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Operating as usual

APEX the rebirth

APEX is open and taking bookings! 2672543466. Podcast studio coming soon!

Touch-Free Solutions for In-Person Payments | Square
Touch-Free Solutions for In-Person Payments | Square

Touch-Free Solutions for In-Person Payments | Square

Square provides touch-free payment solutions to help you more safely conduct business. Visit us here to learn more about our contactless payment options.

We're back! Book your room now and plug back in!Covid-19 protocols are in place in accordance with CDC guidelines..Call ...

We're back! Book your room now and plug back in!
Covid-19 protocols are in place in accordance with CDC guidelines..Call for details!

Hey folks, been hard at work here at the studio so we can safely get back into making some noise.  In addition to our ro...

Hey folks, been hard at work here at the studio so we can safely get back into making some noise. In addition to our rooms being cleaned and rearranged for optimal spacing, there will now be maximum occupancy based on room size as well as non-contact sanitizer dispensers in each room along with UV light Germ Guardian Air Sanitizers. We'll also be switching out all microphones and peripheral accessories in between each rehearsal so each artist is only working with that specific set of equipment. A 15 minute buffer between artist will now be a part of our scheduling so we can properly clean and sanitize each room in between artist. We're gonna be bringing in a lot of new services like live Webcasting, a repair delivery service, music instruction studio, buy/sell/trade retail shop with strings,.sticks, pics, used gear and vinyl and we're bringing back the ability to multi-track your live rehearsals for an extra fee. Plenty of work still to be done here so we're gonna get to it and hopefully be seeing you all sometime in June or early July depending. Thank You, Staff at Apex Rehearsal & Musician Services.
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Hey folks, due to today's city ordinance. Apex Rehearsal Studios will be closed until further notice. Philadelphia has imposed a ban on the operation of all non-essential businesses after 5pm today with only a few exceptions. This sucks. We will take this opportunity to fix and replace any needed gear and will scrub down the place from front to back and relaunch stronger than ever. We look forward to making noise with you guys again very soon and will let you know when you can come on back and plug in again. Thanks from everybody at Apex.


To Apex Rehearsal Studio customers....
Any cancellations made without 24 hours notice will now be subject to the full price of the time booked. At Apex we are all musicians and understand that things happen and there ARE exceptions. We are already operating on a very low margin and to continue to provide the service we do, we can no longer just take the hit on these cancellations without any opportunity to fill the space left open when a room is locked when an appointment is made. Recently, too many artist have taken our leniency toward such cancellations for granted and has cost us a substantial amount out of pocket. This IS a business and our cost in Bella Vista go up annually. We pay our employees like any other business and can not continue to just eat those cost. To those of you this doesn't apply to, we thank you dearly for your loyalty and we'll continue to be here 7 days a week providing you a space to be creative and further work on your craft. To those have moved us in this direction, please understand you are hurting our ability to continue to do business with you. This is an appointment based business and we give up our time when other opportunities present themselves. We are passionate about what we do but nothing in our studio has been given to us and those rooms, equipment repair, rent and operating cost do not pay for themselves. We appreciate your understanding. New policy is effective immediately.


Attention Apex Rehearsal customers...We have a monthly room available with unlimited rehearsals during Apex hours that has just become available. It's very rare that this room becomes available. $400 for the month. Inbox me for details.

Apex Rehearsal & Musicians Services

Apex Rehearsal & Musicians Services


Attention Apex Rehearsal customers, we've always tried to keep our rates as competitive as possible. Due to Philadelphia's property re-evauluations, there was an unannounced and unheard of increase in commercial property Use & Occupancy taxes. Quite frankly, they border criminal. Ours was raised to more than 4 times what we were previously paying with absolutely no warning. We're no strangers to increases in operating cost and up until this point have simply eaten those extra cost out of pocket. We were already operating on very small margin but given these increases, we have absolutely no choice but to raise our rates from $17 to $20 an hour. These new rates will take effect October 1st, 2017. We will still be offering discounts for off-peak bookings and individual rehearsals during those hours as well as block rate discounts. We appreciate all of your support over the last 5 years and hope for your continued patronage. On a brighter note, Apex will now be extending our hours. New hours are as follows:
Mon-th: 3pm-11pm, Fr: 3pm-midnight, Sat: 11am-midnight, Sun: 11am-11pm
Thank you, Apex Rehearsal & Musician

Apex Rehearsal & Musicians Services

Apex Rehearsal & Musicians Services

After the flood...new carpets in today and we're back cranking it up. Book your time today. 267-535-4025.

After the flood...new carpets in today and we're back cranking it up. Book your time today. 267-535-4025.


To our customers at the studio,
Please be aware that our policy of only charging a 50% cancellation fee on Bookings is still done as a courtesy because we, as musicians, understand that sometimes things just come up. Remember, we still LOSE money on each and every one of these cancellations. This policy has begun to be abused at a large financial loss to our small business. We expect a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice on all cancellations so we can at least have a chance of filling the time we've locked out for your group. We've always been resistant to securing deposits because this is a trust system and we consider this an artist community and building personal relationships with all of our clients is still at the top of our priority list. Please just be mindful that we ARE running a business here and have bills to pay, deadlines to adhere to and mouths to feed just like anybody else. We've always wanted to keep it loose and fun here and keep our rates affordable so everybody wins. Please help us keep things this way by only using our cancellation policy in the event of an emergency. We appreciate your business and support greatly and will continue to bend over backwards to accomodate you. For those that this applies to, please give us a little bit of that respect in return. Thank you, Staff and Management, Apex Rehearsals.

