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Operating as usual


Presidential race tightening in Texas. Trump/Pence with 51.64% of the vote compared to Biden/Harris at 47.04% as of 10:02 pm.


State Representative Cody Harris on his way to another victory in the race for Texas House District 8. 20,244 votes (87.22%) to 2,967 for R. Edwin Adams. (12.78%). Results as of 9:29 pm


President Trump and VP Pence expanding their lead in Texas. 4,078,875 over Biden/Harris at 3,480,709. 53.25% to 45.44%.


In the race for U.S. House District 5, Lance Gooden leads former Palestine mayor Carolyn Salter, 60,916 to 22,802 as of 9:16 pm.


Lots of rumors about the status of the sale of the Palestine Mall. KNET sent an email to interim city manager Teresa Herrera on 10/13/2020 asking for an update. She responded that city council voted on 08/17/2020 to authorize the mayor, Steve Presley, to sign a third amendment moving the closing date to December 15, 2020.

The original closing date was to be in May 2020, it was amended to July 1, amended again to Sep 1, then the third amendment pushes it into December.

City of Palestine | Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The Palestine City Council meets in regular session Monday, October 12, 2020. Here's a link to the agenda:

Welcome to our new Agendas & Minutes page. All future meeting agendas and minutes will be posted here. Over time, all historical agendas and minutes will be moved here. Until then, you can still find historical documents in the same place they are in now - see links in the left sidebar.Notice of Pub...


Gross sales from the Office of Texas Comptroller for the First Quarter (Jan, Feb and March) from 2020 back to 2006 showing gross retail sales and number of outlets, also restaurant gross sales and number of outlets. Retail is first, (restaurants in parenthesis) Both categories contribute to the "all industries total":

2020 $103,489,659 - 269 Outlets ($13,787,245 - 85 Outlets)
2019 $101,731,408 - 274 Outlets ($13,464,693 - 85 Outlets)
2018 $104,837,361 - 259 Outlets ($12,99,3924 - 81 Outlets)
2017.. $98,782,093 - 279 Outlets ($11,630,487 - 79 Outlets)
2016 $103,670,659 - 271 Outlets ($11,851,508 - 79 Outlets)
2015 $107,175,256 - 243 Outlets ($11,008,286 - 78 Outlets)
2014 $107,304,054 - 244 Outlets ($10,898,831 - 74 Outlets)
2013 $111,944,425 - 247 Outlets ($10,561,771 - 77 Outlets)
2012 $116,207,247 - 244 Outlets ($10,261,172 - 71 Outlets)
2011 $104,694,924 - 235 Outlets (..$9,352,239 - 65 Outlets)
2010 $207,900,903 - 221 Outlets (..$9,076,494 - 61 Outlets)
2009 $207,800,006 - 243 Outlets (..$9,591,960 - 64 Outlets)
2008 $227,342,934 - 238 Outlets (..$9,484,293 - 63 Outlets)
2007 $240,353.377 - 248 Outlets (..$9,832,061 - 71 Outlets)
2006 $254,679,670 - 234 Outlets (..$9.138,506 - 71 Outlets)


The Comptroller tracks historical quarterly sales tax by industry. Here is a breakdown of the information for Palestine based on gross sales. The information takes 6 months to appear on their website. Here are 15 years of gross sales for the 1st Quarter, Jan, Feb and March, from 2020 back to 2006. Outlets are the number of operations reporting to the State.

