New Creation Generation International (NCGI)

New Creation Generation International (NCGI) NCGI is from Jamaica's New Creation Gospel Group, in ministry locally & internationally since 1979. Global teams are active & accepting invitations.
New Creation Generation International Inc. (NCGI), is an international intergenerational community of worshippers with Jamaican roots. Their message is reconciliation of individuals to God, through Jesus Christ, and hope, even despite disillusionment. The group has an eclectic and versatile sound, a fusion of multiple musical genres.

New Creation was birthed at the University of the West Indies, Mona campus, as a fledgling group of five, who first performed at a UCCF (Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship) event, Easter 1979. Welcoming other singers and musicians, the group became a family of friends well-known for its signature harmonious sound. New Creation was regularly featured at major religious events and did a command performance for the Prime Minister’s birthday celebration in 1990. After decades of ministry, the group dispersed worldwide but remained connected. During March 2010, New Creation members met on retreat in Jamaica, converging from the USA, United Kingdom, Panama and within Jamaica. The group subsequently became NEW CREATION GENERATION INTERNATIONAL and, replete with next generation ministers (their offspring), committed to resuming their ministry on a global platform. NCGI ministry teams of differing configurations have since performed in the Republic of Panama, June 2011, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 2011, and in Wilson, North Carolina, December 2011. The group returns home Summer 2012 as New Creation Generation International, to continue execution of this new phase of their ministry among family and friends.

Mission: Reviving and reconciling to God the disillusioned and spiritually dry


Lying here in the early morning looking up at the sky. The sun is not up yet. But the Son is. My mind is set on Him. I’ve been thinking: Why does the world hate Jesus so much? You know, He said it in John 15:18, but to be honest, I had glossed over it. They crucified Him, so of course they hated Him, right? But why is He so hated NOW? I hear it and see it on FB everyday:
“Jesus never existed. He’s just another version of a myth.”
“Why would a white man die for a black man?”
“Jesus was a lunatic.”
“Jesus is religion; a religion used to tame a people.”
“If you believe in Jesus, your mind is weak.”
“That’s my grandparents’ religion!”
“Jesus and Christianity are intolerant! There can’t be just one way.”
Yeah, I could go on for pages.
I could sit here and debunk, pretty much destroy each thing said above, but I won’t. Not right now. Simply this: The world hates Jesus because His life confronts it. Jesus holds up a mirror to it and it sees itself and sees its ugliness. The ugliness angers it! So it tries to smash the mirror. But it can’t. The image is still there. The world tries to justify its behavior. It comes up with the most brilliant excuses for the corruption. If you can’t destroy the image in the the mirror change the minds of the ones looking in the mirror, right? Make them believe that the ugliness is okay, right? The world then turns its anger towards the Holder of the mirror. He lived a pure and perfect life; a life of love and mercy...without sin. Okay, so here’s the thing. You know how it makes you feel when you get around someone who is obviously fit...with chiseled abs, near perfect form, a picture of health and strength? I don’t know about you, but I immediately look at my own lack; my own insufficiencies. Not saying that’s right. It’s just human. What you do with that is the important thing. The world HATES Jesus. It hates Jesus because He calls for change! He calls for repentance! He calls us to turn back, turn around and go a new way. HE is the new way! THE new way! Yes, the world will hate us for saying that! The life of Jesus not only confronts us, it can also RESTORE us. Only if we let it.
Christian, the world hates you too. If you don’t see this now, pay close attention in the days to come.

“Who is on the Lord’s side?”
“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
“Some trust in chariots. Some in horses, but we will remember the name of the Lord our God!”

Cornerstone Assembly of God

What lie are we believing about ourselves that keep us in the darkness of despair?

‘Everyday Resurrection’ -#3

—1 Cor.15:12-19

Time To Break out!!

A poignant scene from Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’, the classic allegory of the christian journey through life, portrays the characters, Pilgrim and his travel companion dangling in a cage, captives of the Giant Despair, in Doubting Castle. This massive ogre, day after day visits the hapless pair, as they starve and waste away. He curses, swears, threatens and rails each day about the hopelessness of their situation and constantly goads and wonders vehemently at why they have not availed themselves of the many options, which he has provided for them, to do themselves in. Sharp swords, ropes and bottles of poison lie around their cage. On the brink of giving in one day, after their tormentor had again flooded them with denigrations, it dawns on them that the giant, massive as he seemed, was not himself able to kill them and was waiting for them to do so themselves, that he might then feast on their dead bodies. Before long they also realize that Christian carried in his bosom an actual key which could unlock the cage and set them free!

The scene speaks loudly, the greatest truth of the believer’s life—our key of Hope —the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul, elucidator of the glorious Gospel, makes clear that this is no fanciful wish, but “A Hope that maketh not ashamed”. Without the power of the resurrection our faith would be futile. This message is one for the everyday pandemic of depression that has dogged our generations longer than the corona virus, and the Key is readily accessible. Our enemy has trapped even believers into sitting paralyzed and abused by the Giant Despair. We isolate unnecessarily, swallowed up in the lies washing over us daily, cooperating with our enemy as he seeks to quash the Truth, of God’s Word sown in our hearts, that is able to thrust us out into the light of fellowship with others, and the vibrant destiny for which Christ has set us free.

