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Thomas Driscoll: Candidate for Selectboard
(sorry for a microphone malfunction - but alternative used)

Have you voted YET ?!?!?Town Election is TOMORROW (Saturday).  And this is, quite literally, one of the most important e...
Pembroke Town Election

Have you voted YET ?!?!?
Town Election is TOMORROW (Saturday). And this is, quite literally, one of the most important elections we've had in about 25 years.
VOTE. VOTE. VOTE !!! This election may well effect your life in Pembroke.


THIS SUNDAY! Mayflower Brewing Company, 12 resnik Rd, Plymouth. Drag performances, live music, spoken word artist, beer garden, food trucks, kids activities, over 40 vendors, huge raffle! Everyone is welcome๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ”ฅ

I learned about Kathy's passing during a business trip to North Carolina.  (So, sorry for the delay.)  She and I spoke f...

I learned about Kathy's passing during a business trip to North Carolina. (So, sorry for the delay.) She and I spoke frequently --and frankly. While we often didn't agree, I valued her take on the issues. She was SMART and always open to an exchange of background info on this or that topic. I really valued those talks.

She will be missed.

We are heartbroken to share with you that one of our SEPAC chairs has passed away this morning.

Kathy Church was an amazing woman and voice in our town. Strong and out spoken yet thoughtful and open minded. She never shied away from speaking up when she believed in something and was always willing to listen and give advice and support.

She was a advocate for special education rights for not only her own family but all of the children of Pembroke. She was so proud to be part of rebuilding our Sepac and we couldnโ€™t have done so without her.
As soon as we hear of services/memorials we will share them here. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

We will miss you terribly Kathy. โ™ฅ๏ธ


Hanson's ballot for 15May (Saturday) . . .

This is a PEMBROKE org helping to feed the hungry...

This is a PEMBROKE org helping to feed the hungry...

Giving it 110%
Norwell High School wins April break week competition

During the last week of March Madness, four towns stepped up to compete in our Stellwagen fundraiser, since they were all raising money for warehouse packaging events. Pembroke came in first, then Norwell, then Marshfield, and lastly, Duxbury.

While our average 3-hour shift packs 69 boxes (15,000 meals), the high schools from these towns are anything but average. Marshfield comes every month (and was called off the bench today) and did 79 boxes a few weeks ago to set the bar. Duxbury went right over it with 92, under Harrisonโ€™s leadership. Thatโ€™s right, a student got the money and the volunteers together for their event. Pembroke dropped into 3rd with 72.

So while we needed to produce 109 boxes to fill the orders being picked up at 4 this afternoon, we just had one shift left. Marshfield came in for two hoursโ€ฆbut they didnโ€™t have to.

BC High once did 115 boxes in 3 hours. No group had ever come within 20 boxes of that. Norwell fell just 5(!) short. They gave it 110% and crushed 110 boxes. Marshfield packed extra boxes for our next order (and by order, I mean two orders that came in today). We just finished week 57 in a row of raising money and packing meals. It was our biggest week in 21 weeks!

Last year, we raised an average of $100,000 each and every month. We are less than $1,000 away from $100,000 in April (Keller Williams Realty in Trumbull CT is funding 50,000 meals). All donations coming in now will be matched by St John Lutheran church in Killingly CT.

Please share the 4 ways to give listed here (and shout from the roof tops about the matching money):

In 16 weeks and 2 days, weโ€™ll be celebrating our 10th anniversary of ending local hunger throughout New England. Can we continue to fund as many general shifts as warehouse events as mobile events? Between now and Fatherโ€™s Day weekend, we have 4 general shifts, 4 warehouse events, and 3 mobile events. In two days, Merrimack College on the North Shore will be doing its 6th(!) mobile pandemic event. Endicott College (also on the North Shore) has done 4. So those who campuses have done two more events than ALL OTHER NEW ENGLAND GROUPS COMBINED. Wow!

No matter which of these 3 ways we do it, donors feed the hungry in their area:
1. Donate monthly or whenever you can. 25 of our nearly 200 donors this year have given multiple times. Volunteers who grab spots on pack the meals, which are picked up/delivered to your neighborhoods throughout the region. Whenever we raise another $4,500, we add another shift.
2. If you are close enough to Pembroke MA, fund meals which you actually pack yourselves by letting us know the date and timeframe youโ€™d like to come to our warehouse with 24 or less volunteers who you mobilize. Your shift will appear with the coordinatorโ€™s name and all 24 spots taken. Itโ€™s like the 3rd option, but no paperwork (we do that for you, since weโ€™re โ€œhostingโ€), WAY more meal variety for your pantries (up to all 10!), and you come to us, instead of the other way around.
3. Book a mobile event. If this is your choice, youโ€™ll be able to pack one kind for every 10,000 meals you fund, which then go to your local pantries. Just email/message us and weโ€™ll send you the paperwork.



