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Just completed the establishment of a full-blown ecommerce store for Charm City Clothing.  Check it out!   http://charmc...
Charm City Clothing

Just completed the establishment of a full-blown ecommerce store for Charm City Clothing. Check it out! http://charmcityclothing.com

Charm City Clothing - born and bred in the home of the Star Spangled Banner, the Orioles and Ravens, the first Washington Monument, and Edgar Allan - offers a wide selection of quality clothing, accessories and jewelry that celebrates the rich traditions and heritage of Baltimore, Maryland.


It's that time again. Today's topic is "10 Ways to Build Your Credibility on Social Media".

Social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that can help you to reach a potentially unlimited number of people with the very minimum investment in terms of time, money and effort.

But while social media might be incredibly powerful, it's still only going to be as good as the strategy you have in place and if you haven't first established yourself as a credible authority then you'll find that everything you do falls on deaf ears.

To improve your effectiveness then, you should make this one of your biggest focusses. Here are ten ways to build that credibilityÉ

Create a Blog

Then fill it with well-researched, in-depth and informative posts and share them on social media. This is Content Marketing 101 and one of the best ways to establish trust and authority. If you can't write, hire someone who can to do it for you.

Build Followers

Unfortunately, if you have a social media account with 14 followers, you will have a hard time convincing people to put stock in what you say. Of course it shouldn't necessarily matter but it does. People see this as an indicator of your authority - so get to work growing that number.

Be Personal

People like to know that there's a real human being behind a social media account which can help to build trust and therefore credibility. Every now and then posting a personal image will help to build that connection with your fans.

But Not too Personal!

That said, a drunken rant or a Tweet about your toilet habits can also seriously undermine your respectability. You might think it's amusing/poignant but your business account is not the place for that kind of content.


Your social media pages should have strong branding that utilizes high definition images and well written information. Make sure that everything says 'quality'.


Does a misspelling necessarily mean that your interesting fact isn't true? It shouldn't do really but to a large portion of your audience it does.

Post Regularly

If you go days, weeks or months on end without posting then your social media will look like a ghost town which suggests it's not a professional account.


One of the easiest ways to be persuasive is to appeal to another authority on a given subject. If you can get a referral from another big social media account then this will help you greatly.


Communities on social media give you a chance to answer questions and demonstrate that you know your stuff. You should consider this almost as an opportunity to 'advertise' your expertise and knowhow.

Deliver Quality

Most importantly: make sure that all your posts are interesting/entertaining and that you are consistently delivering quality and value. (see previous post).

That the skinny for today. In the future I'll be touching on video marketing, Facebook Ads, and more on how to increase your personal branding and authority.

Hope this was helpful. And don't forget to like and share us with your friends.


Time for another set of helpful hints. Today's topic - The 7 Top Ways To Get More Followers On Social Media!

If you want to grow your social media account then you should be actively looking for new ways to get extra followers. The more followers you get, the larger the number of people that each of your new posts will be automatically broadcast to. This is ultimately one of the primary objectives of social media and it's what will give you a lot more reach and authority thus ensuring that all your hard work is not for naught.

But how do you go about growing your followers when you're starting from humble beginnings? Read on and we'll look at some of the best ways to do so:

Add People

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to get more followers - simply head onto your platform of choice and then go about adding as many people as you can. What you'll find is that a large proportion of those people you add will respond in kind and immediately add you back. It can be slow going but it's an almost guaranteed way to extend your reach and influence.


Retweeting, repining or resharing is one of the very best ways to grow your following. Why? Because once again the people you help out will often want to do the same for you and that way you can expose yourself to their audience too.

Use Smart Hashtags

Using the right hashtags and people will easily find your posts when they're looking for related topics. Check what's trending then post about that.

Team Up
If you find the above strategy doesn't work then you should try agreeing to team up before you go ahead. Give a shout out to your followers in exchange for someone else doing the same for you and you both will stand to benefit.
Encourage Sharing

Some posts are simply more sharable than others. Amusing videos are always a good way to get a share or re-tweet - as is writing a positive review (as the company you are reviewing will often want to spread your message).

Cross Pollinate

If you have a captive audience already then make sure you leverage that opportunity. Ask your blog readers to follow you, your YouTube audience, your mailing list - even customers who you see in person!

Build Followers

This sounds like a "Catch 22", but the more followers you have the more followers you will continue to gain. The reason for this is simple: people like to join accounts that look popular. For this reason followers beget followers and once you build up enough, it will become self-perpetuating.

That's all for this post. Stay tuned for more insights.

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I thought I'd start sharing some of the secrets to maintaining a healthy social media presence. The first topic is How To Write Engaging Facebook Posts.

Once you've gone to all the effort of setting up your social media accounts the real work begins. If you thought it was hard choosing a profile picture, writing your bio and picking a cover image - well now you have to make sure that you are regularly posting high quality, interesting and engaging content on a highly consistent basis. Forever. Sounds pretty daunting, doesn't it!

Not really. While delivering consistently high quality posts on Facebook is hard - and can present something of a steep learning curve - the good news is that you will only get better over time.

And to help you get a head start, here are some pointers that can help you to start being more engaging and interesting right now.

Write for Your Audience

Should you be funny or serious? Professional or chatty? There's no single answer to these types of questions - it all depends on the specific market that you're hoping to promote your products and services to.

And for that reason it pays to keep this in mind at all times. If you struggle to do so, then take a piece of paper and pen and profile your ideal customer. How old are they? What gender? What sort of job do they do? What are their hobbies? Goals and dreams?
Write these things down and give that person a name.

From this point on, imagine that every single post you write is being written for them. This will help you to find the right tone.
Remember: you won't please everyone, so focus on pleasing the right people.

Be Interesting

It sounds obvious right? But you'd be surprised how many businesses forget this one key fact. How many times have you seen articles like 'The 10 Best Ab Exercises'? Probably a million right? So you're hardly going to click on it. On the other hand, if you're writing things like 'Why Sit Ups May be the WORST Way to Build Abs' then you just might pique someone's interest. Always ask yourself: would you read it?

Ask Questions

Asking questions will allow you to engage with your audience, which is what 'engaging' means. Remember: most people are narcissists and as such they love a chance to make their opinion known.

Stay On-Topic

While you can veer a little bit, remember that the people who are following you are doing so for a reason. They're interested in the niche/industry you operate in so make sure your content stays focused on that and doesn't meander.

Hopefully these pointers will help you on your way.

JKT Media's cover photo

JKT Media's cover photo


VIDEO: Have a video? Want a video? More importantly, do you want a video that attracts customers to your site? Simply posting a video on your site will not generate leads. You've got to get potential customers to see your video. That's part of what we can do.


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As an ongoing outreach, will be sharing useful tips and resources related to online media and marketing approaches designed to generate eager and engaged customers. It's a brave new world out there. Full of new technologies and customer acquisition channels. Really cool stuff.

Let us know what you are interested in.


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