Also, the numbers in parenthesis are the wholesale total and the number reporting to the State. In other words, the first figure is "all industries" the second figure is "wholesale trade.":

2020 $159,400,708 - 652 outlets ($10,434,762 - 24 outlets)
2019 $169,027,628 - 666 outlets ($14,330,798 - 23 outlets)
2018 $171,763,946 - 650 Outlets ($15,017,516 - 29 outlets)
2017 $161,308,317 - 693 Outlets ($15,771,231 - 33 Outlets)
2016 $172,115,928 - 680 Outlets ($15,765,536 - 35 outlets)
2015 $190,831,452 - 648 Outlets ($16,349,336 - 35 Outlets)
2014 $182,786,431 - 635 Outlets ($12,329,992 - 31 Outlets)
2013 $188,927,700 - 630 Outlets ($17,337,016 - 29 outlets)
2012 $192,846,941 - 627 Outlets ($18,975,622 - 35 Outlets)
2011 $177,825,141 - 631 Outlets ($20,084,710 - 36 Outlets)
2010 $273,751,047 - 597 Outlets ($18,767,066 - 37 Outlets)
2009 $300,033,681 - 631 Outlets ($22,973,088 - 37 Outlets)
2008 $316,945,214 - 628 Outlets ($22,297,884 - 34 Outlets)
2007 $324.255.936 - 637 Outlets ($22,684,033 - 29 Outlets)
2006 $623,660,378 - 613 Outlets ($321,441,796 - 29 Outlets)


October 2020 monthly sales tax allocations for cities in Anderson County and the sales tax allocation for County Government:

Elkhart $15,112.76, Oct last year $13,487.28. Up $1.624.98

Frankston $30,715.82, last year $24,005.45. Up $6,710.37

Palestine $489,976.82, last year $480,046.78. Up $9,930.02

Anderson County $253,400.45, last year $217,548.11, up $35,852.34l

Budget Hearing Monday evening September 21, 2020, City of Palestine, here's a link to the proposed budget filed with the...

Budget Hearing Monday evening September 21, 2020, City of Palestine, here's a link to the proposed budget filed with the City Secretary on August 20, 2020. Also, there's a hearing on the proposed tax rate.

You can appear in person and speak or you can submit online comments and concerns using this link:

Members of the public may submit their comments by completing the required Request to Speak form by using the weblink below. All comments submitted by 5:00 p.m., the day of the meeting will be read during the meeting. All comments must be no more than five minutes in length.

National Night Out will be held October 6, 2020 in neighborhoods throughout the City of Palestine between the hours of 5...

National Night Out will be held October 6, 2020 in neighborhoods throughout the City of Palestine between the hours of 5 pm to 8 pm. If your neighborhood wants to participate and you'd like a visit from the Palestine Police Department and/or the Palestine Fire Department, please contact Michelle Herbert at [email protected] or call 903-731-8418. Deadline to sign up is Friday, September 25.

Atlantic 2-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Keep an eye on the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. Here's a statement from the National Hurricane Center that's included in the link below.

"Shower and thunderstorm activity has changed little today in
association with an area low pressure system located over the
southwestern Gulf of Mexico. Upper-level winds are gradually
becoming more conducive for development, and a tropical depression or a tropical storm could form within the next day or so.

The low is expected to meander over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico through tonight before moving slowly northward to northeastward on Friday and Saturday. An Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the disturbance this afternoon. For more information on this system, see High Seas Forecasts issued by the National Weather Service.

* Formation chance through 48 hours...high...90 percent.
* Formation chance through 5 days...high...90 percent.

This product is updated at approximately 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 PM, and 8 PM EDT from June 1 to November 30, with special outlooks issued at any time as conditions warrant. The graphic displays all currently active tropical cyclones, and disturbances with tropical cyclone formation potential over the next 48...


Monthly Sales Tax Report for September 2020, this is for retail sales transactions that occurred between July 1 and July 31, 2020.