Many of you have heard the loss of two Pembroke youth in a tragic car accident.  It goes without saying Pembroke mourns ...
Love and support for the Birolini family, organized by Kerri Marani Cantino

Many of you have heard the loss of two Pembroke youth in a tragic car accident. It goes without saying Pembroke mourns the tragedy to their families and friends. Death is hard enough, finances should never add to that trauma. Never.

PLEASE HELP both of these families:
[] Billy Hickey's Family
[] Joey Birolini's Family

The unexpected death of a child is something no one ever wants to experiโ€ฆ Kerri Marani Cantino needs your support for Love and support for the Birolini family


When you wear a mask, wear it so it actually works . . .
(( It's not a political-fashion faรงade, it's a TOOL ))


Hear ye, hear ye !
Town Election is now 26 JUNE & Town Meeting 22 JUNE . . .

Do you value Pembroke's Open Space ?

Do you value Pembroke's Open Space ?

Open Space has been discussing putting together a trail stewardship program where an individual/family or group "adopts" a trail. The time commitment would be committing to visit the property twice a month for a year. Responsibilities would be monitoring the condition of your trail (trash, graffiti, downed trees etc..), small scale maintenance (picking up litter, updating kiosks,keeping trails clear) and filling out a quick form to report back to Open Space how your visit went and of any bigger issue that we would then take care of.
This could be a great program for scout troops, families, high school students etc..
Would this be a program you would be interested in? We welcome you input as well!


The S*x Spectrum: Beyond Male and Female

On Monday, President Biden signed an executive order that repealed Trumpโ€™s ban on transgender people serving in the military. Now, everybody is able to serve their country through military service regardless of their gender identity. Trumpโ€™s ban was discriminatory and intolerant, and I am hopeful that President Bidenโ€™s decision to repeal it indicates his commitment to fighting for LGBTQIA+ rights throughout his presidency. Of course, his decision is being met with criticism, primarily from conservatives. It is widely-accepted within the natural sciences and social sciences, that s*x and gender are different. In very simple terms, s*x is a biological reality while gender is a social construct. For example, someone could be biologically male, but identify as a woman, gender non-conforming, or a number of other genders. Conservatives often offer the counterargument that s*x and gender are the same and that everyone is created by God as either a male or a female.
This counterargument is somewhat convincing, especially because it appears to be based on science. Many people would agree with the assertion that everyone is either born male or female. However, there is scientific evidence that refutes this assertion and suggests that s*x actually exists along a spectrum. In other words, people do not always fit neatly into the male or female category. Oneโ€™s s*x is often associated with the external ge****ls they possess, but their s*x is actually determined by a variety of other factors as well. Other factors include internal ge****ls, go**ds (te**es and ovaries), chromosomes, and other characteristics, such as hormones (Ainsworth 2015). These factors are referred to as s*x characteristics, and when someone is born with a combination of male and female s*x characteristics, they are considered to be inters*x. Inters*x people do not have typically male or typically female bodies, which leads to the following question: How is it determined whether someone is considered a male or a female?
There is often not a clear way to make this determination for inters*x people, and in my opinion, the right to make this determination belongs solely to the individual. Consider the following possibilities: an individual has female external ge****ls, a male XY chromosome pattern, and a testosterone level consistent with that of males; an individual has ambiguous external ge****ls that are not clearly male or female; an individual has male external ge****ls, a male XY chromosome pattern, and female go**ds (ovaries). These are just a few of many possible combinations of male and female s*x characteristics that an inters*x individual may possess. Because there are so many possible combinations, it makes the most sense to view s*x as a spectrum rather than a binary. Even within people who are not inters*x, there are variances in s*x characteristics, such as hormone levels. For example, individuals whose bodies fit the typical definition of female could each have varying levels of estrogen and testosterone. There is no specific parameter for hormone levels that clearly defines an individual as female, which is another reason to view s*x as a spectrum.
The United Nations estimates that between 0.05% and 1.7% of the population have inters*x traits, which equates to millions of people. For comparison, about 1.7% of the population has red hair. Now, if you believe that God creates everyone and assigns them a s*x, it would be logical to assume that you believe God created the millions of people who are inters*x. Up until the 1990โ€™s, it was common practice for babies born with ambiguous ge****ls to have a s*x assigned to them and to undergo surgery to alter their ge****ls so they would match the assigned s*x. If s*x is assigned by God and should not be changed, then one would essentially be acting as God in choosing to have their child be subjected to this practice. Clearly, this practice, which is still performed and continues to harm inters*x people, contradicts the argument that only God has dominion over oneโ€™s s*x. What is the alternative? You could accept that your child is inters*x and choose which gender to raise them as, but this would require you to acknowledge that s*x and gender are different. You could also choose to raise them without a gender or affirm them in the gender identity they choose as they get older. Of course, this option would require you to acknowledge that there are more than two genders, which you probably do not consider biblical.
My point is that science does not support the argument that God creates everyone to be either male or female. It is a flawed argument and I am sick of it being weaponized against the LGBTQIA+ community. I have too often heard, โ€œYouโ€™re either a man or youโ€™re a woman. You donโ€™t get to choose.โ€ The reality is clearly not that simple. If you are someone who is upset about President Bidenโ€™s reversal of the ban on transgender people serving in the military, I challenge you to think about why. Is it truly about your religious beliefs or is it something else? Is it possible that you have never considered the experiences of transgender people before because you have not had the opportunity or have not tried to learn about them?