I have heard it preached that the angel which descended on resurrection morning, rolled the stone away from the door of the tomb, not to let Jesus out but rather, to let us in to see that He was no longer in there! I love Ron DiCianni’s portrayal of Christ’s emergence from the tomb, in his ‘Resurrection Mural’—The figure of the Resurrected Christ commands and fills the entrance and as he comes forth His stance is confident and powerful!—He had finished the work His Father had sent Him to do, and what was that work if not to set us also free!

Today, fellow Pilgrim, let’s call the bluff of the Giant Despair, and stage a massive jail-break! Each heart knows what turning the key in that lock means for each of us today—Is it a lie that I am believing about my identity? What calling have I let the enemy convince me that I may not answer? What failing has he convinced you that you can never recover from? Listen today to the One who is Truth and follow Him out of his dark pit, into the victory of the broad place that is ours in Christ! Meet you on the road!

DSA. — Easter 2020


Dagon has fallen.

Every single thing that we have worshiped as a society has been stripped away in the past three weeks. For some of us it was sports, athletes. For others, celebrities. Some of us have worshipped careers, activities, the upward climb to success. For some, it’s our health and wellness, our fitness. We have made LIFE our god. Busy, busy, busy. No time for anything else. No time to look up. One virus has brought a world to its knees.
You know, the Philistines had a god named Dagon. They believed their god was superior to all others...superior to the God of Israel. They were all about Dagon. Obsessed. It was customary back then to ‘capture’ the god of your enemies in war. It meant a people was conquered! But look:

“Then the Philistines took the ark of God and brought it into the house of Dagon and set it up beside Dagon. And when the people of Ashdod rose early the next day, behold, Dagon had fallen face downward on the ground before the ark of the Lord. So they took Dagon and put him back in his place. But when they rose early on the next morning, behold, Dagon had fallen face downward on the ground before the ark of the Lord, and the head of Dagon and both his hands were lying cut off on the threshold. Only the trunk of Dagon was left to him.” 1 Samuel 5:2-4

Look man, ONLY the Lord is God! Glory and honor and worship belongs ONLY to Him. EVERYTHING must bow to Him. EVERYTHING is His. So it doesn’t matter what kinds of gods we set up in our lives. Eventually, they too will bow. When everything is stripped away, we are left with the Creator. What will you do with Him?

This is not a post that’s enjoyable to read, but like many of you, I’m looking inward. I’m looking inward. I’ve been weighed in the balance and found wanting. Just journaling publicly.

Behold, Dagon has fallen.


So I lived in the untouched mountains of St. Andrew overlooking Kingston; a place called Red Hills. It was a place of solitude where I sat on the balcony in the early mornings, my Bible on my lap. Sometimes Dready, the Rastaman would walk by, singing or chanting scripture, carrying a stalk of green bananas upon his head, machete in his hand, and I’d wave at Him. “Whapp’n, Dready!” “Mi safe, Debs!” His reply. His smile. What a joy! There were mornings I didn’t wake up early enough, but I’d hear him.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”

That one stuck with me. Guess which Psalm I turned to this morning? Yeah. Psalm 91. I have an ESV (English Standard Version). It says “the shelter of the Most High.” Dready quoted the King James. I like that better. Old School. But then I thought, the secret place IS the shelter! I’m convinced that God’s purpose for me in this quarantine is “the secret place.” Solitude. The secret place for me is inside my soul where God dwells because I invited Him in at age 15. He has never left. He dwells there. It is where He sits and waits. It is the place where I hide my pain, my loss, my grief, and yes, my secret sins. It is where I meet with God in repentance and He is there with His mercy and His grace. It is there that He does His sanitizing work with the blood of His Son. It is there in “the secret place” that I am SAFE! Read the scripture again. Yes, now. The Lord is a secure defense for those who take refuge in Him!!! Jesus went off to be alone often away from the crowd to pray. Solitude. Paul went off by himself to the desert of Arabia. You see, “revival” is not so much what happens in a church; it is what happens in the secret place of the soul; it is what happens when time is spent in “the shelter of the Most High.”
So you see, quarantine is not such a bad thing. Nuh true?😊