Elkhart - $15,546.88 Last Year $16,324.29, a decrease of $777.41
Frankston-$33,199.59 Last Year $25,443.37, increase of $7,756.22
Palestine-$497,520.06 Last Year $498,814.69, decrease of $1,294.63



In its analysis, the 12th Court noted, "The jury was instructed that if the City failed to provide correct or adequate plans and specifications as were necessary to carry out the work required by the contract, such constitutes a breach of the contract. Reasonable jurors could have credited the testimony of Pruitt, Kilgore, and Kotzur in finding that the City failed to provide correct or adequate plans and specifications to Lone Star. The jury was further instructed that if the City breached the contract, it relinquished its contractual procedural rights concerning change orders and claims for additional costs. Because reasonable jurors could have credited the testimony above, the jury could have found that the City breached the contract and therefore relinquished its contractual procedural rights concerning the change orders. Therefore, even had the City complied with Rule 34.6(c), we could not reach its argument that the evidence is legally insufficient based on Lone Star’s failure to submit change orders. This is because the City failed to object to the trial court’s instruction that the failure to submit accurate plans constitutes a breach of the contract. Therefore, we overrule the City’s first and second issues."

In its Final Decree, the Court notes:
" is the opinion of this court that there was no error in the judgment. It is therefore ORDERED, ADJUDGED and DECREED that the judgment of the court below (Appeal from the 87th District Court of Anderson County, Texas (Tr.Ct.No. DCCV17-003-3) be in all things affirmed, and that all costs of this appeal be, and the same are, adjudged against the Appellant, THE CITY OF PALESTINE, TEXAS"


COVID-19 UPDATE: August 20, 2020

679 confirmed cases, 273 reported recoveries, 395 Active cases, 11 deaths.


COVID-19 UPDATE August 18, 2020:
623 confirmed cases, 256 reported recoveries, 356 active cases, 11 deaths.


Palestine city council met in a special meeting last night (August 17) and voted to adopt the "no new revenue tax rate" of .683774 for the 20-21 fiscal year. The current tax rate is .681277.

The new rate will essentially produce the same property tax revenue for the city in the new budget as it did in the current budget. The total of all appraised values in the city was down, some properties went up in value, some went down, but the overall effect to the city is that the certified taxable value was down compared to last year.

Some people may pay more, but that is due to the fact their appraisals went up, while others may pay the same or less because their appraisals went down. There's the impact per individual property as compared to the overall impact on the city budget. Basically, to have the same level of property tax revenue, the tax rate itself increased slightly, but again, it doesn't mean everyone will necessarily be paying more.

The tax notices for all taxing entities in the city and county will be mailed to taxpayers in October.


August 17, 2020: A family member reports she was found down in a ravine near a creek that runs through her property. She's at the local hospital being checked out. According to her daughter's conversation with paramedics, her vitals are good and she is not dehydrated. Her left hip may be bruised and she's cold but medical staff is warming her.

A family member posted the information on FB that ultimately ended up on Bob Herrington's City Talk - Palestine, TX page and the message was clear, "a big thank you to EVERYONE who has prayed, searched or helped in some other way. I'm grateful to have a community that helps. Love you all," was the comment from the family.


LOCAL COUNTY RESIDENT FOUND THIS MORNING (August 17, 2020) A search was being conducted last night for missing Anderson County resident, Mary Wardell. Family had reported her disappearance to the Anderson County Sheriff's Department. Many local residents joined in the search which was called off during the storm. The search resumed this morning and her family via social media reported she was found alive this morning. KNET thanks all of those who helped and we're especially relieved to learn she has been found. Medical personnel will evaluate her condition.

Chik-fil-A is making progress!  Here are photos from August 15, 2020.  City council will be discussing the sale of the m...

Chik-fil-A is making progress! Here are photos from August 15, 2020. City council will be discussing the sale of the mall in its special meeting on Monday August 17. Apparently, they'll be considering a third amendment with the buyer. Currently, the final transaction date is scheduled for September 1, but that could change.

JC Penney has its "store closing" sign up and inventory is being liquidated.


COVID-19 UPDATE August 7,2020:

24 new confirmed cases bringing the total to 559 cases, 199 recoveries, 6 deaths, 354 active cases.


