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Imo equity movement USA If there was no zoning in Imo State, why is Madumere the deputy and not someone from Orlu, why is George Eche SGI not someone from Orlu? In today’s world, information is delivered to audiences in many ways, from newspapers to internet to mobile phones.

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He first introduced what he termed fourth tier government otherwise known as community government council -CGC
He used it to mesmerize Ndi-imo to win re-election under difficult circumstance.

He had earlier introduced CITY GATES....asked Ndi-Imo how far....the story will shock you.

He came up gain with HEALTH AT YOUR DOORSTEP...and the programme died at flag off.

He smartly came up with another tagged IKUOLA NKWU...only our ancestors will explain what he meant by that.

Not tired,he came up once again with what he called BACK TO LAND...and civil servant were sacrificed for it.

The maradona is at it again, this time,and only today, he flagged off what he tagged STATE DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL-SDC...and i ask, will SDC now replace CGC or part game of fooling my people my people ?

Then you ask, what happened to PRINCE & PRINCESS HOTELS ?



WHAT HAPPENED TO IMO EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY ....who owns it now and what name again ?

Where are the 27 GENERAL HOSPITALS ?

Where are the 15 kilometers of road per each of the 27 LGAs in Imo State...who are their far?

WHERE are the promised new Three UNIVERSITIES to be build at Okigwe zone, Owerri zone and Orlu zone ? is free

What of the promised Marine University at Osemotor Oguta LGA...that denied the Oil producing region their 13% Oil Derivation ?

How far about Federal government sponsored Universal Basic Education Commission -UBEC primary school blocks in 305 INEC wards in Imo ? what's their stages of completion,furnishing,etc...are they put into use now ?



WHAT HAPPENED TO AVUTU POULTRY ? many chicken or eggs are they producing now.....maybe i will check at Eke Onunwa market.

Why did IMO STATE UNIVERSITY Law faculty, Medical faculty and Engineering Faculty lost accreditation in a supposed FREE EDUCATION STATE ?

The new slang in town now is... I WILL MAKE OKIGWE ROAD, ORLU ROAD, IKENEGBU ROAD, MCC-URATTA ROAD, DOUGLAS ROAD,etc 8-lanes, 10-lanes ,12-lanes... HABA!....Ndi-Imo...are we under a charm...who is fooling who ?

Between 2011 to 2015....there are OIL BOOM, crude oil sales above $130 per a barrel and the highest in the history of Nigeria...Imo was acclaimed to be very rich with too much money that the chief executive told her citizens, he doesn't know what to do with the money.
The administration inherited also N27 billion from his predecessor...what happened to the money ?

What happened to Local government Allocation since Five years now, hence there is no elected local government officials....who is collecting federal allocation to Imo LGAs and what use are they put into ?

What happened to massive Bank loans...what use are they put into ?

What happened to the Bailout fund, Ecological fund, Flood Relief funds...?

Where are Economic viable projects, wealth recreation projects, Job creation projects, Revenue yielding projects ?

Where are the much talked about foregin investors ?


I am very angry now....
who did this to Ndi-Imo...
We will be coming up with details of the above questions to unravel and exposed the evil and fraud going on in Imo unchallenged...

All credible and factual information should be forwarded to this email: [email protected] or [email protected]
phone 1-484-498-8849..
Imo Must Be my time!

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PCON ; The secret of (IPOB). The leaders of the group (IPOB) accord with the devil on the provision of human sacrifice (in tonnes) unknowingly to their followers. The only possible means for the group to provide such quantity of human sacrifice in a accord with the devil is by violence, public disruptions and war. It is very important for all true Christians to known that this group will never accord with any peaceful initiatives except violence, p***c disruptions and war in accord with the provision of the human sacrifice in tones with the devil. The aims of the accord; 1. To overthrow and destroy the adopted habitual culture of the region.(Christianity). 2.To control the regional resources and the financial asserts of the region. (wealth) 3. To impose and dominant supremacy over all the traditional heads in the region irrespective of their tribes. (Power and firm). To actualise their objectives Biafra was used as their political agitation while regional Christians were used. blindfolded to support their motion. The church refused to condemned the activities of (IPOB) even at the point of calling Jesus Christ an idol and that His historical biography was a fabricated manipulation, is because many of the Christians pastors were entice by fund secretly to lease their support, while some of them were promised of influential positions in Biafra kingdom. A courageous pastor in one the cities stood up against this act of (IPOB) but was threatened. To protect the confidential secret of above mentioned facts the group (IPOB) bind their clients with a spiritual oath under the watchful eye of an ancient Igbo idol chukwu abiama. Those pastors with their complice IPOB should understand that a nation which foundation is build with lies and idolatry is deceitful and Biafra can never be actualised without the presence Jesus Christ. Those pastors and their members should understand that this is a betrayal, sabotage to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ and their crime is more serous than Judas. withdrew from IPOB now!! PCON.
Good day every one I greet you all....please I want to use this opportunity to tell my governor his excellency to please remember we the people of imo state under going recruitment training at nigeria police college oji-river enugu....please sir your children needs you please come and visit us because we know when you come we shall smile with our pocket filled with joy and happiness please we are waiting for you...thanks a lot .