Scott Sorry - Broken Hearts and 45's

Check out the new Scott Sorry track "Broken Hearts and 45's". Very proud to say this great record came together here Apex Studios. Please give it a listen and share to Hearts content. Thanks for your support. Keep supporting the noise!

Opening track of the new album "When We Were Kings" Available now through I-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play, or Virgin Media. Links in the description below. Amaz...


Due to some last minute cancellationas, Apex Rehearsals has some availabilities tomorrow evening, October 28th. Call 267-535-4025 and leave a message to make an appointment.

A Brood of Vipers - "Mechanical" - The Prava Sessions

Check out A Brood of Vipers "Mechanical" from the upcoming #Prava Sessions presented by Prava Creative Studios. Show premieres this Tuesday, May 12th! Please share!

Philadelphia’s A Brood of Vipers came by the studio to rip all of your faces off with their blend of psychedelic garage punk. Their influences are evident; f...


So much talent in the studio tonight...the soul pop seduction of Rosemary Fiki, improv jazz/ semitones of Ian Ash, the bitter skepticism of Spiritworld, or the Fugaziesq experimentation of Sinking Ocean Gods....tonight my job is a good one.


Nice quiet morning of Texas Hardcore at the studio. Die Young blasting through a set or 2 in rehearsal for their 'This is Hardcore' appearance today at the Electric Factory. Think they are on around 2pm. Check em out...Pretty fierce band....


Thrilled to have the amazing Kellylee Evans and her band bringing their incredible jazz and soul tones to the studio tonight. These are the nights where I'm happy I got into this biz...


When it snows, we turn it up! Apex is open! 267-535-4025


Give your loved ones the gift of noise this holiday season! Get them Rehearsal time with a gift certificate from Apex Studios! Do it! 267-535-4025 Ask about our block hour specials!


Happy Thanksgiving from Apex Rehearsals! Thanks for making noise with us!


saw Wild Rompit at the T.L.A. last night after they rehearsed at Apex and all I have to say is keep your eyes peeled for these guys. They've got talent to go for miles and I was really blown away. Check em out!


Sorry for any missed communications over the last few days....Our studio phone was having personal issues because it's a pussy....anyway, all is ok now....267-535-4025 for rehearsal bookings


We've got some rare Wednesday and Thursday night openings at Apex for rehearsal rooms..Fully equipped...still just $15/hr. Call 267-535-4025 to reserve.


Hey everybody, this Monday, July 1st will be Apex's 1 year anniversary...Thanks to The Tough Sh*ts, The High Five, Withered Old Beast, G. Love, Panzie, Kurt Vile, Clashing Plaid, The Whips, Meta, Soundwayve, Ruin, Gene's Ego, Clashing Plaid, Wicked Bones, Rosemary Fiki, Katie Frank, Live Not On Evil, Blessed Muthas, Eric 13 & Johnny Richie, Scareho, Cyanide Saints, The Rockets, The Wayward Ones, Feral Heart, Matt Pooler, Juliets Vice, Slumlord Byron, Sofie Holm, George Beck, Panic years, ronald reagen the Actor, johnny Action Figure, Reckless Dodgers, The Love Club, Tungsten, Freddy Pompeii, Community Service, S.T.O.P., Future Primitive, Way Home, Stackabones, A Brood of Vipers, Roman's Rogue, Streetwalkers, Teenage Bigfoot, Baby Diaz, Vicious Lips, Music Box Dynamo, Cake Bear Comedy Troop, District Blue, Mount Joy, Cthulu Martini, ICD9, Casey Alvarez, Ray Gradys, Vitamin Cheese, Silver Skies, 0-20, V the Phoenix, Ben Truesdale & Mike, City and Horses, Hard Work Movement, Inside The Emptiness, Autolyze, Spiritworld, Brown Sugar, Astronaut your Planet, Mid-Western Exposure, Doc Hero, Jesus Bones, Adam Kaplan, Band For Hire, Feral Dogs, MJ Trio, Buddy Roc, Plump Steady, Life With purpose, Dana Ross, Fresh Fusion, Christine Lenee, Clancey's Pistol, Mike Pinto, Sparklefight, Dashboard iguana, Scavenger and anybody else who we may have forgotten..Thank you so much for making our first year a success!


Just a reminder for Apex customers...We offer multi-track recording of your rehearsals for just $30.00....And if you choose to have your tracks seperated so you can take them home and overdub and do your own edits, it's only $60.00. Don't lose a great song again. Email [email protected] for info.

Attention Aspiring Drummers! Apex is proud to bring in George Beck, all the way from Vienna, Austria, as the first instr...

Attention Aspiring Drummers! Apex is proud to bring in George Beck, all the way from Vienna, Austria, as the first instructor at our brand new music school! Interested parties can check out some of George's work at www.beckbeat.com and can contact George directly at [email protected]. For a VERY limited time, George is offering his first lesson to new students absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! Other instructors that are interested in teaching here at Apex, can contact us at [email protected].

Riding On a Beat


Attention Apex bands...Got Tickets to a gig? Band Merch? Vinyl? Cds? Gear your looking to unload? Let Apex help you sell them. Put your schwag out in our lobby and then Facebook, tweet or Instagram to your heart's content..Don't wait on PayPal or worry about rendezvous with pedophiles on Craigslist. Just ask me Shawn Cox and we'll help you move em...


Cheers to Ronald Reagen the Actor for covering "Eminence Front"..cool s**t!


Apex now carries San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser COFFEE!!


Hey, we've got some rare Thursday night openings at Apex this week...Give us a buzz at 267-535-4025 and grab your rehearsal space while you can..still just $15/hr. Fully equipped.


766-768 S 9th St
Philadelphia, PA

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