It’s still dark outside. Walmart’s about to open. Sixth day of no physical human contact. I need to walk again so I pull on dark wash jeans and combat boots. I pull the USMC sweatshirt over my head and strap on my army print backpack and some old dog tags I’ve had for years. Zoey’s snug. Her nose pushed up in the corner of her bed. My movement doesn’t rouse her. Out of pure habit, I put on my sunglasses...prescription strength. Blind as a bat without optical help. Black baseball cap. Heading out. Need some things. The beep beep beep of the alarm system reset. 45 degrees outside and stillness. Walking close to the curb, I say out loud a scripture I used to hear the Rasta man, Dready chant as he walked past my house in the early mornings in Red Hills. “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” I repeat it. Out loud. The sound of my boots on the pavement. The sound of God’s Word in the air, filling it up, taking its rightful place. Left right, left right, left right, left, I move. I look to my right and I kid you not, a snake! Slithering in the middle of the street, a snake! Like he owns the place! What on earth? Marring the beauty of the early morning. Displacing the innocence of the newness of the day. I froze because of my morbid fear of these things. That’s when I woke up! My hand was hung off the bed resting on Zoey’s back, her nose snug in the corner of her bed. I need some water. I turn over on my pillow too far, too fast and hurt my cheek upon the large black Bible. I feel God’s presence as I awake under the shadow of His wings. I think about the state of things outside and am made powerfully aware that He has not surrendered His authority. I see Him more clearly and hear Him more clearly because the noise has been removed. What a glorious thing!


Zoey and I. We’re quite a pair. She doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t quite get why her mummy is home so much these days. Since my self-quarantine, we go out for our evening constitution. The neighborhood is eerily motionless. I see one teen bouncing a ball against her house, ear pods in. Time slows her down. Slow motion like a movie. Zoey sniffs a fence. A dog on the other side of it barks. Social
distancing. We walk. One mile. 46 degrees outside. No human contact. Just crisp, cool air and the realization of how the shape of our lives have changed; how the flavor of our existence has morphed. She no longer walks in front of me. She lingers...stumbling slightly like a tiny drunk. She plops down in grass not her own, tongue out, with eyes that say, “I’m tired and I’m old and I’m weak, Mummy. I can’t walk anymore.” So I pick her up. I carry her, her head and paws upon my shoulder and I finish our mile. I finish it. I know what she can handle and I know what she can’t. Zoey and I. We’re quite a pair.

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East Vs West: The Church in Crisis
Republished from Press Service International
written by Stacy-Ann Smith
“Of all the enterprises in which the human heart engages, none lends itself more to abuse and manipulation than the activities of religion”. Ravi Zacharias ‘Jesus Among Other Gods’

Living here in the East (Bali) I cannot help but observe the manner in which individuals respond to the gospel. In the West, we constantly hear of accusations of the rapacious pastor, the materialistic lethargic parishioner and the watered-down gospel.

No such demons plague the church in South East Asia, is the prevailing view. The belief is that they are a simple people living off the land and the virtue of their rich history.

Then I went on an outreach into the villages and what I saw was equally as heartbreaking and frustrating. What concerns me is that no matter where we are in the world, the good news of what Christ did on the cross is often reduced to the material benefits of serving Him:

“If there was a God who could grant me healing and right standing with the supernatural without me giving up my cow, then I am in. If there is a God who could heal me from my sickness and didn't require me laying out gifts and offerings every morning at my door, or paying exorbitant monetary 'gifts' then I am open to listening to you, oh foreign person”.

The picture in the villages is one of harsh poverty and limited resources certainly. And I do understand that serving God does provide bonuses and I am glad the poor farmer is no longer bound to give of his last livestock for the sake of some animistic ritual or rite of passage. But how sad it is that what Christ has done is so easily thrown on the altar of self-gratification and hedonistic pleasure. How heartbreaking that only when God does something for us is He worth serving.

Somehow God is in the midst

Villagers may not hear “name it and claim it”, or “catch it and grab it”, but somehow God is still only about what I can get. I saw a willingness to come to Christ for healing and for reprieve from spending on lavish offerings but not a willingness to come to Him because He is God and Savior from our sins.

One sad thing I heard from the missionary doing direct work in the villages we went to visit, was that the same persons who would sacrifice a cow that was worth $800 when animistic, would now only give mere pennies in the offering when liberated by the gospel.

What is the remedy? Rapper Chance declares that we need less “candy-coated gospel” and more discipline and obedience. Rebuttals to him say there needs to be a balance. Some express that without touting hope and happiness many believers would be shut out of the areas of influence they have, especially in mainstream.

I can't take on the world and how to fix it. I can't even fix everyone here in the little village I stay in. My hope is that as Paul says, the truth of the gospel will prevail and the heart of man will change.

I never fully understood until now, why Christ turned to the Jews when they asked for a sign and reprimanded them for only following him because they saw the miracles He did. They too wanted bread for the moment, healing of their bodies, wealth and prosperity. But Jesus wanted them to have something greater. An eternal hope; one that doesn't disappoint.

Oh, that our eyes would be enlightened to that 'hope to which we are called', understand the 'power at work on our behalf' as believers, and the 'riches of Christ's glorious inheritance in the saints'. For then we will truly be blessed.


Peekskill, NY

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We envision a world where spiritually disillusioned and dry people are being revived and reconciled by connecting with them, inviting them to relationship with God through Jesus Christ, inviting them to worship, inviting them into the community of worshippers & encouraging them to bring others.


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