COVID-19 UPDATE August 06, 2020:

One additional death reported today bringing the total to 6. County Judge Robert Johnston received notification of 25 new confirmed cases making a total of 535 cases, with 199 reported recoveries. There are currently 330 active cases.


COVID-19 UPDATE August 5, 2020:

Anderson County Judge Robert Johnston received notification today of 3 new confirmed cases of the virus bringing the cumulative total to 510. There are 199 reported recoveries 306 active cases and 1 additional death. Total local deaths attributed to COVID-19 is 5.


COVID-19 UPDATE August 4, 2020: Anderson County Judge Robert Johnston today received notification of 26 new confirmed cases.

Total cases to date is 507, of which 304 are active, 199 are recovered. Total deaths attributed to the virus is now 4.

The lack of available asphalt has slowed work on W. Point Tap Road and dry weather is causing another issue.  According ...

The lack of available asphalt has slowed work on W. Point Tap Road and dry weather is causing another issue. According to Palestine Streets Director, Mark Fletcher, the local supplier has informed the city there will be a two week delay in available asphalt because the plant is currently filling a "special blend" order for the Texas Department of Transportation.

The nearest alternate plant is in Malakoff some 42 miles away and there are only three available city dump trucks. Fletcher stated the city is sending out a water truck tomorrow, August 5, to spray down the dirt and hopefully eliminate some of the dust. He understands the frustration of residents along that stretch of roadway.

One quarter of the project is complete, however that brings little comfort to those who are dealing with the dust. While the local plant is fulfilling the special order from the State, two key heavy equipment operators are on vacation. Fletcher asks residents to be patient just a bit longer, the project will be completed soon.

SUSPECT ARRESTED FOR ASSAULTING A FEMALE AND AN OFFICER----PALESTINE, Texas (August 3, 2020 )- Palestine Police have arr...


----PALESTINE, Texas (August 3, 2020 )- Palestine Police have arrested an Oakwood man on multiple charges following an incident at the Palestine Walmart on Saturday, August 1.

Palestine Police responded to an assault call at approximately 7:17 PM, at the Walmart Supercenter on the south loop. When officers arrived, the victim reported that an unknown black male poured a chemical, believed to be a cleaning solution, on her upper body and face while she shopped in the store. The victim, a 49 year-old Palestine resident, was accompanied by two small children during the incident. The victim did not know the suspect, who fled the scene following the assault.

The female victim was transported to the Palestine Regional ER by ambulance for medical treatment.

While the Officers were investigating the incident, the suspect, later identified as Willie James Lewis, 37 of Oakwood, returned to the scene. Lewis then followed an Officer to the front of the store and attacked the Officer from behind using a shopping cart. Officers were able to take Lewis into custody following a struggle. The Officer was treated and released at the scene.

Prior to assaulting the Officer, Lewis had also damaged a patrol vehicle that was parked outside of the store.

Lewis was transported to the Anderson County Jail and booked without further incident. Lewis is charged with assault on a public servant, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, endangering a child, criminal mischief greater than $2500 but less than $30,000 and two Palestine Municipal Court warrants.

Lewis is currently in the Anderson County jail with bonds totaling $165,000. The motives behind the attack are still under investigation.


COVID-19 UPDATE 07/29/2020: In a phone conversation this afternoon, Anderson County Judge Robert Johnston stated he has received notification of 4 new positive tests for COVID-19. To date, there are 422 confirmed cases, 184 recoveries, 236 active cases and 2 deaths. He expects the case numbers to rise in the near future.


COVID-19 UPDATE From Scott Fifer, Communications Director, City of Palestine:

Anderson County, Texas (July 28, 2020) – Judge Robert Johnston has received notification today of eight (8) new confirmed case(s).

This brings the total number of cases to four hundred eighteen (418) positive cases in Anderson County. There are currently one hundred eighty-four (184) reported recovered cases, so we currently have two hundred thirty-two (232) active cases and two (2) deaths in Anderson County.



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