me”:


Exactly fifty years ago, on this day in 1973, the Stealer’s Wheel debut, self-titled LP debuted on the US Billboard 200 Album Chart at #200 (February 24)

The album, produced by American songwriters and producers Leiber & Stoller, was a success for the Scottish folk rock combo, peaking at #25 in Canada, #44 in Australia, and #50 on the US Billboard charts.

Their timeless Top 10 hit “Stuck in the Middle with You” first appeared on this album, with Gerry Rafferty providing the lyrics and lead vocals.

The clever cover art painting is by Scottish playwright and artist John Patrick Byrne.
The words "Stealers Wheel" are embedded ten times in the design, in addition to the large lettering in the bottom left-hand corner (eleven in total).

Click on the link below to watch “Stuck in the Middle with You”:


On this day in 1975, Led Zeppelin released the LP “Physical Graffiti” (February 24)

Zeppelin wrote enough new songs to fill three sides of the new album, so they included previously unreleased tracks from the sessions for the earlier albums “Led Zeppelin III”, “Led Zeppelin IV” and “Houses of the Holy” to bump it up to four sides and make it a double album.

It was released on their own newly created record label Swan Song Records.

The album peaked at #1 in the US, the UK and Canada, #2 in Australia, France, Spain and Austria, #3 in New Zealand, #4 in Norway and Germany, #5 in Finland, #7 in Sweden, and #10 in Denmark and the Netherlands.

In 2020, Rolling Stone ranked it at #144 on the magazine's list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time."

Click on the link below to watch side 2, track 3 “Kashmir”:

Tune in Saturday for someBox Tops, Big Star, Alex Chilton& the Memphis SoundThe Eclectic Radio Theaterwith The Original ...

Tune in Saturday for some
Box Tops, Big Star, Alex Chilton
& the Memphis Sound

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I'll take a deep dive into his body of work.
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The Eclectic Radio Theater
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Seldom Said
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Project Independence and YOU!

Produced in cooperation with the Town of North Hempstead Department of Services for
the Aging,

12 Noon Public Radio that Rocks!
Weekdays 12 to 7pm
Its roots go back to the 1960 and 1970s freeform and progressive music stations. You will hear a
more diverse playlist than most other radio stations and our music appeals more to adults than
to teenagers. Musical tends to be on the fringe of mainstream pop and rock as well as many
other music genres such as indie rock, alternative rock, alternative country, jazz, folk, world
music and blues.

The Rock Show
Tonight: FRIDAY 2/17

Host : Doug Doescher

The Rock Show takes you on an eclectic journey through classic rock, pop, folk, psychedelic, rare recordings,
current rock, and alternative and beyond. Re-experience the days of free-form radio with The Rock Show.

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On the air at WCWP for over 40 years, "Rock N Soul Gospel,
“hosted by Chris MacIntosh, aka Grandfather Rock, is a program focusing on primarily independent artists.
Too often some of the best artists around are ignored by commercial radio because they are not signed to a major label.
"Rock N Soul Gospel" gives these indie artists a platform to share some of the best and most inventive music being played today.

Rockin' History
Friday 2/24
with Cindy Schwartz
11PM Eastern
Operation Breadbasket

Monday thru Thursday at 11am & 11pm Eastern
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Does music reflect the times or do the times inspire the music?
Rockin’ History attempts to answer this question by examining the connection between the classic rock songs of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s
and the political, economic and social events of the time to see how they are interrelated.
Only on LIU Public Radio 88.1 FM &,

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Monday-Thursday at 11am & 11pm
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Does music reflect the times or do the times inspire the music?
Rockin’ History attempts to answer this question by examining the connection between the classic rock songs of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s
and the political, economic and social events of the time to see how they are interrelated


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