It is extremely important to acknowledge and support the inters*x community. While I talked about inters*x people in relation to transgender people, we must have conversations that center the experiences of inters*x people and the issues that affect them. It is problematic to only talk about inters*x people as a way of supporting transgender people. To learn more about the inters*x community and how to support inters*x individuals, please visit:

-Brooke Musial


Lincoln believed the Civil War was "recompense for our national sin of Slavery." I tend to agree.With the backdrop of Bl...

Lincoln believed the Civil War was "recompense for our national sin of Slavery." I tend to agree.

With the backdrop of Black Lives Matter protests we began to see our generational recompense for America's National Sin of Racism in the scourge of COVID-19. 400,000+ souls.

When you proclaim "Justice For All!" don't think for a second Heaven won't hold us accountable till we learn to live by our Oath as Americans.

Lincoln believed the Civil War was "recompense for our national sin of Slavery." I tend to agree.

With the backdrop of Black Lives Matter protests we began to see our generational recompense for America's National Sin of Racism in the scourge of COVID-19. 400,000+ souls.

When you proclaim "Justice For All!" don't think for a second Heaven won't hold us accountable till we learn to live by our Oath as Americans.

South Shore News

South Shore News

EDITORIAL BY A.j. Pellegrino . . .

What happened on January 6th 2021 is not OK. A group of peaceful protestors gathered on Capitol Hill too make their voices heard. Unfortunately, a large number of those peaceful protestors turned violent and terroristic. What was something, completely within every Americans rights, quickly became a domestic act of terrorism against this country I call home. There have been peaceful gatherings all throughout 2020 that have also turned extremely violent and dangerous, I have trouble identifying any type of looting, burning, destruction or other acts of violence as anything but terrorism. While I agree that millions of people are upset over the results of the election, I also agree that violence and threats of hanging are never acceptable. That being said, I donโ€™t think we can categorize every single person present as someone who wanted to cause harm, inflict damage pain or suffering, some were just there to show support for what they believed to be a fraudulent election. I think certain extremists lead a charge and a lot of people caught up in the moment followed along, but just because some people are doing it doesnโ€™t mean itโ€™s okay. Could the president have done a better job preventing this? I donโ€™t know. I believe that he is the reason for the gathering, I donโ€™t think he is the reason for the storming of the capital, I think by that point there wasnโ€™t much the President could do. I find it unlikely that those people ravaging the capital were checking Twitter or Facebook for updates from President Trump in the middle of all of this. The president has since condemned the actions that took place on Capitol Hill. I truly hope for the sake of the country, both sides can take away something from all of this and we can grow as a country stronger than ever before.

On another note, I am hearing people saying from all over they are surprised by this or disappointed in America for these actions, wasnโ€™t this really how America was founded? The Boston tea party?

The many rebellious acts against their own government? Granted it was 245ish years ago, I think part of Americaโ€™s spirit is rebellion, itโ€™s seen all throughout history, and it is what led to change in America.

Anthony Pellegrino


Pembroke, MA




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