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I just got this https://www.facebook.com/white.pony.33 - Adam Lingren of the band A Nation of Silence. It's called HIJAC...
A Nation of Silence

I just got this https://www.facebook.com/white.pony.33 - Adam Lingren of the band A Nation of Silence. It's called HIJACKED AND BRAINWASHED.

Fantastic track. The kind of energy good vibe you've come to expect from this band. Some great bands have come out of Canada and A Nation of Silence is one of them.

If you like it too, here are a few places where you can have a listen and follow if you don't already, or buy it and or the EP if you want to:




Don't forget to SUPPORT THE ARTIST! And, give 'em a follow. Increase their fanbase and by all means ... tell a friend. 🤘👇👇👇

A Nation of Silence, Category: Artist, Singles: Breaking Point, Hijacked and Brainwashed, Deadlock, Her Desher, Blood of an Angel, Top Tracks: Her Desher, Breaking Point, Blood of an Angel, Hijacked and Brainwashed, Deadlock, Biography: We formed "A Nation of Silence" in 2015. We write, re...

Mitchell Rand Truen

I wanted to take a moment and say Thank you so much to my FIRST client: https://www.facebook.com/Guitarist1762/

Check out his latest EP also called THIRTEEN MINUTES : https://www.amazon.com/Thirteen-Minutes-Remastered-Mitchell-Richard/dp/B07TBPPSL9?fbclid=IwAR2grepau3NFDrnUWIKf_Uc35TUJghDX6rC5MgmdMP-kTGdw3soqFL4CMnM

I am so happy that Mitchell has enough faith in me and what I am trying to do to want my help. It makes me feel proud.

Who knows, if the word gets out I might wind up with one more, then more and who knows what the New Year is gonna hold for Mitchell and my promotion service.

Please stop by our website when you have time: https://ejrmusicpromotions.wixsite.com/ejrmusicpromotions/clients and perhaps tell a friend or two who just might need our service.

Elizabeth ❤️

Solo Artist/Instrumentalist/Guitarist

If you happen to like instrumental rock music have a listen to this band.https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/thirteen-mi...
‎THIRTEEN MINUTES PLAYLIST!😎❤️👍🏻 ©️Deus Crux Records in association with RTME Inc. by Richard Thomas

If you happen to like instrumental rock music have a listen to this band.


They have a great sound and I've played them on the show along with https://www.facebook.com/therobbalducciband/

Another fine instrumental rock band.

Enjoy and don't forget to let them know what you thought. If you liked it please add to their fan base and give them a follow.

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Your Life & Mine - Remind to Remember (Official Music Video)

Well, another week is slowly winding down and the weekend is on the horizon.

The band I chose for our IN THE SPOTLIGHT feature for this week is: #YourLifeAndMineUK


If you've never heard this band ... boy are you missing out. There is a lot of energy and good vibes coming out of every chord and note they play.

The guys hail from Sheffield, UK and the band is comprised of:

Billy Carter - Lead Vocals

Josh Vasquez - Bassist

Chris Ogden - Drummer

Zak Glossop - Guitarist

Matt Baxter - Guitarist

The release of their debut EP - EMOTIONS ASIDE came in the Spring of 2017 which resulted in sell out headline hometown shows and shows through the UK and Europe with bands such as: The Amity Affliction, BlessTheFall, and Our Last Night.

Their second album, UNDER ONE ROOF, made its debut in the Spring of 2019 and included such hits as: BETTER END THE HEARTBREAK, REMIND TO REMEMBER, and RUNAWAY. All of which have a place in my show on a regular basis and I look forward to more great tracks from Your Life and Mine.

Here are the places where you can find more info about the band:




If you haven't had the pleasure to hear any of their music please do and perhaps give them a follow and help increase their fan base. If you do, you'll get all the latest info about what's going on with the band and not miss a thing.

They have an event coming up on: Nov 15 at The Leadmill in Sheffield. If you live in that area perhaps you can check out the show. LIVE music is always better. The show starts at: 7:30 PM UTC.



Until next time. This has been Elizabeth. 🤘😉

This is our brand new single 'Remind to Remember'. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! SPOTIFY MUSIC: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ctThdwsuPT0kQos6KVSU9?si=xNzjriYBT3-F8ER...

Sounds Of Berlin, RAINIUM, Audio CD Digipack
Sounds Of Berlin, RAINIUM, Audio CD Digipack

Sounds Of Berlin, RAINIUM, Audio CD Digipack

Debut album of the German-British hard rock band RAINIUM by guitarists Jay Parmar, Rainer Krenzke, bassist Marco Tardanico and featuring Michael...

The Survival Code - The Innocent (Official Music Video)

WOW! It's been a while since I last posted on here, but I've been busy coming up with new ideas for this page.

Every week I will be showcasing a new band whose music I've heard and believe that when you hear it too you'll want to add to their fan base and give them a follow if you don't do so already.

So, the first band in our debut feature is:

Gary Survival Code (The Survival Code)

These guys are GREAT! They hail from London, UK and the members of the band are: Gary McGuinness and Tom Cook.

Some of their musical influences are: Royal Blood, Foo Fighters, Coheed & Cambria.

My first meeting with this band was an interview I did with Gary McGuinness. We had a great chat talking about the origins of the band, how they came up with the name for the band, songwriting process, etc.

Their music gets a lot of air play on my show. Some of my favorite tracks of theirs are: TAKE IT AS IT IS, BROKEN STRINGS, NOT WORKING, and RETRACE. And there's a lot more where these tracks came from. Their latest track is called: THE INNOCENT - this is from their latest EP CROSSES TO CARRY - COFFINS TO FILL.

Here are a couple places to find out more info about The Survival Code:




If you have some time please check out their music and if you don't already follow The Survival Code you might want to. They are going places and I don't think you'll want to miss any of the action.



London based rock duo with a passion for RIFFS,SOARING MELODIES, BANGIN’ DRUMS and some of the most energetic live shows you’ll ever see The Innocent is the ...

KilliT - In Over My Head

KilliT - In Over My Head

Written & Produced by KilliT Mixed by Itai Freed Music Video by KilliT KilliT are: Gaz Twist Claire Genoud Ben Smart Pete Jean Niro Knox www.killitband.com I...

Ways To Donate
Ways To Donate

Ways To Donate

Here at Star Treatments, we encourage you to consider signing up for our monthly subscriptions. Because we are an ongoing effort, it is beneficial for us to have consistent donations along with our other fundraising efforts. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter as well to stay current with our...

Pluggin' Baby
Pluggin' Baby

Pluggin' Baby

Musicians.... need funding?

The Momentum Music Fund offers grants of £5k-£15k for UK based artists/bands to break through to the next level of their careers. Activities eligible for support include recording, touring and marketing (and of course, radio plugging!)

Have a look at this from PRS for Music


Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry

Our cover of "All Your Love" from Black To Blues 2 is out now!

John Fred had the absolute honor to meet Mr. Rush when The Kentucky Headhunters played with him at the Blues Aid Festival in Helena Arkansas. His kindness and larger than life his personality was encouraging and stuck. When we did the BTB2 album, we had the idea to cover "All Your Love". The arrangement is true to the original but with our special BSC was touch. I think he would be proud to know his music is still inspiring younger generations. Hope ya'll enjoy!



Our official video for Never Enough for You is live on our YouTube channel! Click the link in our bio or go to:


Special thanks to @dave_swiecicki and Darren Steen @blackfrogmedia for putting this thing together with such love and expertise. We couldn't have asked for a better team! Be sure to show them some love!

#neverenoughforyou #neverenough
#toquetheband #toque #toquerocks


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